Monday, October 29, 2007

A good assortment

I hit the gym yesterday and as I was changing a older stocky blk guy came in with no gym bag, and started to used the sink to brush his teeth. I figured he was using the gym to clean up for work or something. After my work out, I went to hit the showers and saw the blk guys cloths all folded up on a shelf by the showers. I went into the sauna and there he sat completely naked probably using the sauna to dry off since he had no towel. He was on the chubby side with man boobs and a big smooth gut and between his legs was a hairy crotch with very large tight ball sack and a supper thick soft cock resting on them. His cock didn't look huge but damn it was thick. I started to get horny thinking about servicing this big old blk guy and getting his load in me. Unfortionatly walked out after a bit, got dressed and left. But now I was all in the mood for some anonymous cock and cum.

I headed home and set up my gloryhole. I had a few visitors, nothing overly exciting, the most note worthy was a 19yo skinny twink asain kid with a 7" uc cock with a thin shaft but fat mean dark purple head. I was surprised when he had me turn around and fingered my ass, then proceeded to bareback me and cum in me. The other that was decent was a 29yo guy who looked like he was well built with a trimmed chest and crotch and 6.5"c He would get hard then soft, and hard again. Finally I let him suck me some while he jacked off, then he told me to turn around quick, and he plunged his cock into me and said "take my load bitch!"

Got a message from a 30 blk guy who is in my neighborhood and have been playing message tag with for a couple weeks. Shorter, nice build, and very muscular arms. He wanted to fuck, and told me not to shower. He likes a clean ass, but the smell of a sweaty ass. I offered to run to the gym and work up a sweat then head right over sill in my gym cloths. That turned him on even more. So I ran to the gym and did some cardio for 30 min or so and got nice and sweaty, and headed right to his place.

He was pretty hot, and took me right away to his bedroom that had a large wall of mirrored closets. He pulled my cloths off, and said, "oh fuck yeah" and then he dropped his jeans and showed a nice trimmed 7.5" cock that was curved slightly upward, and good thickness. He laid me down on the bed and sucked my cock then worked down so my legs were in the air as he ate out my sweaty ass. He spent a good 10 mins eating it out. I didn't tell him I had a couple loads in me, and he didn't seem to mind. I flipped over onto all 4's and he kept eating my ass, then stood and pushed his bare cock into me. The guy knew how to fuck, and just used my ass for his pleasure. He shot his load up into me about 5 mins later. He pulled out and I laid on my back, and he laid down in almost 69, and started to suck my cock and finger my ass. His cock never went soft. A couple mins later my legs were pined my my ears and he was mounting me again. This time only after 2 or 3 mins he bit into my shoulder and shot a 2nd load into me. We both laid down on the bed and just relaxed a bit. My phone went off, and I got up to see who it was. It was another trick texting me. I didn't reply and just put my phone back into my pocket. While bent over he started to rub my ass telling me how hot my booty was. So I stayed bent over while he started to jack off. I swear only a min later he shot for the 3d time, a small but thick creamy load that just oozed over his hand and cock. I turned and sucked some off his cock. I nudged him over so he was in the middle of the bed. I then climbed on top of him and eased his still pretty hard cock into me. I rubbed his muscular pecs and just sat on his bare cock, while I jerked off. Shortly there after I sprayed his chest and face with a huge load. I got up off him and licked up some of my cum off his chest, then we laid there for a bit. He got up cus I guess I shot more then I though onto his face and he went to clean up. He came back and curled up next to me and rubbed my chest as we chatted about this and that. If I wasn't so hungry I might have suggested spending the night. But finally we got up and he walked me to the door completely naked and gave me a kiss as I headed out. Once home I made some food, crawled into bed, and jacked off again while fingering my cum filled hole. Then turned off the light and fell asleep happy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

hot top hot bttm

The supper hot blk muscle military guy messaged me yesterday and wanted to stop by around 5. I told him to hit me back when he knew what time for sure, but I should be around. During the day I came across a post from a 28yo jock who says he's a geek and a bttm, looking for in shape muscular fit guys to hang out with, sex whatever. It was a pretty generic post but something hit me about it so I shot him a pic and a little note. Around 4pm he hit me back with a couple more pix, and we started an email conversation. He finally asked what I'm up to, and that he's horny. I lied and said I was at work till 6, but might be up for getting together. He said he usually gets calls from friends around then to hang out but was willing to push them off if I was serious. I said sure, and I'd email him when I got home from work around 6:30. At 6, I got a text from blk muscle stud saying he can be over in 10min and asked if I was ready. Of course I was!

