Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm home at lunch right now and got a message from my freq GH user wanting to unload. I quickly jumped in the shower and was ready for him. He came in like usual, dropped his shorts and I sucked his thick 7" cock hard then backed up onto it. Normally he bangs against the GH as he fucks me but today he just thrust into me a few times and grunted as he held his cock as deep in me as he could and released his cum into me. I slid off and sucked his shaft a bit he pulled up and left.

I just got online and the latino guy who has fucked me many times, and once joined my GH bud to tag team me hit me up right away. He asked if I was taking loads and he could be over in 10 min. I said sure, and he said cool, on his way, no gloryhole this time.

So I hung out naked and quickly made my bed. I heard the door open and walked around the corner and found him just in front of the screen door. He pulled out his thick vainy uncut dark brown latino cock and forced me down to suck him right there in front of the open door. I sucked him while he moaned till he told me to get on the bed so he could eat my ass. So I got up and walked into the bedroom and got on all 4's at the edge of the bed. He dove down and started eating my ass out as I opened up and let some cum dribble out of me. He lapped it all up and kept at my hole. Finally he stood up, with his jeans on but undone and cock sticking out, he rammed his bare cock all the way into me in one lunge. Oh fuck! It didn't really hurt, but caught me off guard, and damn did it feel good. He fucked me good and deep like that, slapping my ass, then piston fucking me fast, leaning in and biting my back and neck. He then told me to move forward, as he pulled his meat out of me. He stripped naked as I was on all 4's and he dove into my ass again eating it a bit, then got up behind me and slammed his cock all the way into me again. He fucked me like that for a few min then told me to get on my back. I flipped over and he put my legs on his shoulder and impaled me with his cock. He was looking right into my eyes and said, tell me how much you want my load. So I started to encourage him while he thrust into me by saying... yeah, breed me... Shoot your load in me... I want your cum... Fill me with your seed... He bit at my neck again then froze in position, and he said here is it, take it boy. I felt his shaft flex inside me as his cock spurted. I reached back and grabbed onto his hips making sure he was a deep as he could. Damn that was a good fuck!

He pulled out and stood there so I quickly went down on him. Only a few seconds because he got sensitive. I laid down on the bed with my ass up, and he got dressed. He said thanks, and kissed my ass, and left. Ok, off to work with his cum in me. I love that feeling!

big and little reversed

2 nights ago I had an odd hook up. This little blk kid, 23yo 5'5 and 110lb saying he had 8.5uc wanted me to come over so him and his friend can use my ass. He said his friend was mid 30's 6" 200lb football player build and 7"c. They were about a mile away from me so I said sure. I just took a load through my GH from one of my buds about 30 min earlier so I knew I was good to go, so I headed over.

I was greeted at the door by this sexy as hell blk guy. Just an average build, wearing jeans and a Tshirt, shaved head and some tattoo's on his arms. You could tell he was all man the way he spoke, and carried himself. Fuck yeah, I was all excited this dude wanted to get up inside me. I followed him to the back of the apt to the bedroom where the little blk kid was naked and sitting in front of the computer. Blk kid was a bit nelly, great little smooth body, but fem acting, with some nappy red tinted hair on his head, and a shaved crotch with a decent looking uncut soft cock between his legs. He started to stroke as his friend proceeded to take off his cloths. He was down to some silk boxers that showed a nice bulge when I started to take mine off. Yeah the nelly kid had a nice cock and would let him fuck me no question, but his friend, now laying on the bed in his boxers.... I wanted his seed inside me bad. He was totally doing it for me.

I got complements on my body and my cock, which was obviously bigger then the nelly little kid's, which was probably 7.5 or so but looked much bigger on his tiny little frame. Down came the boxers as I looked on with excitement. What the fuck is that? This tiny little soft nub of a cock poking through 2 decent looking balls. Oh man, what a let down! Nelly came up behind me and bend down and started eating my ass and I crawled onto the bed on all 4's and started to try and suck the little scared thing hoping it was a grower. I worked it and worked it and it slowly grew, but not much. Average thickness and maybe 6" if that. The poor guy, such a hot confidant blk guy who can't represent below the belt LOL Nelly kid worked his way up and was now prodding my hole with his cock and slide it up into me bare. I'm sure it was quite the sight to see this nelly little blk kid with a body of a 12yo and a man sized cock barebacking me doggystyle while sucking on this hot blk guy with a small dick. Nelly kid must have been worked up from surfing porn or he really liked my ass because only a few mins into it he started to whisper like a girl that he was gona cum and his friend said, yeah give it to him. Nelly shot his load up into me then laid on my back panting.

