Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trashy kid

Spent an hour or so chatting with this dude out about 20miles from me. He only had a crappy dick pic taken with his cell phone, but his stats were good - 5'6" 120lb smooth, latino, 7.5" cut, 20yo, and he said he was bi. Said the last chick he was with wouldn't let him fuck her in the ass because he didn't have any condoms left, and he was pissed cus its not like she was gona get pregnant or anything. I debated driving out there, it was a crappy drizzly day out, but I'd be driving to an area that is not really hit with any rush hour traffic, so I agreed to go over.

It took me a bit to find because address's were not posted well, and the apt complex was a total dump. I was buzzed in and he met me at the door wearing only cut off sweat pants. I questioned his age cus he didn't look 20. He was a skinny little thing, not a hair on his body except for this thin strip beard / goatee. Spikey hair and a few tattoo's. He was kinda hot in a trashy kinda way. He admitted he was 18, and said he had a hard time hooking up if he says that age. I could totally see that cus I would have guessed 16! His place was a mix of second hand store furnishings and it was really warm, had to have the heat cranked up. He asked me if I wanted something to drink, handed me some water and I followed him into the bedroom. Basic unmade bed on the floor, and a milk crate as a side table. He sat on the edge of the bed and started to grope himself. I took the hint and got between his legs and eased his shorts down a bit and out sprang a nice cock. Just like he said, a good 7.5", though it looked much bigger on his tiny frame, and the sparse pubic hair still made me question his age. I started working over his cock as he laid back and moaned. I worked his shorts off and alternated between his cock and his balls. I then followed the relitivly smooth crack till I had him pull his knees up to his chest as I ate out his little ass. Finally he told me to get naked so I stood and took of my cloths. I think I took him off guard when he saw my cock. He commented on how big it was and played with it a bit but never sucked it. He then layed back and asked me to suck him some more. While sucking him he leaned forward and started to finger my ass. Shortly he got up and went behind me and got on his knees also and bent me over so my chest was on his mattress. He applied some spit to my ass and pushed his bare cock into me. Once his cock was all the way in me he commented that my ass was so much better then pussy. He then asked if he could cum in me. I just replied with a simple - yeah. He started thrusting away, throwing a pretty decent fuck actually till we heard the front door open. He paused and said don't worry its just his roommate, its cool. A couple mins later and a stocky latino was standing at the door way. Skinny guy fucking me greeted him and told him what a great ass I had, and that he should try it.

Next thing ya know stocky guy, who I would guess at about 25yo, dropped his jeans and sat down in front of me on the bed. He had a pretty thick 6" uncut cock that leaked precum while I sucked him. He lifted his sweatshirt showing he was more chubby then stocky, with a smooth gut roll. I kept sucking him and grabbed his nuts, putting slight pressure underneath them. Out of the blue stocky guy swore and his cock pumped a slightly bitter tasting load into my mouth. Skinny dude laughed and told him he needed sex more often, as stocky guy got up and walked out of the room with his pants still off. I concentrated more on getting fucked, and with in 5 mins skinny dude started breathing heavy and then pumped his load up into me. He stayed in me while he caught his breath, then slowly pulled out and collapsed on the bed with his cock still rock hard. I started to get dressed even though he told me where the bathroom was if I wanted to clean up. He said he'd fuck me again if he wasn't so tired. I told there is always next time. He told me he would send me an email, and I headed out. I passed stocky guy who had track pants on now, in the kitchen talking on his cell phone, and just waved. I drove home, telling myself I'm keeping this load in me the rest of the day and night. Its not every day I get teenage seed up in me.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bath time

At 10pm I went to one of the local bathhouse's Sat night. All the rooms were taken so I was put on the waiting list and got a locker. The first 30 min or so I wondered around. I went into one of the open rooms and left the door open with my ass up. A guy came in and climbed on top of me, he was pretty thick so after a few jabs and some fucking, I got on all 4's. This was better for me, and he was able to go deeper. Not sure how hung he was but he was defiantly going deeper cus I'd feel the uncomfortable feeling of it way inside me. He fucked me for about 10 mins, enough for me to work up a sweat in the little cube. He finally moaned and I felt his burning hot cum squirt deep up inside me. He headed out leaving the door wide open. Shortly another guy came in and mounted me. He was pretty small, and could hardly feel him in me. I clamped down as hard as I could to make sure he could get off, and with in 5 mins he came in me also. I layed there for a bit and was about to get up encase someone else wanted to use the open room, when another guy came in. He dove down and ate my ass out with his scruffy unshaved face prickeling my ass. He didn't fuck me just at my ass out for a while.

