Friday, October 14, 2005

weekday in PS

Spur of the moment, went to Palm Springs durring the week. Layed around poolside most of Wed, at night there was not much going on excpet for a couple latino kids who had night pass's to the resort. I thought they were together till I found myself in my room with the tall thin one. He was maybe 22, 6' very tone and athletic with a decent 7.5" uncut cock. He ate my ass out for a while then had me sit on his cock. He was fucking me while nibbleing on my neck, and slowed down a bit and asked if I had a condom. I started nibbling on his neck and that got him going enought to keep fucking. He was getting close so I told him to cum in me. He held me close and came inside me. There was nothing much going on so I went to bed at a decent hour.

The next day I moved to a different resort. Layed poolside most the day while a few of the guys who were leaving that day lingered by the pool also, and some new check ins joined. I played around a bit, sucking a cock here and there. Things were pretty dead till about 10pm. I opened my door and layed on my bed with my ass up. With the lights down low I couldn't tell much, but a shorter inshape guy who was maybe in his late 30's came in and layed on top of me rubbed up against my ass till he got hard enough to slip into me. His cock continued to grow inside me till I reached probibly 9". He was hitting areas that most guys don't, and seemed happy that I liked taking it all. He was getting close and started to pull out. I reached back and cupped his little ass and pulled him back into me. He banged a bit till he shot his load supper deep in me. Another thin guy in his early 30's came in next and fucked me with he's 7" cock at the edge of the bed till he add'd his load to me also. A stocky guy with blond hair came in and ate my ass out for a while then left. An older in shape guy with grey short hair, and shaved body came in. He had a 7.5" uncut cock that was quite thick. He fucked me for a while till he was close then got in front of me and had me suck him. While sucking him some other guy came up and started fucking me with an average sized cock. The older guy came in my mouth feeding me a small load, and a min later the dude fucking me shot his load in me. I took a break and walked the grounds. In the steamroom I started fucking this little smooth ass while he was sucking some guy. A tall guy came behind me and started fingering my used hole. I quickly shot my load into the ass I was fucking and headed out cus I though I was gona pass out from the heat. Things started to die down, but while hanging out in my room, some big burly dady typle came in and jackhammered a quick load into my ass with his 6.5" cock. I called it a night after sitting in the hot tub and doing a quick walk of the grounds.

After some coffee I walked the grounds at 8am. not too many were up and about. I stat naked on a bench nessled in some of the shrubs and jerked my cock while enjoying the morning sun. A dark haired guy wandered through the path in a towel. He made another pass by and I made no attempt to cover up. He steped up and dropped his towel reveling a nice shaved 8" thick uncut cock that curved up. I sucked him till he was close, then he went down on me for a bit, then fed me his again. He got close again then got down on his knees and sucked me while fingering my ass as it hung over the edge of the bench. He inched forward and rubbed his cock head that was dripping precum against my hole. He looked up at me and I kind of nodded, and he pushed his cock into me. I had to quickly relax to accomidate the girth of his cock. He pushed in till his balls were smashed against me. He held there for a bit, then under his breath he said "fuck" His cock started to spazim inside me and he injected his cum into me. He pulled out and started to leave and I noticed two guys on either side of us were watching from a distance. One of them left, the other waited till everyone was gone and walked over. He was mid 40's with an average build and average cock. I went down on him and with in a minute, he fed me a very thick and bitter tasting load. I lounged poolside till check out, then found some latin guy by the hot tub, and fed him my cock. He gave a really bad BJ, but I needed to get off before I left, so I pulled back and jacked off till I was close then forced him down on my cock and shot my load, making him gag and cough.