I was naked on the bed like usual when he came in. Took off all his cloths and climbed on top of me rock hard and ready. I swear he must walk in with a raging hard on, cus its always hard and ready. He got me on all 4's and pushed his bare cock up into me. Gawd if felt good. Then he started thrusting and started hitting deep. Oh fuck! I was still tender deep inside me from the hard core banging by the big blk guy a couple nights ago. Oh well, I figured I'd just deal with the pain and let him have his way. I swear sex with this stud just gets better and better. He so knows how to fuck. I love it that he does things that feel good for him, and doesn't think about me, cus in turn it feels freaking amazing for me. It was one of his shorter fucks this time, in about 10 mins of alternating depth and speed, and trying to make it last longer, he shot his load unexpectedly while pausing cus he was too close. Thankfully he started thrusting again for another few mins working his cum up into me and pressing his smooth ripped muscle body against me. Damn that was a good fuck! He pulled out and I sucked his cock a bit before he went into the bathroom to wash up. I walked him to the door while talking briefly, and I got the feeling he was starting to get into me a bit more then just a willing hole for him to used as needed. Who knows!

So I emailed the jock geek, and told him my addy. He said he would be over in 20-30mins. And just for fun I told him to show up wearing as little as possible, saying its always a turn on when a guy shows up showing off his body and maybe having his cock flopping around. Right on time there was a knock on my door. I was just in some loose shorts, with a cock ring on since I was gona top. I get to the door and through the screen, I see this 5'9" hot jock stud wearing black shorts, holding a wife beater in his hand, showing off his thin, but toned and semi muscular smooth chest. Oh hell yeah! He came in and I could tell was a bit uncomfortable and not sure what to do. I came up next to him and started feeling his body, and he took over pressing himself up against me hard, and started kissing me with a lot of passion. Normally I'm not into kissing, especially with a trick, but this boy and I kissed well together, and I had no problem with it. Finally we broke and I lead him to the bedroom where I dropped my shorts. We never discussed cock size in the emails and I saw him stare like he won the jackpot. His shorts came down and I think I stared like I won the jack pot! Nice smooth body with a perfect trim job, and a cock that was probably 9", on the thin side, with very tight smooth small balls, and the best thing of all, it curved downward in a hot arch. FUCK ME!!!! Nothing turns me on more then a downward curved cock. However I was the top so I didn't give it much attention. After more kissing, and him working over my chest, he went down on my while I stood there. After getting me full hard, he stood and we kissed more and I felt his ass. It was a bit softer then I would have thought, I guess I pictured it firm and muscular, but it was small and smooth just the way I like them.

I got him on all 4's at the edge of the bed and went to down on his ass. He has a perfect little ring that opened up nicely so I could get a lot of tounge up into him. I spent a good 10 mins on that ass before I finally stood and with just some spit on my cock, I eased my bare cock up into him. After fucking him like that for a while, he flipped over with his legs on my shoulders and I went back into him. I think he wanted that position so he could feel my chest and to kiss me. That was fine with me, though I do like doggy better. Finally I got close and asked him where he wanted my load. He smiled and said normally I like a guy to cum in my mouth, but I want you in me. OK then! I pumped my load up into him as deep as I could. I pulled out a bit tiered and said I might be up for another round if he wanted, I just needed a break. He just smiled and said ok. I layed on the bed and he snuggle up next to me and laid his head on my chest. Soon he worked his way down and started sucking my cock and balls, getting me pretty hard again, but not rock hard. He stopped and I asked him whats up. He shyly said, is it ok if I take a break and just lay next to you again, I like touching you. What a little cuttie! he snuggle up next to me and we started talking and found quite a few interests. Yeah, he is a geek, has a lot of geek type interests. The whole time rubbing my chest like a puppy who just found his new master. One thing led to another and I started kissing him while stroking his hot curved cock. Only after maybe a min, he stopped me and said I'm gona cum. I said from just kissing me and me lightly stoking your cock. He smiled and said, with you.... yeah. So I kissed him one more time and sure enough he started to cum, so I quickly got down and after missing the first spurt I got the rest in my mouth. I swallowed his tasty load. I went up and kissed him and said can you taste your cum? He said no, so I kissed him a again with my tounge deep in his mouth. This time he laughed and said yeah.

