Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Opening night

After I got home from work the other day I jumped in the shower and fired up the computer and went on a hunt for some cock and cum. After chatting to a few guys The 29 yo poz blk guy with some tattoo's and a nice 8.5" piece wanted to use my GH. Sounded good to me so I set up the GH and waited for him to show up. While waiting I was chatting to the 21yo who I've hooked up with a few times over the past, ever since he moved out when he was 18. He's had the hots for me forever but I'm more bttm then what he likes, he's vers. I put him on hold when I heard the door open and got to the GH just in time to find a pair of jeans being pushed down, and some tighty whiteys going down and a soft dark blk cock flop out with low swinging balls.

I started to work over his cock as it came through the GH, and found his crotch a bit musky and sweaty, but in a good way. I cupped his low swinging balls and worked his shaft getting it nice and hard, till it had that slight bend to the side going on. I got him good and wet, then dabbed some spit onto my ass, and stood and backed up onto his cock. His cock forced its way up into me till his balls banged up against me. Fuck yeah, it felt good. I kept my ass pressed against the GH and let him do his thing. The thrust away till I could tell he was tensing up, then he let out a couple grunts as his cock spurted cum up into my body. I slowly pulled off, and went down on him, sucking his shinny blk cock clean of any cum till he stepped back. I got up and went back to my computer while he straighted up and left.

I went back to chatting to the 21yo, and while chatting a 42yo hot muscular poz guy who has fucked me a few times hit me up. He usually fucks me on all 4's but was interested in trying my GH. He had to walk the dogs so couldn't be over for about 45 min. Ok, hit me up when ready and I'll be ready I told him. 21yo didn't realize I had a GH and told me he wanted to try it, but I told him I might have someone over in 45 to fuck me, but if he wants I can take care of him, then he can watch on my side as I service. He jumped at that, and was on his way. He's a skinny 21yo with a few tat's and a very thick 8" cock that points right out. Not hot looking, but not ugly, just a geekyish skinny smooth neg kid who has been fucking me bareback since he was 18 and occasionally snuggling up and sleeping with me. He comes over and his already hard cock pops through the GH. I work him over and can tell I can make him shoot at any second, so I slow it down, let him suck on me some, then for fun, I turned and tried to slide his cock into my ass. Fuck he is thick. Even after I just got fucked by a big blk cock, and had cum in me, I couldn't take it. I had to back off. I sucked him a bit more then tired again. Holy shit! I got him in me and he started to thrust. He didn't know I had a fresh load in me but I could tell cus it got nice and slick, and glided in and out of my stretched out hole easier. I stopped after a bit, cus he said he didn't want to cum till he saw me get fucked. So I turned to suck on his cum slicked shaft and next thing I knew he was firring squirts of cum that hit the back of my throat. Damn, wish it was in my ass! I took down my GH and he came over to my side, and told me that was fucking hot as hell.

We snuggled up on my bed naked and surfed online together pointing out guys we thought were hot or who we had sex with. I got the message that the 42yo was ready and on his way. So we got ready with the GH. He came in and got completely naked and stepped up to the gh. He has a decent 7" cock with a great body. I stared sucking his cock and out of the corner of my eye, I could see 21yo off to the side, naked and stroking as he watch me. After I got him hard I turned and impaled myself onto his bare cock. I smiled at 21yo and as I was getting fucked bareback through the GH. After a bit he pulled his cock out of me then started to eat my ass out. He must have liked it cus he switched off 3 times, alternating fucking me and eating my ass. Guess the poz blk dudes cum was tasty, though I didn't tell him I had a load in me! LOL Finally he thrust away and moaned as he added his cum to me also. I sucked his cock clean and he stepped back to get dressed. I was thinking 21yo would step up and fuck me or I'll suck him off but he had cum all over his hand and up to his bellybutton. So I went down and licked up all the cum, even though it was kind of cold. We chatted a bit, then he headed out even though he wanted to spend the night but had to work in the morning.