I left the room and wondered around and had a smoke. I went into one of the other open rooms and put my ass up and right away a latino guy came in and pushed a decent uncut cock into me. He fucked pretty poorly, basic jack hammer fuck that got faster and faster till he collapsed on my back and came in me. No one came in after him, so I walked around some more.

Went back to the first room I was in and put my ass up. Another guy came in with an average cock and fucked a very quick load into me, lasted maybe 2 mins. Next was a tall guy who was wearing boots and a jockstrap. He played with my ass some and was just about to fuck me when I noticed anther guy next to me. He must have left the door open. Jockstrap guy started to fuck me with what felt like a very nice cock, as some 7" latino cock was pushed into my face. I started sucking and noticed out of the corner of my eye another guy, kind of stocky standing next to him jerking off. The latino guy didn't last long and quickly shot in my mouth which I quickly swollowed. The stocky guy moved up to feed me his. His cock was 7.5" or so and very nice except his bush was a bit overgrown and had a slight nasty oder to it, not musky or sweaty, but kinda nasty. I sucked him while jockstrap kept fucking me and encouraging me to suck that cock. Stocky guy grabed my head and started to force is cock in and out of my mouth then grunted as he fed me his load. When stocky guy left, jockstrap guy pulled out of me and closed the door, then went back to fucking me. He fucked me for another 5 or so mins till he said he was gona cum and pulled his cock out and started to jack off against my ass. I told him to put his cock back in me, and he did. A few more thrusts and he shot his load up into me. I laid there and rested a bit, half hoping no one would come in, then got up and left the room.

After a smoke and walking around, I watched a bit of one of the porns playing and noticed 2 diff latino guys checking me out, one average looking the other kind of beefy, so I went to the nearest open room and put my ass up. Right away average was climbing onto my ass. I guess since he was stroking himself to porn he was close because he shot his load into me very quickly and left. Beefy guy came in and stepped up to the side and fed me his 8" uc cock while he fingered my ass. He finally pulled back and stared to open a condom. I told him sorry man and started to get up. He grabbed my ass again, I let him feel me up more then he reached for the condom again, and I told him again, sorry man, no condoms. He smiled this time and had me lay on my back and got between my legs and pushed his bare cock into me. He fucked me while I tweeked his nipples which seemed to get him going more. He finally came in me and kissed me and panted in my ear, in broken english - hope you like it. He stood up and was about to wipe his cock off with the towel and I quickly stopped him and went down on him, being extra careful because most uncut guys are very sensitive after they cum. His shaft was very slick with the assorted cum that was in my ass, and some creamy white cum was just under his shaft on his balls. He left the room and I did also behind him.

I wondered around a bit. It was almost 1am and debated if I wanted to wait for my room or just call it a night. A cute guy I've seen a few times stepped into the steam room, I followed him in. It was in one of those non steam cycles to it wasn't unbearable or too steamy. We both started to jack our cock since we were the only ones in there. He crouched between my legs and stared to suck me off while I leaned back enjoying it. He started to work a finger into my ass when the door opened. We both quickly sat up and covered ourselves. The intruded didn't stay long, and he went back to sucking me off. I lifted my legs up a bit in hopes that he might put his nice 7" cock up into me, but he quickly stood up and shot his load all over my cock. I scooped up the cum that was dribbling down his hand and started to jack my own cock now covered in his cum and quickly pumped out 6 good shots that splattered on his upper chest. He wasn't expecting that but it was hot. Then I licked my hand clean and we both left.

I decided that was enough for the night, and checked out, getting a refund for the difference since I didn't get a room, and went home. Laying in bed and fingered my sloppy hole and jacked off over all the anonymous loads that were in me, then rolled over and crashed.

Monday, January 22, 2007

from 9 to 10.5

I received an email from the big dicked guy I met at the bookstore a few days ago. After confirming it was me, we talked about bit via email, then desided to meet up at the bookstore again for some fun. I got there and no one was around and 2 booths were taken. They kept dropping coins and didn't come out as I waited. After 15 mins he still didn't show but an chubby queeny guy came in and hung out also. I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye. He was really gross. Stringy black hair and overly plucked eyebrows, like he was a closet drag queen or something. Then a trashy looking guy came walked into the peep area with some tattoos. I went into a booth leaving the door ajar and showing my ass. From the crack in the door I saw tatoo walk away so I watched my video. My door creaked open and queeny guy started to grab my ass. What the hell, I moved forward with my ass still tward him and he came in. He unzipped and started pressing his cock against my ass. I bent a bit and he spit on his cock and pushed it into me. It didn't feel very big. He fucked me for a bit then there was some banging on the booth next to us. We both froze and were quiet. He started thrusting again but not very long, then there was more noise. He pulled out and left as I quickly pulled the door close. I sat there for a while and watched the video and jacked off some. I looked around and waited a bit, then left, guessing my fuck was a no show.

