Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I get a text from Nextel saying he has a military buddy who wants to help him fuck me. No description or anything about this other guy, and he wants me to be blindfolded so they can just use me. Ok! I'm always up for some anon fucking. We set it up for me to be naked, blindfolded and ready for early evening.

He text me that they will be here in 5min so I get in position and wait. I hear them come in and get naked, then some sucking. Guess they are working each other up while I just lay there with my ass up blindfolded. Finally one of them climbs onto the bed and starts to mount me. It was hard to tell who was who because they were both similarly built and hung. They each took a few mins fucking and then switched. Then while one of them was on top of me fucking me, I could tell he was getting mounted also. This brought him to the edge and soon he popped off in me filling me with a nice sized load. They quickly changed and the other slid up into me and fucked me for a bit, then pulled out and started to finger my sloppy open hole while he jacked off. He must have gotten close because he slammed into me and started fucking hard and fast till he moaned and added his sperm to me also. He dismounted and the other guy got in position. His cock was kind of soft but easily went into me. He fucked faster and faster and I felt his cock get hard as I flexed around his shaft. He pulled out and jacked off till close then slammed it into me as deep as he could and let more of his seed loose inside me. He pulled out and I heard them get dressed, then leave. Over all it wasn't the best fucks but it was anon and man my hole was a cum slicked mess.

Now I'm horny for more so I get online and look for some more cock to breed me. Not much going on. So I looked up "boy tits" # and shot him a text. 20 min later he replies saying he can come over in 15 min if I want his load. Its been a few weeks since he has knocked me up so I asked if he was on meds yet and FYI'd him that I already had cum in me. He replied no. Nice, I could use a highly toxic load in me to help me fall asleep tonight. I got naked and on the bed and waited for him.

He came in like usual, and got naked in the other room before walking into my bed room, with his cock already hard. I crouched on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he rubbed his cock up and down my cummy crack, then pushed into me with no spit or lube. Wow, talk about a difference in fuck. This was a fuck! His slightly up curved cock felt amazing and it got nice and slick as he alternated between deep and fast and hard. He yanked out in one quick movement and I felt cum trickle down to my balls and he held my ass and watched as my hole puckered in and out. Then he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me over telling me to suck his cock. Mmmm. Nothing hotter then a nice thick black cock streaked with frothy anon cum! I slurped and sucked every drop off his meat and he backed off because I was about to make him cum. He spun me around and I climbed onto the bed again. He hammered up into me breathing heavier and heavier till he laid into me and transferred his toxic seed into me and I just moaned in total bliss. He pulled out and stood back and I spun around and sucked off all the goop that was coating his shaft again. Usually he is good for a second load but after I sucked him clean he pulled out of my mouth and walked out of the room with his still hard cock pointing out and up as I was still on my knees. I heard him pull on his cloths in the other room as I laid on the bed and enjoyed the after glow of having such a "hot" load inside me.

I debated getting online to see if there was someone else, but there were some new TV shows coming on that I wanted to catch so instead I pulled out a dildo and worked it as deep as I could take forcing the cum inside me farther up into me as I jacked off and splattered a messy load onto my legs and chest - the stuff went everywhere! I wiped up the cum, left the dildo in me and watched TV till finally pulling it out of me about an hr later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

latin porn times two

The other night I get a call from a somewhat friend. He's a little 24yo hottie latino kid. 5'6" 115lb smooth, a few tat's, 7"uc. He's had the hots for me for years. We played around long ago and he wanted to date me but he dabbled a bit too much in the PNP for me. (to the point where he would keep loosing his jobs because he would binge) He's been poz for a couple years and is now trying to get his act together and move away from his past, including the 4 or 5 BB porn flix he's done. Unfortunately its easy money for a little hot twink who's vers and has an addiction problem. Well he calls and wants to come over. He's feeling like he might do something he will regret. I don't PNP so I'm safty place I guess. We hang and watch TV till its late, and he asks if he could spend the night snuggling up next to me. I gave in and let him. He zonked out holding me tight with his head on my chest and I channel surfed in bed. I finally turned in, turned him onto his side and spooned next to him and crashed myself.

I wake up at 3am to him getting frisky. He's on top of me grinding on me and rubbing my chest. He rolls me over in my half stooper and starts to eat my ass out. Ok, I'm awake! I get on all 4's and he got up behind me and with just some spit on my ass, he poked his bare cock up into me. It was a little dry and ruff, but he was uncut so once he got all the way into me he glided in and out nicely. It was a simple fuck, basic doggy style 5-10 min fuck till he groaned and I felt his shaft flex inside me as he transferred his seed into me. He got up, pissed in the bathroom then we spooned again and he shyly said thanks, gave me a quick peck then we fell asleep.