I checked my messages and some 39yo mixed guy showing a great looking cock wanted to use my GH. He said he had 9.5" but not much else regarding what he looked like or anything else. I said ok, I'll suck him and back up to the GH if he wanted. He said that's exactly what he wanted. So we set it up. He came in a bit late but not too bad, but had bad GH etiquette. He bent down looking through the GH saying Hi. It was semi dark so I couldn't see him and he couldn't see much of me other then I was naked. He stood and got naked and I looked through to see a hot shaved smooth cock and balls, slightly smaller cock head going to a perfect long tube of a cock. I have no idea what race he was, he had lightish tan skin that was smooth. He could have been latin, black, mix, who knows, though I had a feeling he was more in his mid 40's, but could be completely off on that. He pushed his cock through the GH and I sucked him rock hard. He was more 8'5" cut, good girth, and just a hell of a silly smooth shaft. I turned and offered him my ass. He fingered my hole a bit then lined up and pushed it up into me. Mmmmm, that felt nice. Don't know who the hell he was but damn his bare cock felt good in me. He would fuck a bit, pull out, finger me some, then fuck me more. He got into a groove and I clamped down to keep the cum in me till he swore saying ohhh fuck, and let his seed flow into me also. He pulled out of me after catching his breath then leaned down to the hole again and said he wanted to fist me sometime. I stepped off to the side, still not in the mood to see each other. I have yet to be fisted, not saying I wouldn't sometime. I have fisted a few guys, but.... So I told him we'll see, depends on my mood, just cus I wouldn't mind him breeding me again sometime, even though he doesn't understand GH are anon, but that cock was so hot. Wonder if he is poz or not. Oh well, who cares. I closed up and fingered my sloppy hole tasting some of the cum myself while I jacked off. Wiped up my own cum with my fingers, and fingered my hole with it, then crashed out for the night.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In and out of uniform

The other day I get a text from Nextel wondering if I'm around. I said I could be, and he replied he had a buddy from the military base to help him if interested. He never describes or says who they are, but I trust his judgment. So we set it up for me to be blindfolded and on all 4's waiting. They came over at the said time and got naked while I waited naked on the bed. Soon I felt a cock mount me and pound away. Wasn't sure who it was cus the cock felt like Nextel's but when they switched they both had the same size, shape cock. They both took their turns fucking me for about 5 mins each then, as my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed getting fucked by one of them, the other got down and and started sucking my semi hard cock as the other kept fucking me. That brought me pretty close to cumming but before I could the one fucking me moaned and I felt his warm sperm flood into me. The other got up and quickly pushed his cock into my cum slicked hole and hammered away hard and fast for a min or 2 till he also groaned and came inside me also. They quietly got dressed and I heard the door close, then removed the blindfold.

Since I was close and still horny I got online. 10 mins later I was talking to the 9" military guy who fucks me though my GH. He wanted to get off over he lunch and asked his I was available. Hell yeah! He came over to me waiting at the GH. He stepped up and I got down and ready and he pushed his uniform down, and peeled down his tighty whiteys exposing his big floppy cock and trimmed big balls. He pushed it through and I went to down working his shaft over getting it rock hard and slick with spit. I turned and with a dab of spit on my hole I guided his meat up into my still cum filled hole. He moaned and swore, giving approval to how my hole felt around his cock. He started to thrust going all the way into me and his big balls bouncing off my own balls. He ground his cock back and forth and up and down, unknowingly mixing up the other military guys cum inside me. The then piston fucked me till I felt his cock flex deep inside me and he let out a sigh, and added his seed to me also. He kept it inside me as he caught his breath, and I enjoyed the feeling while I jacked off and quickly shot my load, then slowly pulled off, turned and sucked his cock, tasting the cum, and licking up the streaks of cream along his deflating cock. He stepped back a bit and pulled up his uniform and said thanks. He headed out, and since I was now content, I headed off to the gym.