His friend got up and moved around behind me and had Nelly pull out. Now I don't have a fat ass, I think its a mix between a bubble and muscular ass, but I knew his little dick wasn't gona go in me, maybe the head if he was lucky. Nelly laid down in front of me and I sucked on his semi hard shaft licking the left over cum from under his foreskin, while I felt this jabbing behind me. Thankfully he realized it wasn't gona work either and started to jack of while fingering me with 2 fingers. He shot his load on my crack and onto his fingers as they pushed in and out of me forcing some of his cum into me and making it nice and slick. Nelly started to work his way down towards my cock to get me off but I was pretty over it. Yeah I would have liked to cum but this whole thing was just odd and I was ready to head out. I said thanks to them as I pulled my cloths on and Nelly was back at the computer. I let me self out and headed home.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hump day

I had yesterday afternoon off and decided I needed random cum in me. After showering and getting ready I got online. Right away I got a message from the tattooed muscle bud wanting to use my GH. We set it up where he would be over in 30min. While waiting I got a message from this 28yo military guy wanting to dump his load into a nice ass. He just had a picture of his muscular chest with basic stats, I didn't even ask how hung he was or anything, because I didn't care. He said he wanted to find my ass up and ready so he can just walk in, get off and leave. Works for me, the earliest he could be over was and hour. Perfect.

I set my GH up, and tattoo came in right on time. Like usual he stripped completely naked and stepped up to my GH. I sucked on his thick trimmed cock and tugged on his low hanging shaved balls till he got nice and hard, then turned and impaled myself onto his bare cock. His thickness caught me off guard briefly but not enough to pull off. He took over thrusting working up faster and faster till he moaned and I felt a nice warm sensation of his cum entering my body. After he stopped thrusting I slowly pulled off his shaft, turned and sucked him a bit as he started to go soft. He pulled back through, got dressed and left.

I took down my GH, and got ready for the military dude. I quickly checked my messages and my freq GH user wanted to stop by. I said sure, but he wasn't sure when he could sneak out of work to do so. Just before I had to get in position he let me know he can be over in 30 min. Again.... perfect! I laid on my bed naked and waited for the next fuck.

Military dude was a bit late but not bad. I got on all 4's when I heard my door close and waited. He came into my bedroom, took off his cloths then started to finger my hole while he jacked off behind me. I'm sure he could feel the cum inside me already. After fingering me for a few min's he stepped forward and pressed his cock to my ass totally missing my hole and trying to push it in, so his cock just pushed up my crack. He did this twice, and I was about to reach back and help him line it up but he got it on the next try. It felt like an average sized cock, maybe a bit thin. He fucked for a bit then leaned in and felt my chest a bit. His Nextel phone started beeping but he kept going thrusting some moaning softly. His cock popped out of me and he started to finger my hole again. Again with the damn phone. I heard some shuffling behind me then fingering my hole more. Then it was done. He pulled on his cloths, patted my ass and walked out. As he walked out the door the Nextel beep went off again and he was gone.

I quickly got up and set up my GH again and waited and checked my messages. Some guy with no pic was looking for a GH, I replied and said I have one and am around. Then my freq bud came in and his soft cock was quickly hanging through the GH.

It was a little odd this time for him. Normally he gets rock hard quick but this time it took a while and me switching it up working him over till finally he was good and hard before I could back up onto it. His cock glided up into me and he took over banging against the GH. He fucked me till he moaned and added his seed to me also, but then kept fucking till he semi hard cock flopped out of me. He lined it back up to my hole and fucked me a bit more but I could tell he was done. So after a bit I pulled off and sucked on his cum slicked shaft. What do ya know, he started to get hard again. It got so hard that I was debating on turning around again. But he started to moan again and a small amount of cum oozed out into my mouth. He quickly went soft after that and pulled back through. That was unusual for him!

I got back online and a guy I vaguely remember fucking me a few months ago wanted to fuck me again. He didn't have a picture just stats, but if I remembered right he had a nice cock. He was 32, average build with 7.5" and fucked me on all 4's, in and out, and never saw what he looked like. He was looking for a repeat. So I said sure, I'll be naked and ready with the door open in 20min. He said great and signed off. While waiting the dude who was asking about my GH hit me up again but wanted to see a face picture. I have no problem with that, however if u have no pictures and want anon GH sex, whats the point? So I asked him why? He said he was just curious. So I said back, the point of GH sex is that its anon, and part of the thrill is not seeing or knowing who's cock or cum I just took. He agreed but by then I was over him, and had to get ready.

