Wednesday, July 25, 2007

no cloths no sunblock, no condom

I took the afternoon off since I worked 10 days in a row. I was tired but messed around online some. It was a nice sunny day, warm with a slight wind. I figured I'd lay out in the side yard. I knew the other people in my small apt complex were at work till at least 5, so I thought I'd lay out naked. Just before I was gona lay out, the 22yo slightly stocky hairy latino with 8" hit me up and asked if he could give me a load. I told him sure, but I'd be in the side yard laying out naked, and he could fuck me there if he wanted. He thought that would be hot and said he would be over in 20min. I went down and laid out a blanket in the best location where the fence blocked most but not all views from 2 sides, leaving the thick tall hedge that edged along the parking lot of an apt complex to the other side.

I got naked and laid out, feeling to sun warm my ass and calf's, while looking at the hedge only 5 ft away seeing blurred movement through the leaves and hearing 2 guys talk about new tires while standing in the parking lot. If they really stopped and peered through the leaves they could probability make me out that I was laying out naked. Latino was 5 mins late or so but not bad, he came around and found me still face down and started to rub my ass. He nervously looked up at the upper windows over the fence and asked if it was cool here. I said sure as long as your kinda quite pointing out the 2 guys just on the other side of the hedge. He took off his jeans and stood in front of me while I sucked his cock hard. Then he moved around behind me while I got on all 4's and he jabbed his cock at my hole. He then took off his shirt so now we were both completely naked. He lined up his cock and eased it up into me. He fucked me slowly at first. I loved the feeling of the sun on my back, the breeze blowing on my low hanging balls and cock, and the 22yo's bare cock going inside me till his balls stuck to my ass, then pulled back. He fucked me like that for a while then laid on top of me letting me support his weight, as he reached around and tugged on both my nipples as he hip thrust in to me while I was still on all 4's. He got back behind me on his knees then started to really slam me hard, making sure he went deep. Then with a soft moan he transfered his cum into me.

I pulled him close, then laid down so he was now laying on top of me with his cock still inside me. We laid there a bit while we both caught our breath. He started to get up so I backed up to on all 4's so his cock stayed in me. Then he pulled his softening cock out of me, bent down and kissed my back and said thanks. He pulled on his cloths and left and I laid there for another 15 mins or so enjoying the sun on me and the cum in me. When I got inside he already sent me a message saying how hot it was, and that we need to do that again, and he loved seeing his cum drip out of me when he finally pulled his cock out. I replied, defiantly. I totally got off on being completely naked outside in the middle of the day and getting fucked bareback. Don't know or care if anyone might have seen us either.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally meat

I swear I have been playing message tag with this guy for over a year now online, well finally we hooked up. He's 32, 5'7" 190lb very muscular, shaved head, smooth dark skinned blk guy with a 9" cock. He was almost 30mins late and I gave up being naked on the bed waiting after 10 min as we discussed. He showed up at the door in dress cloths with a tight shirt showing off his massive chest and huge arms. I opened the door and walked into the bedroom and he followed not saying a word. I dropped my shorts and stood there naked as he took off his cloths. He pulled down his tighty whitey, and revealed a completely shaved big fat soft cock that hung over some huge smooth bull balls. I don't think there was a hair on this ripped muscular big cocked blk man at all. He snapped on an elastic cock ring, and being shorter then me, he stepped up and started lightly chewing on my nipples while cupping my ass, and working a finger into me. I cupped his balls and tugged on his still soft but large cock enjoying the heaviness of those bull balls. I was just about to kneel down and suck his cock to get him hard when he spun me around and bent me over the bed. I figured he was gona eat my ass, but he started trying to force his still soft cock into me. Using some spit, I lubed up my ass as best I could, and he used his fist to make his cock hard enough to enter me. I relaxed as best I could to make it easier and after the 3nd try he actually was able to work his soft cock into me. I started to flex my hole around his meat and he slow thrust me. His cock slowly grew inside me and got harder and harder till he was hitting deep inside me. He started jack hammering my ass hard and fast with full thrust for a min or so, then back to his smooth slow thrusts.

