Thursday, March 27, 2008

good morning

I had the morning off so I was again looking for loads. This guy who lives near by hit me up online. Not bad looking, 30yo, athletic, 6ft, lightly hairy, said he had 7.5”c wanted to use my GH. Reading over his profile it stated many times through it safe sex only, so I figured he was looking for a BJ. He said he was looking to get sucked and maybe some ass. Not sure if he was gona bring condoms or not, and we never discussed bareback or anything. I told him I’d suck him and if he wanted my ass to just tell me to turn around. He said sure and I gave him my address. 10 min later he came in, pushed down his jeans and a nice cock came through the GH. I sucked him and it was nice average thick 7.5c cock with a thick bushy dark hairy crotch. I worked over his cock for a few mins then he said turn around. He never pulled his cock back through so I turned and guided it up into me bare. So much for safe sex! He thrust into me and it felt great. A few mins later he started to thrust irately then he grunted as he came inside me. I pulled off him and with my hand on his cock to prevent him from pulling back, I licked up a thick creamy pearly drop of cum that was at his piss slit, and then sucked his cock briefly till he pulled back. He zipped up and said thanks and went out the door. I though it was funny that his profile said safe so many times but here he barebacks and leaves his seed into an anon ass that’s pressed up against a GH.

I had a message from my freq GH bud in need. I said sure, and he replied his bud from a time before may join again. I knew who it was cus he has fucked me many times before so I said sure. My bud showed up first and pushed his cock through, like usual, I sucked him hard then turned and backed onto his cock. He banged hard against the GH as he fucked me, and a few mins later he came. I sucked his cock clean and he left. I waited for another 5-10 min and figured the other guy was not coming. I took down my GH and was back at my computer when he came to my door. Unlike my bud, this guy I’ve seen before and he used to fuck me frequently, through my GH and on my bed, and always likes it when I already have cum in me. He came in and stood right in the middle of the room and dropped his pants and pushed me down onto his 7.5” uc dark latino cock. I slobber all over it till he pulled back and said lets get u on the bed. So we went into the bedroom and I got on all 4’s. He took off his jeans and mounted me. Sometimes it takes him a while to cum, but I think knowing that I just took his buds load in me turned him on. Only a few moments later and his cock was pulsing as it shot inside me also. He stood and I went down on him savoring his foreskin and tasting the mix of cum that’s inside me. He put his cloths on and said thanks and headed out.

Chub blk guy was online and immediately hit me up asking if I was looking for a load. I said sure! He said see you in 20 mins. I hung out and noticed the little latino muscle dude who fucks me occasionally was online. He hit me up before I could send him a message. He said he was gona run errands but can stop by in an hour. That works for me!

Chubby blk guy came in to me naked and on all 4’s like usual. I thought I’d surprise him and not tell him I already had cum in me, cus I know he loves it when my hole is used with cum in it. He mounted me and noticed right away saying oh fuck! He fucked me on all 4’s till he rested his gut on me like usual and transferred his seed into me. He pulled out and played with my hole as I opened up a bit and let some cum dribbled from my hole. He loves that. I figured he’d mount me again and he did, pushing me flat onto the bed he laid on top of me and forced his black shaft into me again. He grabbed on the side of the mattress and ground his cock deep into me as he lay on top of me, forcing it into me deep. I clamped down and worked his cock over with my hole. 10 mins later he blessed my body with another load of his cum inside me. He caught his breath as he lay on top of me for a bit, then slowly pulled his meat out of me and got dressed and I stayed laying flat on the bed. He said later and walked out.

1o mins later latino came over. I opened the door to him wearing gym shorts with his cock visibly flopping around. It’s not huge but its noticeable cus he’s a short compact guy. We went into the bed room and got naked on the bed. His uncut cock is nice but nothing exciting, and he throws and ok fuck but I don’t feel much of it and this time was no different. The only difference was he was oddly verbal and very kissy. He would kiss me while I was on my back and legs up on his shoulders as he fucked me then whisper, its ok baby, I’ll take care of you…. It’s ok…. I found it kinda odd but whatever, he has a great smooth body with a killer ass that’s great to grab onto, and he likes to breed me. I tweaked his nipples and kissed him more till he finally shot up into me. He collapsed back and laid there so I turned and sucked on his cum slicked soft shaft as he laid there with his eyes closed. I lay down also and shortly he got up and stared getting dressed. I walked him to the door where he gave me a kiss and said thanks.

