Thursday, July 31, 2008

seed not seen

The other morning I went into work early to take care of some things because I was unable to finish the day before. While working I hopped online and checked things out occasionally while I did. I was the only one there for another 2 hours at least and I figured I might be able to run out for a load or catch one that was near by. About 20 min later I got a message from this blk guy who fucked me a long time ago. He was in town again. He wanted to fuck me again and the only option was at my work. Its been quite a while but I remember him being 6’5” 230lb smooth and really nice 9” thick downward curved cock that hurt so good fucking me. So we set it up that he would text me when he was close and I’d step out and meet him outside. I changed into my gym cloths that I had with me so I could easily strip down or get dressed quickly if need be. About 15 min later I got a text that he was a few min away, so I stepped out the side door to have a smoke while I waited and watched people walk buy.

He walked around the corner and I recognized him right away, but I forgot how ugly he was. It didn’t help that he was dressed really frumpy either. Thank god he has a nice cock. He followed me in and next to the door is a row of mirrored windows that are about waist high to block the sun, and in turn making it very hard to see in, but could see out clear as day. Right away he starts rubbing my ass and pulls the back of my shorts down fingering my lightly lubed hole. I arched back and let him. I heard his zipper and soon felt his cock slapping against my cheeks as he tried to push it up into me. I reached back with some spit and he pushed it up into me as I faced the windows and the people walking by. Well that didn’t last long because I was no ready for the thickness of his cock, though he kept trying and pushing it into me and me backing off a few moments later. I finally relaxed enough for him to thrust into me while bent at the windows and him behind me. After a few min he said he needed more lube, which was on the counter on the other side of the door which is a non mirrored glass door. He pulled out of me, and I was going to pull up my short and get it but he started walking over to get it. His shirt was flipped up over his head, and his pants were down to his knees that he held up as he walked over – hard cock out and showing.

Ok, yeah, now I remember, he has one ugly face but a HOT body! Nice semi muscular smooth chest, trim waist, a bit ole smooth bubble butt, and a shaved 9” cock that was hard and curved down. He walked right in front of the door as people were walking by, grabbed the lube then walked back like that. He lubed up and on got on all 4’s on a 5ft long bench seat, crouched behind me and mounted me. I was in bliss as I looked at the wall below the windows, and he fucked me and watched people walked by. We switched positions where I was with my back to the wall sitting with my legs up and him kneeling on the floor, and I tweaked his nipples as he fucked me some more. Then finally we moved to were I was laying flat on the bench and he was laying on top of me slamming his meat deep up into me. I remembered that that was his favorite position, and a few mins later he let out a groan and busted is load up into me. Somehow I was back on all 4’s and he was sliding a couple fingers into my cum filled ass, and then he started eating out my ass, lapping up the cum while I jacked my own cock. I was close so I flipped onto my back and he started to suck me while still fingering my ass, and I shot my load which he swallowed it all. We both stood and got dressed since by now we were both totally naked. I let him out the door and he said he could stop by tomorrow if he had a chance before he headed home and do it again. I told him, sure just text me. I straightened up so everything was back to normal, then went into the bathroom to clean up and pee. I come walking out of the bathroom to get back to work and was suddenly jolted by a coworker. Scared the crap out of me! I was not expecting anyone else to be there that early, but it was obvious they came in while I was in the bathroom. DAMN! That was close! (he wasn’t available today to do it again before he left even thought I did go into work early just incase LOL)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

here a hole, there a hole

Yesterday I was getting ready to head out of work, and I snuck online to see what was going on. Right away I was hit on by this guy who has a GH. At first I figured he wanted to suck me off or something, but is soon became apparent that he wanted to eat my ass out and release a 3 day load. Then come to find out he was only 4 blocks from were I was. He gave me directions to this garage type place where he would be at waiting. I headed over and found it based on his descriptions.