My legs were getting tired bent low since he was shorter so I climbed onto the edge of the bed on all 4's, squating low. He stepped right up still standing and jamming his cock all the way into me, causing me to gasp, I had to force myself not to back away, and instead I arched by back and offered him better access to he could go deeper. I decided I was gona show him my ass is one of the best ass's he has ever had, and take whatever he dished out, not complaining, and letting him do as he wanted with my ass. I would do whatever to get him off. He's been fucking me for about 15-20min and he cock was rock hard knocking around deep inside of me causing some discomfort espcially when he did his 1 min jack hammer fuck thrusts. I reached back and felt that his bull balls have tightend up some and I figured he was getting close.

I crawled farther onto the bed and he inched up behind me on his knees never taking his cock out of me. He proceeded to slow thrust then randomly jack hammer short bursts. He laid on top of me for a about 10 secs and caught his breath, then went back to fucking me. He was dripping with sweat now as he continued but I noticed something different. His cock was gliding in and out of me much smoother, like he added lube or something. I didn't give it much though till I felt his cock soften, then after some flexing around his shaft he would get harder again. I'm pretty sure he came in me, but didn't tell me or let on that he did. He kept on fucking. I went from laying flat to on all 4's, and soon felt some wetness dribble down onto my balls. I reached back to scoop some up as he kept thrusting. I smelled it and tasted it but it was too hard to tell if it was cum.

My legs were getting tired again, so I flipped over and propped my ass up on a pillow. He pushed his still pretty hard cock into me and went back to thrusting while I tugged on his nipples and rubbed his sweaty smooth ripped chest. Sweat was dripping off his shaved head onto my chest giving me a fun sensation. His cock seemed to go softer, so I asked him if he came yet. He quickly replied no, I want to get you off. Though I'm pretty sure he did cum, now he just wanted to make sure I got off. I threw my head back with my legs up in the air, and my hands on his massive biceps, I totally got lost in the sensation of this beautiful muscle blk stud naked on top of me with his thick big cock all the way up inside of me. My cock was rock hard, and I arched my back so he could go just a little bit deeper. He did and I was ready to shoot, so I moved back a bit and let his massive organ slip out of my body, then I proceeded to coat it with 7-8 ropes of my cum as it laid on the bed between his legs. He quickly got up and pranced to the bathroom before I could try to get him to put it back into me or let me suck my own cum off his cock.

While he was in the bathroom I checked the time. No wonder my hole was feeling tired, and a bit sore, he fucked me not stop for 47mins. He came back from the bathroom tugging off the elastic cock ring as his thick low hanging cock swung back and forth over his big bull balls. The sight made me all horny again and want to have more of him. But... he started to get dressed cupping is cock into his tighty whiteys, then the rest of his cloths. He said we need to do it again real soon, and it took us way to long to hook up the first time.

After he left I went online to send him a thanks, and my frequent GH user hit me up for a quickie saying he could be over in 5min. What the hell. I put up my GH, he showed right on time, I sucked him hard then backed up onto his 7.5" cock. My ass was not happy having another cock in me. It was sore and tender, and because of that it clamped down hard on his cock. I think because of that he only thrust into me for a min or 2 before he spurt his load into me. I took a break, got dressed and ran some errands enjoying the feeling of having cum in my throughly fucked ass.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chicken for lunch

Was out in a small out of the way town for work the other day, by the time we broke for lunch it was 3:30 or so. A couple of the coworkers and I opted for fast food so we could be back on the road and miss traffic as best as possible. We ended up at one of those combo places. A KFC / TacoBell. After having a quick bite, everyone broke off to head home and I figured I better take a piss before driving over an hour. The urinal was roped off out of order so I stepped into the first of 2 stalls. It wasn't till I was shaking off the last drops of piss that I noticed just off to the side and down was as smallish glory hole in what looked like where the old TP dispenser used to be. And to my suprize there was an eyeball blinking and looking at me! I maneuvered between the toilet and the wall, and bent a bit and pushed my soft cock through. I have no idea what the dude was doing over there but it felt amazing. In a matter of minutes I was rock hard and shooting my load. When I pulled my cock back it was slick with what I assume was spit. But who knows. I could have been sucked off, given a handjob, or even fucked him for all I know, either way he did all the work and I just stood there with my cock pressed as far through the hole as possible.