I went back to my computer and saw the blk muscle guy that fucks me occasionally on, the one that lives out there a bit and has a BF, but we always have the best sex. I shot him a message and next thing ya know he said he would be over in about 20 mins. He came to the door looking all sexy, and we went into the bedroom and go naked. I sat on the bed and he knelt and sucked my cock. He is probably one of the worst cocksuckers but he just loves my big cock and I try my best to try and stay hard for him while he sucks my cock with no friction at all. He started to work his way down so I lifted my legs up and he dove into my hole. I didn’t open up cus he didn’t know I had loads in me but let him get my hole good and wet till he stood and sank his 8” shaft into me. Fuck it was hot to be lying back with my legs up watching his hot torso flex as he thrust into me, and he was getting off on watching his blk shaft go in and out of me. Usually we get kinda passionate and fuck for a while but this time he couldn’t hold back and less then 5 mins he gave in and came. He pulled out and his dark blk cock had frothy cum streaks so I went down on him cupping his tight ass. I then sat back on the edge of the bed and stoked my cock. He got down and tried to suck me again but I started to loose my hard on. Then he eased my legs up and pushed a finger into me while I went back to stroking getting hard again. Next thing I knew he had 2 fingers in me and was lapping at my cum dripping hole. This was a bit out of character for him, he’s never done that. But maybe from that little 3 way we had last time where he watched the other dude eat his cum out of me, then his own cum out of me after they both barebacked me might have something to do with it. Either way I was loving it! I got close and he tried to suck me but I fired my load all over his face and open mouth while he continued to finger my sloppy hole. He just said, DAMMMMN! We straightened up and he used the bathroom to clean up so his BF wouldn’t find out. We chatted a bit; he’s such a cool guy, and great sex. I walked him to the door with a hug and said bye.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

unknown users

Shockingly I was online the other day, horny and in the mood for anon cock and cum. Luckily I found some. The first guy who hit me up was at home over his lunch break and only had time for a quickie on his way back. His only pics online showed a nice 8" c cock and a tight little ass. I told him I had a GH if he wanted quick anon, he replied he preferred on all 4's blindfolded. Ok, sure, I have a blindfold! 10 mins later I was naked and on all 4's blindfolded.

I heard the door open and someone come up behind me and unzip. I felt a semi hard cock slapping against my lightly lubed hole for a bit then try to enter me. I relaxed since he didn't add spit or any more lube, and it worked its way into me. Felt like 8" to me! He got into in and started to rub my body and moan, then with his cock still in me, I could tell he was kicking off his shoes and shimmying his pants down and trying to step out of them. He started fucking me nice and deep then pushed me forward onto the bed and stayed in me and I scooted forward so he was still behind me. He laid on me, supporting his weight then got back onto his knees and took off his shirt so he was now totally naked. He rammed me nice and hard and laid his smooth chest onto my back and I reached back and felt his nice ass pulling him deeper with one arm. He thrust away for a few more mins till he groaned and pumped his load into me. He rested a bit, still on top of me and I reached under and massaged just under his balls trying to work more cum out of him. He slowly pulled out of me and slapped his cock against my crack a couple times then got dressed in silence. He slapped my ass then walked out, and I slid a finger into me feeling a nice big load inside me.