We hung out naked and chatted more on the bed till he realized it was almost 10pm and he had to go. He was supposed to be playing video games with friends. But I could tell he was very reluctant to go. Finally we stopped and got dressed. I walked him to the door saying we need to do it again. He said he was hopping I would say that. We kissed and out the door he went.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

wet dry dark

So while hanging out waiting to go to the gym around 10, I watched TV, and got online. I started talking to a big blk guy. 39, 6'5", 245lb smooth and build like a huge football player, and stated 9"c though no picture of it. We chatted for a bit before he was to meet friends at the bar, and me heading to the gym, but we said we should hook up soon.

I headed to the gym, and put in a decent work out, then wrapped a towel around me and headed to the steam room. The steam was supper thick and as I entered I walked by one guy in the front conrner and I headed to the back and sat kind of near to what appeared to be the only other guy there. It was hard to tell but he looked latino, and had blue shorts on. I let my towel open and started stroking. He noticed the movements and I saw him do the same. After another hiss of more steam making it impossible to see 1 ft in front of you, I got up and walked over to the latino. We both felt each other up and then he pushed me down twards his cock. It was about 6.5" uc good thickness and huge balls. I sucked him a bit, then he pushed me down to work on his balls while he jacked off. I was bent over with my legs out wide, enjoying the feeling of my now low hanging balls and half hard cock dangle in the steam room while I worked his balls over. Just then, someone stepped up behined me (I assum is was the guy I walked by going in) He fingered my ass a bit, then proceeded to push his cock into me. He didn't feel that big, but the whole sensation of being naked in the steam room sucking the cock and balls of a stranger, and another stranger pushing his bare cock up into me was hot! The latino started to cum and I was able to catch the last 3 ropes of his load in my mouth. He got up and that scared off the guy who was fucking me. I waiting a bit then stepped out to cool down before sitting in the sauna.

In the sauna was a well built 40 something guy sitting by the glass door, I went and sat at the other corner. After a bit I flipped open my towel and started to stroke. He did the same showing a thinnish but nice 7" uc cock that came to a point. I put a leg up on the bench and started plunging a finger in and out of my ass while I stroked and he watched. I finally got up, and walked over to him, knelt down and started sucking his cock while he moaned. We had to stop briefly as someone walked by the window that was right next to us at his head level. I stood and faced the glass door looking out to check if anyone was around and he started caressing my ass. I bent down a bit and he lifted his hips up and his bare cock went right into me. he fucked me in that awkward position for a bit till I pulled off and walked to the corner that was more hidden from the door. He came over and bent me over so I was holding myself up by a rail, and keeping an eye on the door. He mounted me and fucked me for about 5 mins and started moaning. I felt his cock soften a bit, and he pulled out. I asked him if he came, and he said no, it takes him a while to cum. He excused himself cus he needed to cool down. We were both dripping sweat. I pushed a finger into my ass, and I'm pretty sure he came in me, but since I already had one in me from earlier, I can't say for sure. By the time I showered and went into the locker area, he was just finishing getting dressed and was walking out.

When I got home I relaxed a bit and got online. After an hour of surfing porn, the blk guy from earlier in the night hit me up. He just got home and was horny and asking if I already got what I needed or not. I told him I got some but not enough. He said he could be over in 15min and give me what I needed. I said ok. He came over on time and I let him in. He was HUGE! That was one big blk man. Tall, semi muscular and build like a brick house. In the bedroom we got naked and his 9.5"c cock was really that size if not 10" It was quite thick too! He slicked up his cock with lube and laid me back on the bed with my legs on his shoulders and pushed his big blk bare cock into me. I had to stop him to get adjusted. Once I was ok, he started banging me, and really deep. It fuck'n hurt like hell! But I was not gona stop him or slow him down. My kidneys were gona be really bruised from this beating. He then had me flip over laying down, the whole time keeping his cock lodged deep inside me. He then layed on top of me and ground his cock up into me till he panted and groaned. He shot his load so far into me that it was not gona come out. It would all be absorbed into my body before it could work its way out. He finally pulled out of me, and got dressed. I walked him to the door bowlegged and wobbly. He said we need to hook up again, and I said sure, though thinking just give me a bit to recover first! I closed up and crawled into bed with slight cramps from having the cum from something so big so far up into me. I finally fell asleep, and woke up with a still sore ass, but it was a happy ass!

