Thursday, May 28, 2009

double shot

The past month or so I've been working a TON. Not complaining the extra $ is nice and the fact that I have a job is always good at the moment. Even with the little free time I have, the past 8 days in a row I've been fucked bareback by 3 different guys a day, though some have hit my ass a couple times with in the 8 days. Most all have been regulars who use my ass to get off into from time to time. One new guy is this 23 yo short, thin, tone, blk kid with an average thickness 8" cut cock. He has fucked me 3 times in the past 8 days now. A few days ago I noticed a profile online that looked like him that stated he was poz. He never stated it nor did I ever ask him before because well, I don't really care, and will let ANY blk dude fuck me bare and cum in me, no questions asked. Well the other morning he hits me up and wants to get off in me again on his way to work, so I asked him saying, at this point it doesn't matter, just curious if your neg, poz, don't know, poz on meds.... ? He replied poz w low load count. Ok... so I asked again. So your not on meds? He replied no, is that a problem. The only problem was you just made my cock rock hard! He then asked, we cool? I said yeah sure, come on over.

15 min later I was naked and on all 4's as he came in, got naked and slide his dark meat up into me. He was pretty worked up cus 5 mins after thrusting into me doggystyle he buried it deep, and I felt the base of his cock pulse 1, 2, 3 times as his toxic seed was injected into me. My own cock was rock hard and drooling. He slowly pulled out and stood, so I spun around, knelt down and sucked his deflating cock clean of any left over cum. He quickly got dressed and headed out.

Now I'm horny as hell so I get online. After chatting with a few guys, this latino hit me up. His profile said he was 30, athletic 8"c, top, and had just a close up pic of a decent looking carmel colored cut cock, thats it. He asked if I was interested in getting fucked by him and his buddy. We waisted no time chit chatting. I told him I can be naked an on all 4's with the door open. We set it up, and 30 min later I was in position ready with the blk dudes charged seed in me still when heard the door open. The first cock that mounted me felt like 7.5" cut, with average thickness. Felt good as he fucked me with a nice rhythm. He pulled out and was quickly replaced with a stubby thick cock. Probably 6.5 and felt uncut, but nice girth. I could tell he was a little stockier and shorter then the other guy. He thrust a way then quickly pulled out. Back to the other cock up into me, as uncut dude played with my cock as it hung off the bed while I was on all 4's. They switched off 2 other times before uncut dude was in me and couldn't hold back, pressed down on my ass and grunted. He slowly pulled out and the other dude stepped up. We never talked bareback, but it was obvious that uncut dude just came in me, cus the other dudes cock just slipped right into me. He defiantly liked the feeling of his buddys fresh cum coating his shaft cus he thrust only a few times before he moaned also. I clamped down as he pulled out and laid face down as they got dressed. Felt someone pat my ass, then heard the door close. I rolled over and slid a finger in me. Oh yeah, I had a lot of seed inside me! NICE!

I headed off to the gym with their cum still in me and had a great work out. I got back to my locker and found a text message from Boy Tits, asking if I wanted a load. Hell yeah! 2 highly toxic loads, one from a 23yo blk kid and now one from a 26yo blk kid in one day! DAMN! I told him I was on the way home from the gym still sweaty with cum in me. He said he will be there in 20min, and don't shower. Back to being naked and on all 4's with the door open...

He came in and took his cloths off in the other room like usual, then came in and quickly mounted me. Mmmm, his thickish up curved rock hard cock felt amazing. I clamped down on him hard and worked his shaft over. 10min later he was panting and laying on my back as the last spurt of special sauce was transferred into me. He slowly pulled out and stood. So I knelt down like usual and sucked his still hard slicked up cock. After a bit he pulled me up, pushed my face down into the bed and mounted me standing up. Nice, this must be one of the days I get 2 of his loads! He fucked for a bit, then pulled out. He then did something he has rarely does. He got down and lightly licked my used hole. Not the best ass eater, barely putting his tongue on me it was till hot knowing he was licking up some assorted seed. He stood, lined up and plunged into me again. Usually it takes a bit longer for him to produce his second load, but not this time. Maybe 5 mins later he groaned as he injected more of his toxic seed into me. He pulled out and turned and walked into the other room before I could suck him clean.

I was already jacking off knowing what all was inside me by the time I heard the door close. After I blew my load all over my chest. I cleaned up a bit and ran some errands, keeping the fucked up DNA samples inside me all day, jacked off 2 more times before I crashed for the night letting my body absorb as much as it could from gifts my body received.