Tuesday, August 23, 2005

yesterday to today

I surfed the net for a while but not much going on so desided to check the bookstore. There was just an average looking early 30s latin guy by the booths. I went into a booth and dropped my shorts. He came in an bent me over pushing his average to small bare cock into me and fucked me till I felt a huge load of cum flood me. He must have been saving up for me feel it and know it was a massive load. He left and after the video stopped I stepped out to find a blk dude with black dress pants and a stripped shirt leaning against the wall. He saw me and started to rub his crotch. I went back into the booth and he followed rubbing my ass. I proceeded to take my shorts compleatly off and by the time I was bent over he was slapping what felt like an 8" cock against my ass. He slide into my cum slicked hole and fucked me with long deap thrusts. I think he got off on seeing his blk shaft slide in and out off me coated with the latin dudes cum. He finally thrust as far into me as he could and added his seed to me also. After he caught his breath he pulled out of me and I quickly turned around and went down on him. His shaft was about 8.5" cut with nice thickness, and it was coated with frothy white cum. I tried to get as much as I could but he was pretty sensitive, so I cleaned up his cum dripping balls. He cleaned up and thanked me as he left the booth. There wasn't much going on, so I left. After hanging with friends, I started craving cum again, so I headed home to find some. AUG hit me up to use my GH. He fed me his 7.5 cock and tasty load, then when he got home he sent his roommate over. Oddly his cock was almost the same as AUG but trimmed more and with a cock ring. He seemed to want it to last. I started to get tired but pulled one last trick on him and he shot with force a nice sized load that tasted very very bitter. AJ hit me up. He lives a few blocks away, 29 6'5" skinny smooth guy with an average cock. I got in position on all 4's and blindfolded and he came over and pumped a 3 day load into me. I was about to call it quits for the night when Asain hit me up. Its been a while since he's used my GH. 10min later I was working on his 6.5uc cock. His meat tasted so good I was rock hard the whole time servicing him. He finally shot, and I love the way I can feel his cockshaft spurt as he nails the back of my mouth with his tasty cum. He let me work on his still semi hard cock, tasting his foreskin till I splattered my side of the GH with myown load.

Woke up Horny as hell today. Got on line and was hit up by a bunch of guys. Cruis stopped by after I got out of the shower and pumped a quick load into me out of his 28yo 8" cock. Nath hit me up for his regular use of my GH. I sucked him hard then backed up onto his shaft and he spurted inside me. He's still one of my favs. 3 to 4 loads of cum from him a week, and I have no idea what he looks like. Have a couple other guys interested in giving me thier cum over lunch time. its 10:30am and there seems to be a lul in the action.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Connected with a hot compact muscle stud I've seen out and about before. His claimed 9" cock was more like 8" but on his body it looked easily 9". He knew it also when I pulled out my 8.5 and it was bigger then his "9". We played around, he was very passionate as he fucked me in a few possition, till we ended up kneeling on the bed faceing each other. I shot my load high on his chest, and he came all over my cock. The 25yo with big arms hit him up for a quick fuck before heading to bed, I said sure just as a 24yo asain mix hit me up to fuck also. Asain wanted to watch, but since I couldn't reach big arms, I set it up for him to come after. Big arms came over to find me blindfolded and on all 4's. He mounted me with his 6.5" cock and ponded away. He is slowling getting better, each time we fuck is better and better. I could tell he was getting close, when we heard the front door open. Just as asian entered my room big arms collapsed on top of me as he flooded my ass with is cum. Asain quickly mounted me with his 6" cock. Based on feel, asain had an amasing body, big arms, 6 pack and tiny waist. He added his load to my ass also, and cleaned up telling me that was hot. I picked up my laptop and read the first message, it was from asain asking me about this guy. I heard the door open and figured asain forgot something. Asain came into my room and told me to turn off the light and get in position just as I heard the front door open again. Some guy with a 7.5" cock or so entered me and fuck his cum into me while asain watched. They both left quickly. I replied back to a waiting message from some blk guy showing an 8" cock. He said he would be over in 15 mins. 15min came and went and I was chatting to a 31yo skinny little blk dude who lives a couple blocks away and fucks me sometimes. He said he would be over in 10 min. So I go in position, 10min later I heard the door open and soon felt a very thick cock push into me. Once it was balls deep in me I relized it was the no show blk guy. He was banging away at my ass when we heard the door open. Neighbor started lapping up the cum that was dripping out of my ass while no show was sliding his shaft in and out of me. They took turns fucking me for a while till neighbor got up on top of me and started banging away. Some how no show was able to work it so his cock was pushing at my ass also, and was able to work it in. It didn't last long till neighbor released his seed into me. After he pulled out, no show got up deep inside me and planted his in me also. The both left and my double fucked multi cum loaded hole was a sloppy mess. I played with my ass while I jerked another load out of my balls, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


For almost 3 weeks now I have a regular who comes to my GH. Practicly everyother day. I have no idea what he looks like other then a profile that says he's 32 and 6 ft tall. His cock is perfect thickness and close to 8" with a slight curve up. He always shoots his load in less then 10 mins, and becoming one of my favorites. Love that he is not looking for sex, but looking to get off. And he likes it that I take his load, either swollow it or by backing to the GH and letting him cum in my ass. Nothing fuck'n hotter then having the seed of a total stranger inside my body.