Monday, December 12, 2005

street fair

There was a street fair over the weekend in my neigorhood. I desided to check it out sunday, and cut through the aleyways to get over to it. On my way, I came across a couple fucking in a little elcove to the side of a building. A 24ish latino chick, thin with small brests wearing a black mini skirt and white tank top was bent over with her skirt flipped up while this tall skinny black kid was crouched behind her with his basket ball shorts down to his knees. His little ass was flexing as he was pumping her. I was pretty hot to watch. I was pretty close by, about 40 feet away, peering around a wall that I ducked behind one I saw them. I could tell he as cumming, and he pulled out of her, finally showing me a pretty respectable peice of meat for being such a young guy. She started to straighen up and I could see a couple big globs of creamy white cum ooze out of her pussy. She gave him a peck on the cheek and they both walked twards the street fair. I came out of hidding and followed behind them far enought were they didn't even knotice. At the intersection. They parted ways, she seemed to see someone she knew and went to talk to a small group of friends. About 15 mins later as I was leaving with a beer from the booth, I saw she was in line to get a beer too, kind of flirting with 2 latino guys behind her. I wached as she worked it, playing with them, even intentinaly dropping a quarter giving them a sneek peek. The shorter guy noticed right away, the taller didn't seem to catch it. It also became aparant cus the shorter one started to show a bulge. When she was ordering her beer, shorter seemed to have told the taller one about it, cus he trying to scoop a look by trying to look. The met up and talked a bit while having thier beer, till I knoticed they all seemed to head down tward the alley way. Shorter guy leaned up against the light pull, and tall guy and the chick kept going. I quickly, near run, went to the next block so I could double back to my viewing spot. When I got there, she was just standing up from blowing him, and took the same position as the blk dude. I couldn't see his cock cus he just had it sticking out of his fly of his jeans. He didn't fuck long, he seemed to have shot his load quickly. He zipped up and she walked with him back to the street. I stayed cus short guy was heading back with her now. They went into the elcove, and she started to blow him, his jeans went down to his knees, and his hot little ass was great to look at. She again got in possition with here skirt flipped up, Short guy croched down, showing me he had a pretty hefty uncut cock, and he started to eat out her pussy. He then mounted her, fucking hee pretty hard. He started trashing as he shot his load. When he pulled out his cock was slick and glisening. He straighted up, she gave him a peck on the cheeck, and he walked back to his friend. She then pulled out a tissue from here bra, hiked one leg up, showing a neatly trimmed pussy, and wipped here pussy, cleaning up the cum from her legs and fingered out a glob of cum from her pussy lipps. She tossed the tissue straighted up and went back to the fair. I was too worked up. I left and went to the bookstore. Right away I went to a booth with the door ajar, and there was a stocky / muscular laitino with his pants to his ankles, stroking a decent 6.5 uc cock. I went in and went down on him while jacking my own cock. Shortly after he fed me his salty load, I shot my load all over the floor.

Friday, November 25, 2005

of the same

The blk kid from the day before called. Seems he told his cousin about my gloryhole and wanted to know if I'd take care of him. I said sure. We set up a time. Right on time I had a soft uncut cock with big balls hanging through my gloryhole. His crotch had a slight funk to it, but that was fine with me. He was a little slow to grow, and after working him for a bit he seemed to relax and get into it. His cock thickend quite a bit, showing he definatly had some girth as it reached about 8" He liked it best when I would slightly tug on his balls with a finger going back to his ass, while I worked his forskin up and down his cock with my other hand. I was debating if I whould back up onto it, but he was getting overly excited and spurted in my mouth. His cum was very creamy and had a great tast. I kept working on his cock, but he pulled out, zipped up and left. I was just getting ready to move my GH wall when I heard the door open. I looked through the hole and saw some blk dude coming up it it. Next thing ya know another uncut cock was presented to me. This one was nicely groomed, shorter trimmed hair, shaved balls, and close to 9" average thickness. He was rock hard quickly with a lighter tan cock head underneath the forskin and had a slight curve to the right. After working his shaft for a bit, he said "let me fuck you" So I quickly turned around and worked his shaft into my ass. He fucked for a bit then pulled out. He fingered my ass a bit then what flet like his tounge on my hole. He then entered me again and started to really bang against the wall, then as he was grunting, he pushed all the way up into me and gave me his load.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Straight up

On a whim I replied to a posting from a 19yo blk male looking for a white pussy or ass to fuck within the hour. Hes visiting from out of town and had a chance to get away and wanted to fuck. He posted stats of 19, 5'11" athletic and hung. I sent him a message telling him if he wanted my ass, he's welcome to it, and attached a pic. 5 mins later we were sending emails back and forth. He was hoping for some pussy, but my ass looked good and he's limited on time. He agreed to come over and if he was comfortable and into it once meeting, it could happen, but he might also back out. He showed up about 20mins later. It was hard to gauge him cus he was in baggy jeans, a sweatshirt and baseball hat. We talked a bit, he was nerveouse and I tried to make him relaxed. Knowing time was ticking for him, I went to the bathroom, and came out compleatly naked, and asked him what he thought and if he wanted to fuck. He started touching my ass, and I led him into the bedroom. He pulled off his sweatshirt showing a thin but defined smooth chest with a big gold chain hanging around his neck. He kicked off his shoes and I undid his belt and pulled his jeans down. He steped out of them leaving on some baggy boxer briefs that were tented out in front. I slowly pulled them down to reveal a shaved crotch and a dark blk shaft. When I finally got the shorts over his cock it was amazing. Totaly shaved smooth, his cock was about 9.5" uncut and quite thick with a slight downward curve. His shaft was darker then the rest of his body, and the forskin was thin and covered most of his dark skined cock head. On his little body his cock looked nearly a foot long, and his smooth big balls hung quite low. it was fuck'n hot! I started working his cock over sucking him and he was rock hard. He seemed to like how I worked his forskin and enjoyed the tast of his driping precum. While I was sucking him I poped the lubed and worked a couple fingers into my ass to get ready. I got up on the edge of the bed and he stepped up behind me slapping his meat against my ass. He pushed right up into me all the way to the balls making me quickly catch my breath. He soon found a rythem and was fucking me in full strokes. He kept telling me how hot my hole felt. His balls werwe slapping againt mine for a while till I noticed his balls tighting up like he was getting close. Then he started grunting and swearing and I felt a nice warm sensation deep up inside me as he shot his load up into me. He slowly pulled out and calaped on the bed. I got down between his legs and carfully sucked his cock and licked his balls. Finding he was not supper sensitive like most, I started enjoying his forskin and milking as much cum out fo him as I could. He just grinned and asked me if I like the tast of cum. I told him I love getting fucked by blk gus and swollowing cum. He started getting dressed and noticed my gloryhole wall behind my door. And I told him some guys like annoynomus blowjobs or annoynomus fucking through it. He just laughted. he asked for my # on his way out incase he has some more free time while in town he can hit me up. I gave it to him and he thanked me and left.