Nasty ugly guys like him I wouldn't even look at or notice online or at the bars, but for some reason, put me in a bookstore or bathhouse and sometimes its a turn on to let them stick their bare cock in me and cum inside me. I'm weird, I guess, at times.

Once home I got online and a tall skinny 36yo blk guy who loves to eat my ass hit me up. He's 6'5" and has a nice 9" cock. He came over and was eating my ass out then asked me if i had cum in me. I didn't think so but who knows, maybe I did. He was eating me out like there was though so I didn't reply. He fucked me in a few different positions, and even let me take some pix of his cock fucking me. He pumped his load into me, and said he needed to split, so I went back online.

A 22yo blk vers kid I've been chatting to every now and then over the past few months hit me up. He realized I had a gloryhole and asked to come over. I've never seen a pic of him but his stats were great, tall, thin and said 10.5 cock. He asked if I had condoms encase he wanted to fuck me. I figured if his stats were right, sure. So I told him I'd have condoms out for him He told me to make sure my ass was clean though. He was near by and said he would be here in 5 mins, so I went to the bathroom and pushed some of the cum out of me and coated my shaft with it. He came in and lifted up his shirt showing a very trim tone stomach then pulled down his shorts revealing an ungodly large blk cock. I started to work on him as his cock got harder and thicker. Once fully hard his cock was easy 10.5, very thick dark brown and a nice tannish color cock head. His cock has a spiral curve to it so when hard his cock curved slightly to the right and twisted so the cock head was on its side. After a bit I stood up and put my hard cock on his. He backed off then went down on me. He wasn't very good but I stayed hard knowing he was tasting the blk dudes cum that fucked me earlier. He started to reach under my balls and finger my ass so I turned around and pushed my ass to the GH. He worked a finger in me then I felt his cock head pusing up against me. I relaxed my hole and he pushed his cock into me. The dude was huge and I felt it. He waited a bit after getting a few inches in me then asked me if I wanted him to put a condom on. I replied that it was up to him. I knew by that point I'd get his cum either by the condom or by not. He was hesitant then started to fuck me, working more into me after doing a few thrust at a time. He was finally all the way into me, and seemed amazed that I could take it. I was kind of uncomfortable but in a good way, no pain. He fucked me for a while and my legs started to get tired so I pulled off him and went down on him again. I could taste the blk dudes cum on his shaft, and he seemed turned on that I would suck, fuck and suck him. I backed up onto his cock again, sinking all the way to the wall. He started fucking me harder then pulling his cock all the way out and slaming into me. He told me he was close. and I just replied with a "yeah" and he started doing shorter jabbs. It was now starting to hurt as he was hitting areas way up in me, then I felt a warm sensation, and then he exhaled loudly. He thrust a bit as he finished cumming inside me. I finally slid off him and went down on his cock licking his cock and tasting his cum. He used the towel I leave out to wipe up then flipped his cock into his shorts and said thanks, and left.

10 mins later I get an email from him telling me that was hot, and he liked that I could take his whole cock, and he really liked my cock, maybe I could fuck him sometime, and he was hard again just thinking about fucking me. I replied back with thanks, it was hot blah blah blah. He came back wondering if he could come back. I told him I came while he was fucking me but if he wanted to fuck me again, sure. He said he didn't have much time but.... 5 mins later he was at my gh, and is big black bare cock was up in my ass, using his own cum this time for lube. He fucked me for about 10 mins before he pulled out and said he won't be able to cum like he hoped and he needed to go. I told him it was cool. He told me next time.... we need to do this more often, and headed out the door. My ass was sore and I was done with sex for the night.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm not a top.... really!