Come morning I got up for work and he headed out. I finished what I needed to do at work around 12:30, hit the gym and was walking back to my car when I get a text from another latino little porn guy. He's walking by my place and wondering if I was around. I text back saying I'd be home in about 15 mins. He said text when I got home. This little latino guy is sometimes a dick dancer at one of the clubs, and I picked him up while he was dancing once night about a year ago or so. I'm sure I've written about him and the times we have hooked up. Hot muscular little frame, nice chest hair, killer little ass.... I've come across a couple BB porn movies that I've seen him in since we first started hooking up.

I get home and text him. 5 min later he is at my door. I'm still sweaty from the gym since I didn't shower, sitting at my computer. He comes right in gets between my legs pulls my shorts to the side and gives my cock and balls a tongue bath. We move to the bedroom and get naked, where I eat his little ass out some while he is on all 4's. We took a little break and relaxed a bit while he half laid on my chest rubbing me and we chatted. I started to get hard again and he went down on me. I cut the sucking off short because I was starting to loose it since he wasn't using his hand to help, and flipped him back on all 4's. I ate him out a bit more, then with some spit on my cock I forced it up into him. Visually he has an amazing ass, 2 muscle globes parted to a perfect little ring of a hole. It was HOT to watch my cock go in and out of him. Sadly he was not using any muscle control and working over my shaft. It was almost as bad as his sucking! I started to loose my hard on. He just put his head down with his ass up and my cock in him and enjoyed the feeling of me being inside him as I softened. So I figured, I know what will tighten him up!

I relaxed a bit and concentrated and a min or so later I was flooding his hole with piss. He moaned as he felt me fill him up. I kept my cock in him then started to thrust with my semi soft cock. Yup, that did it. He was clamping down as to keep the piss in him and not get it all over my bed. I got nice and hard, and banged him deeper and deeper, to the point where it was uncomfortable for him. Well he is only 5'6"! It felt great feeling my warm piss slosh around inside him as my cock glided through it and battered his insides forcing it deeper into him. I pulled him to the edge of the bed while on all 4's and stood while I hammered it home till I let my load loose and mix with the piss up inside him. I slowly pulled out as he clamped down till my cock head popped out of him. A little dribble of piss dripped down his ass towards his balls. I went down and licked up the salty piss and cum mix and probed his hole some even thought he didn't let me in much.

He got up and went to the bathroom and it was fun listening to all the piss gush from him into the bowl. He came back to the bedroom and we snuggle up a bit and he started to fall asleep. But stopped himself and said he should get going. He dressed as we chatted more, and I walked him to the door, he gave me a kiss and left. I returned to the bed and took a nap!

Friday, September 12, 2008

X Con'd

Sunday I was up early and decided to run into work for a bit before hitting the gym. I get to work and figured I'd walk over to the 7-11 for some coffee. I had my head phones on with a tank and gym shorts, got some coffee and walked back to work. No one is there on Sundays, so I went to take care of a couple things work wise. A few min later I swore I heard a knock on the door, but wasn't sure since I had my head phones in listening to music. I got up but figured it was just the music. I looked across the street and there was this bald latino / black mix guy walking to a caddy in a parking lot, and took off his shirt in the morning sun. Mmmm, nice view! I grabbed my coffee and popped open the side door to have a smoke and watch people walk by. Well Caddy saw me, put his shirt on, closed his door and walked across the street and came up to me. Nice build, semi muscular, shaved head, goatee, some tats on his arms, probibly in his mid to lat 30's. He came up to me and asked if we are hireing. He went from kind of hot to kind of creepy just like that. I lost interest in him right away. He hung around and tried to make small talk with me but I wasn't in the mood. Then he said, didn't you hear me yelling at you as you left the 7-11? Huh? He said he was trying to get my attention as I walked down the street cus I was hot. I said I had my head phones in and didn't hear a thing. Ok, now I'm back to being interested a bit more. General chat till he asked to give me his phone #. I wasn't about to give out my # but he can give me his if he wanted. We stepped inside and found some paper and pen. He jotted his down. His quetions turned to what I got into. Damn this guy is pretty forward! I told him I'm more bttm. He smiled and one thing led to another and soon we were at the bench in front of the one way glass.

His shirt came off again as he sat and pulled my shorts down. He had a decent body with quite a bit of tattoo's, most of them bad, giving the look like he just got out of prison or something. He was impressed with my cock and started to suck me. Yet another guy who can't suck my cock at all. Just a warm wet mouth, no friction, no hand helping. LAME!!! I was almost over it because he wouldn't let up. Finally he stood and undid his tan pants. Out popped a 7" uc cock from a dence forest of hair. Not too bad. He started to rub my ass as we both stood jacking our cocks till he got behind me. I bent forward and he fingered some spit onto my hole. Now we are talking! He tried to nudge his cock at my hole and I reached back with some spit and coated his shaft and helped him line up. Ahhh, much better! He poked his bare cock up inside me. He fucked me for a bit then pulled out and had me get on all 4's on the bench. He fucked away occationaly grunting and moaning. He then asked if I was close. I wasn't really but could be, so said I can if you want. He fucked me more as I worked my cock good and hard. Not a great fuck but pretty damn hot that some shaddy random ex-con looking dude I met 5 min ago off the street is having unprotected sex with me. He pulled out and turned me around and asked me to cum on his chest. I knoticed a small glob of white goo on his pubes and asked if he came already. He said he didn't, was waiting for me. He knelt down and tugged on my balls as I jacked off. I was disapointed he didn't cum inside me but also had a feeling he did but didn't want to tell me. And that turned me on. He kept jacking his hard cock so I wasn't sure if he did cum or not. So I got to the point were I shot, and splattered all over his chest.

