Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ending with 2

A 42yo dude who has used my GH before came over. I worked on his 8"uc cock loving his thick cock and ample forskin till he told me to turn around. I backed up to the hole and let him fuck me while my own hard cock dripped precum all over the place. I didn't want it to end but he pushed as far as he could in me and grunted as his cock spazamed and filled me with cum. I stopped at the bookstore and played in the booths for a while. I shorter darkhaired mid 30's guy with 7" fucked me bareback and came in me, though would not let me suck his cock. Found it odd, but little did he know thats what I wanted anyways. The guy from online was there, he's a vers bttm, ok looking nothing great with 6". He knoticed I just got fucked so he came in my booth and fucked me also, getting off on knowing there was cum already in me. An average looking latin kid maybe 25yo came in. He had trouble getting his 6" cock into me. I changed possitions so he could get in me better. He fucked me for a while and quietly came in me, and quickly dressed and left. A semi muscular latin guy came in, we got naked in a booth and he licked my body all over, spending time nibbling my neck as his 7"uc cock rubbed against me. After alot of time playing around and him spitting after everytime he sucked my cock, I got down and sucked his cock. He told me he was about to cum and I kept going. He asked me in a suprized way if I wanted it in my mouth. I just kept going and he spurting in my mouth and I swollowed his load. He hugged me and played with my body a bit more before taking off. Back home I had a message from a fuck bud. 36yo cuban with a stocky muscular body and 7.5" told me he wanted to fuck me that night, and would message me when he got home. I finished some errands and he messaged me to come over and another guy is coming over to fuck me too. I came over and we hung out. I found out who the other guy was and knew he was hit or miss, great fuck but dosn't always follow through. We gave up waiting and he fucked his load into me and I then sat on his cock and jerked a load all over his chest. I just opend the door to leave and the dude was there. One thing lead to another and I was back naked as they both took turns fucking me. Then I was possitioned and they both pushed their bare cocks into me at the same time. Cuban was not well versed on how to do this so it didn't last long, but was still hot. They both got off in my ass and we called it a night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

grey morning

So its 9 in the morning and I'm out of smokes, So I walk to the gas station to get some. The block before it I pass a skinny black dude pacing on his porce talking on his cell phone. He had on a wife beater and some grey sweats that were worn down mid thigh area over his plan white boxers clearly showing a big cock hanging down. He totaly caught me watching his package and not his face. I didn't care. Walking back As I passed he said something. I stopped and he asked why I was eyeing his boys's bike (wich was parked in front) I told him I wasn't. He smiled and cupped his crotch. I just stared at his crotch and licked my lips. He asked me for a smoke and I opened the pack to give him one. He patted himself down looking for a light. Saying he needed a light he steped to the door and opened it motioning with his head to come. I steped in and he flopped out his cock asking me if this what I wanted. I got down on my knees right there and started to work his uncut cock. His crotch had a funk to it and his balls were tight and kinda small. But his cock thickend out nice to about 8.5" with a slight downward curve. I worked his cock for about 5 mins till he unexpectedly came in my mouth. His cum was really thick and had a slight bitter tast. I swollowed it and got up. I stepped for the door and he cupped my ass tellign me he could use some white ass sometime. I went out as he told me to look for him again.

Monday, May 23, 2005

long time

Its been a while since I have posted some updates but don't worrie, I'm still getting plenty of cum. Lately it seems a lot of black guys want to breed me. Just in the past 2 days I had 7 diff black guys fuck their cum into my ass. One of them is becuming quite the regular. A hot 28yo Military boy with an 8" beer can thick cock. He loves it when I have a load or 2 in me first so he can alternate between eating my cum dripping hole and fucking me. Also met up with this 56yo muscle bear daddy. His cock is just as thick as the military boys, but peirced. He's injected his seed into me a few time now

Tuesday, May 10, 2005