Thursday, January 31, 2008

latin day

I had a meeting in the afternoon so had the morning off. I did a bunch of stuff around my place then showered then next thing I knew I was online killing time. I came across this really hot latino guy, 25, 180lb muscles with a trimmed chest hair stating 8"uc. We started chatting and he said he was looking for some hot safe fun. I told him I prefer it bare when it comes to fucking. His reply... I'll top bare but not bottom. I told him thats fine with me if he wants to fuck me. He gave me his address and 15 min later I was at his apt. He met me at the door and let me in wearing gym shorts and a tshirt. It looked like he just moved in and only had a couch and a computer desk in the front room. As he closed the door he pulled off his shirt, so I got undressed also. He had a great body, with trimmed hair all the way down to his long uncut cock. He had me go down and suck him. His cock got rock hard with a slight curve to the side, it wasn't very thick but defiantly 8". I stood and he sat on the couch and suck me. He wasn't very good but I did get pretty hard. He then got up and go this bag full of stuff and pulled out a little blister back of lube and squirted a line of it onto his cock and had me got on all 4's on the couch facing the wall. He eased into me and started to fuck. Laying on top of me and rubbing my chest and tugging on my cock as he thrust. He knew how to fuck at least, and had some passion to it. We both got a little cramped from that position and he sat down, and I squatted over him lowering myself onto his cock. I enjoyed feeling his muscular chest as we moaned and fucked. Finally I couldn't take it my hard cock was slapping on his abs dripping precum and I told him I was close. So I jerked my cock and shot a load all over his pecs. I think he was waiting for me to cum cus a moment later he held onto my hips and moaned as he came. It was a little awkward afterwards, he got up and went into another room and I heard the shower start. Not sure what was up, I figured I better dress. A min or 2 later he came walking out still naked and the shower still running. I almost kicked myself for being dressed so I could shower with him. Instead I we hugged and said thanks and he shut the door behind me.

After my meeting I headed home and by 5 I found myself online again poking around. This tiny little latino was online. We have chatted online before, and he even saw me out at a bar once and came over and said hi. Even though he is really 31, he looks all of 18. 5'4" 120lb skinny smooth, with a nice uc cock but hard to tell how big it was based on the picture - a little cutie! We started chatting and he quickly said, wana fuck? He had head to class but could stop by on his way and fuck. I said sure!!! He lived pretty close and said he could be over in 5-10min. I gave him my address and he logged off. I quickly checked to make sure I was clean, and waited for him. He showed up and we quickly went into my bed room and got naked. He was a grower! I went down on him and his little uncut cock thickened out and pointed straight out with nice low hanging balls. This little fucker was close to my size in the dick department. He took his turn and knelt as I sat on the edge of the bed. Damn could he suck, one of the few I'm met who could take it all and work it so I stayed hard and was bringing me close. He lifted my legs and started to eat out my ass. This little fucker was amazing at every thing he did. Even though his profile stated safe, he stood and with no lube or spit, just my eaten out ass, he pressed his bare cock up into me. I thought I died and went to heaven. He threw an amazing fuck then had me turn over so I was on all 4's. He grabbed the lube and started to finger me with 2, then 3 then 4. I was thinking he wanted to loosen me up cus he liked a looser ass. He mounted me again an fucked for a bit then went back to my ass. This little fucker was trying to put his fist in me. And I was actually gona let him. With more lube and alternating attempting to fist me and fucking me I was beside myself. He never got his full fist in me, because we ran out of time and he had to head to class, but I couldn't take it anymore and shot a huge load all over his smooth chest. He asked to use my shower quick, and I got it going for him then got a towel for him. When he stepped out his semi hard uncut cock was so hot on his tiny body. His ass was a little flat but it was so small and smooth I wanted to put my face in it. I felt bad he didn't cum, but he said he will make up for it next time when we have more time. I probably lite up like a christmas tree when he said that. I want to fuck him more and even try to take his fist. He gave me a kiss and a hug as I closed the door behind him. Holy fuck what a hot little stud.

An hour later I was watching the news and ass eater text me asking if he could come over and eat my ass and give me a load. Sure but I didn't have any cum in me I told him. He said he'll eat his own and can be over in 20min. I was naked and on all 4's like usual for him. He quickly got naked and went down on my ass, eating it out, then stood and rammed his bare cock into me. He was worked up and banged me hard till he shot a load 5 mins later, then quickly went down and ate his load out of me. Next thing I knew I was on my back as he eased his cock into me again. This time we got into each other moaning, clawing at each other and even kissing. I flicked his nipples and he told me he was gona shoot again. Sure enough he gave me another load. He kept his cock in me still hard as we kissed and just enjoyed feeling each others bodies against each other. He was getting uncomfortable in the position so started to pull back but I stayed with him keeping his cock in me. I positioned it so he laid down and I was now on top of him, never taking his still hard cock out of me. I rode him and he rubbed my chest and watched. I somehow was able to cum again and shot a smallish load onto his chest. I then got up off his cock and crouched over his face as he tounged my ass a bit. Finally we both collapsed on the bed next to each other for quite a while not saying anything. He got up and started getting dressed and we chatted a bit. I pulled on some sweats and walked him to the door.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

at least I had fun

I was chatting with ass eater and told him I had yesterday off. He had to work till 3, but we set up a deal, I was to take as many loads as I could, and at 3 he'll eat them out and fuck me also. So I took care of every thing I needed to do in the morning and by noon I was showered and ready to take any an all that wanted to cum in me.

