Thursday, February 05, 2009

Black in Town

I got a text from the big dicked blk guy who fucks me in his hotel. He's back! He'd be checking in around noon, and free the rest of the day. I replied that I'd try and get a few loads in me for him and try to be at his hotel around 4 or 5. So I busted out of work early, hit the gym quick, showered and got online. Wow, nothing going on at all! I debated on hitting the bookstore cus I really wanted a load or 2 in me for him. Finally I fuck bud hit me up.

The tattoo'd guy wanted to knock a load into me through my GH. We set it up and I got ready. He showed up and got naked like usual and I sucked hit thick cock nice and hard then backed up onto it. He only fucked for a few min before grunting and released his seed into me. He dressed and left. Ok, one down, would like at least one more, and have and hr or so to do it. Online was not happening. I swear its either non stop or not a damn thing. I started to get ready to head to the hotel and finally got another guy interested in donating his sperm.

Not the best looking guy, early 40's, kinda bearish, and balding with 6" but he was on the way to the hotel, so it would be a fresh load. Good enough for me. I headed over to his condo and was buzzed in. He opened the door wearing a T and some jockeys. Uggh, not pretty! This will be a mercy fuck just cus I need more cum inside me. I got down right to business, got naked and pulled his jockeys down and started to suck him. Big hairy bush with an average cock poking out. I got him hard and slicked up, then climbed onto his couch with my ass up over the edge. He got behind me and easily entered me. He got a little annoying by rubbing my body and trying to get me off by stroking my cock. He either got the hint to just use me to get off or realized I'm not into him at all and better hurry up. I clamped my hole around his shaft and milked him as hard as I could and he thrust faster and faster till he said, oh fuck. He laid on my back a moment as he deflating cock slowly slid out of me. Ok, I'm done. I got him to get off me, and quickly put my cloths on, politely refusing the towel or use of the bathroom he offered. I headed out. I've let guys like him fuck me many times but I had better things to get to!

I got to the hotel, and text blk guy I was there and on my way. He replied with his room number again. I knocked on his door and he opened it wearing some PJ bottoms. His room was dark except for the muted TV. I followed him into the room and stopped to take off my cloths, and met him between the 2 beds where he pushed down his PJ's. Fuck! Something about this guy turns me on! He put on a few pounds in the couple months he's been here and had a little budda belly, but it looked sexy on him for some reason. I was all about this big sexy older blk man with a 9.5" really thick cock! I sucked him for a bit then got on all 4's at the edge of the bed. He knew I had some loads in me so he just worked his bare cock into me. He went all the way into me, but I had to stop him. Fuck, I wasn't ready for his thickness. I backed off, said give me a sec. He laughed, but 5 seconds later I was ready. I reached back and guided him back into my body. Perfect! Gawd he felt good. My cock started to get hard with out me touching it as it swung underneath me as he thrust into me and rocked his shaft back and forth stirring up the cum inside me. He reached over and turned the nightstand light on, so he could see his massive meat stretch my hole and get a slick coating of cum. He lost it and pounded really hard and fast for a moment then buried it all the way into me making it hurt, and added his seed to me.

He slowly pulled out and laid back onto the other bed to catch his breath. I got down between his legs and tongued his slicked up cock and balls. His cock was spongy but still big, not soft, and after sucking him more he got back to rock hard. He pulled me up and had me squat over his cock. I lowered myself onto his cock impaling myself. Oh gawd, I swear I was gona cum without touching myself. I rubbed his big smooth belly and got even more turned on. I wanted to grab on to it and make myself cum, but knew I better not, cus I know how most guys are about having fat grabbed onto, they become all self concouise about it. But, in this case it fuck'n turned me on like no tomorrow. I was in total bliss to be impaled on this big girthy blk man, feeling his meaty body, and meaty cock all the way inside me! I moved my hands up and tweaked his smallish nipples nestled in some coarse pec hair. He moaned as I did that, and ground his cock into me as I slowly road his bare shaft. I was too close to cumming so I slowly stood up and off his cock. I want back down and sucked his cum slicked cock again for a bit, then laid back onto the other bed for a little breather.

A few mins later he got up and lifted my legs exposing my abused hole. He fingered me a bit and I opened up and let some cum oze out of me. He loved that, and was soon forcing his cock back into me. GOD DAMN! He started to full thrust me giving me that pain / pleasure deep inside me as he went as deep as he could then pulled almost all the way out. I started to work his pecs again and he lost it and started to slam fuck me. Ok, now it hurts but didn't say anything except for a little wincing on my face. I kept up on his pecs and he let out a deep moan and flushed my body with a 2nd load from his big balls as they were pressed against my ass. He kept his cock in me as I made sure I flexed my hole around him and worked all of his creamy goodness out of him, till he slowly pulled out. He stood back and I quickly stood up and with just a few jerks of my own cock I fired my cum all over his cock also. I knelt and sucked his cock clean of my own cum and the cum that was inside me as his cock softened.

He collapsed onto the bed and I laid back onto the other bed as we both just relaxed a bit. We chatted a bit, he said he emailed the other blk guy from last time, but didn't hear back. Too bad I thought, I wouldn't mind having that big python of a cock in me again either! I said he probably has a few ass's he fucks when he visits. He said no, actually, just me. He said he likes that I can take his whole cock and not bitch about it, and that I'll get some loads in me for him because he likes a used hole that is slicked up with cum., and I'm dependable and avail when he wants me. No need to find another ass to fuck.

Finally I got up and pulled my cloths on while he laid there naked. He walked me to the door with his hot big body and big meat swinging back and forth, and said he might be back in town the end of next month, and will let me know. I said sounds good, I'll be here. I still don't know who he is, or even his name other then I think he is from Atlanta. But I do know I'll have sex with him anytime he wants. Damn he's good!