Monday, November 21, 2005

more the better

A 25yo guy with no picture wanted to fuck me thought my GH. He came over, and based on what I could tell he had an amazing body. He is cock was only 6.5 or so, but it was good thickness and rock hard. After sucking him some I backed up on to it and he fucked me till he told me he was cumming, and pumped his load into my ass. A semi regular came over to. I sucked him till his 7" was hard, then using the 25yo's cum as lube, I backed onto his cock also and he fucked me till he add'd his cum to me also. A 28yo occational fuck hit me up. Him and a friend were looking for an ass to tag team. He likes me blindfolded and on all 4's. While waiting for them to come over 2 blk guys hit me up looking to tag team also. I set it up for them to come over afterwards. I got in position and the first 2 came in, both were around 7.5 with his friend a bit thicker. They took turns switching off till they both cam in me, then left. still laying on the bed, about 10 mins later the blk guys came in. Wasting no time the older bigger one pushed his 8.5" cock into me and fucked me hard. He was getting close so he pulled out. The skinny younger one mounted me with his 8"uc cock and fucked for a bit but couldn't hold back and came in me. Quickly the other guy mounted me and fucked me deep, shooting his load as far as he could into me. I swong around and sucked his cock clean of cum. and they dressed and left. I got back online ready to log off and head to bed when an older guy with a 9" cock wanted a quick fuck. I got in position with the door open, and he showed up mounted me and fucked his load into me also with in about 15min. I finally locked up and went to bed still full of assorted cum.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

random booth sex

Stopped at my fav bookstore to play. Not much going on when I first go there, an ok looking 35ish latin guy and an late 20's hippy looking dude. I went into a booth and showed my ass. The latin guy stepped in rubbing my ass. He went down and started eating out my ass, so I took off my shorts and got on all 4's on the benches. After eating my hole out he stood up and took off all his cloths. I looked back and he had a decent body with about a 6.5" cock. He wasn't supper hard so it took a bit for him to get his cock into me but soon was fucking me. In broken english he asked if he could open the door. I just shrugged. I heard the door unlock and he started fucking again. He was having a hard time keeping his cock hard, and after a while I got tired of tring to get his load so I started to get up. He tried to keep me down but I was over it. I stood up to pull my shorts on and noticed he had the door completely open. It was kind of a turn on when I found out but he wasn't a good fuck so I left him there still completely naked. I leaned against the wall for a bit and a booth opened up. A pretty hot blk guy walked out and out of the arcade. I stepped into his booth and found a huge puddle of cum. I quickly closed the door and scooped up the cum and fingered some into my ass, and smeared some onto my cock and jacked off a bit with it. I went back to leaning against the wall and a mid 20's out of shape blond guy came in and went into the booth next to me. I wasn't really interested but glanced into his cracked open door. He had a nice thick 7" cock sticking out of his pants. I stepped in and stared sucking him off. I stood up to pull my cock out and he cupped my ass. So I took my shorts off completly and got on all 4's. Within 5 stokes of his cock up inside me I felt him spazem and pump his cum up into me. He kept fucking me for a while and I could tell his cock was going soft. I don't think he wanted me to know that he came. After about 5 mins his cock poped out of me and he zipped up and left not saying anything. I walked out and peeked into a booth to see a short latin/asianish mix kid watching a vid. I peeked in occationaly and he was just watching. Since it was dead in the place I stepped in. We played around and I ended up sitting while he leaned over and sucked my cock. He took off his Tshirt so he was in shorts and a tank, and I was compleatly naked. Finally he started to inch down his shorts to jack himself. I think he was self concious that he was small. He may have been maybe 6" but on his compact body it looked pretty hot. Plus he was pretty thick, uc and had large balls for his body. I fingered his smooth little hole while he bobbed up and down on my cock unknowingly cleaned off the blk guys cum I smeared on my cock earlier. He got close and stood up, and I quickly cupped his big balls and was able to catch some of his cum in my other hand. I watched as I stook up and used his cum as lube and quickly jacked off 4 powerfull ropes of cum that splattered on the wall of the booth. He quickly got himself together and shyly left the booth.

Friday, October 14, 2005

weekday in PS

Spur of the moment, went to Palm Springs durring the week. Layed around poolside most of Wed, at night there was not much going on excpet for a couple latino kids who had night pass's to the resort. I thought they were together till I found myself in my room with the tall thin one. He was maybe 22, 6' very tone and athletic with a decent 7.5" uncut cock. He ate my ass out for a while then had me sit on his cock. He was fucking me while nibbleing on my neck, and slowed down a bit and asked if I had a condom. I started nibbling on his neck and that got him going enought to keep fucking. He was getting close so I told him to cum in me. He held me close and came inside me. There was nothing much going on so I went to bed at a decent hour.

The next day I moved to a different resort. Layed poolside most the day while a few of the guys who were leaving that day lingered by the pool also, and some new check ins joined. I played around a bit, sucking a cock here and there. Things were pretty dead till about 10pm. I opened my door and layed on my bed with my ass up. With the lights down low I couldn't tell much, but a shorter inshape guy who was maybe in his late 30's came in and layed on top of me rubbed up against my ass till he got hard enough to slip into me. His cock continued to grow inside me till I reached probibly 9". He was hitting areas that most guys don't, and seemed happy that I liked taking it all. He was getting close and started to pull out. I reached back and cupped his little ass and pulled him back into me. He banged a bit till he shot his load supper deep in me. Another thin guy in his early 30's came in next and fucked me with he's 7" cock at the edge of the bed till he add'd his load to me also. A stocky guy with blond hair came in and ate my ass out for a while then left. An older in shape guy with grey short hair, and shaved body came in. He had a 7.5" uncut cock that was quite thick. He fucked me for a while till he was close then got in front of me and had me suck him. While sucking him some other guy came up and started fucking me with an average sized cock. The older guy came in my mouth feeding me a small load, and a min later the dude fucking me shot his load in me. I took a break and walked the grounds. In the steamroom I started fucking this little smooth ass while he was sucking some guy. A tall guy came behind me and started fingering my used hole. I quickly shot my load into the ass I was fucking and headed out cus I though I was gona pass out from the heat. Things started to die down, but while hanging out in my room, some big burly dady typle came in and jackhammered a quick load into my ass with his 6.5" cock. I called it a night after sitting in the hot tub and doing a quick walk of the grounds.

After some coffee I walked the grounds at 8am. not too many were up and about. I stat naked on a bench nessled in some of the shrubs and jerked my cock while enjoying the morning sun. A dark haired guy wandered through the path in a towel. He made another pass by and I made no attempt to cover up. He steped up and dropped his towel reveling a nice shaved 8" thick uncut cock that curved up. I sucked him till he was close, then he went down on me for a bit, then fed me his again. He got close again then got down on his knees and sucked me while fingering my ass as it hung over the edge of the bench. He inched forward and rubbed his cock head that was dripping precum against my hole. He looked up at me and I kind of nodded, and he pushed his cock into me. I had to quickly relax to accomidate the girth of his cock. He pushed in till his balls were smashed against me. He held there for a bit, then under his breath he said "fuck" His cock started to spazim inside me and he injected his cum into me. He pulled out and started to leave and I noticed two guys on either side of us were watching from a distance. One of them left, the other waited till everyone was gone and walked over. He was mid 40's with an average build and average cock. I went down on him and with in a minute, he fed me a very thick and bitter tasting load. I lounged poolside till check out, then found some latin guy by the hot tub, and fed him my cock. He gave a really bad BJ, but I needed to get off before I left, so I pulled back and jacked off till I was close then forced him down on my cock and shot my load, making him gag and cough.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Free show

Stopped at one of my fav bookstores this afternoon. Place was dead, only one booth was occupied and door locked. I watched a dollars worth then wondered the booths again, this time a single booth near the front was being used with the door ajar. I peeked in and saw a early 40's balding stocky guy watcihng the movie rubbing his bulge. He saw me and proceeded to pull his cock out. I watched for a bit and he unbuttoned his shirt and pushed his kakies down to his knees. The dude was pretty out of shape and not the prettiest, but was stoking a hefty 8.5" uc thick cock. I stepped in and close the door. I played with his cock while he took off his shirt and pulled mine off and played with my chest. My shorts unbuttoned and dropped to the floor so I stepped out of them, and bent over and started sucking his cock. He reached over and started playing with my ass. He turned me around forced his cock up into me. After a bit he pulled out and positioned the footstool against the bench and layed back onto it and had me straddle him, lowering myself onto his cock. I was facing him letting him play with my chest as I rode his cock, then he crouched forward and undid the lock on the door. I was enjoying his fat cock too much to care at that point. The booth door creeked some as it opend by itself about half way. We kept going at it till noticed a shadow and glanced back. The door was wide open now and some latin kid and some nelly queen were stading there watching. The nasty guy I was ontop off noticed it also and seemed to get off on it, like he was hopping for this. He got supper hard and forced down by my shoulders so all of his cock was in me and he shot his load. Nasty guy went limp and layed there catching his breath, as his cock deflated in me. I started to get up a bit and his cock ploped out of me and some of his cum dripped out of me and onto the footstool. I quickly got dressed with my streached out hole still dripping his cum and smiled to the guys who were watching and headed out the door.