Monday, October 15, 2007

2 quick in and out

I just got out of the shower and was having a cup of coffee before work, and I got online. Right away a 34yo asianish mix guy hit me up looking to fuck quick. He had a nice tone smooth body and stated he had 6.5"uc. I said I could but would have to be quick. He hit me back with his address and I found it was only 5 blocks from me. I told him I'd be there in 10mins, be naked with the door open. He said ok. We only sent 3 messages back and forth! I headed over and found the door open just a crack. I opened and walked in to a dimly lit living room, and found him standing in the middle of it naked and stroking. I closed the door, took off all my cloths and walked up to him. He tugged on my cock a couple times then stepped behind me and bent me over a footstool. I applied some spit to my hole and he poked his thinnish uncut cock till he easily went into me. His cock was a little too thin and small to feel much, and only after 3 mins he grunted and shot his load into me. He pulled out and I stood, smiled and gave him a knod, put on my cloths and walked out. We never said a word to each other and the whole transaction took 5 mins at the most. I headed off to work with his cum in me all day. When I got home he had sent me a message saying he's free Mon-Thur mornings if I wanted another quickie sometime. I replied that I'd take him up on that soon.

I was thinking about going to the gym that has the steam room again, so I jumped in the shower to make sure I was ready for whatever. I sat and watched TV a bit to kill some time, I wanted to go around 10pm. As I was sitting there, someone came to my door and knocked. Who the hell is at my door at 8pm. I opened it and found a mid 20's short latino guy. I thought he was lost or something, then he said he has used my GH a couple times. Ok.... I still had no idea who he was but let him in. I told him, sorry I have no idea who you are. Rarely do I see who I service at my GH other then their cock. I asked him what he wanted, and he said, to get off. Ok, I figured I could suck him off quick. I dropped my shorts so I was now naked and he took off his cloths. I finally recognized the pierced navel ring, and his 7.5uc cock. I sat on the edge of the couch and started to suck his already hard cock. Then I leaned back and he got down on his knees and started to suck mine while rubbing a finger towards my ass. So I lifted up my legs so my ass was just over the edge. He rubbed his cock up and down my crack, coating it with precum that was drooling out of his cock. He looked at me with that look of "can I?" I gave him the shrug of if you wanted too... He pushed into me, on his 2nd thrust he stopped and said he was gona cum. I grabbed onto his hips to prevent him from pulling out, he groaned and his cock started to spasm inside me pumping his juice into me. He pulled out and quickly got dressed. He sheepishly said thanks, and headed out the door. I went back to watching TV and found I only missed maybe 10 mins of it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

work in work out

I was just getting ready to head to the gym last night when I got a text from the muscular blk military guy. He was asking if I was around in about an hour. I said sure, and would go to the gym afterwards. He seems to be in town a couple times a week lately and wants to pump one into me before heading back. I jumped in the shower and was ready like usual. He came in and climbed ontop of me, sliding his cock all the way up me. Gawd his cock felt good. He didn't take his shirt off this time, which is too bad cus I love feeling his hard smooth chest pressed against my back. But his low hanging smooth balls were slapping against mine and that got me rock hard. This time he reached under and started stroking me for a change. I think it got him going having my big cock in his hand. After only a few mins of stroking me he grabbed my hips and thrust really hard then got way deep into me causing me to arch my back. Just then he moaned and started releasing his seed up into me. He slow thrusted for a bit as his cock softened, then popped out of me while I tightened up, making sure I kept all of his cum inside me. I quickly went down on him and sucked this semi hard cock. Then he pulled up his sweat pants and I walked him to the door telling him I couldn't wait till next time.

