Monday, December 12, 2005

street fair

There was a street fair over the weekend in my neigorhood. I desided to check it out sunday, and cut through the aleyways to get over to it. On my way, I came across a couple fucking in a little elcove to the side of a building. A 24ish latino chick, thin with small brests wearing a black mini skirt and white tank top was bent over with her skirt flipped up while this tall skinny black kid was crouched behind her with his basket ball shorts down to his knees. His little ass was flexing as he was pumping her. I was pretty hot to watch. I was pretty close by, about 40 feet away, peering around a wall that I ducked behind one I saw them. I could tell he as cumming, and he pulled out of her, finally showing me a pretty respectable peice of meat for being such a young guy. She started to straighen up and I could see a couple big globs of creamy white cum ooze out of her pussy. She gave him a peck on the cheek and they both walked twards the street fair. I came out of hidding and followed behind them far enought were they didn't even knotice. At the intersection. They parted ways, she seemed to see someone she knew and went to talk to a small group of friends. About 15 mins later as I was leaving with a beer from the booth, I saw she was in line to get a beer too, kind of flirting with 2 latino guys behind her. I wached as she worked it, playing with them, even intentinaly dropping a quarter giving them a sneek peek. The shorter guy noticed right away, the taller didn't seem to catch it. It also became aparant cus the shorter one started to show a bulge. When she was ordering her beer, shorter seemed to have told the taller one about it, cus he trying to scoop a look by trying to look. The met up and talked a bit while having thier beer, till I knoticed they all seemed to head down tward the alley way. Shorter guy leaned up against the light pull, and tall guy and the chick kept going. I quickly, near run, went to the next block so I could double back to my viewing spot. When I got there, she was just standing up from blowing him, and took the same position as the blk dude. I couldn't see his cock cus he just had it sticking out of his fly of his jeans. He didn't fuck long, he seemed to have shot his load quickly. He zipped up and she walked with him back to the street. I stayed cus short guy was heading back with her now. They went into the elcove, and she started to blow him, his jeans went down to his knees, and his hot little ass was great to look at. She again got in possition with here skirt flipped up, Short guy croched down, showing me he had a pretty hefty uncut cock, and he started to eat out her pussy. He then mounted her, fucking hee pretty hard. He started trashing as he shot his load. When he pulled out his cock was slick and glisening. He straighted up, she gave him a peck on the cheeck, and he walked back to his friend. She then pulled out a tissue from here bra, hiked one leg up, showing a neatly trimmed pussy, and wipped here pussy, cleaning up the cum from her legs and fingered out a glob of cum from her pussy lipps. She tossed the tissue straighted up and went back to the fair. I was too worked up. I left and went to the bookstore. Right away I went to a booth with the door ajar, and there was a stocky / muscular laitino with his pants to his ankles, stroking a decent 6.5 uc cock. I went in and went down on him while jacking my own cock. Shortly after he fed me his salty load, I shot my load all over the floor.