Back online I came across a posting of this 26yo bi latino saying he had a solid build showing a nice looking cock, saying he was traveling to my area from somewhere north looking for a GH or someone to suck him off. I hit him up and after a couple messages, he said he was driving now replying via his phone and about 20 min away and would love to use my GH and wouldn't mind fucking. I gave him my address and set up my GH so I was ready. I was naked and ready and he showed up on time and pushed through this tiny uncut cock through the GH. It looked nothing like the picture he had posted. I stroked it trying to get it to grow and finally gave in and started to suck it. It did start to grow, and reached about 6" and average thickness. Much better then I would have guess but not even close to the thick cock picture that showed it was cut. I sucked him for a bit then figured why not, so I turned and eased it up into my body. He moaned and started to thrust and 2 mins later he grunted and came inside me. I pulled off him and a glob of creamy white cum dripped down my GH, and I wiped it up with a finger and ate it as he buttoned up and left.

Back at my computer there was this message from this 32yo latino mix dude who has been bugging me for a while to hook up, though he always looses me cus he wants me to fuck him. He's not bad looking, 5'8" 140lb smooth average build and says he has a thick 7.5"uc cock. His face pics showed sunglasses and the other was so far away it was impossible to see what he looked like. I told him I just got fucked. He replied oh, well maybe next time. So just for fun I sent back, unless you don't mind sloppy seconds. He hit me back with, sure I don't mind. So I told him I'd be naked on the bed with the door open. He came over to me naked and on all 4's at the edge of the bed. I figured I wasn't even gona turn around and just let him do his thing. I heard him get naked then he knelt down and started eating out my ass. He knew I was just fucked so I opened up a bit and let him eat out some cum. What he didn't know was that my hole was streached around 2 different bare cocks and he was eating out the mix of 2 total strangers seed that I have no idea who they are or what they looked like. He spent a good 10 min on my hole before he stood and pushed his bare cock into me also. He inched me forward and slowly thrust into me while he rubbed my whole body and lightly kissing my back. I would guess his cock was in the 7" range and average thickness, but it felt good. After a bit it seemed like he was getting a little soft but then I put my shoulders down so my ass was sticking up and he started to bang harder. Then he moaned and said fuck, and collapsed onto my back. He kept his softening cock inside me and I worked my hole around his shaft. He got off me and pulled out and I laid down face first not looking back. I didn't really want to see what he looked like and I think he figured that out because he quietly got dressed and then I heard the door close.

I was about to get ready to head to the gym when I got an email from the straight GH user asking to stop by quick. I said sure and set it up. 15 min later he came in and pushed down his jeans and underwear and through the GH came his thick cock with big shaved low hanging balls. I started to suck him and discovered he must have come right from work cus his crotch was musky and sweating. It smelled fucking amazing and the light salty sweat tasted so good, I sucked him, licked his balls, sucked some more then licked under his balls, popped his balls into my mouth and then back to sucking his rock hard shaft. I was so turned on I started to stroke my own cock. Then, like last time, with no warning, his cum oozed out of his cock filling my mouth. I swallowed his tasty load, and he eased back and I shot my load against the GH. He pulled up his pants and left. He sent me an email shortly after that just said "WOW" No shit! I was saying the same thing. Now I headed off to the gym!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

twinkie filling

Last evening I was checking my messages, not really looking and this twink hit me up. 22, 5'10" 155lb, brn hair, 7.5"c with a touch of chest hair, looking for a third for a 3 way with a fuck bud of his. He was a top and his bud was vers. We traded some pix, the twink was hot and his twink bud was even hotter. 21, 6' 160lb thin, smooth, tiny waist and as big cock saying it was 9"c shaved. They got my interest. He was looking to host, and just have some fun, fucking and sucking. I was game and told him I needed to shower but could come over. After getting the address, I jumped in the shower, put on a cock ring, some track pants and a jacket on with no shirt and headed over. I'm not sure what the twink does for a living or if it was mommy and daddy's money but he lived in a really nice new townhouse building. I was buzzed in and was greeted at the door by the shorter guy who was in just jeans. He was pretty hot, and I see him checking out the outline of my cock through my track pants and my chest that was showing through the open jacket. He explained that his bud was upstairs taking a shower and should be down soon, and offered me a drink. We chatted a bit and he started rubbing my cock through my pants as we stood in the living room. He worked my pants down to my knees and knelt down and started to suck me. I heard the water stop running and soon heard someone come down the stairs.