9 to 2

Woke up horny with the day off so I showered and cleaned up before even turned on my computer. 8:50am Nat stopped by to use my GH. I sucked his 8" till rock hard then backed up onto it and let him piston fuck his load into me. 9:30 Some 32yo blond wanted to use my GH. I sucked on his 7.5" uc cock that had a slightly funky smell to it. He backed off cus I think he was close, so I turned and put my ass up to the GH. He pushed his cock into me and quickly shot his load into me. 10:15 a 28yo skinny dude with 7" came over, we traded blows through the GH, and he ate my ass out some till he fed me a thin watery load of cum. 11:05 a 42yo dude came over to me on all 4's. He alternated eating my ass and fucking me, then after cumming in me, he ate my ass out some more. Noon a 35 yo athletic mix dude came over to find me on all 4's. He had an average sized cock. He laid on top of me and held me tight as he fucked his cum into me. 1:00 A dude I have not played wiht in a long time hit me up. He came over and I sucked his 7.5" cock with a big mushroom head through the GH, then backed up onto it and he fucked his cum into me. I pulled off and licked clean his cum coated shaft. 1:20 A semi regular with 7" wanted a quickie and came over to me on all 4's. He must have been worked up cus he shot his load mins after entering me. He apologized, and I told him I thought it was fuck'n hot and never to worrie about that with me. 1:45 A tall skinny 28yo that I've been talking to for a while finally had a chance to come over. His 9" fat cock looked grossly out of place on his thin body but very hot. He sucked my cock while I layed on the edge of the bed, then he lifted my legs up and entered me. I was just getting into it when he told me i was gona make him cum too quick, then pushed all the way into me and came. His deflating cock was too sensitive for me to lick up the cum on his shaft. He told me that we will hook up sooner next time. 2:00 Black navy boy was online and I told him about my used hole and he jumped in his car and came over. He ate out my ass for a while then fucked me in a few positions while we took pix of his fat 8" cock coated with cum slid in and out of me. He finally put me on all 4's and fucked me hard and fast and planted his seed into me

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just 3

Early afternoon a 37yo compact muscle dude hit me up with 7.5". He came over to me naked and on all 4's. He obviously loved my ass. He alternated between eating my hole and fucking it with his supper rock hard cock till he came as deep as he could inside me. Been talking to the hottie of all hotties that I've been lusting over for over 2 years. A 24yo muscle dick dancer I see out sometimes and online. Not sure what clicked but next thing you know he was on his way. I think I suprized him by greating him at the door naked, but he walked in and imediatly took off his cloths too and went down on me. I enjoyed giving a show as he sucked me right there infront of the open door. I figured him to be a bttm, but was suprized when he fliped me over in bed and eat out my ass. Then while kissing me he worked his bare 7"uc thick cock into me. He fucked till he was close then pulled out. He did this in a couple positions till he finally couldn't hold back and collapsed on my back while his cock throbbed and spurted his seed into me. We hung out a bit till he had to leave for an apointment. I checked my messages and an older hot blk neighbor was wondering if I had time for a quick load. Soon I was on all 4's at the edge of the bed with his 9" cock sliding in and out of me until he also came, filling my ass with his hot cum.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

yesterday to today

I surfed the net for a while but not much going on so desided to check the bookstore. There was just an average looking early 30s latin guy by the booths. I went into a booth and dropped my shorts. He came in an bent me over pushing his average to small bare cock into me and fucked me till I felt a huge load of cum flood me. He must have been saving up for me feel it and know it was a massive load. He left and after the video stopped I stepped out to find a blk dude with black dress pants and a stripped shirt leaning against the wall. He saw me and started to rub his crotch. I went back into the booth and he followed rubbing my ass. I proceeded to take my shorts compleatly off and by the time I was bent over he was slapping what felt like an 8" cock against my ass. He slide into my cum slicked hole and fucked me with long deap thrusts. I think he got off on seeing his blk shaft slide in and out off me coated with the latin dudes cum. He finally thrust as far into me as he could and added his seed to me also. After he caught his breath he pulled out of me and I quickly turned around and went down on him. His shaft was about 8.5" cut with nice thickness, and it was coated with frothy white cum. I tried to get as much as I could but he was pretty sensitive, so I cleaned up his cum dripping balls. He cleaned up and thanked me as he left the booth. There wasn't much going on, so I left. After hanging with friends, I started craving cum again, so I headed home to find some. AUG hit me up to use my GH. He fed me his 7.5 cock and tasty load, then when he got home he sent his roommate over. Oddly his cock was almost the same as AUG but trimmed more and with a cock ring. He seemed to want it to last. I started to get tired but pulled one last trick on him and he shot with force a nice sized load that tasted very very bitter. AJ hit me up. He lives a few blocks away, 29 6'5" skinny smooth guy with an average cock. I got in position on all 4's and blindfolded and he came over and pumped a 3 day load into me. I was about to call it quits for the night when Asain hit me up. Its been a while since he's used my GH. 10min later I was working on his 6.5uc cock. His meat tasted so good I was rock hard the whole time servicing him. He finally shot, and I love the way I can feel his cockshaft spurt as he nails the back of my mouth with his tasty cum. He let me work on his still semi hard cock, tasting his foreskin till I splattered my side of the GH with myown load.

Woke up Horny as hell today. Got on line and was hit up by a bunch of guys. Cruis stopped by after I got out of the shower and pumped a quick load into me out of his 28yo 8" cock. Nath hit me up for his regular use of my GH. I sucked him hard then backed up onto his shaft and he spurted inside me. He's still one of my favs. 3 to 4 loads of cum from him a week, and I have no idea what he looks like. Have a couple other guys interested in giving me thier cum over lunch time. its 10:30am and there seems to be a lul in the action.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Connected with a hot compact muscle stud I've seen out and about before. His claimed 9" cock was more like 8" but on his body it looked easily 9". He knew it also when I pulled out my 8.5 and it was bigger then his "9". We played around, he was very passionate as he fucked me in a few possition, till we ended up kneeling on the bed faceing each other. I shot my load high on his chest, and he came all over my cock. The 25yo with big arms hit him up for a quick fuck before heading to bed, I said sure just as a 24yo asain mix hit me up to fuck also. Asain wanted to watch, but since I couldn't reach big arms, I set it up for him to come after. Big arms came over to find me blindfolded and on all 4's. He mounted me with his 6.5" cock and ponded away. He is slowling getting better, each time we fuck is better and better. I could tell he was getting close, when we heard the front door open. Just as asian entered my room big arms collapsed on top of me as he flooded my ass with is cum. Asain quickly mounted me with his 6" cock. Based on feel, asain had an amasing body, big arms, 6 pack and tiny waist. He added his load to my ass also, and cleaned up telling me that was hot. I picked up my laptop and read the first message, it was from asain asking me about this guy. I heard the door open and figured asain forgot something. Asain came into my room and told me to turn off the light and get in position just as I heard the front door open again. Some guy with a 7.5" cock or so entered me and fuck his cum into me while asain watched. They both left quickly. I replied back to a waiting message from some blk guy showing an 8" cock. He said he would be over in 15 mins. 15min came and went and I was chatting to a 31yo skinny little blk dude who lives a couple blocks away and fucks me sometimes. He said he would be over in 10 min. So I go in position, 10min later I heard the door open and soon felt a very thick cock push into me. Once it was balls deep in me I relized it was the no show blk guy. He was banging away at my ass when we heard the door open. Neighbor started lapping up the cum that was dripping out of my ass while no show was sliding his shaft in and out of me. They took turns fucking me for a while till neighbor got up on top of me and started banging away. Some how no show was able to work it so his cock was pushing at my ass also, and was able to work it in. It didn't last long till neighbor released his seed into me. After he pulled out, no show got up deep inside me and planted his in me also. The both left and my double fucked multi cum loaded hole was a sloppy mess. I played with my ass while I jerked another load out of my balls, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