I fell asleep on the couch again, seems to be a habit when I know I don't have to work in the morning. So 11pm, I get up and mess around online, not horny and looking or checking porn, more surfing. By 1 am I figured since I missed my work out the day before might as well go to the gym since I'm wide awake. I was surprised to find quite a few people there, a good 20 or so. I did my hour an half routine, freshly pumped up and feeling all buff (HA!) and heading to the lockers. By now there were only a few people there, so I was surprised to hear someone in the showers. I stripped and headed to the showers myself. In the stall next to me was a buff little guy, probibly 25 with light brown spiky hair. He was kind of tan, looked smooth and had one hell of a bubble butt. We seemed to steal glances to each other from around the divider, so I figured I'd show him what I got, maybe he would show me what he had. I worked up a semi hard on and flashed it on the next glance. He stepped out a bit showing he was jacking. Not supper hung but his body was of a god. He was quite taken by my cock. I figured we would both jack off watching each other, and that was fine. He came over and started to jerk mine some while I was sill in my shower. He went back and turned off his shower then returned and turned off mine. Guess it was so we could hear if anyone was coming. He bent over and went back to sucking my cock. I had to feel that ass of his. Tone, muscular and pretty smooth, with a little bit of hair in the crack. He seemed to like me feeling his hole so I worked up some spit and slid a finger in and he moaned while bobbing on my cock. I worked more spit up on my hand noticing his hole smelled and seemed clean, as I worked 2 fingers into him. He was arching his back opening his ass up more. He then stood and started to work on my pecs, and I was happy feeling his body next to mine and sliding a finger in and out of him. I turned him around and nuzzled his neck while my cock slid up and down his crack. He pushed back so I figured I'd see how far this would go. I worked up more spit and coated my cock and nudged it against his hole. He turned back and asked me to go slow. I had a hard time getting my cock into him, I had to tell him to relax and to push out a bit and open up. With a bit more spit he was soon partialy bent over, holding himself up with the divided as my bare cock entered him. With slow thrusts I found he could only take about 3/4's of my cock before his arm would shoot back stopping me from going further. He was lightly moaning and I reminded him to be quiet. He started jacking off, so I wasn't sure how long I would get, so I concentrated as best I could to see if I could cum quick. He seemed like he was close but i needed a couple more mins so I pulled his hand off his cock and told him not yet. I started to get close and he went back to jacking off, I just started to cum just before he did and his hole clamped down letting me fire off 2 or 3 good ropes of cum up into him before he pulled off my cock and came against the wall, and the finial spurts of mine hit his ass and leg. We both smiled at each other and continued our shower. I left the showers first and was almost done changing when he came out. He just smiled at me and went tward the lockers in the other room. I jotted down my email address and handed it to him as I was leaving and said thanks. He just kind of laughed as I headed out the door.

Monday, January 15, 2007

No gas fill up

There were too many people online looking for sex last night to actually find a hook up. It seems the more guys that are online the harder it is. Too many choices I think. So I went to the bookstore. There were a few guys there. I went into a booth and an average latino guy follow me in. He played with my ass and would rub his cock against my crack but wouldn't fuck me so I finally want down on him and sucked his 7" uc cock till he fed me a small thin load. I hung out a bit and went into another booth dropped my jeans showing my ass with the door unlocked and this older kind of ugly asian mix guy came in wearing a knit hat. He went right for my ass. Cupping my ass and fingering my hole. I took off my jeans and got on all 4's using the footstool and he knelt down and started eating out my hole. Fingering me some more he stood up and pulled his jeans down and pushed his 6.5" uc cock into me and fucked me for a bit. He would fuck for a bit then pull out and reach under and stroke my hard cock from underneath then fuck a bit. After 3 or so times of doing this he finally told me he was going to cum while his cock was in me. I pushed back to let him know he didn't have to pull out, and he pumped his load into me. While getting dressed I noticed he really was an ugly ass guy, then add that stupid knit hat and he looked like a dorky ugly ass guy. There was no one really around when I left the booth so I hung out a bit then left.