The taller twink came down with wet mopey dark blond hair wearing a big towel around his waist. He was thin and twinky, a little fem, but not bad. He came over and started to work over my chest, taking off my jacket and sucking on my nipples. The shorter one pulled off his towel and started to suck him off also. The tall one was hung! He was just as big as me, but on his thin build is looked like a 3d leg, completely shaved and really low hanging balls. The tall ones big cock never got really hard and made me wonder if they were partying. The short one stood and we moved to the couch were he took off his jeans and showed his 7.5" cock that was rock hard and curved upwards. We all took turns sucking on each other, rotating on and off the couch. I was sitting on the couch while the tall one sucked me bent over as I played with his ass, and the shorter one got down between my legs and lifted them and started eating my ass. The tall one moved so he was standing straddling me with his ass in my face, bent over sucking my cock more, and the shorter one got on his knees and lined up his cock with my hole and eased it into me bare. I half expected him to put a condom on but we never talked about safe or not online, and there were no condoms or lube sitting out. Maybe they were in the bedroom but we were not in the bedroom, and I made a note to myself to try and keep the fun out here just in case. The tall twink's ass was small and smooth, I was loving his little ring and his low hanging balls swinging back and forth with his big semi hard cock dangling down past them. It was such a hot sight!

Tall twink turned and slowly sat down, guiding my rock hard cock up into him bare, as the short one fucked me with slow thrust. Its been a long long time since I've been fucked and fucked at the same time, sandwiched in the middle. After a bit the shorter one pulled out of me and tried to poke his cock up along side of mine into the taller one. There was no way with out more lube it was gona fit into his tiny little ass. I was suprized he could take mine up in his ass between those thin little hips of his but he did, all the way to my balls. We soon switched positions where the tall one was on all 4's along the couch and I ate his ass out some more, then the shorter one moved in and eased his cock up into him. I got underneath the tall one and sucked his still semi hard cock for a bit then his balls, then inched back farther and licked along the shorter ones shaft as it went in and out of the taller ones little smooth ring of a hole. This brought him over the edge and and he moaned that he was gona cum and I saw his shaft flex as he pumped his load up into the taller one. I kept licking then went for the hole myself as he pulled out lapping up some of the cum the dripped out. I quickly got from underneath him and rammed my cock up into his hole, making him gasp. I could feel the fresh warm cum coat my shaft inside him and I hammered hard working it deeper into him. I lost track of the shorter one till I felt him climb up behind me.

He pushed me onto the back of the taller one and speared his still hard bare cock back into me. We fucked like this for a bit till I couldn't take the sensation of getting fucked and fucking at the same time. My hole clamped down like a vice on the cock up inside me as I spewed my load up into the tall one also. The brought the shorter on to edge again, and after thrusting a few more times he collapsed on top of us panting as he pumped out a 2nd load, but this time into me. We all untangled ourselves and the tall one sat back on the couch and started to jack off. I got down and lifted his legs and started to eat his hole out as the shorter one padded off into the other room. The tall one was enjoying me eating his ass out but didn't feed me too much of the cum in him, and his cock never got really hard though it was impressively big on him. The shorter one came back with this thick floppy rubber black dildo. He moved me out of the way, and with some lube this time, coated the dildo, and slowly worked it into the tall ones ass. It was fuck'n hot to watch. His hole stretched around that blk dildo was getting me hard again thinking it was working in that cum deeper into him. I stood and fed the tall one my cock, and he moaned around my cock. With in a min or too he threw his head back and cum dribbled out of his harder cock and down his fist. His cock was still not rock hard but his cum was thick and creamy as is oozed out of him. I bent down and started to lap up some of the cum and the shorter one joined me, as he eased the cum coated dildo out of him.

We all chilled out on the couch naked and chatted a bit, they asked if I wanted to shower but I declined, so the tall one got up and headed into the bathroom to shower. I got dressed and the shorter one wrapped the towel around him and walked me to the door. I got the impression that the taller one was from out of town so a repeat might not happen, but the shorter one said that he'll hit me up again online, and I headed home.