For almost 3 weeks now I have a regular who comes to my GH. Practicly everyother day. I have no idea what he looks like other then a profile that says he's 32 and 6 ft tall. His cock is perfect thickness and close to 8" with a slight curve up. He always shoots his load in less then 10 mins, and becoming one of my favorites. Love that he is not looking for sex, but looking to get off. And he likes it that I take his load, either swollow it or by backing to the GH and letting him cum in my ass. Nothing fuck'n hotter then having the seed of a total stranger inside my body.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A day of fun

Early afternoon, a 25yo athletic dude with big arms came over to me blindfolded and on all 4's. he fucked me with what felt like an average cock and came inside me. A stocky 36yo latin came to my GH, he pulled out a super tiny cock with big balls. I worked it for a while and if finally grew. Got to be around 6" and average thickness, pulling on his balls got him to feed me his load. A 32yo repeat GH dude come over and I worked on his 8" cock. I was about to back up onto his cock like last time when he suddenly came in my mouth letting me tast his cum this time. The tall skinny 28yo came over again for another quick anoyonmus fuck. He fucked his 6" cock into me till he came, then promtly left. Big cock head dude came over again to me blindfolded still. He seemed to really get off on watching his 7.5" cock with a big mushroom head slide in and out of me coated with other dudes cum. He fucked me slowly with full thrusts till he buried it all the way into me and added his load to the mix. A 22yo and his "friend" came over to fuck me blindfolded. The 22yo has fucked me a couple times with his 7" cock. His friend seem to be kinda stocky with a bit thicker 6" cock. The friend fucked me first for a bit, then the 22yo mounted me and came quickly in me, then the stocky guy mounted me and after some work, finaly came in me also. I was getting tired, and thinking of bed when a 31yo skinny little vers bttm blk guy with 8" hit me up wanting my ass. He lived 3 blocks away and was over in 10min to find my ass in the air ready. He climbed right up ontop of me and power thrusted his cock into me and quickly spurted his seed into me also. He pulled out and stood up, and I got down and sucked his cum coated blk shaft clean till I was ready, then stood up and shot my load all over his smooth chest. I locked up after he left and crawled into bed content and full of cum.

Friday, July 22, 2005

feed n seed

A 36yo dude with no pic wanted to use my GH. He came over and showed of his great body and 7" cock before pushing it through the hole. I sucked him for a bit then he told me to turn around. He pushed his bare cock into me and fuck me for a min or 2 before he came inside me. A 22yo tall thin hairy mexican came over and I serviced his amazingly thick 7.5" uc cock while he sat back on the couch. His cum was very bitter and thick. A 42yo athletic fuck bud came over and fucked quick load into me while I lay on the bed. A 9" cut blk dude wanted to use my GH at the same time a my 8" military blk dude wanted to fuck me. I set it up with military to come over and watch on my side of the GH while I swollow a load, then he can fuck me. While sucking the 9", miltary started fingering my ass and found cum already in me. So he started eating out my ass while I swollowed a small thin load from the 9" blk cock. We then went into the bedroom where miltary alternated between fucking me and eating the cum dripping out of me till he finaly injected his seed into me also. A 24yo very tall skinny kid with no picture and average 6" cock wanted to fuck me, and agreed to an anoynomus quick fuck. He lived a few blocks away and came over to find me blindfolded and on all 4's. He unknowingly slide his bare cock into my already cum filled hole and fucked a quick load into me. He must have liked it cus he messaged me when he got home telling me he wanted to fuck me again, and that my hole was super hot. My little asian GH boy came over and fed me a load on his way to blockbuster. And finally a 47yo guy with just a cock pic, came over to me blindfolded and ready. He also alternated between fucking me and eating the cum out of me, till he added his seed to the mix that was left inside me.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The complex

In the past week I have been to the same apt complex and have been fucked 6 times by 5 different black guys. Its crazy! An early 30s stocky blk dude started it by pumping a load out of his 8" cock into my ass late at night at his 2 floor apt. The next day, mid morning I found myself on the 4th floor sucking this 24yo skinny blk kid with 7.5uc while he sat on his coutch, then he mounted me doggy style and came in me. The next afternoon I was on the 2nd floor of the next building over, and let 2 blk guys who were lovers take turns using my ass. Both were late 30's early 40's, with average builds. 1 with a 8" peice with huge balls, and the other 9". 2 days later I was back at the first dudes place cus he wanted to give me another load. The next morning, I was at the 2nd dudes apt, but this time his roommate fucked me. I don't know if they knew it or not. The roommate was 27, tall basketball player build with a great 8.5" veiny cock. He wasn't into fucking me bare, but next thing ya know, his spit coated shaft was balls deap spurting seed up into me

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I love the internet

Where else can you roll out of bed at 8 in the morning, take a shower have a cup of coffee, get online, and 20mins later have some black dude pumping his cum up into my ass.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

not even noon yet

An old fuck bud from when I lived in a diff city was in town. He called at 8am, and by 8:30 I was on all 4's on my bed with his 8.5" blk cock inside me. He never pulled out and came in me twice. I sucked off a GH buds 8" cock and swollowed his really thick load. The 42yo 8" uncut dude wanted to fuck me, but not through the GH this time, so I was blindfoled and on all 4's. He threw a great fuck and it was great to feel his balls against my ass when he came inside me. A 28yo latin punk who has fucked me every now and then came over. He ate out my used hole a bit before he slide his 7" uc meat into me. He banged me fast and hard till he pumped his load into me and he collapsed on top of me. A 45yo muscle guy that I've talked with for a while finally came over to my GH. He was so excited his rock hard 7.5 was ready to shoot within 2 mins of sucking. I slowed the pace down, then backed onto his shaft. He took over and thrust in and out of my hole till he pushed as far into me as he could and grunted as I felt his cock spazam and spurt inside me. I finaly jacked off while playing with all the cum inside my ass, cleaned up and headed off so I could make it to work by 1.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Too much sex even to write about over the week I was in Chicago for IML!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ending with 2

A 42yo dude who has used my GH before came over. I worked on his 8"uc cock loving his thick cock and ample forskin till he told me to turn around. I backed up to the hole and let him fuck me while my own hard cock dripped precum all over the place. I didn't want it to end but he pushed as far as he could in me and grunted as his cock spazamed and filled me with cum. I stopped at the bookstore and played in the booths for a while. I shorter darkhaired mid 30's guy with 7" fucked me bareback and came in me, though would not let me suck his cock. Found it odd, but little did he know thats what I wanted anyways. The guy from online was there, he's a vers bttm, ok looking nothing great with 6". He knoticed I just got fucked so he came in my booth and fucked me also, getting off on knowing there was cum already in me. An average looking latin kid maybe 25yo came in. He had trouble getting his 6" cock into me. I changed possitions so he could get in me better. He fucked me for a while and quietly came in me, and quickly dressed and left. A semi muscular latin guy came in, we got naked in a booth and he licked my body all over, spending time nibbling my neck as his 7"uc cock rubbed against me. After alot of time playing around and him spitting after everytime he sucked my cock, I got down and sucked his cock. He told me he was about to cum and I kept going. He asked me in a suprized way if I wanted it in my mouth. I just kept going and he spurting in my mouth and I swollowed his load. He hugged me and played with my body a bit more before taking off. Back home I had a message from a fuck bud. 36yo cuban with a stocky muscular body and 7.5" told me he wanted to fuck me that night, and would message me when he got home. I finished some errands and he messaged me to come over and another guy is coming over to fuck me too. I came over and we hung out. I found out who the other guy was and knew he was hit or miss, great fuck but dosn't always follow through. We gave up waiting and he fucked his load into me and I then sat on his cock and jerked a load all over his chest. I just opend the door to leave and the dude was there. One thing lead to another and I was back naked as they both took turns fucking me. Then I was possitioned and they both pushed their bare cocks into me at the same time. Cuban was not well versed on how to do this so it didn't last long, but was still hot. They both got off in my ass and we called it a night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