First one was the muscle tattoo guy. Its been a month or so since he has used my GH because he has a BF now, but he and wanted to stop by on his lunch break to drop a load. I set it up and he came over. While sucking his nice thick cock, I could tell he let himself go a bit now that he has a BF and was working on a little gut. But his cock and balls were the same. I worked him good and hard and almost thought he was gona cum while sucking him, so I quickly turned and his big cock head popped up into me. He fucked away for a couple mins till he moaned and filled me with the first load of the day.

Back online the chubby blk guy who has fucked me a few times now in the past week or so asked if I wanted a load. I sure did! 10 mins later I was naked and on all 4's and he came in dropped his pants like usual, and mounted me. He's throwing a better and better fuck each time. He knows how to work his 7.5 so it feels alot longer, getting pretty deep inside me. Then he switched to his short jabs with his gut resting on my ass, which I now know is an indication he is close to cuming. Then he leaned into me pretty hard and exhaled as his cock spewed cum up into me. He slowly pulled out, and quietly got dressed and left.

Next I found myself chatting with this 27yo dark haired jock. Pretty attractive but only said he had 8" but no pic of it. I told him I didn't have much time but if he wanted I could do a quick fuck and go type. He said that would work. So 15 mins later I was naked and on all 4's again. He came in and just undid his jeans pushed his cock into me with no spit or anything. It surprised me a bit. He noticed and asked if I wanted lube. I just said nah, I'm good, since he didn't I had cum already in me. His cock felt more like 6" but it was another bare cock in me. 5 mins later he was leaning on my back and bit into my shoulder as he added his seed to the mix. He quickly got dressed and left, and I never really looked back at him.

There was a little lul in action and I got a message from the 27yo saying thanks and how hot my ass is. He then said he wants to do it again sometime but wants to get naked so he can feel my body against his. I said sure, sounds good. Then the queeny guy that fucked me through my GH came online and hit me up right away. Asking if my GH was up and if I was looking. He maybe a queeny nasty thing but has a nice cock and wanted to cum in me so we set it up. He came over and I sucked him hard, then turned around and guided his cock up into me. I felt some cum ooze out of me as he thrust in and out of me so I tried as hard as I could to clamp down to keep it all in me. That extra pressure sent him over the edge and he exclaimed over the GH, here it cums! and pumped yet more sperm up into me. I reached back and slowly slid off his cock while milking it with my hand to get all of it up into me, then turned and sucked his cum coated shaft clean till he stepped back, pulled up his jeans and left.

It was now a little after 2 so I text ass eater that I had 4 going for 5. He replied that he will be over just after 3 and keep them in me for him. I got back online on the quest for one more quick load. Not much was happening. I started talking to this 24yo cutie who wanted to fuck, but I wasn't getting the right vibe from him. It became more like sex talk, and I had a feeling he was jacking off as we were chatting back and forth. Then out of the blue he was gone. Oh well.

I then got a text from ass eater. He had to work till 4:30 now and was pissed. I told him to try and text me when he gets out but no promises cus I was getting pretty full and my hole was starting to get sore. I tried to look for one last cock to cum in me but there was nothing. Finally I gave up, laid down a mirror on the bathroom floor and crouched over it and pushed a dildo up into me and watched as all the fuck oozed out of me and around the dildo, scooping some up to coat my own shaft as I jacked off, then pulled the dildo out and shot a massive load all over it then quickly pushed it back up inside of me while I licked up the puddles of cum that were on the mirror.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

fill n feed

I busted out of work early and was home by 3, after a quick shower I thought I'd hop online and check things out. The fat uc 8" 40yo latino was online! I haven't seen him since he fucked me. He even messaged me first wondering if I was looking and that he had 6 days worth to release. I was more then willing to take it and we set it up for him to come by.

He was 10 mins late but it was ok, he was late last time so I wasn't worried. He came in to me naked and on all 4's, played with my ass come then pushed his jeans down and slapped my ass with that meaty uc cock. He put some lube on my hole then pushed his semi hard cock into me. It was still spongy so I could take it pretty easily considering the girth of his cock. He fucked me for a while then pulled out and fingered my ass some while jacking his cock trying to get it hard. I turned and knelt down and started to suck him trying to get him hard. I savored the brown forskin that easily covered his thick cock head, while holding his heavy meat up since it was still only spongy hard. I gave up after a while and laid back on the bed. He lifted my legs up and pushed his still spongy cock up into me. From this position I finally got to get a good look at him. Not as attractive as I first thought from last fucks quick glance. Had an older weathered look to him, and I don't know if he is color blind or what cus he was wearing some hideous! Long sleeve tshirt with a freaky pattern on it with a sweater vest on over it. I'm sure that didn't help him look that attractive, but he did have a pretty decent body, and that cock.... DAMN! He fucked me and I started to feel my hole stretch around his cock as it got hard, as it glided in and out of me through his foreskin. Then I felt the warm sensation of him cuming in me but he gave no indication or change of speed, just kept fucking, a min or 2 later I felt it again. He must have been oozing a TON of precum or something. A few more mins of this and he started to pant then I flet the hot lava of his cock flood into me. Jeeeesus! That was one hell of a load alright. He slowed then carefully pulled his deflating cock from me as I clamped down working all the cum out of him and into me. I quickly got down and sucked his cock, working the skin back I discovered with my tounge, he had a HUGE piss slit that I eagerly stuck my tounge into and worked any cum out of him with my fist. He wasn't very sensitive like most uc guy and seemed to enjoy me working over his chubby semi hard cock. I finally let him go and he pulled up his underwear and jeans, and headed out the door.