Monday, March 17, 2008

one up, one down

The other day I pulled on some lightweight track pants and a pull over jacket and headed over to an old fav bookstore. There were quite a few guys there but all milling around waiting to suck some cock. After wasting a couple bucks in a booth I stood against the wall and waited with the other trolls and cock suckers. There was no one worth looking at. After nearly 20 mins I was about to head out when an average looking mid 40's guy with a close trimmed beard and a slight punchy gut came in and took a booth next to were I was standing. After a few moments his door creaked ajar so I looked in. He stood there with his fly open and a thickish 6.5" cut cock in his hand. Good enough for me so I stepped in and locked the door. I pushed my pants down and we both played with each other till he bent down and sucked me a bit playing with my balls. I spread my legs open more to give him the hint but he didn't. He stood and I bent and sucked him some. He cupped my ass while I sucked him so I wiggled my ass till he was lightly rubbing my hole with a finger. I stood and he asked if he could fuck me. I nodded and turned my back to him and put some spit on my hole while he did the same to his cock. I bent a bit and he pushed his cock against my hole and it popped into me. He grabbed onto my waist and slowly fucked me. It felt pretty good, its been a while since I've let a stranger fuck me in a booth. He fucked me for about 5 mins till he whispered that he was about to cum. I reached back and held his hips and said ok. A few more thrusts and he softly moaned and came in me. I pulled off his cock, pulled up my pants and quickly left the booth pushing the door closed behind me.

I hung out a bit and saw this thin tall late 20's blond with a backpack come out of a booth and go into another. A couple trolls swarmed but found it locked. I waited till I heard his door open again and ducked into the booth next to me leaving the door ajar. He came over and stood by my door and I nodded for him to come in. He did and I locked the door behind him and quickly pushed my pants back down. He set his backpack down and unbuttoned his jeans and sat on the bench with a 7" thinish cock hanging out of them. He watched me stroke mine for a while while he stroked his. With my pants down to my ankles I crouched down and started to suck him, then worked his balls out over his open fly so I could play with them as I sucked his cock. He just sat back and enjoyed himself while I worked his cock over. I felt a hand on my ass and looked back to see someones arm under the partition grabbing for my cock but could only reach my balls. I was about to swat the hand away but it found my hole and started to play with it, and soon was plunging and finger in and out of my cum filled hole. I stared to stroke my own cock while enjoying the stranger finger me as I sucked on the blond dude. The blond started to tense up then held my shoulder as he filled my mouth with a decent sized load with very little taste to it. I swallowed his load and kept jacking my cock till I fired my load all over the floor while the strangers arm was still sticking under the partition and his finger was plunging in and out of my now cum dripping hole. I stood and pulled up my pants, and blond pulled his shirt over his cock and reached over to lock the door as I walked out and closed it behind me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

14 x 24 (part 2)

The next day, I was home from work by 11am, and back online. My frequent GH user wanted to stop by. I told him to give me 10 so I can shower but sure. I was just finishing toweling off when I heard the front door open and his soft cock come through the GH. I got down and worked him good and hard, then turned and lined him up to my ass. He must have been right at the edge cus I felt his cock pulse in my hand and a spurt of cum splash against my hole. I forced his cock into me capturing the rest of his spewing cum inside me. I slowly slid off and sucked his cock clean of cum and he left.

I just got back online and I received a text from the colorblind uncut fat cocked latino wanting my ass. He told me not to lube my ass first cus he wanted to eat it before he fucked me. He was to be over in 30 min. While waiting this blk kid who fucked me once before hit me up. He only fucked me once and it was over a year a go. Tall, thin build, slightly hairy, 26, with long braided hair. We set up it up for about an hour, were I’ll be naked and ready.