I bent down to glance through the hole and was greeted by a pinkish uncut cock. It only stuck through the hole a couple inches. I worked it with a couple fingers and tonged his piss slit and wrapped my lips around the head. In about 30 seconds, 3 spurts of really thick, slightly salty cum filled my mouth. I was expecting a couple more spurts but the cock withdrew from the hole, so I swallowed. A few seconds later I saw some skinny legs and flip flops bolt out of the bathroom. I waited a few mins, washed my hands, then left the bathroom. There was no one in the restaurant that had flip flops on so I figured whoever it was, was gone. I headed out, and as I was backing up my car, I finally saw the mystery guy. Sitting outside, at a table with what appeared to be his mom and younger brother, sat a young skinny latino with shorts and very similar flip flops. I won't say how old I would guess him to be, but I will say... I defiantly had chicken for lunch.

Friday, July 06, 2007

getting ready in the morning

Again I woke up early, but this time I set up my GH and looked for cum. Got hit up by a 28yo who said he had 6". No pic, no stats, but his email address looked really familiar, I searched but found nothing but going on my memory thought it was good so I said ok. Well up to the GH came this fat guy. Not stocky or a bit of a gut, but darn right fat. Ok, I'm ok with that, then pushed through was a little stub of a cock. The poor guy had maybe 3" hard. Using some spit, I jacked him with my thumb and forefinger. He was moaning like it was the best thing ever. His little pecker got really hard and he said he was gona cum. I debated on sucking him or catching it in my hand. Sucking and swallowing won out and I wrapped my lips around his head just as it poured out cum. And cum... And cum. The dude made up some ground on having a tiny dick by the shear volume of cum that pumped out of it. I had to swallow twice to get it all. He flipped up his shorts and left. He was still pretty nasty and I probably would have passed on him if I knew, but his load still was quite impressive and nice.

Next up a 33yo 6'3" 240lb blk guy with 9" thick he said. Again no pic. What the hell, can't be any worse then the first guy. He came in and dropped his sweats and pushed through a thick cut cock with big meaty shaved balls. He got hard quickly but I would put it closer to 7" since I could easily take it too the balls with no prob, but it was quite thick. After getting him hard, I turned and guided it up into my ass. It took him a bit till he realized he was in me. He took over with slow thrust, pulling out occationaly asking me to push out my hole. I took this to mean he likes a somewhat loose hole. He fucked me a bit more then pulled out and jacked his cock against my hole, then pushed the head into me just as he came. Pulled out, wiped up with the towel, said thanks and left.

Finally. A 32yo guy who has used my GH before. never seen his face, only a body pic. Nice tone body with a lightly hairy chest and a near perfect 8" cock. He keeps his cock and balls shaved but lets his bush grow so there is this circular outline for his cock and balls. I sucked him for a while then he told me to turn around. I did and he guided his cock up into me and proceeded to fuck me going as deep as he could with each thrust. Only 5 mins of thrusting and he started to shake as he cock spazamed inside me injecting his cum into me. I let him calm down a bit, then pulled off and sucked his cock clean of any cum.