I headed off to a gym I normally don't go too and had an ok work out. This gym has a sauna and steam room. In the steam room there were 3 guys that looked like I interrupted them. I waited a bit then went into the sauna. I sat there alone for a bit and an older guy came in. Prob 60 or so, bald top with white hair around the sides, an ok build for someone his age. He was wearing white bikini underwear that was wet and showed off a impressive bulge. He took them off and laid them on the rail so they could dry then sat down on a towel. Damn, this guy had monster balls and due to the heat they were hanging half way to his knees, and his cock, though soft came almost as far down! I stared at them, and he noticed. He flipped his cock a few times as I watched, then I tugged on my cock through my towel. He started to stroke, so I flipped my towel open and did the same. He got hard and I would guess his cock was about 9" and his balls still hanging really low. Mine wasn't quite hard but showing nicely. He got up and walked to the corner and stood and nodded me over. I slid down the bench over to him and he inched over twards me. I tugged on his cock. It was thinnish but had a big pink smooth helmet on it. I used my other hand and cupped those massive balls. I leaned in and started to suck him, while he kept an eye on the door. I stroked his shaft with one hand while sucking him, and my other hand on his balls rubbing a finger just under them as he moaned. He put his hand on my head and and started gasping short breaths. Then cum just poured out of his cock. It didn't spurt, just poured out, and it was like he hasn't cum in weeks. I tried to get all of it but some dripped onto the floor and I had to swallow to make room for the rest. It had a very bitter taste to it, but I swallowed the rest of it anyways. Though his cock was never rock hard the whole time, he got soft really quick after he came. He walked back to his towel showing me his flabby sagging ass which was kind of gross, but I could see his low hanging balls between his legs which was hot as he straightened his towel before sitting down. He gave me a wink and a yellowish toothy grin as I got up and walked out. In the shower area some 40ish out of shape guy gasped as I took off my towel and showered with my semi hard cock flopping around. I wasn't interested in him at all but it was fun putting on a show for him soaping up and rinsing off. He followed me into the locker area like a puppy, but I ignored him as I dressed and headed out.

Monday, October 08, 2007

4 under 26

Another blk day. Started out early afternoon when this 24yo tall skinny blk guy hit me up looking for a quick fuck on his way to work. We set it up where I would be naked and on all 4's. He showed up on time and stepped up behind me. I heard him unzip then press his cock against my hole. He aplied some spit then pushed into me. He fucked me for a while that why, then asked me to turn over on my back at the edge of the bed. I got to see him in person. He was wearing a muscle shirt with jeans down to his ankles, and a dew rag type thing on his head. He hoisted my lets up onto his shoulders and started fucking me more. Finally he paused and asked if he wanted him to cum in me. I replied, is that what you want? He whispered yeah, and started thrusting then buried is cock into me and came while I held his hips taking it as deep as I could. He quickly pulled up his jeans and said I was hot and he gets off work at midnight and would like to fuck me again. I said you have my # and email, hit me up.

The short little 26yo military blk guy hit me up. He didn't have a car and wanted me to come to him. I told him I just took a load, and he said he didn't care. So I cruised over. When I got to the door he came outside and told me his girlfriend just came home, and was taking a nap. He asked if there was someplace we could go, or we could try some other time, while he apologized. Thinking back, I remembered fucking in a gas station bathroom so I told him. He was game. He hoped in my car and we drove around a bit till we found a gas station that had a bathroom located outside the building. He ran in and got the key as I waited by the door. The bathroom was nasty! It stunk, very unclean, the toilet was disgusting, we both debated on even doing it there. Soon enough though I had my shorts off and he pushed his jeans down a bit and had me bent over supporting myself with the handicap rail. He didn't last long thankfully and added his seed to the one already in me. I bent over and sucked the cum off his cock, we dressed and I took him home.

Around dinner time the 22yo monster dick blk kid who uses my GH every now and then hit me up. Its been a while since he has been over. He was gona stop over on his way to his night class. I set up the GH and he showed right on time. He flopped is big blk cock through the hole and I sucked him hard, then backed up to the hole. With a nice slow push he eased his cock all the way into me. He may have a massive cock, but it fits so nicely inside me. He must have been worked up because with in a min or 2 he warned me that he was gona cum. I flexed my hole around his shaft and he said, oh fuck. Then proceeded to transfer his creamy load into me. He pulled out not letting me suck his cock clean. Pulled up his jeans and said thanks and left.

