Thursday, July 28, 2005

A day of fun

Early afternoon, a 25yo athletic dude with big arms came over to me blindfolded and on all 4's. he fucked me with what felt like an average cock and came inside me. A stocky 36yo latin came to my GH, he pulled out a super tiny cock with big balls. I worked it for a while and if finally grew. Got to be around 6" and average thickness, pulling on his balls got him to feed me his load. A 32yo repeat GH dude come over and I worked on his 8" cock. I was about to back up onto his cock like last time when he suddenly came in my mouth letting me tast his cum this time. The tall skinny 28yo came over again for another quick anoyonmus fuck. He fucked his 6" cock into me till he came, then promtly left. Big cock head dude came over again to me blindfolded still. He seemed to really get off on watching his 7.5" cock with a big mushroom head slide in and out of me coated with other dudes cum. He fucked me slowly with full thrusts till he buried it all the way into me and added his load to the mix. A 22yo and his "friend" came over to fuck me blindfolded. The 22yo has fucked me a couple times with his 7" cock. His friend seem to be kinda stocky with a bit thicker 6" cock. The friend fucked me first for a bit, then the 22yo mounted me and came quickly in me, then the stocky guy mounted me and after some work, finaly came in me also. I was getting tired, and thinking of bed when a 31yo skinny little vers bttm blk guy with 8" hit me up wanting my ass. He lived 3 blocks away and was over in 10min to find my ass in the air ready. He climbed right up ontop of me and power thrusted his cock into me and quickly spurted his seed into me also. He pulled out and stood up, and I got down and sucked his cum coated blk shaft clean till I was ready, then stood up and shot my load all over his smooth chest. I locked up after he left and crawled into bed content and full of cum.

Friday, July 22, 2005

feed n seed

A 36yo dude with no pic wanted to use my GH. He came over and showed of his great body and 7" cock before pushing it through the hole. I sucked him for a bit then he told me to turn around. He pushed his bare cock into me and fuck me for a min or 2 before he came inside me. A 22yo tall thin hairy mexican came over and I serviced his amazingly thick 7.5" uc cock while he sat back on the couch. His cum was very bitter and thick. A 42yo athletic fuck bud came over and fucked quick load into me while I lay on the bed. A 9" cut blk dude wanted to use my GH at the same time a my 8" military blk dude wanted to fuck me. I set it up with military to come over and watch on my side of the GH while I swollow a load, then he can fuck me. While sucking the 9", miltary started fingering my ass and found cum already in me. So he started eating out my ass while I swollowed a small thin load from the 9" blk cock. We then went into the bedroom where miltary alternated between fucking me and eating the cum dripping out of me till he finaly injected his seed into me also. A 24yo very tall skinny kid with no picture and average 6" cock wanted to fuck me, and agreed to an anoynomus quick fuck. He lived a few blocks away and came over to find me blindfolded and on all 4's. He unknowingly slide his bare cock into my already cum filled hole and fucked a quick load into me. He must have liked it cus he messaged me when he got home telling me he wanted to fuck me again, and that my hole was super hot. My little asian GH boy came over and fed me a load on his way to blockbuster. And finally a 47yo guy with just a cock pic, came over to me blindfolded and ready. He also alternated between fucking me and eating the cum out of me, till he added his seed to the mix that was left inside me.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The complex

In the past week I have been to the same apt complex and have been fucked 6 times by 5 different black guys. Its crazy! An early 30s stocky blk dude started it by pumping a load out of his 8" cock into my ass late at night at his 2 floor apt. The next day, mid morning I found myself on the 4th floor sucking this 24yo skinny blk kid with 7.5uc while he sat on his coutch, then he mounted me doggy style and came in me. The next afternoon I was on the 2nd floor of the next building over, and let 2 blk guys who were lovers take turns using my ass. Both were late 30's early 40's, with average builds. 1 with a 8" peice with huge balls, and the other 9". 2 days later I was back at the first dudes place cus he wanted to give me another load. The next morning, I was at the 2nd dudes apt, but this time his roommate fucked me. I don't know if they knew it or not. The roommate was 27, tall basketball player build with a great 8.5" veiny cock. He wasn't into fucking me bare, but next thing ya know, his spit coated shaft was balls deap spurting seed up into me