Back online the anon chubby blk guy who fucked me a few days ago hit me up asking if I was looking for a load. I informed him I got one in me and if he didn't mind sloppy seconds, sure. He replied I don't care, can be there in 5 mins. I said I'll be in position ready. 10 min later he came in and pushed his pants down, fingered my hole to find it slicked with cum and ready, then sank is bare cock into me. Again he rested his gut on my ass and short jabbed me, but it seemed like is cock was longer this time. He said 7.5 and last time it felt like that but he was getting into me pretty deep this time. He slapped my ass a couple times then pulled almost all the way out and groaned, probably cus he saw his blk shaft coated in creamy white cum. He started slamming me hard and fast then forced himself as deep as he could, holding on to my shoulders as he spewed his seed up into me also. He eased out and I laid down face first and he parted my cheeks and looked at my hole, he flicked a finger along my crack and then smeared a glob of cum on my lower back. He patted my ass, pulled up his pants and left. I still have no idea what he looks like.

I went back to my computer and saw my GH bud hit me up saying he only had time for a quickie and if I was available. I responded, sorry I was getting fucked, but I could take care of ya. He must have been still online cus he quickly replied, great, be there in 10 min. He is usually here in 5 mins so I quickly set up my GH and waited. Just for fun I text the latino mix kid / ass eater to see if he was around cus I just took 3 loads in 30 min if he wanted them. A min later he text back that he could be over in 25 min if thats ok. I said sure. 5 min later GH bud came in and pushed his soft cock though the GH. It took him a bit to get hard, but soon I was slobbering over his shaft, then I turned and backed up onto it. Like last time he banged up against the GH partion and fucked me fast and hard as I tried to keep my hole clamped down on him to keep the cum inside me. Only a few mins later he groaned and fired his cream into me also. I slowly pulled off him, careful to keep all the cum in me, then turned and sucked his cock clean, tasting a nice mix of cum that coated his shaft. He pulled back and quietly left.

I took down my GH, quick check my messages online then got in position with my door open. Right on time ass eater came in and got completely naked. He dove right into my crack, lapping then probing with his tounge. I opened up a bit and pushed some of the fuck out of me and he went wild eating it out. He backed up a bit and told me to push some more out, so I did. He went crazy and quickly lapped it up as the cum oozed down towards my balls. He then stood and pushed his own bare cock into me sinking it in all the way, telling me how hot and wet my hole was. I started getting into it and telling him, u like eating and fucking my used hole? yeah mix that cum up inside me... He pulled out and went down on my hole again as I pushed more spunk out as he exclaimed, oh fuck thats a lot of cum as he licked it up, then put his lips on my hole and sucked more of it out of me. He got up and quickly entered me and hammered for lest then a min as he was stying, yeah, u like getting fucked bareback don't ya, you want my seed inside you too... Then he swore and emptied his balls into me. He pulled out and quickly went back to my ass and told me to feed him his own cum. I pushed out and globs of cum went right into his mouth, then as I was still opened up he fingered my ass scooping any left over cum right into his mouth as it rested just above my balls. He finally stood and I knelt down and sucked his still pretty hard cock, enjoying that it was still slicked up with fuck goo, tasting the assorted seed that was inside me as he moaned telling me to clean the fuck off his cock. I jacked my cock then quickly stood and shot my load all over his shaft. I could tell he was temped to fuck me, but instead he leaned into me and have me a hug and kissed my neck telling me how hot that was. then pulled on his underwear with my cum still all over his cock. I told him I wasn't sure if he was free but thought I would text. He laughed and said after I read that, I made time and snuck out of work. I walked him to the door, and we said good by. 5 mins later I get a text from him... your so hot, thanks for sharing the cum with me. I smiled to myself, what a good little piggy boy, and text him back.... anytime!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

booth lunch

I had an hour an a half to kill on my lunch before a meeting and found myself driving by a bookstore. Its been a while since I've fucked in a bookstore so I stopped. There were a couple guy milling around, an older guy in a dress shirt and an average looking blk guy with braided hair. I walked though and saw a door ajar. I peeked in and saw a tall thinnish mid 40's guy in a button down shirt and black pants groping himself. He saw me and pulled down his zipper and groped some more. I kept looking till he fished out a nice veiny looking 7.5 uc cock that was hard and sticking straight out of his fly. I ducked into his booth and locked the door. I pushed my pants down to my ankles and we played with each others cock. He undid his shirt showing a tone but lightly hairy chest with some gray hair on it. He worked my shirt up over my head so I was pretty much naked. After licking my nipples a bit he asked me what I get into. I just shrugged. He asked if I fucked. I said yeah I like to get fucked. He asked me to turn around so I did, showing him my ass. He knelt down and started to tounge my crack so I bent over giving him access. He stood and rubbed his cock up and down my ass, then with some spit he coated his cock and entered me bare.

