Sunday, December 24, 2006

Strangers with presents

Stopped at my fav bookstore mid morning yesterday. I don't think I've ever been there at 10am, but I was horny and figured why not. There was only one booth occupied so I went to the one on the other side and looked though the pin hole to see who it might be. I couldn't see much, just the waist of someone who was jacking off but due to the angle couldn't see anything. I peered through every now and then while watching my own vid. When I glanced through the last time the dude was turning directly twards the pin hole stroking a decent uncut cock then really thick globs of cum oozed out of his cock and dripped off his cock head. I watched till he finished and zipped up and left. I quickly went into the booth he was in and found a nice big puddle of cum he left. I dropped by jeans and scooped up as much of it as I could and fingered it into my ass then used what was left as lube to jack my dick some.

I hung out for about 10 mins and a 40ish average blk guy came in and went into a booth leaving the door open. He was just standing there watching the video when I went in. He quickly pulled out his cock that was already hard. It was probibly 7.5 and had a slight curve to it. I went down on him almost gaging at first because he crotch had a major funk to it. I didn't suck him long till I stood up and dropped my jeans with my ass twards him. He imediatly cupped my ass and I pushed back. He started slapping his cock agains my ass cheek so I took my jeans off and got on all 4's. He lined up his cock and pushed it into me, thankfully my hole was still lubed up from the other guys cum. He fucked me for a bit then paused to switch video's, then started to fuck me fast and hard for about 5 mins before he swore under his breath and came inside me. He just zipped up his pants and left and I closed the door behind him, watched the rest of the video and got dressed.

A couple booths were occupied when I came out, and another decent looking guy came in and locked himself in a booth. I was getting tired of wating and was thinking about leaving when a 30ish supper skinny geeky guy came in with receiding blondish hair and a redish goatee and wire rim glass's. He went into a booth and locked it and watched a video. I was just about to go into a booth a drop some coins when he came out, so I left my door ajar. He glanced in as he walked by, so I dropped my jeans showing a side view of my cock and ass. He walked by again and looked and stopped. He stood back and watched while glancing left and right. I took off my jeans and shirt and put some more coins in. He watched longer till I nodded with my head for him to come in. He waited a bit then came in and locked the door behind him. He stared rubbing my chest and feeling my body all over. I reached over and rubbed a very large bulge in his jeans while he seemed infactuated with my chest. I finally got his belt undone and started to pull down his jeans. He asked me if it was safe here. I just told him, I'm naked arn't I? He kinda laughed and unbottoned his shirt showing a mostly smooth concaved thin pasty white chest. He pushed his jeans down leaving a pair of Hanes boxer briefs on showing a large bulge that curved down under his balls. He kept going back to my chest, feeling it and nibbleing on of my nipples. I finally got a hand under his waist band and worked his boxers down some. He stood back and pushed them down to his ankles. When he stood back up I was in awe. His cock was probibly 9"cut, with thick veins snaking over it with a very large cock head that was light pink. I grasped it in my hand and was unable to put my fingers around it compleatly. He had a sparce redish bush with medium sized balls that where tight in a smoothish sack. He seemed a bit embarassed and ashamed of his body and grossly large cock. I took the lead and went down on him, only able to take a few inches, so I used my hand also work work him over. He really enjoyed it moaning softly and I could taste precum leaking from his big head. I got up after a bit and he went down on me. He was not very skilled and I had a hard time trying to stay hard. He came back up and went back to my chest. I asked him what he was into and he just shrugged, so I said, do you want to fuck. He kinda laughed and asked if I had a condom wich I said I didn't. I then said did you want to fuck me? He looked down and said most don't want to try. I told him I was game, and went back down on his cock while working a couple fingers into my ass to loosen myself up. I finally stood up and quickly got on all 4's using the footstool, and looked back. He asked me if I was sure. I just said go slow till I used to it. Then with no talk of a condom he pushed his cock head into me. I winced with pain and asked him to hang on a sec while I took some deep breaths. He pushed in a couple more inches and I was streached out big time and in some major pain. I asked him to pull out a sec, and I applied more spit to my ass, letting it relax a bit before streaching again. When he entered me again, it was much better. He slowly worked his whole cock into me, causing some discomfort deep inside me, but it felt great. He worked up some speed then leaned in onto my back and started to rub my chest again. After only a few mins he told me he was close. I told him it was ok if he wanted to cum in me. As soon as I said that he started swearing and huffing, and I felt a warm sensation deep inside me as he released his seed. He collaped on my back again catching his breath while his cock pulsed a bit then started to deflate. We straighted up and started to get dressed. He told me that was the best fuck he has ever had. I told thanks, we should do it again sometime. I seemed shocked that I was game, and I told him my email address because its very easy to remember. He gave my chest one more rub then left, and I exited the booth a few mins later and headed out.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Tue Afternoon