grey morning

So its 9 in the morning and I'm out of smokes, So I walk to the gas station to get some. The block before it I pass a skinny black dude pacing on his porce talking on his cell phone. He had on a wife beater and some grey sweats that were worn down mid thigh area over his plan white boxers clearly showing a big cock hanging down. He totaly caught me watching his package and not his face. I didn't care. Walking back As I passed he said something. I stopped and he asked why I was eyeing his boys's bike (wich was parked in front) I told him I wasn't. He smiled and cupped his crotch. I just stared at his crotch and licked my lips. He asked me for a smoke and I opened the pack to give him one. He patted himself down looking for a light. Saying he needed a light he steped to the door and opened it motioning with his head to come. I steped in and he flopped out his cock asking me if this what I wanted. I got down on my knees right there and started to work his uncut cock. His crotch had a funk to it and his balls were tight and kinda small. But his cock thickend out nice to about 8.5" with a slight downward curve. I worked his cock for about 5 mins till he unexpectedly came in my mouth. His cum was really thick and had a slight bitter tast. I swollowed it and got up. I stepped for the door and he cupped my ass tellign me he could use some white ass sometime. I went out as he told me to look for him again.

Monday, May 23, 2005

long time

Its been a while since I have posted some updates but don't worrie, I'm still getting plenty of cum. Lately it seems a lot of black guys want to breed me. Just in the past 2 days I had 7 diff black guys fuck their cum into my ass. One of them is becuming quite the regular. A hot 28yo Military boy with an 8" beer can thick cock. He loves it when I have a load or 2 in me first so he can alternate between eating my cum dripping hole and fucking me. Also met up with this 56yo muscle bear daddy. His cock is just as thick as the military boys, but peirced. He's injected his seed into me a few time now

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

Easter basket to Friday

A hot 27yo little smooth latin in town over the holiday hit me up. He came over and showed off hit compleatly smooth and shaved body making his 8"uc cock look huge on his small smooth frame. We messed around on the bed till he fucked a load up into me. We played a bit more, and he ate some of his cum out of me then fed it to me while he kissed me and slid his bare cock into me again. I got too worked up and blew a huge load all over his chest just before he came again. This hot 28yo beefy muscle guy that I've wanted for almost a year hit me up. he came over Tues. We played around, Nice hairy chest and quite thick 7.5 semi uncut cock. He pushed the head into me but pulled out cus he was about to cum. Some how he was on my chest and with a bit of spit, my bare cock slowly went all the way into him. After a min he got off me afraid I might cum, since he prefers safe sex. I finally sucked him off and swollowed his load. I would have loved to have sat on his cock and grabed on to his chest while his fat cock pumped seed into me... but on well. Jack stoped by unanonced. Walked in while I was watching Amazing Race! hello!!! anyways, walked right up to me, and pulled his cock out and fed it to me. in just longer then a comercial break, he fed me his load, and was heading out the door. Had all day off. Sucked an older guy, maybe late 40's? 6" cock and nice load. GHG (gloryhole guy - loves GH per his profile) Hit me up again. I sucked him for a while then backed up onto his 7.5 rock hard cock. He fucked me for a while till he pulled out and motioned to push my cock though. He shot a really thick load all over my cock. I scooped up his load off my cock while he dressed and licked my fingers clean. 38yo skinny neighborhood guy came over. rock hard 6" cock with balls that went up into his abdoman and shot a small but tasty load. my Mix fuck bud came over. Took pix of me sucking his cock and of him fucking me through the glroyhole. He finaly gave in and injected his 3day load into my ass. A dude hit me up saying a kid that is staying with him needs to get sucked off. He told hiim that I was a chick, and I'd give him an anoynomus blow, as long as I told him how it was. I finally agree'd. Was a bit leary, but it turned out. The kid came in, I would guess maybe 22, blond and kinda built. he got compleatly naked and pushed his 7" cock with trimmed balls through the hole. I sucked him till he fed me a supper thick load. he got dressed but I noticed him checking out my shoes (size 12, and not womans) oh well. The dude emailed me saying that the kid just called saying it was great but thinks he boyfriend lives there cus there were mens shoes by the door. What a stupid straight boy.

Friday, March 25, 2005

From 9 to 1

I was gona go to the baths, but after chatting to a dude, I agreed to met him at a bookstore. When I got there there was only a stocky, shaved head black guy there. I showed my ass through the booth door, and the black dude came in, we exchanged some head. He was 8" cut but had tons of extra skin. He discovered my hole was lubed and ready so he bent me over and forced his cock into me. I had to back off for a sec and force myself to relax, he was thicker then I thought. He pushed back into me and fucked me till he asked if I wanted his nut. I gave him a yeah, and he pushed his cock into me as far as he could and planted his seed into me. The dude I was supposed to meet came into my booth next, bent me over right away and slide his 6.5 but quite thick cock into me. He kept pulling out cus he was trying to make it last longer, but finally gave in and came in me. It was pretty dead in the place so I was thinking about leaving till this late 20's Asian mix guy came back wearing tight sweatpants. I went into a booth with the door ajar showing my ass again. He came up and watched for a while till he opened my door looking for aproval. I could clearly see his hard cock down his leg, so I stepped forward. He kept my back to him and I felt his cock on my ass. I bent over and he nudged his cock into me. He fucked me till he held me tight as he came in me. After he pulled out I got to see he had a pretty nice 7.5" cock. He asked for my # so I gave it to him cus I can never have enough cum doners. I headed back home and had a couple messages for me. I set up times for 2 buds, a 7.5 cock and the 7"uc asian kid again to used my gloryhole. For the first time I backed up to the hole after sucking the 7.5 dude, and he banged my ass hard and fast till he pulled out and jacked his load into my mouth. The asian kid only lasted about 5 mins till he spurted into my mouth. Mix his me up, a fuck bud, he often fucks me at the bookstore since its close to him and he can't host. I agreed to meet him there. We went right into a booth where we both got compleatly naked. I sucked him hard then using the footstool I got on all 4's. he fucked a load into me then asked me to suck him. I got down and sucked his cock bakc hard then he turned me over and fucked another load into me. Coming out of the booth there was a pretty hot older black guy. He checked me out then went into a booth. I went to his open door and saw him stoking and he motioned me in. He had a good 8.5c" cock that was spongy like it was pumped earlier or something. We exchanged some head, then he put on a leather cock ring and had me bend over. He worked his semi hard spongy thick cock into me and fucked me. I could feel his cock stiffen but it was still spongy. I could feel the heat of his cum inside me when he shot. I hope to see him again