I got in position for uncut latino guy, keeping the cum in me but not lubing my ass at all. He came in and slapped his meat against my hole as I crouched on all 4’s at the edge of the bed, then he knelt down and licked my ass briefly, barely giving it a coating of spit, then stood and rammed his bare cock into me. There was no way I could take it. His beer can thick cock stretched me out and no spit or lube on his cock hurt like hell. I pulled off him and reached back with some spit and coated his shaft and let him do it again. It still hurt but after a few thrusts gliding in and out of his foreskin it felt great. He started to pull all the way out and push it back in me, and I started to get worried my hole being stretched out around such a thick cock would start dripping cum and he would notice. Either he didn’t, or didn’t care cus after doing that to me a few times he settled in to some quick thrusting till he grasped my hips firmly and groaned as he shot inside me. He pulled out and I got down on my knees and worshipped his fat spongy uncut cock, savoring it and licking his large piss slit. He finally eased back and pulled up his pants and said thanks.

I had a little bit of time before the blk kid so I got back online. Right away this 6’6” big build ex military 32yo blk stud claiming 9” from out of town hit me up with no picture. He was wanted to breed a hole, was really looking for a group scene but my cum filled hole would work. At the same time, this mid 30’s BF couple, one with 8.5” on with 7.5” hit me up looking to tag team me. I set it up for all 3 to come over to find me naked and on all 4’s with the door open. I gave them the info then got in position for the blk kid. La la la…. Waiting waiting…. Blk kid was 20 mins late! The BF and blk dude was due in 10 min! Blk kid finally came in and mounted me and his cock felt great. But he kept fucking and fucking instead of a quick fuck and run like he said. I glanced at the clock and they were due any min so I had to break down and tell him, that I’m expecting friends and I thought he would have been here 20 min ago! Thankfully he said no prob I can cum now if you want. I said that would be cool; don’t want things to be awkward. Shortly after, he collapsed on my back panting as his cock finished pumping his creamy load into me. I sucked his hairy cock clean of cum and he zipped up and I walked him to the door still naked. Just as he opened the door the BF couple was outside the door about to reach for the door handle. Opps! Oh well. Blk kid walked by them and the couple came in and closed the door as I turned and headed back to the bed.

I put my ass up on the bed and waited for them. They both got naked and the dark haired one fed me a nice 8ish cut cock and the blond pushed in a thinnish cock into my just fucked hole. I could hardly feel the cock fucking me! After a while the dark haired guy pushed him out of me and rammed his cock into me. Ahhh, that felt better. The proceeded to take turns thrusting a few times then switching, till finally the dark haired guy quickly pushed the thin dick out of the way quick and sank into me just as he was cumming. Thin dick went back in and thrust a min or so longer till he groaned and presumably came also. I got down and started to suck the thin cock, finding it was about 7” and pretty thin, tasting the cum that coated it, the dark haired guy stepped up also and fed me he cock also letting me clean the cum off his shaft too. I got back on the bed and laid face down while they dressed. The thin dicked one tickled my foot making me turn as they were walking out of the room, waving and smiling. Guess the blk guy was a no show!

I got back online and the muscle jock that finally fucked me for the first time after sucking him off for a while now the other week, hit me up and wanted to fuck me again through the GH. I said sure. 10 min later he stepped up totally naked and fed me his cock. Then he pulled back and wanted to suck mine some. I stuck it threw and he slobbered on it but gave it no friction so I didn’t stay hard. He stood and put his cock through again and I got it good and wet then backed up onto it. He moaned loudly as he sank into me, then 2 mins later after long smooth stokes up into me and held it deep and added his seed to the mix inside me. He pulled out of me not letting me suck his cock clean, and left quietly. I took down my GH and debated on going online for one more load. I was starting to feel bloated and full, so I slide a finger in me and along with the mixed up man goo that was in me was a big pocket of air. Damn it! It’s very hard to push air out of ya when there is a bunch of cum in ya also! It probably happened from fat uncut latino pulling out and ramming in over and over, forcing air into me. Well, I decided I’d sit on the can and push the cum and air out of me cus it was a bit uncomfortable.