It suddenly seemed like I was geting fucked by a totally different person. He became very vocal, Saying stuff like, yeah take my cock, your ass feels so good.... pretty loud too, loud enough for anyone walking down the hall to easily hear. Shortly there was a pull on the door, and then again tugging rattling the latch like someone wanted to come in. At first I thought it might be a worker breaking it up, but again the door rattled. The dude fucking me paused and unlatched the door to peer out while his cock was all the way in me. I couldn't see much since I was bent over facing the screen but slowly the door opened and it looked like the blk guy was standing there. The dude fucking me started telling him how hot my ass was and that I loved getting fucked as he thrust slowly in and out of me. He pulled out of me and had me turn and and told me to suck his cock. I did as he motioned to the blk dude to fuck me. I felt a finger go into me and hear him pull his zipper down. He spit on his cock and stepped forward a bit and pushed what felt like a nice thick cock into me but not as long as the older guy. Older guy held my head on my cock and started talking again, saying isn't that good ass? yeah, take that blk cock... I was a bit surprised the blk guy didn't try to come into the cramped booth and close the door instead he stood half out in the hall covered by the door that was open as my naked ass was sticking out. He fucked me for a couple mins till he softly moaned not making it too obvious that he was about to come in me, but I felt it as he shot. He pulled out and stepped back a bit and older guy had me turn again and quickly slide up into me. I don't think he knew the blk guy came in me cus shortly after he started fucking me he told me he was close and asked me if he could cum in me. I said if you want. He groaned loud and bucked erratically and shot his load into me also. He calmed down and slowly pulled out as I stood, and found that the door was still open and the blk guy and some other pudgy older guy with glasses were standing at the door watching. I quickly pulled up my pants and threw my shirt on and walked out of the booth, and the older guy closed the door behind me saying thanks.

I wandered around and checked things out but there were only locked doors with the blk guy and pudgy guy trolling around. I started to head towards the door and the blk guy whispered to me as I walked by, that was hot. I headed out grabbed some fast food, and went back to work.

Monday, January 21, 2008

tired and used

I spend all day working from 8 to 8, so I was already tired but I told a couple friends I'd met them out later, so I forced myself to go to the gym so I was pumped up and looked good even though I felt like I just wanted to crawl into bed. I went out and it was ok, the music sucked and by 1am I was over it and ready to go home. I ran into the big shaved head blk guy who fucked me so hard I was sore for 2 days. He pretty much told me he will be fucking me again that night while he pushed his hand down the back of my jeans and worked a couple fingers up into my ass. I wasn't so sure since I was so tired. He went to get another drink and I said good bye to my friends and headed out the door.

Once home I got a call from the blk guy. He asked why I left and I said I was tired and needed to crash. He kept at it saying he wanted to get up in my fine white ass again. I finally gave in and 10 min later he was at my door. We went right into the bedroom where we got naked and I was reminded on how monstrous and ungodly thick his cock was. He put me on all 4's and ate my ass out for a while then spit on his cock and tried to work it up into me. After a couple attempts and some more spit, I was trying to be as relaxed as possible as he somehow got his beer can thick cock into me. Then he slowly pushed it farther into me. It kept going farther and further into me, I didn't think I'd ever reach his balls! I was face down wincing in a little pain and some discomfort of being so full of cock that by the time I go his whole cock into me I was slightly dazed. My hole was defiantly stretched around one massive blk dock. He fucked me for a bit this way then pulled out and had me lay on my back and legs up. He put my leg on his shoulders and I was amazed that he could get so rock hard and that I some how had that all the way inside my body. With more spit he sank into me again hitting new areas inside me while I thumbed his nipples. He didn't fuck in the position long, before he had me flip over and lay flat. He laid on top of me and and rubbed around till his cock found my hole and he popped it into me. He started slamming pretty hard and I was just a lifeless hole for him to use as my body bounced off the mattress meeting his thrusts. Finally he grabbed onto my shoulders and forced himself beyond deep causing me to gasp, and he moaned letting his sperm flow from his body into mine. He rested on top of me for a bit till it was hard for me to breath then he pulled his deflating meat from my body and stood up. I stood up and could feel my hole was gapping and stretched open, but no cum dripped out, probably cus he planted it so far inside me. I looked at his semi hard cock hanging between his legs still in awe that for one a man could have such a piece hanging between his legs and two that it was just up inside me.

Just like last time I walked with wobbled legs to the door and saw him out and locked the door. I climbed into bed and didn't even jack off, just turned off the light and fell asleep with is load deep inside me.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Creamy Desert

Was chatting to the latino mix guy who fucked me twice and ate loads out of me the other night. He was going to dinner and I told him if he wanted I could get a couple in me and he can eat them out of me for desert. He was all into that and said he would text me when done with dinner. So at 6:30 I started looking for loads. Not the best time to look for sex online but one came through. A short little 28yo muscle latino with 6.5uc wanted to fuck and asked if I took it bare. Bingo! He said he could be over in 10min on his way to the gym.

He came over in gym shorts and a hoodie, and we went right into the bedroom where he got naked, knelt down and started to suck my cock till he pushed me back onto the bed and lifted my legs and started to eat my ass. He had me move back a bit and lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and eased his 6.5" uc cock into my spit slicked hole. He licked my nipples and kissed me some as he thrust into me. He had a hot body and my hands roamed over his muscles and grabbed onto his meaty muscle latin ass as he arched his back as he deposited his load into me. He dismounted and got dressed to head to the gym and I walked him to the door.

I got back online and this 40yo out of shape blk guy wanted to fuck me. I told him I was just looking for a quick load fucked into me. He said he was game but needed 30min before he could be over. I said I'd be naked and in position. While waiting the blk fuck bud who has a BF and lives out a ways hit me up. He said he was gona be in my area and could stop by. I lied to him saying I'd text him cus I was gona grab a bite to eat, but would love to.