I was hanging out shortly after noon, and got online to see what was out there. I got hit on by a 42yo semi muscular latino guy with a nice 7.5" uc cock who wanted a quickie. 15 mins later I was naked, blindfolded and on all 4 with the door open. Right on time he came in played with my ass a bit then mounted me. His uncut cock felt great gliding in and out of me until he shot his load as far as he could inside me. After he left I got back online and had a message from a 23yo blk dude looking to get sucked off at my GH. He came over and pushed his respectable 7" cock through the gh and worked him over for about 10mins before he fed me his load. It had a pretty bad after tast but the volume of cum he fed me made up for it, it was quite impressive.

I had to run an errand so I stopped at the bookstore. And average hight and build 30ish guy with shoulder length blondish brown hair stepped into my booth. We played around a bit. His cock was 7" or so a little on the thin side sticking out of a thick mangle of a bush. One thing led to another and soon he was working his cock into me. He fucked me for about 5 mins till I could tell he was close to cumming. He started to try to pull out but I reached back and held him in me, and he let out a low sigh and came in me. After he left I checked things out, not much was going on, till a dude left a booth. I went to the booth to see if he left his load on the bench or something and found a skinny little latino dude naked except for a baseball hat crouched in the corner. He was maybe 5'2" and 100lb with a tiny waist that could have been 27" or so. He's dick was soft and uncut and I could tell it wasn't big when hard , but his smooth little body was hot to look at. I stepped in and I could tell he was either tweeking or stoned. His eye lit up when I pulled my cock out. He tried to suck me but was not good at it at all. I worked my cock totally hard and had him get on all 4's using the footstool. I got down and ate out his smooth little ass and could tell someone else was there before me. I pushed out some of the cum out of my own ass and coated my shaft before I pushed my bare cock into him. He was pretty loose and had no problem taking it until I was about 3/4's in then I could tell the length was giving him some discomfort but he didn't stop me. I fucked him for a bit, his hole was too loose for me to really enjoy, but looking down and seeing his tiny ass streached around my cock with the cum on my shaft and whoevers was already inside him kinda oozing out while I fucked him worked for me. The last 5 or so thrust I banged into him as deep as I could causing him to gasp each time cus I wanted to make sure my load was up inside him as far as I could leave it. I pulled my pants on and he sat back down on the bench still naked, and I left leaving the door wide open.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gender fucked