There I was naked on the can just pushing the first globs of cum out of me when my door opened and in walked this gigantic tall blk guy. Must be the no show blk guy? I leaned forward and said hey as I laughed and said I was just pushing the cum out of me. I stood not wiping the creamy seed that was still dripping from my used hole. I went into the bed room and I stood naked and he took off his cloths. He was quite built, smooth, wide shoulders and small waist with a big old bubble ass, and a nice looking cock. He pushed me down to suck his cock and I found as it got hard it had a nice wicked downward curve to it, and it reached about 8.5” nice and thick with very large balls in a semi tight sack. I got on all 4’s and he rammed his bare cock into me forcefully. I was huffing and puffing for air as his cock was drilling downward in a mix of pain and pleasure. I couldn’t take it much more so I pulled off and lay on my back and he climbed up with my legs up and again rammed his cock into me in a near rape type fuck. As much as I love downward curved cocks, he was beating the hell out of my insides, and my hole was already pretty worn out before he entered me. We switched position where I was laying flat and he laid on top of me rocking up and down forcing his cock in and out of me. I could handle this position better and it seemed to work for him because he just said, oh man, and next thing I knew his cock was gliding in and out of me like a hot knife in butter. He shot a huge load and was now forcing it in me deep and working it all around inside me with his bent shaft. He pulled back and sat on the bed and rested a bit. I leaned down and started to suck his slicked up cock and he fingered my sloppy hole and he got rock hard again. Oh shit, no, I can’t. He said u got me worked up again man. He stood and forced me to bend over face into the matrices and mounted me again. He pinned my shoulders down with his hands and rammed me with no mercy. A few mins of this and I was all but crying out in discomfort. I some how got away from him and caught my breath and said I’m too wore out to keep going. He smiled and said ok, like he understood. He pulled on his cloths tucking his cum slicked cock into his jockeys and I followed him to the door and locked it behind him.

I lay on the bed and fingered my hole feeling a ton of man seed inside me still while I jacked off, and thought about this last blk guy. Instead of me being naked and ready, This blk guy I only assume was the one I talked to online walks into my place with out knocking, to me naked, I have no idea who he is, proceeds to get naked and have rape like unprotected sex with my body till he cums inside me, then leaves. I was so turned on I shot a huge load then licked it all up ( then next day I have a message - it WAS the dude from online, He said he comes into town a few times a year and would like to meet up again. I said sure, hit me up and let me know)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

14 X 24 – not really (part 1)

Sorry for the delay, Some crazy stuff going on with work and life has prevented me from posting this past week, but here is an update on 24 hour period the other day in which I had some free time to play, but not enough to write and post.

The past 24 hrs I took 14 loads, but once you figure in I slept for 8 hrs and worked for 6, it’s really 14 loads in 10 hours (or once every 45 mins I was taking a load). Of which 2 guys came in me twice, so in reality, once every hour, I had a different guy’s bare cock pumping cum up into my ass.

Day one. Home from work at 3pm, showered and ready!

First guy was the blk kid with the tits. He wanted to fuck me again. I said sure, he had a nice cock, threw a good fuck, and came in me twice last time. We set it up where I was to be naked and ready with the door open. I was ready and heard the door open. A few mins later he came in completely naked and started to rub my ass. I got on all 4’s and he ate me out a bit then pushed his cock up into me while standing at the edge of the bed. He fucked me like that for a while then I moved forward and he got behind me still on all 4’s and fucked away till he was laying on top of me as I supported is weight and he groaned and pumped is seed into me. He pulled out and played with my ass some and I pushed some of his cum out of me, and that turned him on. I had me turn and suck his still hard cock as he kneled on his knees. Then he layed down and I lowered myself onto his cock and rode him for a while till I slowly stood letting more of his cum drip out of me onto his shaft. He put me on my back, lifted my legs and hammered me hard and fast while I played with his boy tit’s till he fired another load up into me. He stood and I went down and sucked his cock clean of cum, then laid down, and he left the room to get dressed and left shortly after.