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday nights mix

When I got home from work I had a message from a 23yo kid who fucked me once before. He came over to find me in my usual blidfolded and on all 4's. Hes hung about 6.5" but everytime he shoots inside me I can feel heat of his cum flooding my insides. Its always a hot feeling. There wasn't much online so I went to get a beer and and see if anything was going on in the backroom area. Nothing, so I stopped at the bookstore on my way home. I came out of the booth and there was this early 30's blk guy talking to someone around the corner. I went into another booth and left the door ajar like usual with my pants down ass showing twards the door. The blk guy came in while cupping my ass. After he locked the door he bent me over and ate my ass out till he stood up and pulled out his hard 8.5" uc cock. He bent me over and forced his bare cock up into me. He fucked me till he was starting to cum, and pulled out before I could keep him from doing so, so I turn quickly and swollowed his remaining spurts of cum. After leaving the booth I opened another to find a stocky guy strocking his 7" cock. I stepped in and went down on him. After he asked me if he could cum in my mouth I swollowed his tasty load. I messed around online a bit and was about to call it a night since it was nearing 2am when there was a message in a chat room from a dude who was looking to get off and would be outside stroking near X and Y streets, then logged off. I love outdoor stuff so I quickly grabed my keys and went. I parked and walked around the corner of the steets and saw him sitting on some steps rubbing his crotch. As I neared he pulled his 7.5" cock out of his shorts and showed it off to me. I went up the steps and started sucking him off. He had grey hair, probibly late 40's early 50's stocky and pretty average looking. His cock was pretty thick and tasted great. He kept asking me to come inside but I refused. Finally he got up and steped into the elcove of the door way where is was more sucluded, and stood there jacking his cock, and motioned me up. I did and he went down on me for a bit, then turned me around and ate my ass out for a while. He stood up and jabbed his cock at my ass till he finaly forced it up into me. I got totaly turned on and rock hard, bent over with my pants down as this older guy who was a total stranger was barebacking me outside. I noticed some kid in the park across the street hanging around glancing over every now and then. I lost it and shot my load. The guy pulled out to watch, then forced me to bend over again so he could get off. A couple mins later pumped his load into me and pulled out. I pulled up my pants and left, telling him to have a good night.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A week and today

The week: Jack stopped by again, he always messages me that he dosn't like fucking without a condom but again after I sucked on his big knob, he had me turn around and back up to the gloryhole and he proceeded to fuck his load up into me. The muscle asian dude stopped by again and feed me his 7"uc curved cock with a tangy load. Late night Sat, the 24yo bttm boy hit me up, so I stoped by at 2:30 and fucked a huge load up into him then proceeded to piss what felt like a gallon into him. I layed back on his bed and he snuggled up on my chest, I ended up spending the night, and the boy kept my cum and piss in him till after I left at 8am. Today: I didn't realy start going till late afternoon but I made up for it. Ray came over (8"uc latin stud) again and banged on into my while on my bed. A semi frequent fuck hit me up. 38yo with 8"c came over to me blindfolded and on all 4's. He came really quick inside me. The skinny little dude with the average cock wanted to fuck me again, so I said ok. By then Ray shot me a message and I told him I had another lined up. He wanted to watch so he turned right back and came over. They showed up right around the same time. They both took turns fucking me for a while till I sat on the skinny dude and Ray pushed in from behind me so I was taking both their cocks. Skinny dude shot his load into me, Ray pulled out and jacked till he was close then pushed into me and added another load up into me. I cleaned up and went to dinner with a friend who was in LA for leather weekend and caught up. Came home to a message from punk dude who wanted to get off at my gloryhole and asked if his friend could come too. They showed up on time and took turns letting me suck thier cocks. Punk dudes 7" thinish downward curved cock, and his friend, a latin mix maybe, with 8". I really had to work the 8", but finaly got his load. Punk dude steped up next and I worked him for a couple mins till he shot a Huge load. Must have been a couple days worth cus I had to swollow twice. And I swear that dude has the tastiest cum, I'd drink that every day if I could. I have a couple other offers out there, but I work in the am and need to catch up on my sleep from crashing at bttm boys place.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sunday slut

Started the day by taking sidewalk guy's (Jack) cock through the gloryhole. Sucked him for a while then back up to the GH and he finished off by squirting his load into my ass. A 52yo trim and fit guy hit me up to get sucked off. He came over and fed me his fat 8.5" uc peice. He came pretty quick feeding me his salty load. The 10x6 black dude hit me up, I stopped by his place and knelt between his legs while he sat, and choked down another load from him. A 37yo skinny little guy came over to find me blindfolded, naked and on all 4's. He mounted me with is average sized cock and shot his load into me quickly. A 38yo muscle guy in my neigborhood hit me up to fuck. I was on all 4's again when he came in. He had a thick 7" and got right up in me. I felt him get harder inside me till I felt it pulse 4 times as he pumped his load into me. Chatted breifly with a 32yo guy with and 8" cock. He came over to find me on all 4's also. He fucked me for almost an hour and cuming in me twice. I cleaned up a bit and meet a friend at a bar. While in the bathroom pissing at the troff, some dude felt my ass since my jeans were half open while pissing. He bent me over a bit and slide his cock into me and fucked a quick load into me while maybe 8 guys watched. A bearish guy stepped up right away and pushed his semi hard cock into me, he stayed in me for a bit then felt him flood me with his beer piss. I bent back against the troff and pushed the piss and cum out of me into the troff, a coupld guys laughed, I just smiled and buttoned up, glancing back to the thick globs of cum and clear piss in the troff heading for the drain. Headed home after that, didn't want to stick around to be the talk of the bar with pointing fingers.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

2 cums

My day off was shot by going into work, but I still got some cum. The 10x6" black dude hit me up in need of some head. I headed over to have him open the door with no pants on with his huge cock swinging. He sat down and I worked his meat till he fed me his load. We hung out and chatted a bit, then I headed home. A 7.5" repeat cock wanted to use my gloryhole. He wanted me to cum on his cock and suck it off if I was into it. He came over and I worked his rock hard shaft till I was close and spurted my load onto his cock then went back down, tasting my own cum. He shot a very thick but bland tasting load into my mouth.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In and out

A 42yo blk dude came over to fuck me. Had a nice 8.5" uc cock but couldn't get it hard so he left. Was talking to the bttm boy I knock up every now and then. He wanted me to come over but I told him not till he gets a load in him first this time. He finaly found a dude. I headed over and hung out outside till he text messaged me that he just left. I got the message as I saw a guy leave the apt building. I went into find his used cum dripping hole up on all 4's and ready. I ate his hole out tasting the other dudes cum, then fucked him some then ate his hole out some more. Finally I thrusted up into him really hard and deep, I could tell he was uncomforable and I was hitting a little too deep, but I told him I wanted to plant my seed as far up into him as I could. I walked out still hard and a couple guys on the street noticed my big bulge.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hungover monday

Kind hung over but horny as usual. A 42yo thin guy hit me up to use my gloryhole. He fed me a near perfect 8" uncut cock with tons of forskin. He shot his load right down my throat so I didn't get to tast it really. A blk dude hit me up, wanted me to come suck him off while sitting back on his couch. I showed up and he let me in with his sweat pants down and aready stroking. He was right, he cock was 10x6 and huge balls straped off by a cock ring. I took special care not to scrap my teeth. He just sat back and let me work his big black cock till he came, filling my mouth with a large but pretty tastless load. He asked if I bottomed also, and that we should take pix next time. A blk fuck bud hit me up for a lunch time peice of ass. He was on his way when another latin fuck bud hit me up. He wanted my used hole after the blk guy. Blk guy didn't have much time so he fuck 7.5" cock into me till he came up in me and took off, and latin guy showed up about 5mins later and just slide his 7"uc cock right into me. He came really quick, but kept going till he fired another load into me. I got a message from this 23yo blk kid who has been pestering me to get up in my ass. I finally gave in and drove out to his place. His 8" cock didn't get really hard until it was in me. He fucked me for about 5min before he squirted his seed into me. The 26yo BB top wanted to stop by on his way home from work and fuck me through the GH again. I sucked his thinish 7" cock till hard then back up onto it. He only lasted a couple mins before he added his cream to the mix that was already in me. I finally jacked off so I could get some things done at the end of my 3day weekend.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bathhouse banging