Naked and on the bed again, the next guy came in. I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed as he pushed down his pants. I soon had his bare cock nudging against my hole. I relaxed a bit and he entered me. I was right, he did have a nice cock. It felt great as he forced it all the way into me. He started banging away and would occasionally reach down and hold my cock and balls while he trusted. 5 mins after he entered me he exhaled loudly and added his sperm to the mix already inside me. I laid down face first, keeping it anon, as he pulled up his pants and quietly left.

I got back online but it was pretty dead. I had a message from the military dude saying sorry for being so quick, his boss was calling him. I said no problem, it happens, and asked if he came. He said he did. A chubby blk dude hit me up wanting to fuck me but said he couldn't till he got off from work. I told him to hit me up if I'm online later then. I needed a little break anyways. So I grabbed a towel and a dildo and decided I'd lay out naked in the sun for a bit.

The sun felt great as I laid on the lounge chair and pushed the dildo into me. However the dildo got the best of me and soon I was pushing it in and out of my used hole as it got coated with cum. Next thing I knew I was half standing, lowering myself on the lounge chair with my legs on either side riding the dildo till almost the full 12" was lodged deep inside me, pushing the cum even deeper into me and stroked my own cock till I shot a huge load all over the towel. I was tired, grabbed my towel, licked the cum coated dildo clean as I went back inside and laid down and took a 45 min nap.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

room number

A few mornings ago I was up early, showered and ready for something, so I got online. Quickly I was hit up by this guy staying at a hotel looking to get off. No pic but stats were ok, 36 average build with 7" thick he said. Random hotel sex is always hot so I said ok and headed over. I text him when I arrived so he would have the door ajar as we discussed, and headed up to his room.

I found his room and stepped in to a warm stuffy dark room with just the bathroom light on for lighting, and he was laying on the bed naked and stroking. He was not overly attractive. Kind of bear like, hairy and thick with receding hair. If I saw his picture online I would have passed, but since I was there I figured I'd take care of him. I stripped and got on the bed and knelt between his legs and took over sucking his cock. It was 7" average thickness, not a bad cock at all, but the bush was really out of hand. Crazy hairy! I kept getting hair in my mouth and it got annoying. He pulled me up so I was on his chest so he could suck me. I let him for a bit though it did nothing for me. I think he enjoyed in a lot more then me. I sat back and stroked and my cock as his rubbed up against my crack. I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck or it he barebacked, but I coated my hand with some spit and stroked him for a bit then inched back so it was at my hole. He didn't stop me or say anything so I guided it up into my body and sat all the way down on it. He closed his eyes and moaned as I grinded my ass against his crotch, and with in a few moments he whispered that I was gona make him cum. I kept grinding, and tweaked his nipples and he let out a series of low grunts then went limp with his arms falling out to the sides and eyes still closed. I pulled myself off his deflating cock and pulled my cloths on and left him laying just like that, not saying anything. Thanks naked guy in room 512 for cumming in me.

I just got in my car when I got a text from him asking if I was still at the hotel. I wasn't in the mood to have sex with him again at all, but replied yeah to find out what he wanted. He replied that a friend was in room 308 who needed to get off also. I debated. No idea what this other guy looks like or anything, and since I was there already, the worst would be I'd find out and leave, or the best is I would get another load in me.

I replied back to him to tell his friend ok be there in 5 min. I headed back in and up the elevator and found his room, though the door was closed. What do I have to loose, so I knocked. The door opened to a tall thin early 40's guy with a beard and glasses wearing only a towel. He was pretty geeky looking, and had a scar on his lower abdomen. I wasn't sure what to say, but he said, hey come on in. I walked in and he dropped his towel. Hairy crotch also but a nice looking piece of meat. I knelt down and started to suck him as he stood there. His cock was about 7.5 a bit thin but had a bigger cock head. After sucking him for a bit I stood, took off my pants and got on all 4's on the edge of the bed. Not sure what his friend said, but took the lead on this one and let it be known I wanted to get fucked. He asked if I had a condom. I said no, your friend didn't have one either. He replied with, did he cum in you. I said yeah. That was the end of our conversation because he came up behind me and forced his bare cock up into my just fucked hole. He fucked me for about 5 mins then gripped my hips really firmly and twitched violently and he gasped for breath while he added his sperm to my body also. He pulled out and picked up his towel and began wiping his cock and I pulled my pants back on. He followed me to the door with it around it waist and said thanks, and I said no problem, and I left.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

