Wednesday, October 22, 2008

caught in the net

I love the internet. Its great that with in 10 min of getting online, some random guy I don't know is naked and behind me while on all 4's, with my hole stretched around his bare cock, moaning as he transfers his reproductive body fluid directly into my body.

Last night I got online and right away had a message from the skinny dicked dude wanting to use my GH quick. He was over in 10 min and I sucked his thin shaft hard, then turned and guided it up into my ass. He humped away till he quietly moaned and held still as he came in me. He pulled out, zipped up and left.

I got back online and the poz big blk guy that fucks me occasionally late at night messaged me asking if I was available around 10pm. I said sure, text me to let me know he was on his way, and I might have some cum in me areadly by then. He said thats fine as long as I clean their cum out before he gets there. I said ok cus I was really in the mood for hit thick 9.5" cock. I watched TV with thin dicks cum in me, waiting for the text. 10pm comes and blk dude is at my door. Oh crap no text! I still have cum in me! Too late now. We went into my bedroom and got naked. He is one big smooth blk guy! 6'4" 220lb shaved head, and that meat is amazing! He had me get down and suck him and I did for a while getting him really hard and slicked up. He pulled me up and got me on all 4's at the edge of the bed and tried to push his thick cock into me. I tried to relax but it wasn't working. He was half on top of me now trying to force his meat into me and I relaxed again and pushed out a bit. Well when I did that, gobs of cum oozed out of my hole, down my balls and made a big puddle on the bed. Crap! thin dick shot a MASSIVE load! I reached back and scooped up as much as I could so he wouldn't know I had seed in me. He didn't notice thankfully, but his cock did pop into me making me gasp. I coated my own shaft with thin's cum and jacked off as blk invaded me. God damn he was going deep! It started to be quite uncomfortable but I didn't say a thing. I figured its not his problem his cock is too big and is ripping me up. I am a hole for him to use and get off into, it is my job to let him do as he wished. He pushed me down so I was laying flat and laid on top of me griding his cock even deeper. He piston fucked me then said, damn, your gona make me cum already. I thought he was going to make it last longer but he started faster then groaned as he forced it as far as he could into me. He slowly pulled out and stood, and i went down and sucked his semi hard shaft, getting the last bits of cum of of his dark cock head. He got dress and headed out.

I debated on heading to bed, but logged online quick and right off the bat this 26 yo latin / asian mix hit me up. Hot little naturally thin toned body. He wanted a quick fuck. He said he was only 5.5" and if that was a problem. Since he was honest and had a hot body, I said sure. He lived close and came into my bedroom 10 min later to me naked and on all 4's. He must of been hard and ready cus his cloths came off in 2 seconds and his bare shaft was up inside me instantly. He was prob 5.5" but it felt good. I reached back and cupped his small smooth toned ass and pulled him deep then let him bang away. A few mins later he was gripping my shoulders and panting as he planted his seed inside me. He got dressed as I laid there, said thanks and left. I locked up, climbed into bed, jacked off and fell asleep with their seed in me.

This morning, I'm making coffee and get online. Again, I just sit down with my coffee and I get a message from this 32yo 6'2" athletic dude asking if I take loads. I said I swallow and take them in my ass. He asked when? I said anytime. He said he had 8" and asked me to be naked and ready, and I gave him my address. 15 min later I felt a smooth tone body climb on top of me and rub my chest as he ground his cock against my ass. I reached back and felt a nice cock, prob 7-7.5 with a nice curve to it. After rubbing my body a bit, he leaned back and with some spit pushed his cock into me. This dude knows how to fuck, he mixed in some passion, kissing my back and neck, moaning, and threw a great fuck! His cock felt great inside me. He whispered in my ear, want it? I replied with, fuck yeah. He laid on my back letting me support our weight, and he bit my shoulder as he came in me. FUCK, that was kind of intense! He got up and I quickly swung around and got down and sucked his deflating cock. Yeah, more like 7" but perfectly groomed and very nice. I sucked him for a bit then stood. He saw my cock and said, shit! I checked out his body more. He's a hottie, little happy trail from his navel down, nice smooth chest, tall, tone, and thick semi long and wavy suffer hair type. He pulled on some ripped up jeans and a T, and headed out. Now that was a nice random quickie to get my morning going!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Its true, its dead! My PC hath died a sudden untimely death. This is why there has been lack of postings. I will try to get my "fisher price" style laptop working to post while I save up to join the cult and get a mac. It will be a few weeks before that that will happen though since I am poor. Bare with me! Maybe I sell some of my used jockstraps to make it happen faster....