Next I was back online and this 32yo blond guy hit me up for a quickie at his place, he only had a face pic, and said he had 7.5, but he stats sounded like he was in shape at 5’10” and 140lb. So I drove over. I think he was on something cus he would not shut up. I was there to take his load not have a conversation! He looked older, more late 30’s, not the prettiest, but body was ok. Finally he turned on the TV (maybe to muffle noise?) and stepped around behind his couch near his bed in his little studio apt that was kinda messy. I took the lead and took off my cloths. Chop of his head and he was cute, nice smooth body, hairy cock with nice thickness, but was 6-6.5” He knew I caught him on the size when my cock flopped out of my jeans. He went down on me and I was thinking this was going the wrong way, but soon he stood, I went down on him a bit then he turned me so I was holding myself up with the back of the couch, legs bowed out and he spit on his cock then eased it into me bare. It was nothing exciting really, just bam bam bam, though was kinda hot being in this dudes apt naked and letting him bareback me. I started watching TV – the 70’s Show was on LOL. He finally let loose and came in me. I quickly dressed and was heading out the door while he was still fumbling with his cloths looking for his underwear. Thanks, bye who ever you are, and I was back home 20 mins after I left.

Back online the occasional thick blk guy hit me up for a quick fuck. He’s chubby thick with just an average cock, but I still love his smooth thick chest for some unknown reason. He came over to me on all 4’s and mounted me that way, till I turned and got in his fav position with my ass propped by a pillow on my back, legs up and tweaking his nipples. He came so quickly this time, 2 mins after entering me in that position he swore and added his seed to the mix in me. He apologized over and over, and I said don’t worry about it, I think a 2 min fuck is hot as hell. (plus it gives me more time to fine my next load)

Chubby blk guy was next. He hit me up and I debated on not with him. He has been hammering me so hard and cumming multiple times that I’m pretty soar after him and tend to stop taking loads for the day. However I have in and said ok. I probably should have listened to myself! He fucked me on all 4’s for the longest time hard and deep till again he rested his gut on my ass and with short trusts, spewed cum into me. He kept me on all 4’s and played with my hole letting cum dribble out of me while he fingered me till he forced me down and laid on top of me, pinning me down with his weight and jabbed his still hard cock at my ass till it popped into my cum filled hole. My legs were tight together and I was thinking about telling him I had enough. He can get so violent up in my ass banging around in me, I was sore and tired, but he whispered in my ear, here it comes again. I felt his cock twitch in me as he came again and that was really hot. He laid on top of me for a while then pulled out. I didn’t want to tempt him with my hole again so I staid laying down with legs closed. He got dressed, tickled my foot and said thanks, and left.

I took a break from breeding was watching some TV and got a text from God saying he could stop by after the gym in and hour. I said sure, just text me when leaving. I don’t think he’s ever fucked me with this much cum in me already, and as far as I know has never knowingly fucked me with cum in me. It might be hard to keep all this in me, so I debated on pushing it out for him. I’d hate to loose out on him still fucking me. I decided to keep it in me since I always put a dab of lube on my hole before he comes by anyways since he just comes in and mounted me right away, I figured it was dark and he might think I just had more lube then usual. He came in and like usual, got naked and climbed up behind me on all 4’s and mounted me. He was all buffed out from the gym and I could feel every bulging muscle pressed against me and his low hanging smooth balls slap mine and he thrust. Cum started to seep out of me a bit and I felt it trickle onto my balls and his balls started to slap and stick to mine. He lifted himself up my pushing down on my lower back and piston fucked me while I tried as best I could to clamp down on his bare shaft, to keep all the cum in me, then he blew a huge load into me that I felt. The warm sensation of his seed flowing into me was a total rush, and my semi hard cock started to drool precum. He slowly pulled out and stood and got dressed, I stood and we chatted a bit. He laughed at my semi hard cock dripping precum, said thanks and left.

I got into bed and jacked off while fingering my ass and tasting some of the cum inside me till I fired my own load onto my chest, wiped if off, watched a bit more of TV then crashed.