We both caught our breath, he wipped his chest with his tshirt. I didn't bother trying to get him off since he started to stuff his cock into his pants. We straightened up a bit and I walked him to the door. He told me to call him, blah blah blah, then left. Man that was weird! Could have been hotter if he was better at sucking and fucking, but still... Just for fun I slide a finger up into my ass, and I'm pretty damn sure he came in me though not alot, or he was leaking alot of precum. Oh well. Thanks for fucking me bare at least, who ever you are, and no I won't be calling the # you gave me.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

loaded to top

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from chubby blk guy wanting to stop by and give me a load. Got a general time of when he was gona be in my area, then got horny thinking about some good meat up inside me filling me with cum. So I got online. Not much happening, though got hit on by this 47yo 5'5" 130lb guy showing just a blurry small chest pic. His profile said he had 7.5" and was poz. As much as I love getting fucked by short little guys his pic wasn't doing much for me. However he said he was looking to find a nice hole waiting for him to fuck then leave. While debating on it, I got a text from chub that he was 5 min away asking if I was ready. I said sure, then replied to the older guy I was gona jump in the shower and let him know when I was ready, stringing him along in case I was horny for another load after chub.

Chub walk in to me naked and on all 4's like usual. Got naked and proceeded to force his bare cock up into me as I was at the edge of the bed. He fucked me good and hard, occasionally getting in really deep. Not sure how he does it but gets in me deep till it hurts, unfortunately he knows that and keeps doing it and usually wrecks me for the rest of the day. Today however he gave a good pounding just occasionally hitting deep and hard. A few times I thought he was going to cum, especially when he rested his gut on my ass and thumped away, which is his usual sign he is ready to cum. He started to slow down though, and would pull out, the gently glide into me. I think he was watching my hole wrap around his dark shaft, enjoying the view. He then pulled out and pushed me forward, climbed on top of me and pushed me down so only my ass was slightly up. He mounted me and laid on top of me, gripping the edge of the bed next to my head and went as deep as he could full thrusting. He started to breath heavier then grunted and I felt this hot sensation inside me as he spurted his seed into me. God I wish I could always feel it when a dude cums inside me, its such a rush! He slowly fucked working his cum around inside me before pulling out. He got off the bed, got dressed and said thanks and walked out.

I got back online and this HOT HOT HOT stud visiting from Philly hit me up. 28yo 6'3" 190lb muscular, dark hair, perfect hair on his chest, 32" waist. He wanted to get fucked. Oh hell yeah, I'd top him in a heart beat! He was over by my gym, and I was contemplating hitting the gym then stopping by to fuck him.... Then he went into this whole, condoms, safe stuff. I told him no guarantees that I'll stay hard with something other then an ass on my cock. He seemed really into me and wanted me to fuck him. I debated again and bought some time. I told him I was going to hit the gym, and will hit him up when done. He said great, don't shower after my work out. I quickly text "boy tits" hoping he was around to fuck a fully charged load into me. I had plans for it! I was thinking, add his toxic seed to the one already in me, go over to Philly stud, put a condom on, eat his ass out while pushing some charged seed out of my ass, and using it for lube, and play Secret Santa. "boy tits" never got back to me, so I hit up the older guy. We set it up for him to walk in to me ready in 15 mins.

20min later he showed up and came into my bedroom to me naked and on all 4's. He got naked and knelt down and started to lap at my ass. Guess Chub's cum tasted good because he started eating out my hole with more and more earnest. Finally he stood, slicked up his cock with some lube and tried to push into me. He wasn't very hard and I was afraid to loosen up too much because I wanted to keep Chubs load in me. Finally he got it into me. Hard to tell how big he was since he never got fully hard, guess 6.5" maybe. Though he did love my ass, commenting on how hot and tight it was many times. I reached back to grab his ass and pull him deep and found he was just a tiny little guy. He had this small little waist and ass, almost freaky small. He started to roam his hands on my body, and I got the feeling he was older then 47. He had that slight shaky hand thing going on. I think I was getting fucked by a senior citizen or maybe a little old troll! However in a weird way, I was turned on by getting barebacked this tiny little older guy. He started to breath heavy and grunted as he came inside me. He pulled out, wiped himself off with a towel, and got dressed. I laid down face first, keeping this still pretty anon since we have not seen each others face. He patted my ass and left, and I got back online.

Philly didn't reply to my messages, so I figured he found someone else. I pulled my gym cloths together and was just about to head to the gym, and I got a message from him, asking if I was available tomorrow. I told him to hit me up and we'll see what we can do.