I stepped in and 3 feet in was this makeshift GH cut out of flimsy wood, similar to paneling. I pulled the door closed and it was hot, stuffy and pretty dark in there. I stepped out of my shorts and turned and pressed my ass against the GH, suddenly aware of how flimsy the partition was, I almost felt like I was gona fall through it or break it, so I just rested my ass against while bent over. A moment later I felt a goateed mouth close in on my ass and started eating me out. He ate me out for a few mins and it felt really good, though I started to drip sweat cus it was so warm in there. I then heard some shuffling then a cock head at my hole. He slowly eased into me and I let out a moan. It felt like a pretty nice cock, good girth, and prob 7-7.5” He fucked me for a bit then his cock popped out of me, and his tongue was soon probing me again. It made me wish I had some cum in me already to feed him. His cock soon entered me and thrust for a bit, then back to him eating me out while working a few fingers into me at the same time. Again his cock went up into me and he started thrusting hard as the partition bumped against me. I was already hard and stroking when he announced over the GH, here it comes. I kept my ass pressed to the GH and let him. After his cock stopped flexing inside me he slowly pulled out. Since I was rock hard and pretty close to cumming myself, I turned and pushed my cock though the GH. I was suddenly disappointed on how he sucked cock. No friction, just a wet mouth, very lame, if a cock is big enough to use a hand also while sucking, like mine then use it! My cock just started to wilt a bit and I was just about to pull back when his hand started to stroke the base while he sucked. Good! 2 mins later I blasted a big ole load into his mouth, pulled out and yanked on my shorts. He mumbled thanks and I stepped out of the building. Overall not bad, not the best bj, but I was there to get fucked and I got that. I’d like to think my GH is much better set up and more comfortable and stable with things to hang onto for support if need be.

I got home and got online and right away the thin dicked dude wanted to use my GH. I already got off but was still horny so said ok. 10 min later He came in and I sucked his thin cock hard then backed up onto it. He fucked me a bit longer then usual before he shot his load into me. I was gona turn and suck his cock, but he pulled out and was stuffing his cock into his shorts by the time I did.

I was just taking down my GH when I got a text from my freq fucker 24yo blk kid. He was asking if I was around. I said sure I just took a load, but has to be quick since I had dinner plans. He replied be there in 20 min. Like usual I was naked on my bed when I heard the door open, and a min later he came into the bedroom naked and climbed up behind me. I put some spit on his cock while reaching under and he lined up and sank it right up into me. He fucked me on all 4’s for a bit, pulling out occasionally to see cum drip from me before he pushed me down laying flat and laid on top of me thrusting. He grabbed onto my shoulders and thrust is cock deep into the fuck that was inside me till he moaned in my ear and transferred his cream into me also. He eased out of me and stood at the edge of the bed so I swung around and went down on his shinny blk cock tasting a mixture of the cum that was from inside me. He then stepped back and walked out of the room. I lay on the bed while I heard him pull on his cloths then walk out the door.
I wasn’t planning on it but suddenly within an hr and a half I had 3 different loads up inside me. Over dinner it was fun listening to my friends talk about their failed sex attempts over the weekend, oblivious to the fact that I was impregnated with seed at that very moment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

locker load

Yesterday I went to the gym around noon. Normally I don't like to go around then because its busy with impatient people trying to put in a work out in 30 min. There were quite a few hot guys in the locker room coming and going from the showers including a hot little blond with the hottest smooth little ass with speedo tan lines and a guy 2 lockers down from me with big old half hard cock showing for all to see. I changed into my workout close and moved out of the way to an open ledge area to set up my headphones, and standing my the ledge area was a fuck bud. He's the latino dude who fucked me at his places a few times while he was moving out of his apt. We chatted breifly though it was hard to hear him over the showers, and his broken english. He's no longer online because he has a bf now, works near my work... blah blah blah. He keeps looking me up and down while chatting, then nodds twards the bathroom area, then walks twords them. The place is way to busy to do anything I figured he wanted to jack off at the urnails or something. I followed him and found him in the handycap stall with the door open.