Around 8 at night the amazing 26yo muscular military guy text me and asked if I was around. I replied and we set up a time for 9:30. He said he didn't have much time but he needed to get off. I was naked and ready on the bed like usual, and he came in and got naked, climbed on top of me and pushed his rock hard 7.5" cock into me. His cock was so hard with that upward curve it was hitting me in areas making me gasp with slight discomfort, but I wasn't gona stop him. He fucked me for about 15 mins in that position till he collapsed on my back panting after he came inside me. He pulled out and put on some really hot underwear that looked amazing on his tight muscular body. He apologized that he had to take off. I said no worries. and walked him to the door naked.

That was my day. 4 different blk guys in their 20's fucked me bareback and came in me. Good times!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Not sure whats going on, but seems like all I've been getting is blk cock lately for some reason. Not that I'm complaining, I like all cock, but it always seems like most blk guy's attitude is: it is their right to fuck bareback and cum inside, rarely any discussion of it, they just do it.

I replied to a posting of a blk guy looking to get off before leaving work on Sunday. He was working at his office, and was horny, and no one else was there. I shot him a message with an ass pic and stats. He hit me back with more info. He was 6ft, 220lb with 8.5" and sent a pic of his torso wearing some shorts. He had a very dark smooth completion and quite built with big meaty pecs and thick arms with a slight gut, that he carried well. We chatted a bit more and he said he would be in his SUV in the parking lot at 6:00pm and to meet him there. One of my gym locations was in that area so I figured I could swing by and if it was a bust, I'd just hit the gym. As the time approached I pulled on some gym shorts and a tank, and drove over.

I pulled into the parking lot and didn't see a white SUV like he said. I followed the building around to the back where there was a inlet that had a small loading dock and there was the SUV backed into one of the 3 parking spots. I pulled up next to him and he rolled down the window and nodded at me. I would guess he was mid to late 40's bald on top with very short greying hair on the sides and a mustash. I got out of my car and went up to his window to see what was up. He had on a short sleeve button down shirt that was completely unbuttoned showing off his meaty smooth chest, and he had navy shorts that were pushed down to his knees and he was stroking his thick cut cock that had a thick rubber cock ring wrapped around his cock and fat balls. If I saw him fully dressed I might have debated hooking up, but seeing him like that was a major turn on and I was more then willing to have sex with him. He said lets go around to the side, as he got out of his SUV and pulled his shorts up and buttoned them. I followed him around to the side between his SUV and the wall of the building.

He popped the button and let his shorts slid down to his ankles and I knelt down and started sucking his cock that quickly got hard again, though not hard as a rock. It was a good 8.5" bit on the thicker side, with a scarce but un-groomed crotch hair. He stepped out of his shorts leaving him with just the unbuttoned shirt and a pair of sandals. I stood and pushed down my gym shorts and stepped out of them also. He spun me around, crouched down and started eating out my ass. I bent forward more and he went to town on my hole. He had one nice tounge on him that seemed to probe up into me pretty far. He ate my ass out for quite a while, moaning and slobbering all over my crack while I held my cheeks apart for him.

He finally stood, and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, then slowly pushed his bare cock up into me. He slowly thrust into me twice, then held still for a bit and whispered - oh baby your gona make me nut. I just groaned and kept bent over with my forehead on my arm as i supported myself against his SUV and jacked off with my other. He thrust with some slow steady full movements, getting all the way into me, then with out warning he started to convulse, shaking violently and swearing. So there I was, outside bent over while this possessed half naked older black guy's bare cock that was lodged all the way up inside, me spewing what felt like a river cum. I lost it and shot my load all over the step rail of his SUV.

He finally stopped shaking and slowly pulled his cock out of me, and stood there and cough his breath. I turned and saw his chest was glistening with sweat and his semi hard cock hung over his tight balls that were lifted because of the cock right making his whole package stand out from his body. We both reached down and pulled on our shorts. He said thanks, he needed that, as we walked around to our car doors. He quickly started up and pulled away and nodded to me while I was still putting on my seatbelt. I started to head to the gym, but for some reason, even though it was only a 20min or so encounter, I was worn out! I headed home instead, enjoying the feeling of his load up inside as I drove.