Out of shape blk guy came in to me naked and on all 4's. He went right down and started eating my ass out. I tried not to open up too much so I could keep the latino's load in me but he was tonging me deep. Finally he stood and mounted me. He had a 7.5" cock that curved to the side. He hammered a way and I felt him get really hard, then he took a break and rested inside me and I felt his cock soften, then he did it again. Finally I told him not to hold back and make it last cus I don't have that much time. He got the hint and jack rabbited my ass and started swearing really load as he came in me.. He got dressed and left, I wasn't into him at all, just wanted his cum.

I got a text from ass eater saying he could be over in 15mins. I text my Blk fuck bud and he said he was only 5 mins away. This will be fun, I'm not gona tell either one of them, and let them find out they will be tag teaming me. Blk fuck bud came in and got naked. I told him I have a surprise for him. He asked what, and I said just wait. We started to fuck and I was on my back and he stood at the edge of the bed fucking me when I hear the door open. I just smiled and he looked at me like he should stop. Ass eater came into the room and quickly got naked. I could tell my fuck bud was impressed with this guys build and cock. Then they proceeded to take turns fucking me each pushing their bare cock into me for a few mins then switching. After a few switched ass eater couldn't take it anymore and pumped his seed into me. As soon as he pulled out fuck bud moved right in moaning and saying how hot and wet my hole was. A min later he added his load to the mix in me. As soon as he pulled out ass eater who was still hard slid right into me and fucked me for a bit before pulling out and sinking to his knees and started eating my ass. Fuck bud climbed on top of me in 69, sucking my cock and watching as ass eater ate my hole out telling me to open up and feed him the cum. I pushed out all the fuck that was inside me and he ate it all. My fuck bud was going crazy watching this from his birds eye view. Finally when all the cum was eating out of me, ass eater stood and I sunk to my knees and sucked his still slimy cum coated cock and jacked my cock. Fuck bud quickly went down on me just as I filled his mouth with my load. Ass eater got dressed and said he had to run, and fuck bud and I chatted a bit. He said he normally isn't into latin guys but that guy was hot, and it was hot as hell fucking me just after he came in me, then to watch the cum ooze out of me as he ate it was too hot. He said he wanted to do that again. So I text ass eater if he was game to do it again, and he replied "HELL YEAH!!!" Fuck bud told me to text him next time we want to do it again and he'll do his best to get out of the house and join in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was working late last night and around 7:30 I got a text from the Blk military guy asking if 8:20 worked and he didn't have much time. Crap! I had to hustle and get things done if I was to be home by 8 to quick shower and be in position. I hit him back and said I'll text when I get him to confirm. I'm not sure how I did it but I was home by 8:05 and text him I would be ready. I showered and quick made my bed and was ass up at 8:20. 8:22 he came in and took off his sweat pants and with his cock hard already rammed it right up into me. Bam Bam Bam he went to town on my ass fucking me harder then he ever has before. 5mins later he moaned and I felt shot after shot of his cum spurt up into me. DAMN, I don't think he has cum since we last fucked! It was a huge load that never stopped spurting out of him giving me that warm sensation as his cum was injected into me. He rested briefly with his cock all the way in me before slowly pulling out. He pulled up his sweats and said he had to run but thanks he needed that, and headed out the door. I was amazed at how full I felt so I fingered my hole and found this massive super thick paste like cum inside me. I licked my fingers and it tasted so good I debated on pushing it out of me and eating it all, but then decided I needed it up farther inside me so I can absorb it and it can become part of me. I pulled out a large dildo and pushed the whole thing up into me working his seed deep inside me. I then pulled the dildo out and sucked it clean while I jacked off and shot a load all over my chest.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

monday morning races

I really wasn't planing on getting fucked but as I sat down and had my coffee I went through my messages and was hit up by some blk guy wanting a quick fuck. His stats meant he was kinda over weight, 30, 5'8, 190lb and 7.5"c. Being that I'm a sucker for blk cock and cum I gave in and said give me 15 to shower and I'll hit him back when ready. After I showered I went back to my computer and had a message from some other 30yo. 5'11" 165lb white guy showing only his 8" cock and looking for a quick fuck also. I told the blk guy I was ready and he said he would be over in 5-10mins. So I checked with the white guy and he said he could be over in 30 min. It worked but was cutting close on me making it to work on time but I said ok.

I was naked and ready. I waited, and blk guy was late. I started getting worried that if he did show up he might be in mid fuck when white guy showed up. Blk guy came in and pushed his jeans down and slapped his cock against my ass as I was crouched on all 4's at the edge of the bed. He pushed his semi hard cock up into me and started to thrust as his over hanging gut rested on my upper ass. His cock got hard inside me and actually felt like it was a pretty decent sized cock. I was starting to get into it and was enjoying letting this chubby blk guy that I still have yet to see fuck me bare. I would have liked it to last longer actually but he shot his load with in 5 mins up into me. Probably a good thing since the white guy was due here shortly. Blk guy pulled up his jeans and quietly left as I stayed in that position, never looking back. After I heard him leave, I glanced at the clock and white guy was due in 6 mins.