I threw all caution to the wind and went in and closed the door as he pulled down his shorts. Out popped his 8" kind of thin, uncut cock that was totally shaved. I pulled mine out and figured we would jack and maybe suck. He told me to turn around. I wispered its too busy, but he pleaded and said he won't last long. I gave in and with my shorts down just past my ass I found myself bent over in the corner by the toilet, and him putting a glob of spit on my hole and his cock. He pressed his cock head at my entrance then pushed on into me. With him being a bit thin and uncut, I easily took him into me. He fucked me as quietly as he could as guys were only 10-15ft away changing and showering. He only lasted 2 maybe 3 mins before he wispered - ok, and I nodded. He trembled a bit as he shot his load quietly into me. He pulled out and we both pulled up our short and he wispered let me leave first. He walked out but left the stall door wide open, BASTARD!, so I stayed back behind the wall, like I was pissing, then flushed and walked out also.

I went out and started my work out and nodded to a couple guys I have chatted to a few times at the gym, and after a few exercises I went on to the free weights, and there he was doing leg extentions. He smiled and me and winked, knowing full well I had his fresh seed inside me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

trailer park motel

My run of hooking up with guys with no pic and turn out to be hot seems to have come to an end. After a busy holiday weekend, I was online Monday morning and found myself talking to a guy who was in town for a family reunion. His stats sounded good: 37, bi, 6ft, 160lb, 8"c. He was staying at a local Motel 6 and requested I wear a jockstrap. I love anon hotel sex, and Motel 6's are great to fuck at - cheap and easy just like me! We set up a time, and after showering quick, I headed to his room.

He opened the door and I tried not to laugh. His stats were correct, but he had greasy dark blond hair parted down the center with a mullet! He was wearing a long sleeved button down shirt and navy boxers that looked 2 sizes too big on him. The dude was clearly trailer park trash! I stepped in and noticed right away some velcro tennis shoes by the door. NICE! In a weird way, I was kind of excited to have sex with this dorky looking trashy guy. It was a bit awkward so I pulled off my T shirt and dropped my gym shorts and stood there in just a jockstrap, as he sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned his shirt showing a near perfect farmers tan. Again I forced myself not to laugh. He was definatly wirey thin, no fat on him, and hardly any muscle, very stick figure like. I knelt down and he lifted his hips so I could pull his boxers down. Ahh, there's the meat. That was one very nice, near perfect shaped cocks. It was almost compleatly hard already and true to his word, nearly 8" long, thick, straight, and a nice big pink helmet on it, though his balls were in a very tight sack hard to tell how big they were. I started sucking on him and he leaned back on his elbows and watched me bob up and down on it.

I senced he was close a couple times and change my speed, and after a while I stood and he watched as I got on the edge of the other bed on all 4's presenting him with my jockstraped ass. He came up behind me and rubbed his cock on my already lighly lubed hole. I reached back with some spit and coated it and grabbed onto his shaft and guided it into me. Wow is all I can say. That bare shaft filled me up nicely! He took over thusting. He was not the best fuck, just standard in and out with his boney hips bouncing off my ass. I glanced to the side and noticed I could watch through the mirror hanging by the TV. That turned me on big time. Seeing this skinny ass redneck fucking me from behind while I was on all 4's. All I could think of is that he better fuck'n cum inside me cus I wanted his ugly ass low life seed inside me bad! A few mins later the said he was close, so I reached back with one arm and pulled his flat skinny ass to me pushing his nice cock all the way into me, letting him know I definatly wanted it in me. A few more thrusts and he started gasping for breath as he moaned. Ahhh, he let loose what seemed to be a huge load cus I definatly felt full. He pulled out and sat on the other bed catching his breath. I quickly pulled my shorts and shirt on, said thanks and headed out the door. I was a bit conscerned he would flip out on me or something that he just fucked a dude, cus I just got that feeling about it. But I did understand why it was Bi, hell, I'm sure he will take whatever he can get, cus with those looks, I'm sure its not much. The good thing is he had one hell of a beaut of a cock between his legs.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

night comes

The other night I got a text from my blk 24yo fuck bud wanting my ass when he got out of work at 10 or so. I told him to text me but I should be up for it. That got me horny thinking about having his cum inside me so I got online. I was soon talking to that military guy from a few days ago who was interrupted by his nextel beeping while we were fucking. He wanted to come over for a quickie. I knew the blk kid doesn't care if I have cum already in me so I said sure.