me so lucky

Yesterday afternoon I just got fucked through my GH by a freq user and was in the mood for some bookstore fun, so I headed out to a bookstore I haven't been to in a while but rumor had it that there was a gloryhole there. It was an odd set up for booths with only 2 sets of booth next to each other that could possibly have a gloryhole. The first set I went into didn't have a gloryhole but did have a little peep hole to look through. The other set, both booths were occupied, and I was the only one hanging out. I hung out for a while and waited and soon one of the booths opened up as a guy walked out and out of the store. I headed into the booth to see what was up but as I was shutting the door the booth next to me opened and that guy left. So I watched a video and sat and waited, seeing that this set actually did have a gloryhole. It seemed forever before someone entered the booth next to me. Finally someone did. I peered through and saw and older short stocky blk guy sit down and flip through the video's and seemed oblivious to the gloryhole, and never pulled his cock out. I put my fingers through trying to get his attention but nothing worked. I coughed a few times and drummed on the hole with my fingers again and finally he noticed.

He came over and looked though briefly then stood back and undid his pants and pushed through his cock. It was already rock hard, an uncut piece that was jet black with a dark red head and about 7.5" and on the thick side with a slight bend to the right. I quickly went to work on it sucking it and enjoying his silky smooth foreskin. I worked him over for a few mins getting it good and wet, then put some spit on my hole and turned around and speared myself onto his bare cock. His thick meat felt great going all the way into me. It took him a min to realize he was now inside me and not getting sucked off, and he started to thrust. I held myself up with the chair back and enjoyed the ride. I just started to jack my own cock as his cock slowly but steadily glided back and forth inside me when suddenly he pulled out leaving my ass pressed up against the GH. I turned and knelt down hoping he didn't waist his load jacking off. Unfortionaly by the time I did that his door opened covering the GH and he left the booth. I had no idea if he came or not or what happened. I waited a bit the left the booth. Again I was the only one outside the booths, but one of the booths that had the peep hole was occupied.

I went in to the other booth and looked through the peep hole and was surprised to find this kind ugly skinny asian kid fucking this football player looking guy. I couldn't tell if it was bareback or not from the angle but it was hot to watch for a while. I left the booth and went into the GH booth the blk guy was in to see if he shot his load on the floor or something. I didn't see any cum so I sat down and watched a video. Just about when my time was up someone came into the booth next to me. I tried to look but it was dark and only saw a shadow then suddenly a soft cock come through. So, I sucked on it! It grew quickly to just an average cock and I swear with in 2 mins of sucking on it jabbed once or twice in my mouth then came. The cock quickly disappeared and the dude was gone, never putting money in the video, leaving me to swallow his load.

I left the booth and found the ugly asian kid standing looking at the video selection wall. So I went into the booth that I peeped into and saw him fucking, curious if I would find a condom or something. I didn't shut the door just stepped in to look, and next thing I knew the asian was behind me rubbing my ass, closing the door behind him. What the hell?!? oh... ok, what the hell, so I dropped my shorts and bent over the chair not even looking back. Asian fingered my hole finding it ready and he pushed down his shorts and I felt a thin average feeling cock slide up into me. I crouched down a bit since he was shorter and he grabbed my ass and fucked fast. Bang bang bang then I felt his cock twitch inside me and I could have swore he was cumming inside me but he kept thrusting, but moments later he quickly pulled out and faced the corner so I couldn't see and acted like he was cumming on the wall. He pulled up his shorts quickly then left the booth. I closed the door and pulled my shorts up. I looked at the wall and the floor and found no evidence of cum. LOL I think he just stealth fucked me, pretending to pull out when actually he pumped his ugly asian seed up into me. But I can't be sure since he was fucking the other guy earlier, maybe he couldn't cum, who knows. What he didn't know was that I would have let him cum in me if he asked, or would have grabbed onto his hips forcing him to stay inside me if he gave any indication that he was close. Instead I'm left to wonder if I just had unprotected sex with 2 strangers for no reason considering I didn't know if I had their seed inside me or not.