8 mins later white guy came in to me still in position. He didn't know I had just been fucked, and thankfully he slicked up with lubed instead of finding me already wet making it harder for him to realized he'd be sinking his cock up into some blk guys fresh load inside me. I don't think he was 8" but he had some good thickness as he pushed his bare cock up into me also. From what it felt like he had a nice body too, as it laid on top of me and bounced off my ass. With the lube he used and the fresh load, I was pretty slicked up, more then I like so I was loosing sensation, but he liked it, cus 5 mins later he moaned and released his sperm into me also. He pulled back and started playing with my cock that was now hard and hanging down along the edge of the mattress. He then slapped my cheeks and said he'd love to play more but he had to go. I heard him go into the bathroom and the water run, then the door close as he left, never seeing him either.

I got up and got ready for work and went to my computer to shut it down. There was a message from a guy who fucked me a good 6mo ago. This 37yo asian mix guy who lives only 3 blocks from me. He was looking to fuck. I told him I just got fucked and if he didn't mind sloppy seconds and fucking me with some other dudes cum in me I could stop by quick on my way to work like last time. He has a decent body but only maybe a 6" kind thin uc cock. But I've been craving uncut for the past few days. He said sure, door will be open and he'll be just inside hard and ready like last time. I closed down my computer and got my work stuff ready and noticed I only had 15 mins to get to work. Looks like I might be a little late.

I zipped over to his place, stepped inside to him standing there naked and stroking. I took off all my cloths and bent over the back of the couch. He pushed his bare cock into me and thrust fast and hard. My cock got rock hard. Even though there was little sensation, I was thinking as he fucked how hot it was that with in 30min I'll have the seed from a blk, white and asian guy inside me. Only a couple mins later, and he added his load to the mix inside me. This time I turned to suck his cock clean and he saw my hard cock and stepped back a bit in awe. I knelt down and savored his deflating uc cock and tasting all there cum that coated his shaft. I quickly stood, got dressed and walked out the door not saying a word.

Amazingly I made every light green and was parking my car with 1 min to spare. I spent all day enjoying the slightly full feeling off carrying around 3 loads inside me till late afternoon I couldn't take it anymore. I went into one of the small pvt bathrooms, took of my pants, and pushed the gooey fuck out of my hole into the palm of my hand, and coated it my shaft with it as I jacked off, and pumped out a huge load myself

Monday, January 14, 2008

2 doubles

The other night I wasn't in the mood to go out. I just got home from the gym and got online to mess around. Right away I was hit up by this 38yo 6pack stud saying he had 8" and was looking for a quick fuck and run. I said I could be naked and ready for him. 15 mins later he walked into my bed room took off his pants and rubbed his hardening cock up and down my crack. He spit on my hole and had me move so I was laying flat and laid on top of me rubbing his cock in my crack more till he pushed his cock up into me and thrust maybe 5 or 6 times. He rested a bit then rubbed his cock up and down my crack again, then got up and slapped my ass and said thanks. That was it? Did he even cum? I waited for him to leave before I got up and pushed a finger in me, sure enough there was some cum in me. That was an odd supper quick fuck!

I got back online and was talking to this 32yo blond jock who was in town visiting and staying at a hotel. Hot smooth body with 7" cock. He wanted to fuck on his way to go out dancing. He requested I wear a jockstrap and be naked and ready for him. It took a bit for him to figure out where I was and how to get to me, but soon was on his way. I started talking to this 27yo kind of muscular smooth dark latin guy that I've talked to every now and then but haven't fucked. We just chatted till I had to get in position. The blond came in to me on all 4's and immediately went down and started eating out my hole, telling me how good it tasted. He stood and rammed his 7" bare cock right up into me. He has one of those hard cocks that point upward, and it caught me off guard a bit. He started getting verbal telling me how hot my ass was and that he was gona breed me. He threw a pretty decent fuck, then warned me that he's gona blow. I just moaned as he spurted his seed into me. He slowly pulled out and I laid back down face first. He kind of got up and I figured he was leaving. He rubbed my cheeks again saying how hot my ass it then started to lick and kiss them. I moaned and spread my legs a bit and he went right in and started eating my hole out again, lapping up his own fuck. He didn't dig deep into my ass just licked at my just fucked hole. Next thing I knew he was on top of me again pushing his hard cock back up into me. He fucked for a bit and said shit your gona make me cum again then laid on top of me and shot a second load into me. He pulled out and licked my hole lightly again then said he should get his BF to come and they could both fuck me next time. He got dressed and left as I laid on the bed enjoying having a nice sloppy used hole.

I got back online to check messages and was gona log off for the night. I sent a message to the latino saying sorry for the delay in reply, I just got fucked and was gona log off unless he wanted to eat it out of me, half jokingly. He quickly replied, that actually he would love to eat it out of me. That surprised me a bit cus he seemed so clean cut. I said he could if he wanted to. He said he needed to shower cus he just got in from a 4 mile run. I replied no need a little sweat and musk dosn't hurt anything at all. So he said he could be over in 20 min.

I was naked and on all 4's when he came in. He dove right down onto my hole and ate it out like a mad man. I opened up my hole to he could get in deep and he moaned telling me how hot it tasted. He worked over my used cum filled hole for a good 15 min before he stood and pressed his bare cock at my gapping hole. His cock easily slide up into me and I clamped down and milked it. It felt like a pretty decent cock, a bit on the thin side but good length. He banged me for a bit then went back down to eating out my hole working more of the previous fuck's cum out of me. I got tired of being on all 4's so I flipped over at the edge of the bed with my legs up as he knelt there eating my hole. He was pretty hot actually, and when he stood to push his cock into me again it was about 8" and yeah, a touch thin but not bad, and had very very small balls. He banged my hole as I tweaked his nipples till he shuttered and spewed his cum into me also.