When I got home I got back online. Still alot of guys on but I got hit on by a 32yo millitarty blk guy. No face pic and just a far away pic of him fully clothed. His stats were decent since most blk guys carry a bit more weight better then other guys and said he had an 8.5" cock. His profile stated safe sex but I was horny for another fuck. He wanted me to come over since his roommate was out. He wasn't overly close, but an easy shot down the highway, since there would be no traffic this late at night, making him about 15 mins away. When I pulled up he was standing outside and told me his roommate showed up unexpectedly. We talked a bit about our options as he continually groped himself. Showing a nice bulge in his sweats and it told me he was interested and wanted to get off. Instead of taking him home then all the way back, I threw out the option of maybe the gas station that I passed on the way. I stopped there once a while ago and remembered it was one of those one room type that you needed a key, for on the side of the building. He agreed and climbed in. I pulled up to the side, went in and the girl behind the counter didn't miss a beat from her cell phone conversation as she handed me this long wooden stick with the bathroom key on it. I went in leaving the door slightly ajar and he was gona follow in a few mins as agreed. The bathroom was really warm as heat was pumping though the vent, making the typical urine smelly bathoom a bit stronger (which kind of turned me on) and there was TP and paper towel strewn about the floor. One urinal, one toilet, and a sink with a scratched up mirror. I proceeded to get naked leaving on my socks. Blk guy came in, secured the door and pulled his sweats off leaving his shoes on, and took off his sweatshirt. He was thick but not fat, had a little patch of hair between his pecs and his semi hard cut cock hung from a kind of hairy bush. I squated down and started to suck his cock. It quickly got fully hard and had a slight curve to the right that stuck upwards. He had me turn around and bend over using the sink for support and he went down and started to eat my ass. I didn't tell him I had a load in me already, but he seemed to be enjoying the it because he was going to town on my hole. He stood up behind me and slowly pushed his entire cock into me. No talk of a condom or anything. Man did it feel good. My cock got rock hard and started to drip precum as he fucked me. We both started to sweat because it was warm in the bathroom already and this didn't help. I felt his sweat drip off his face and onto my back as he would pull almost all the way out the slam it back in. He started to do shorter jabs and told me "here it comes" as he huffed and puffed then groaned as he pumped his cum into me. He stayed in me while he caught is breath then pulled his softening cock out of me. I turned and went down on him, cleaning up his cum coated shaft and some of the foamy globs that clung to his hairy balls. I quickly got dressed and returned the key, and by the time I was getting in the car he came out. Drove the couple blocks and dropped him off as he told me I have a great ass and we need to do it again.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

better then nothing

Stopped in to the local bookstore in the mood for an anoynomus load of cum. There were only 2 guys there, both hanging around looking for dick also. The combinded weight of them would need a super duty truck to haul them thats how big they were. Needless to say there was nothing going on. After 20 mins I was about to leave and a stocky mid 20's latino came in. I wanted to get off by this point so I went into a booth and he followed. He was very aggressive, and thought he was all that. Well he wasn't. Smooth body but no shape and a 6" uc that was rock hard. He went down on me as soon as he saw my cock, and I tried my hardest to get hard but if was having problems. Why do guys not relize that when a cock is bigger then a mouthfull to use a hand also? It didn't seem like I was gona get fucked, so I was debating on leaving the booth or just getting off and heading out. His aggressive attitude was working my nerves. He turned around and showed me his flabby but smooth ass. I slapped my dick on it a couple times and he bent over. What the hell, I'll fuck him and see if he hole will get me off. 3 freak'n times I got the head in and he would pull off in pain and put more spit on. Finally I got my dick into him half way and he pulled off and reached into his jeans and started to hand me a condom. I told him, nah, thats alright and went to pull my shorts up. He quickly turned and bent over again. Ok, what the hell, might as well. I slid into him and started to fuck. He started to buck up against me. Hello! I'm driving here not you! He was really pissing me off. So I held him down and fuck him more. After only 2 mins my cock was not supper hard but I felt I could cum if I wanted to. I figured I might as well get this over with and give him something he may or may not want. So I quietly pumped my load into him while I kept thrusting. I kept thrusting for a while after and he started to grind again so my dick flopped out. It looked clean but there was a slight oder. He noticed it also and could see it on my face. I quickly told him I needed to go and left the booth. Once the video was done bolted out of the booth he nearly ran to the bathroom. I just laughed to myself and left.

Monday, January 08, 2007

unexpected dad

Fell asleep on the couch the other night after getting fucked by a fuck bud, and when I woke up I checked online. 3am there was a guy looking for a quick blowjob with a pic of a nice looking cock. I shot him a message and we were messaging each other shortly. He was 38, wife was out of town, looking for a quick blow but couldn't host since his 2 daughters were sleeping. I told him about my GH and he said that sounded perfect. 15 mins later I heard the door creek open and a nice cock pushed through the GH. I worked over his cock while playing with his big nuts till he reached full 7.5" with a perfect head. He started to pull back and leave his hard cock on the other side for a bit before feeding me again. He did this 3 times, so I was figuring he was trying to make it last longer. Durring the next breather I thought I'd see if he was up for more so I worked up some spit so I was ready if he pulled back again. He pulled back again so I quickly backed my ass up to the GH to see if might want to fuck. Sure enough, I felt his cock enter me. It only lasted a few stoked till I felt his cock jerk inside me as he injected his baby batter into me. I was gona turn around a lick up any extra cum but he pulled out of me, stuffed his cock into his briefs, pulled up his jeans and said thanks as he went out the door.