Due to the weather, I desided to stay in town for my 3 day weekend, and hit the tubs. Fri night I checked in around 8:30 and put on the waiting list for a room. Of the 18 who fucked me, 5 used a condom and 2 did not cum, and I sucked off 3. Quite a few uneventful fucks, I'll just highlight some good ones. While waiting for my room, I was in the bunk room letting #3 fuck me, and an older latin guy dropped his towel and fed me his cock. I could have sworn it was pumped becasue it was extreamly fat and spongy, but the more I sucked it, it got rock hard and truly beer can thick. Some of the sweetest tasting precum too. He got shy after we started to draw a crowd and I lost him the rest of the night. Got my room around 11, and my first fuck in my room was by #8. A nice 8" latin cock started fucking me doggystyle and he cracked open my door. He made no notion but I totaly felt him cum inside me with the warm sensation deep up inside me. He kept fucking me though so I was not sure, until I felt it again about 5mins later. When he pulled out I noticed there were 2 other guys in my room waiting. Imidiatly a thin little guy mounted me till he came, then some guy with tattoo's stepped up and fucked me. 2 more guys were already in my room waiting their turn too. An older grey haired guy came really quick, then a bearish guy stepped up and shut the door. He fucked for a while before he tensed up and came in me also. His cock was all white and frothy, coated with whipped cum. #15 was white guy with this mexican dude. The mex seemed like he was there to watch and play with us while #15 fucked me. Kinda odd, but ok. A bit later #15 gave me his phone and email info asking if I wanted to do it again. #16 was a guy who just came into my room! I had my door closed and was just resting for a bit, and this dude just came into my room, lifted my legs and fucked me. He told me after he came in me that he was saving his load for me all night, and wanted to give it to me before he left. #18 was with the mexican dude again. I think the mex was out finding guys to fuck me so he could watch. I was laying showing my ass with the door open when they came in so I didn't really see #18. I was up on all 4's and #18 started to jack my cock while he fucked me. I shot my load, and shortly after #18 came up in me. The mex dude left and #18 sat back to cath his breath. I turned over to check him out. He was a tall smooth skinny kid with blond shaggy hair - very surfer like all of 21yo if that. His eyes got all wide when he saw me, and I tried to talk to him but he was like a deer in headlights. My first guess was that he was thinking, oh gawd, I just fucked that?!?! Like he stooped so low. But then he meekishly asked me if that was ok for me, and if was alright. Then I relized that he was suddely intimiated by discovering that he fucked god or something. Before he left he told me I was really hot, and again asked if he was ok. LOL He was too funny. It was 3:30am and my hole was starting to get sore so I headed home. I have the whole weekend yet!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Liquid lunch

Thick creamy load from a married mans cock

2 tonight

I wasn't really looking for cum, but a return cock needed my gloryhole. I sucked his 7.5 thick cock till he would pull out every now and then to keep from cuming. Finally he squirted a couple shots into my mouth before pulling out and spurting the rest on my face. I was about to head to bed when I got a message from a 26yo asian who needed to get off quick before going to bed himself. He never tried a gloryhole, but was intreaged. He stopped over and pushed his 7" uncut cock through. Being asian, he was kinda short, so I think he had to be on his tip toes to do it. His totaly shaved cock had a wicked curve to the right. His blasts hit me in tonsiles, and fed me a tasty load of cum

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here and There

Been working crapy hours so havn't had much cum at the gloryhole. Yesterday I had a repete feed me his load from his 6.5" cock. Some dude with a big beer gut came over. I don't know why but that it kinda turned me on. His cock was about 7" and he couldn't keep it hard. His whole crotch smelled like buttered popcorn. kinda grossed me out. I finally gave up and told him some other time. This morning I had a different repete, the one with the small little ass. He fed me his 7" shaved cock with another really tasty load. I watched him leave again with that hot ass of his, and noticed from behind he was a pretty fuck'n hot punker kid with a blond mokawk. Might have to see what else I get do with him. Have a 3 day weekend off, might go to Palm Springs for some resort sex.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Top side

Everynow and then I like to top. I'm very very picky when I do. Has to be a small, little smooth ass. I'll restate that it must be a totaly smooth hole and ass. This is key for me, and I have been known to walk out on a hairy hole. A few know this and will make sure its smooth for me when I do top. A hottie 24yo Navy boy that I've fucked a couple times wanted my load. I walked into his place to him naked on the bed. I ate that nice hole tasting a previous fucks cum, then spit on my cock and pushed it into him. I only use spit as lube then I top. He can't take my size too hard or ruff, nor all the way to the balls without going slow. But its so hot to see his smooth little hole streached around my shaft. I fucked him for about 15min then pumped a nice sized load up into him. He asked me to come back later when I got home from work if I wanted. Unfortionatly, I had plans. One of these days I wouldn't mind whoring his ass out.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

late but great

Exchanged 2 brief messages with a 40yo blk guy with a big dick, only saw his dick pic, and he gave me directions to his place. I want to his place - a kinda shaddy rundown big old house downtown where mulipal apts share 2 bahrooms. He came out to get me and led me to his little room. The dude was way fuck'n hotter then I would have dreamed. He may have been 40 but had a body of a 25yo, thin, athletic, smooth, big arms, and in a wife beater (fuck I love dudes in wifebeaters) He pulled down his shorts to reveil a big black semi uncut cock that was closely cropped. I sucked him till he reached his full 10.5" Every now and then he would drip some precum and it tasted great. I layed back on the bed and let him go down on me. He is one of the few (I can count on 1 hand) that have been able to take me all the way down. He ate my ass for a bit then slipped up and nudged his black knob into me. I spit onto my hand to lube him a bit more, he said he had lube, but I told him this was good. I wanted to feel him fuck me. He banged me feeling his big low hanging balls slap my ass. He came deep up inside me. After he pulled out I licked the thin strand of cum that was dripping from his cock. We hung out a bit and made plans to get togather again. Fuck'n hot. When I got home there was a message from this dude who fucked me long ago, needing an ass to fuck. I hit him back and he replyed with is address. I went to his place to find him naked and stroking on the bed. I sucked him a bit till he turned me around and pushed his quite thick 7.5" cock into me. He didn't last long, and I took his load home in me with the black dudes cum still in my ass. Got a message from a 27yo straight guy wanting to use my gloryhole. he came over and fed me his tasty load from his 6.5" cock He told me I was better then pussy. A dude from online wanted my gloryhole right before I was going to bed, so I let him. A late 40's guy with a bushy uncut cock and bull balls swinging came through the gloryhole. I sucked him till his cock easily hit 9" if not bigger. I backed up onto it and eased it into my still cum slicked ass. He fucked for a bit then told me to take down the glory hole so he could fuck me right. He banged me hard while I was on all 4's at the edge of the bed. His fast pumping deep into me hurt but I didn't slow him down or stop him. He injected his load all the way into me, then I sucked the frothy cum that coated his cock after he pulled out of me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I was able to take pictures of all but 1 of todays cocks I took at the gloryhole Here is a time line of who's cum I had. 9:40am 38yo chubby short guy with a beercan thick 6"cut cock, and a great tasting creamy load. 10:30 34yo tall guy with blond pubes with a great 7"c peice, though his cum was very sour. 10:45 a stocky smooth 27y latino with 6"c He kept pulling out after a while and jacking his cock which seemed to make it softer? weird. Tasty load though. 12:40 a 28yo latin military dude fed me his small thin 6" cock. Not sure where his load came from but it was huge, and tasty. 1:30 An occational fuck bud stopped by for a quickie durring lunch. 32yo skinny little blk guy with a great 8" cock. I was tempted to back up onto his cock but just sucked him till he spurted in my mouth. 3:00 30yo blond skinny guy fed me his close cropped 7" cock, leaked tasty precum the whole time till he came. 3:45 26yo bareback top came over. Shaved but kinda thin 7" cock. I sucked him hard then backed up onto it and let him fuck his load into me. 5:00 The dude from the street came in and I sucked him, he had me turn around and he fucked his load into me adding it to the dude before him. 6:15 A regualar fuck bud 28 blk mix guy with a great 7" cock that shoots HUGE loads every time. I sucked him then he pumped his load also into my ass through the glroyhole. I finally jacked off after him.