I got naked and on all 4's with the door open and he came in, got naked and started to play with my ass. After slapping my ass with his meat for a bit he slid it up into me. He fucked and reached under and felt my chest. Something about the way he fucked seemed very familure and I was 99% sure I knew who it was. Hot little bod with an average cock, with tell tail signs on how he fucked. He seemed to get a little soft while fucking but it bounced right back nice and rigid. A few moments later he moaned and I felt a nice warm sensation of his seed flooding my insides. He slowly pulled out and got dressed, fingered my hole a bit then left as I laid face down.

I got back online, and horse hung Blk dude that I suck off every once in a great while started chatting to me. Seems his blow buddy who lived down the street moved away and he was in need. No wonder I don't hear from him much! He said he was in need and had some protein if I wanted to work it out of him. I was more in the mood to get fucked, but I just couldn't pass up his gargantuan, thick veiny blk piece of manhood. I zipped over to his apt, and he let me in and I followed him back to his dark bedroom where he dropped his shorts, and sat at the computer and watched some BB porn. I took off my cloths and knelt down between his meaty legs and lifted his heavy soft cock to my lips and started to work him over. He had a leather cock ring on like usual, which I'm sure was specialty made for him. Because not only is he 10"+ long he is probably 7" around and has big bull nuts. His cock got hard quickly, nice and slicked up with spit so it was shiny black with big veins bulging along the shaft. I wish he fucked cus I dream of being mounted by this big blk man, and having my hole stretched around such a magnificent organ. He took a hit of poppers and lifted his shirt up exposing his smooth belly and started to tweak his nipples. Precum started to drool out of his bulbous cock head and it tasted amazing. He was getting close cus his bull balls started to tighten. He stood up and started to thrust into my mouth then started to shake as cum started to pump out of him and into my mouth making me swallow twice. He collapsed back into the chair with his semi hard cock laying off to the side and down past the chair seat. I sucked him tenderly and he flinched a couple times being sensitive but didn't stop me. Finally I stopped and stood up, and stretched a bit, then pulled my cloths on. He walked me to the door again like last time, wearing just his Tshirt and that ungodly piece of meat hanging down, slapping his legs a walked. I told him anytime, cus I'm only about a mile away. He laughed and said defiantly as I walked out and he closed the door behind me.

I just got back home and was about to get online when blk kid text me and said he could be over in 15 min. I said ok, I'll be naked and ready. 20min later I was naked on the bed and heard the door close and in he walked naked and hard, and stepped up right behind me as I crouched on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he entered me. Fuck yeah! The little bend upwards on his cock was rubbing me the right way, and I became like a bitch in heat. After a bit he motioned for me to move forward so he could climb on the bed also and mount me doggy style. He fucked me like that for a bit then told me to turn over. Laying on my back with my legs up he rammed his cock up into me again and I tweaked his boy boobs. That did it for him he started to tense up so I told him to shoot his load up into me. He grabbed onto my shoulders and I grabbed onto his ass and he fired his cum up into me. He rested a bit while inside me then slow fucked me while I jacked my cock. He then pulled out and stood with his cock still hard. I knelt down and sucked on his shiny blk cock for a good 5 mins while jacking mine. I was close, so I quickly stood and came all over his cock. Immediately I turned around and bent over the bed and he speared me with my own cum that coated his shaft. He thrust only a dozen or so times before he grunted and shot a 2nd load into my body. I was exhausted, and crawled onto the bed face down, and he walked out of the room naked. I heard him pull his cloths on in the other room then walk out the door.

A few moments later I stumbled out of bed, locked the door, turned off the lights and laid in bed and had a smoke. I didn't even bother to turn the tv on, I clicked off the light next to the bed and slept till morning with his, mine and another dudes cum safely inside me