He quickly went back down to my hole and started eating his own fuck out of me. I opened up and could feel cum ooze out of me as he lapped it up and tonged my hole deep working out more globs of it. I was rock hard by then and ready to cum, so I stood and shot my load all over his still hard shaft. He had me turn and get on all 4's, and he got behind me and speared me with his cock again, thrusting my own cum up into me. I didn't think I would be able to get him off again, but after about 10 mins of thrusting out of the blue he swore and gave me more of his seed. He went back and ate my ass out some more but not very long or deep but I did feed him some more globs of our cum. He then got dressed still rock hard, trying to stuff his cock into his jeans and said we should hook up again. I told him defiantly, maybe I'll get a few loads in me for you to eat out. He smiled and said fuck yeah. I walked him to the door and he gave me a hug. I closed up and went to bed and fingered my ass finding a bit of cum still in me and jacked off and crashed.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

fresh protein

I hit the gym last night around 8:00, it was pretty dead since it was a Fri night and put in a good hour long work out. I was looking forward to sitting in the steam room and relaxing only to find it was out of order. So I sat in the sauna for a while. In came an doppy out of shape balding guy probably in his late 30's with a wedding ring on. He sat in the opposite corner as me and put his legs up and back against the wall so his towel showed his cock and balls, while he leaned back with his eyes closed. I glanced over now and then and found his cock getting rock hard and pointing up between his legs. It was nothing exciting, maybe 6.5" average thickness but it got me horny. He repositioned himself and could occasionally tug at his bulge under the towel. Then he stood and looked at the thermometer with a tent in his towel. He glanced at me and tugged again as I watched then parted the towel and stroked it a bit. That was enough for me so I went over to him with out saying a word and knelt down and engulfed his cock and worked him over sucking him. He put his hand on the back on my head and moaned and told me I was better then his wife. Not even a minute into it he started to tremble and asked if I wanted it. I grunted not taking my mouth off his cock just as a really thick load oozed out of his cock filling my mouth. It was a pretty damn big load, very very thick and creamy too, and damn tasty I might add! I worked his shaft getting all the sperm out of him savoring the taste till he backed away, and padded out of the sauna saying thanks.

Just as he walked out of the sauna someone walked by heading to the steam room only to come into the sauna after finding it wasn't working. He was kind of nelly with highlighted hair, and a thinnish but not tone build probably in his late 30's. I think he caught a glimpse of me sucking cus he wasted no time pulling his cock out of his swimsuit and jerking it. I was maybe 6" and thin but, hey it was another cock. I waited a bit then went over to where he was sitting and knelt down and swallowed his cock to the base, then bobbed up and down while lightly tugging his loose balls. I went down on him working his cock for maybe 2 mins before he started breathing heavy, his balls jumped a bit and he fired his load into my mouth. The first spurt shot to the back of my mouth but the rest just dribbled out and I swallowed it all. I was an ok tasting load, but not as good as the first guy. I then stood and walked out of the sauna, never saying a word to each other. I showered to cool down as he left the sauna leaving me alone in the locker room again.

I went back to the sauna after cooling down and in came 40 ish construction worker looking guy, hairy chest and a small cock bouncing on top of a big tight ball sack. He rinsed under the shower for a second then walked into the sauna naked and sat by the door. He tugged occasionally at his cock so I started to stroke mine under my towel. After a few mins of this he showed he was hard. Unfortionaly it was maybe 5" but he wasn't bad looking and it was another cock. I walked over to him and took off my towel. His eyes kind of bugged out seeing my cock and I could tell he wanted to touch it but couldn't make him self. I kind of felt bad that in comparison he was so small. I started to kneel down and he put a hand up and said he's ok. He stroked faster and faster till he lifted up off the bench and a thick white load seeped out of his cock and around his clinched fist. He flung his load off to the side where it splattered against the wall, got up and left. I of course went right over to the wall and scooped up as much of it as I could with my fingers and licked them clean, tasting his waisted load.

I stepped out and cooled down again, back to being the only one in the locker room. I showered and just as I was drying and guy came in from his work out so I went back to the sauna. A couple mins later a mid to late 40yo guy in decent shape with a bunch of tattoo's came in, and I could tell he was packing some meat in his boxer briefs he had on. I was thinking I was gona end this with a good cock! But unfortionaly another guy came in, and stopped us from our tug but no show game. This pretty ugly guy came in and actually laid down on the bench on his side, propped up his elbow looked from me to him and back again. I was done. This glamor pose ugly guy did it for me and I left. I went into the shower and as I was just finishing tattoo guy came out and gave me a smile as he walked buy to use the urinals. I dried off and got dressed.

I wasn't expecting to get a couple loads, and even though they were nothing great to look at, I was more then happy to take care of them and swallow their juice. I was back home by 10:30. I debated on getting online but instead I watched tv in bed and rubbed one out myself then crashed.