Friday, February 18, 2005

End of Afternoon

A 22yo latin marine stopped by on his way home. Hot fucking body, with a compleatly shaved 6" cut cock. I blew him for a while through the glory hole till I backed up onto his cock. The dude was besides himself when he felt his cock go into me. He banged away till he asked if he could cum in me. I told him to do it, and he just replied "fuck'n hot" and a bit later his spazaming cock pumped cum into me. He left I and was in the bathroom pissing when I heard the door open and a cock poked through the hole. I recognized it as the dude from a few days before who was on the sidewalk when I came home. I figured, what the hell, why not. I went down on him, and go him really hard. I then backed up on to him not sure if he was into it. He took over and started thrusting till he grunted and his pace slowed down. I felt his cock soften and he pulled out. He pulled up his jeans and left. A 38yo guy wanted a blow, and had a weeks worth saved up. I had him come over. His cock was maybe 6" if that, but he came in less then 5 mins filling my mouth with a very thick load of tasty cum


Todays catch of the day

old afternoon

Set my alarm this morning so I could suck off a 24yo latin 6" uncut cock. He showed up at 6:45 and lasted maybe 2 mins at my gloryhole before he fed me his load. Had a dude hit me up who couldn't make it last time, and wanted to get off and have me take pix of his cock through the gloryhole since he didn't have any. After a failed attempt, he came over and hoisted his cock through the hole. I would guess he was mid to late 40s short, maybe 5'5" and stocky overweight. But damn if his cock wasn't near perfect. Very thick, close to 8" with big balls, and leaking precum the whole time, till he tensed up and fed me a nice big tasty load. An anonymous dude came over later. Kinda skanky, older wearing polyester pants and a hawaiin shirt. The dude had one fucked up ugly cock, but it was about 8" I sucked it for a while till he had me back up to the hole. For being such an ugly nasty guy, he knew how to fuck. Almost had me cumming wiht out touching myself while I kept my ass pressed against the hole. He had me turn around and suck him till he pumped a very sour tasting load for me to swollow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Whats for dinner

Started off with a repeat feeding at the gloryhole. His 7.5" thick cock got so hard that the curve upward made it awkward to work over. But I got him to shutter and spurt almost all of his cum into my mouth before he pulled out and jacked the rest into my open mouth. Been emailing this 34 yo dude in the neigborhood who wants to do some outdoor sex. We gave it a try tonight at the park a few blocks away. He sat on the park bench and I worked his spongy thick cock till it reached 7" hard. I probibly only had a min or 2 before he was gona feed me but some dude with 2 dogs came through the the dogs wanted to hang out in the area. We desided to try again maybe tomrrow night, before we parted he put his hand down my jeans and fingered my ass and told me he wants to get up my ass sometime too. I got back with some time before my next gloryhole cock showed. I got ready and in position just before he was due, and he showed up and walked right up to the glroyhole and dropped his jeans but left his boxerbreifs on. I stroked him with my hand through the hole till his cock was almost hard then pulled his cock free. He was a 46yo with a respectable 6" cock. I worked him a bit, and it didn't take long before he was huffing and puffing. and his cock started spurting and spurting in my mouth. That was one huge load he fed me. I swollowed and milked him more, enough to taste and swollow again. I backed off and he buttoned up and left.

Cum home

I was pulling into my garage and saw some dude in a white shirt walking along the road half checking me out. I looked and felt like crap since I was just coming home from work, and payed no attention to him. I went into my apt, left the door open to air it out while I took off all my cloths and pulled on some "comfy pants" (not sweats but not pajamas either) I came out of my bedroom and the white shirt dude was at my door. He said hey, as he let himself in. I was confused and had no idea who this dude was. He was probibly mid 30's semi muscular and compact guy at about 5'6" He told me it was cool, we didn't need the hole. And proceeded to pull out an 8" cock with bull shaved nuts. I assume he was here to use my gloryhole. I went down on him. His big nuts were great to hang on to while I worked his shaft. He told me he was cumming and his creamy cum oozed out of his cock and onto my tounge. He zipiped up and told me he'd be back and left. I'm still confused as to who he is.... but oh well.

Monday, February 14, 2005

One for the road

I had to work in about an hour and was just out of the shower when an email came through from a 20yo college dude. He was at one of the near by schools in need of a release before his class. We agreed it had to be quick. He came in and stepped right up to the gloryhole and pushed his jeans and tighty whiteys down. He must have been a short little guy cus he had to lift up a bit to get his balls through the hole. I worked his semi soft cock sucking it to his blond bush. Once he was fully hard, I was quite impressed with his 8" cock with a perfect downward arch to it. My personal favorite, and so hard to find. I threw him a few tricks with my tounge and a hard blast of cum hit me in the tonsiles. I switched the suction on and milked every drop and collected it in my mouth and on my tounge. He pulled out and turned twards the door giving me a glimps of his tiny little ass just before the jeans were pulled back up. He said he'd catch me next time and was out the door. I savored his sweet creamy cum, and swollowed it, not waisting a drop.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

hole and hole

A 42yo latin guy in the neighborhood came over and fed is fat 6" uncut cock to me through my glory hole till I swollowed his thick creamy cum. Some anonymous guy came over after him and had me back up to the glory hole and he fucked his load into me with his 7" cock. A 32 yo guy hit me up with no picture. He came over and fucked me on all 4's with his shaved 7.5" He couldn't stay hard but I'm pretty sure he came in me real quick, just wanted to cum twice and couldn't. A fuck bud hit me up for a quickie. He came in to my usual, naked, blindfolded and on all 4's. Slide his 8.5" cock into me and released his seed inside me. A guy, not sure of age or what he looked like, came over and fed his extreamy thick and rock hard 8" to me. Very thick and tasty cum too.

Room service

Got a message from a 22yo tall skinny kid staying at a hotel in town wanting a quick blow job. Went to his room, and sucked his 6.5" cock, then he ate my ass out for a while. He slide his cock into me a couple times and asked if I had a condom. He slid into me again and fucked a bit then said he was close, and stared to pull out. I pulled him back in. He told me he was gona cum and yanked out of me. So I quickly went down on him and swollowed his boy cum.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


After getting everything at Lowes only to discover thier large saw was broken, I picked up the wood and had it cut to size at Homo Depot. A little cutting, sanding and eye hooks, and its ready to be put to use. I'll try and get some anonymous cum tonight.

Dark rainy night

I surfed around online after coming home from the bookstore. A tall thin 35yo blk guy with a 9.5" wanted to eat the loads out of my used ass, then plant his in me. He came over to find me in my usual position (naked and on all 4's) After eating out my ass for about 30 mins, he slide his cock into me and fucked till he injected his seed deep into me, and I shot my load onto his chest. I got back online and came across and old bud. A 42yo blk guy with 10" cock. He dosn't play that often anymore since he has a bf. He wanted to fuck me, but asked for my address and directions which I though was odd. 10 mins later some early 30's athletic and smooth very dark skinned blk guy came in and started feeding me his shaved cock that grew to about 9" and quite thick. I could feel his scars from being peirced and his piss hole was very large. He mounted me doggystyle and fucked for quite a while till his cock spazamed and he transfered his seed into me also. I'm still not sure who he is, I assume it was my bud's bf. I was online for a bit and a kid who fucked me once before hit me up for another anonymous quickie. I don't know much about him since I've never seen him, but he is a blk kid in his early 20's, smooth with a very athletic build, small waist and about an 8" uncut cock. He arived ontime to me naked, blindfolded and on all 4's with the door ajar. He came in, mounted me, added his cum to what was already in me, then left with in 15 mins. I locked up went to bed and fingered my ass and tasted some of the cum that was in me while I jacked off. Rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Rainy Night

After stopping out for a beer, I walked down to the bookstore a block away. Some late 20's chunky guy came in and pushed is 7" cock into me and fucked till he squirted in me. An early 20's kid went into a booth and I followed. We sucked for a bit then ended up with his 6" cock inside me while I was bent over. He told me was was gona cum and started to pull out. I reached back and kept him in me till he added his cum to what was already in me. I was about to leave when an older inshape blk man came in. I went into his booth and sucked his 8" uncut meat till it spurted and I swollowed his load.