I was running an erand in a part of town I'm not normaly in, and came across a bookstore that I havn't been to in a long long time. With some time to kill, I figured I'd stop in. The place was pretty dead. Of the 6 booths 2 were occupied. The 1st one was locked, the 2nd one wasn't. So I peered in. There stood a guy in his late 50's early 60's, decent build, compleatly naked except for a white garder belt and thigh high stockings. It kinda of threw me back, he was compleatly shaved from neck down and had quite the large uncut cock that was sticking straight out as he was tweeking both his nipples. I pushed the door back closed a bit and debated what I wanted to do. My guess is he was a big old bottom that just wanted to suck me off. However my options were limited at the moment, and he did have quite the impressive peice. What the hell. I stepped into the booth. I grabbed his cock and stroked him while he alternated between watching me and the video, and went back to tweeking both his nipples. I got down on and started to suck him off. His cock was close to 9" and quite thick. He was uncut but did not have alot of extra skin, but definatly uncut, and a really nice set of balls. I quickly stood up and took off my jeans and layed them next to his neatly folded cloths on the bench and went back down on him. While bobbing up and down on his cock, I worked up enough spit to lube up my ass and streatch it out some. Finally when I was ready and his cock coated with spit also, I quickly stood up, turned around and guided his cock to my ass. He staggerd back at bit till he was half leaning against the wall for support. That seemed to help, becuase I felt my hole open up and him slowly glide into me. About halfway down, I was tempted to pull off because I was not quite streached enough for the thickness of his cock. I just paused and tryed as hard as I could to relax. His cock started to slide more into me and he seemed to take over and started to buck up against me. Never really having the whole length of his cock in me for long, he was doing short thrusts of only a couple inches. I really wanted to feel the whole thing slide in and out but wasn't complaining. Bent over holding myself up with one arm, I started jerking myself off. His cock felt so good, I knew I wouldn't last long if I kept jerking myself off but couldnt' help it. A few mins later I started to shoot my load all over the floor. Just as the last spurt of my cum left me, his legs started to shake, and he grunted 3 times while continuing his short thrusts. Once he stopped thrusting, I slowly pulled off his cock, even though his leggs were still shaking. I turned and grabbed my jeans and pulled them on. He was still leaning against the wall, eyes closed, still tweeking both his nipples, and his still hard cock, framed by the garder belt, was still sticking straight out, and a thick droplet of cum was stringing from the tip. I was tempted to go down and lick it up, but I know most uncut guys get very sensitive after they cum. So I left him like that, and pushed the door closed behind me and headed out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back

After falling compleatly for a man who stole my heart, only to have it crushed for unknown reasons.... I'm back. Its taken a bit of time for me to get back into the grove, so forgive me.

I stopped at the local bookstore. As soon as I went into a booth, and tall thin asian mix guy stepped up behind me and started playing with my ass. I quickly took off my shorts and using the footstool got on all 4's. He had a nice 7.5" cock that was thicker twards the head then the base so it felt good going in and out. He worked my ass for quite a while till I finally told him it was ok if he came. He banged me hard then pumped his load into me. As he was getting dressed he saw my cock and told me next time maybe I could fuck him. We'll see, he was kinda hot.

A stocky blk guy came in and went into the booth I just left, and left the door ajar. I stood near and waited a bit before opening and seeing him sitting with his average looking cock sticking out of his pants. I stepped in and went down on him. It seemed thats all he wanted and was getting into it. I paused and stook up to drop my shorts after a while. He stood while we both jacked our cocks. His cock was close to 7" and got progressivly thicker twards the base. He cupped my ass and found my hole wet and soon spun me around. I got on all 4's again and he worked his bare cock into me. He was much thicker then I thought and took some quick relaxing, but soon was getting into having him and me. He fucked me for about 5 min till he slammed up into me and came. He quickly pulled up his pants and left, leaving me to put my shorts on while I pulled the door closed behind him.

A young latino with a decent build came in wearing a wife beater. He went into the same booth I was just in. I couldn't tell if the door was unlocked or not. I waited a bit then tried. It was open and he was just standing there. I figured why not, and stepped in. I pulled my cock out and as he watched my cock get hard he pulled his out of his fly. His cock was 6" or so, but amazingly thick. I dropped my shorts and took them off. He commented on how big my cock was but wasn't sure about playing in the bookstore. I told him its pretty safe here, but he said he was military, and asked if I had a place to go. I said I might depends. He then asked what I wanted to do, and I said up to him. He said he wanted to fuck me. That helped make up my mind. I told him I had a roommate but he was at work for the next hour or so. We could go to my place but only if it was to fuck. He agreed, and we met up outside. He followed me on my way home till I made a turn, and he seemed to linger back a bit, and missed the green light. I pulled over and waited but knew he was having second thoughts. He never came around the corner, and after waiting 2 light changes. I just headed home.