Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rule # 1

The other day I was getting coffee and outside was this skinny homeless blk guy. He was keeping to himself, mouthing words and moving his hands like he was talking but making no noise, then he put his hand in his pocket and readjusted himself making it very obvious he was packing some serious meat. Well, that did it for me, I was horny as hell for some blk cock, and told myself I'd let any blk man cum in me that wanted too.

On my way home from work I made a quick stop at a bookstore that's not really known for hooking up, small booths, not overly cruisy, but it was in a seedier part of town. I got my tokens and found one large mexican troll cruising, and one booth locked. Pretty lame. I looked over the movie selection and heard the booth open. Out came a chubby mid 40's blk guy, not very pretty, but I thought I'd see if I can follow my rule. I stepped into a booth with the door ajar and dropped my shorts while dropping some tokens. Sure enough, he was peering into my booth. I stepped in a bit to let him enter and he did. He felt up my ass while undoing his pants. I looked back and saw his big gut hanging down and a 7" decent cock sticking straight up with a large tight ball sack. I got down and sucked him a bit as best I could even though his gut kept hitting my forehead, and I reached back to cup his flabby ass as I slicked up his dark shaft. I stood and put one leg up on the chair and offered him my ass. He moved right in and rubbed his cock against my hole as I moaned. With some spit he pushed it into me. Unfortunately it was over before it began. I was just getting into the fact that some fat blk dude was barebacking me when he pulled out. I wasn't sure what was up, so I turned and saw his softening cock. So I asked, did you cum. He smiled and said, oh yeah, couldn't help myself. He pulled up and stepped out of the booth while I bent over and put on my shorts.

When I turned around there was a thin late 20's blk guy in an over sized tshirt and jeans, with corn rolls watching me because my door was still open. He stepped in, and quickly pulled his cock out from his fly of his jeans. Bout 7.5 uncut average thickness. I got down and started to suck him as he put his hands on my head and said, yeah, u like black cock don't ya. I muffled a moan around his cock. After a bit he told me to show him my ass. So I stood and showed it to him. He slid a finger up into my hole and asked if the other guy fucked me. I nodded. He said good, he got it warmed up for me then, as he stepped up and eased his shaft into me. He fucked me with his cock still sticking out of his fly for a while as he piston fucked as I bent over till he tightened his grip on my hips and groaned and said, yeah, take my nut. I flexed my hole and milked his seed out of him till he pulled out. He tucked in and gave me a nod, then left. I pulled on my shorts and checked things out. The place was dead, so I headed home with my ass freshly filled with 2 random black guy's sperm.

I got online. Chatted with a couple regulars and hit up a few blk guys online but nothing was happening. Guess it was one of those nights for no online hookups. So I watched some TV and relaxed a bit. I got back online. I was chatting to the mid 40's tall skinny poz blk guy with a 9" cock who fucks me occasionally. He was saying he would love my ass but he can't. Going into the clinic the next day because he started to "drip" this morning. We chatted more and I started to think. Today's objective. And besides I was due for a visit to the clinic also for a check up, so why not. He wants my ass, and in a weird twisted way, I was turned on by knowingly let a big dicked poz blk guy breed me with a possible STD. He was a little taken back when I told him he could fuck me anyways, but gave in when I told him I was gona head to the clinic also later in the week for a check up.

I headed over to his little apt, and found him standing naked and stoking his cock just inside the door. I got naked quickly and got on all 4's on his bed. He lubed up his cock, and slid up into my still gooey cum filled hole. Fuck it felt good, he was going in nice and deep, and this thin smooth body felt good pressed against me as he bare cock flexed deep inside me. He flipped me over with my legs up at the edge of the bed and stood as he eased into me again. He started thrusting faster and harder till he gritted his teeth and groaned from the burning sensation as his dirty seed gushed out of his cock, and deep up into my body. I grabbed my own rock hard cock and within 3 strokes I pushed him back and shot my load all over his slicked up black shaft then pulled him back into me so he would push some of my own cum into me also. We both hung out naked on the bed chatting a bit, and I really wanted to suck on that big floppy cum slicked cock between his legs but couldn't make myself. For some reason I was ok with him breeding me, but couldn't suck it, that just sounded gross. LOL

I headed home, and cleaned out my ass before climbing into bed. As hot as it was, I just couldn't keep the random blk dudes cum and a hot STD'd poz blk seed in me all night, though I did jack off about it before I crashed. So off to the clinic tomorrow I go. Good times!