Friday, January 11, 2008

a few quickies

I just got home from work in the early afternoon when I got a text from the blk muscle military guy asking if I was available. Never one to pass up a fuck from him I told him to give me 15 mins and I'll be ready. 15mins later I was naked on the bed with the door open and he came and and got naked. Its been a month or so since we last fucked and man did he make up for it. Even though the fuck only lasted 10 mins or so, it was amazing. We rarely hook up during the day and it was so hot seeing his ripped and cut smooth black body, and feeling him pressed against me and thrusting his rock hard cock in and out of me. He shot a huge hot load up into me, but quickly dismounted and grabbed the towel, whipped up and got dressed giving me a shot of his small little smooth ass that one of these days I want to be into also. He had to run to his next appointment so I walked him to the door and said thanks.

Now that I had one load in me, I was horny for more. No more then 2 mins after I get online, my GH regular hit me up. 5 mins later I was at the GH ready and he stepped up and I sucked him hard, then turned and guided his chubby cock into me. He thrust like a mad man banging against the GH and groaned as he added his nut juice to me also. I turned and licked his shaft clean of cum and he left.

I got back online and had a message waiting from the thin dicked 29yo occasional GH user. Oh hell, why not. 10mins later he stepped up still completely shaved like last time with his small balls and thin 7" cock. I got him good and hard then eased his bare shaft up into my already used hole. He fucked for a few mins then slow thrust till he just kept it in me as deep as he could. I guess he came with out making a noise. I pulled off and his semi hard cock still through the GH had a big glob of creamy cum on his cock head that I quickly went down on. He pulled back, zipped up and left with out a word.

Back online I started talking to a 40yo latino who said he wanted an annon fuck, where I'd be blindfolded and door open. He had no pic, but stats sounded good, and promised he had an 8" thick uc cock. I was game so we set up a time. I was on the bed ready with blindfold in hand ready to put it on when I head the door close. I waited.... waited.... waited. 25 mins after the time we set, I said fuck it. I got up and locked the door. His loss, and prob mine, I hate flakes!

I was gona get back online but decided I 'd hit the gym before the after work rush hit. I grabbed my gym bad and headed out quick so if no show did show, I wasn't even home. And off I went to the gym with 3 loads of cum still in me and had a good work out.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Filling Station

A while a go I hooked up with a dude who ended up not having the place after I drove over and we went to a gas station and fucked in the bathroom. Well.... He hit me up online and wanted to fuck me again. But this time he wanted to meet me at the gas station. It was hot last time so I said sure. I got there and text him that I arrived like he told me too so he could unlock the bathroom door, that was on the outside of the building. When I opened the door he as sitting on the can naked and stroking in the one room bathroom that had a sink also. I locked the door and got naked also and he asked me to suck him. I got down between his legs and worked over his already hard cock. It was kind of a turn on to be knelt down and sucking him while he sat there naked on the public restroom can. He then had me get up as he slouched forward and had me straddle him, and ease down onto his cock while facing him. My semi hard cock flopped around leaving trails of precum on his chest as I bounced up and down on his bare cock. I leaned back, supporting myself on his legs as he tweaked my nipples and told me how nice my ass felt and that he wasn't gona last long. He held my hips and hammered quick and told me here it comes, and fired his cum up into me. I slowly stood up and his cock came out of my body, and most the cum he shot into me also, oozing and dripping onto his cock and balls. He still sat there and told me to clean his cock. So I got back down and slurped up his creamy load was supposed to be in my as still. I got up and started to get dressed and he went to the sink still naked to clean up some. He said thanks and I went out the door and I heard him lock the door behind me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


If your a reader of my sexual escipaids blog, a couple things you should know. Yes all of these are real encounters, and no, I don't post every time I have sex. I usually only post when 1) I have time, 2) it was really good, unusual, something crazy, 3) I was particularly whorish. For the most part I have some type of sex pretty much every day with someone. Sometimes its just a quick bj or fuck though my GH from a regular, sometimes its a lot more.

I developed my obsession with cum when I was 16 and was able to get into a local bookstore with out being ID'd. This bookstore had peeps that had gloryholes in almost every booth. Its also here that I realized a cock is a cock and cum is cum, regardless of who it comes from. It was surprising that some of the hottest cocks and tastiest loads came from the ugliest nastiest guys I'd see exiting the booth next to mine after I serviced them. Needless to say I also started letting guys fuck me there also, and since most guys don't carry condoms with them, it was generally bareback, either together in a booth or backed up to the GH. All ages, body types, races... If it was a decent enough cock I was usually game. Even though I've had a couple long term relationships, I still would have the desire to have the cock and cum of a total stranger inside me. Someone Ive never seen, will ever see again, guys I have no idea what they look like or anything about them, yet let them use my body for their pleasure and bless me by leaving their sperm inside my body. Thats mainly what turns me on and gets me off, having another mans sperm in side me.

I often wondered what it would be like if I was female. Would I be able to get as much cock and cum in me? Theres not really a place for a female such as a bookstore or a bathhouse if they are into multipal anonymous partners. Is online sex just as easy also? At times I thought it would be hot to be female. Not only do you have a pussy for cock but also your ass, bonus! And there are a ton more guys wanting to fuck a female then a male. Just that alone increases the amount of cock and cum I could get. Oh well, regardless, there is nothing hotter then having a naked male body pressed up against me, and having his sexual organ up inside me, and having him enjoy it to the point where he transfers his reproductive body fluid directly into my body. Its the ultimate. This creamy white liquid that his body produces and stores just to release it during orgasmic pleasure. Its the most amazing organic liquid in the world. It contains these small swimming cells that contain his DNA Who wouldn't want some of that injected into there body and become one with it?

Have a good 2008, and do what you enjoy! I do!