I got dressed and headed into work a little early and grabbed some McD's breakfast on the way. A coworker went on an on about her frantic morning getting up early and dealing with her kid. I just laughted to myself. Here, I spent my morning swallowing a massive load of cum from a tiny dicked fat dude, and had unprotected sex with 2 total strangers and have their cum sill up inside me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

crazy professor

I beat my alarm this morning and woke up an hour earlier then necessary. Since I had a hard on and time to kill, I figured I'd check out the bookstore for some early morning cock. Lately online in the mornings is pretty sketchy with freaks who have been up all night. So I showered pulled on some gym shorts and shirt and headed over to the peeps. It was dead, just me and some queeny asian guy. About 10 mins later I came out of a booth and saw a kind of hot guy had arrived. After looking at the video selections he went into the booth I came out of and asian guy went right to it. I could have walked right up to the booth and tried the door but I figured I'd let asian guy have him. Finally he tried the door and it was actually open and slipped in. Through the space below the door I could tell asian was giving him a blow job. Oh well, guess I lost out on that. 5 or so mins later, I could tell asian get up, then he slipped out of the door, and shortly there after the dude walked out. Out of curiosity I went back to the booth to see what movie he was watching while getting head. Well lookie there! I fresh cum filled condom was laying on the bench. Now I was glad I didn't go in there cus sucking on a condom is the worst, and best of all asian did all the work and I still get the load. I dropped my shorts and worked the cum out of the condom and fingered it into my ass, licked my fingers clean, dropped the now empty condom in the corner and left the booth.

After hanging out for another 5 mins or so, another guy came in. He was what I would describe as the crazy professor. Tall, thin, with crazy wild black and gray kinky hair that was all over the place. He had on black dress pants and a polo shirt. I don't think the asian nor I was interested in him. He went into a booth to watch a video and asian didn't even go twards his door. After hearing him put more money in, I thought I'd check just for fun. The door was locked. I hung out and leaned against the wall while asian popped in and out of booths. Professor came out, and I figured he was leaving since the video was still playing in the booth he just left. Asian guy of course quickly went in it to watch the free movie. Professor looked at the video selection and turned to go back to his booth but found it occupied. He walked by me and took the booth next to me, leaving the door ajar. I figured he left it ajar so he could see where to put money in the close the door, but the video started and the door stayed ajar. I waited a bit then glanced in. He noticed me while working his bulge over through his pants. I stepped back and waited a bit, then glanced again. This time he proceeded to unbuckle his pans letting them slide down a bit showing off some dingy tighty whitey. He reached in and fondled himself some, then lifted out his cock and balls. Damn, looks like the crazy professor was hung! Out of the same crazy hairy bush flopped a big uncut cock and supper low hanging balls.

I went in, and locked the door. I quickly stepped out of my shorts and we both played with each others cocks. I finally knelt down and started to suck his still semi hard cock. His cock was slightly tappered to a thicker base with ample forskin. He got pretty hard, I would guess close to 8.5 or 9 but not rock hard as I worked over his shaft and played with his heavy supper low hanging balls. Our video stopped and he made no attempt to put money in, so after a bit I figured I better cus I wasn't sure how the guy in the front would be in money wasn't being dropped. After fumbling for some money, I turned and fed it into the feeder. He lightly caressed my ass. I slowly backed up while he put his hands on my waist and slowly rubbed his cock up and down my crack. I leaned forward a bit to let him know I was game. After rubbing on my ass a bit more he leaned in and asked if I had a condom. I told him, sorry I don't. He continued rubbing then leaned in and asked if he could fuck me. I gave a shrug and nodded ok. He stepped back a bit then aimed his cock head lower till it rubbed against my hole, then slowly pushed into me. He took his time fucking me till I was finally resting against his hairy bush. He fucked me with genital thrusts, gliding in and out till almost the head came out then gliding it all the way back into me. He fucked me like that for about 5 mins, then he told me he was about to cum. I said ok, but reached back to keep him in me so he didn't pull out when he came, making him fuck me with shorter jabs. He then let out a deep breath and came in me. He slowly pulled out of me, but quickly pulled up his briefs and pants. I think he was ashamed of what he just did or something. He left the booth and I adjusted myself, then left. The asian looked at me with disgust. Whatever! I was there for cum, dosn't matter where it comes from! It was still empty in there so I headed out so I could still be on time for work.