Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Theater sex

Hooked up with the skinny little blk dude from last month again. Been chatting and finally had our timing was right. He only had time for a quick fuck on his way to meet friends at the movies. I greeted him at the door naked, and was sucking him with his jeans down around his knees just inside the door. Ended up on my knees on the couch as he stood behind me and fucked me for about 5mins till he came. I could defiantly feel him shoot in me. He said he hasn't cum in over 5 days.

Went to the bookstore, and opted for the theater. I was kind of in the mood for some exhibition and random cock and cum. There were a hand full of guys and a couple playing in the corner. I sat tward the end of the row and proceeded to get naked and stuffed my shirt and sweats under the seat. I crouched down and put my legs up on the chair in front of me and started jerking off and fingering my ass. An average looking older guy with a gray goatee wearing a baseball hat came up and watched then started to play with my ass. He pulled out a pretty thick 7" cock and soon worked himself between my legs, got on his knees and pushed his cock into me. An average looking asian came over and jerked his small uncut cock while he watched me getting fucked. The older guy started tweaking my nipples while fucking me. A 30 something slightly stocky guy came up to my other side and had me work over his completely shaved 7.5uc cock. He was dripping precum and it tasted great. I think that go the older guy off and he started to thrust faster and then moaned and started to pull out. I quickly grabbed his hips and pulled him back into me deep, he thrust a couple more times then came in me. That did it for the asian he came all over my chest. The older guy worked his way out of the group while zipping up his jeans. The 30s guy worked a finger in my ass and leaned in and asked if he could cum in me also. I stood up and bent over with my legs bent, holding myself up with the row of seats on either side. He entered me and reached down and rubbed the asians dudes cum all over my chest. An older trollish guy came over and kept trying to get at my cock and I kept deflecting his moves. He finally got the hint and just watched. The 30s guy fucked me for a bit longer then held my hips down and I could tell he was shooting. A tall thin guy came over and watched, but moved on after the 30's guy pulled out of me and pulled his pants up. I sat back down and rested a bit. The tall thin guy kept looking over from his seat, and I could tell he was jacking himself. I glanced back now and then, then finally got up and walked the 4 rows up to see what he was up to, leaving my cloths still stashed under my seat. The guy was probably in his early 40's, with a thin average build, and had a torpedo shaped 8" cock sticking straight up out of his open jeans. I sat next to him, jerked him some then bent over the seat and sucked him. He motioned me to go down to the end of the aisle by the wall where it was dark. He came up behind me and easily pushed his cock into me. My ass ground against his unbuttoned and unzipped jeans, and his cock hit in me deep. It actually hurt because his cock was so rock hard. I bent over more to let him do his thing, trying to keep my ass as tight around him as possible, but still some cum dripped out of me and splattered on the floor. His pounding was brutal, and it hurt. Most guys cocks are not that rock hard, with no give. I started to hope he would cum soon but determined to stick it out. I was working up a sweat even though I was totally naked. Finally, after 15min or so, he relaxed his grip on my hips and came in me as deep as he could. He pulled out, patted my ass and walked away. I walked back on shaky legs back to my seat, thankful my cloths were still there, but a pudgy older guy was 2 seats away now. I pulled on my cloths, even though I really wanted to sit and relax a bit. Pudgy guy was just a bit too creepy to be that close to. I decided to leave. Just as I was walking out the door, a super hot black guy came in and looked me up and down. I watched him head over twards the lubes, toys and mags. If he want twards the peeps or to pay for the theater, I would have stuck around even though my ass was a bit sore already.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Behind the door

Thurs night I went out and met friends for drinks, but before heading out my snuggle bud text'd if he could sleep over, I told him the door would be unlocked cus I wasn't sure when I'd be back. I got home around 1:30, slightly buzzed and horny. My snuggle bud was in my bed sleeping already, so I got online. With in minutes a 47yo 6'4" 170lb black guy hit me up wanting to get off quick using my GH. We set up everything and I quickly jumped in the shower and set up my GH, and closed the door to my bedroom. The dude showed up on time and a nice cut black cock came through the hole. I worked it over till it reached a good 9", though his balls were small and tight to his body. I blew him for a while and got him nicely coated with spit, then backed up to the hole. He glided his cock into my ass nicely and started a nice thrusting motion. I heard a noise I thought came from the bedroom and was a bit worried, my snuggle bud, who has been known to get up and piss in the middle of the night. It might have been awkward if he walked into the hallway to find me naked and backed up to a gloryhole partition, and some big black bare cock going in and out of me. Thankfully the door never opened, and the black dude started short thrusting and let out a low moan as he came up inside me. I slide off his cock after he slowed down his trusts and sucked the remaining cum off his cock. He flipped up his sweats and left. I was tired by then and crawled into bed with my ass still sloppy and full of the black dudes cum, and snuggle up with my bud with my semi hard on pressing up against him and drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In a near by town that I was going to be out working at, I replied to a posting of a guy who had an outdoor gloryhole. I was intreaged so I sent him a message. We set up a time, not exchanging pix, just basic stats. He said he was 36, 6' with 7.5". I showed up and went to the fenced gate between the 2 garages and rang a wireless door bell that was nailed to the fence, as requested, and went in. Inside the gate there was a walkway, and at the end of the garages was another fenced wall with a GH cut out next to another gate. I heard noise, then a finger poke through the hole. So I unzipped and flopped my cock through it. The hole was a bit low for me, but not bad, and not quite big enough to fit my balls through. The dude sucked me till I got nice and hard then I pulled out and he slide his cock through. His cock was pretty much 7.5, nice thickness with light blondish red hair around it. We took turns sucking each other for a couple mins each. I proceeded to get naked, and I'm pretty sure he was also. After a few more turns sucking each other he asked me to turn around so I backed my ass up to the hole. He fingered my ass some then I felt his cock head pushing up into me. I reached back with some spit to lube up a bit and then his cock slide up into me. It was pretty awkward to be crouched down with nothing to support myself, but the guy didn't last long. He told me he was gona cum, and I kept my ass up against the hole, so he kept fucking. He finally stopped thrusting and I slowly pulled off his cock. His cock was still hard, so I grasped it with one hand and jacked off, quickly shooting my load onto his cock. I then turned and backed up onto it, having some of my own cum get fucked into me also. He thrust a few times then pulled out. I pulled on my cloths and left. Too bad he's a bit too far away, otherwise I'd do that more often. It was a big turn on to be naked, outside, and having a stranger fucking me through a hole in a fence.