Friday, November 25, 2005

of the same

The blk kid from the day before called. Seems he told his cousin about my gloryhole and wanted to know if I'd take care of him. I said sure. We set up a time. Right on time I had a soft uncut cock with big balls hanging through my gloryhole. His crotch had a slight funk to it, but that was fine with me. He was a little slow to grow, and after working him for a bit he seemed to relax and get into it. His cock thickend quite a bit, showing he definatly had some girth as it reached about 8" He liked it best when I would slightly tug on his balls with a finger going back to his ass, while I worked his forskin up and down his cock with my other hand. I was debating if I whould back up onto it, but he was getting overly excited and spurted in my mouth. His cum was very creamy and had a great tast. I kept working on his cock, but he pulled out, zipped up and left. I was just getting ready to move my GH wall when I heard the door open. I looked through the hole and saw some blk dude coming up it it. Next thing ya know another uncut cock was presented to me. This one was nicely groomed, shorter trimmed hair, shaved balls, and close to 9" average thickness. He was rock hard quickly with a lighter tan cock head underneath the forskin and had a slight curve to the right. After working his shaft for a bit, he said "let me fuck you" So I quickly turned around and worked his shaft into my ass. He fucked for a bit then pulled out. He fingered my ass a bit then what flet like his tounge on my hole. He then entered me again and started to really bang against the wall, then as he was grunting, he pushed all the way up into me and gave me his load.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Straight up

On a whim I replied to a posting from a 19yo blk male looking for a white pussy or ass to fuck within the hour. Hes visiting from out of town and had a chance to get away and wanted to fuck. He posted stats of 19, 5'11" athletic and hung. I sent him a message telling him if he wanted my ass, he's welcome to it, and attached a pic. 5 mins later we were sending emails back and forth. He was hoping for some pussy, but my ass looked good and he's limited on time. He agreed to come over and if he was comfortable and into it once meeting, it could happen, but he might also back out. He showed up about 20mins later. It was hard to gauge him cus he was in baggy jeans, a sweatshirt and baseball hat. We talked a bit, he was nerveouse and I tried to make him relaxed. Knowing time was ticking for him, I went to the bathroom, and came out compleatly naked, and asked him what he thought and if he wanted to fuck. He started touching my ass, and I led him into the bedroom. He pulled off his sweatshirt showing a thin but defined smooth chest with a big gold chain hanging around his neck. He kicked off his shoes and I undid his belt and pulled his jeans down. He steped out of them leaving on some baggy boxer briefs that were tented out in front. I slowly pulled them down to reveal a shaved crotch and a dark blk shaft. When I finally got the shorts over his cock it was amazing. Totaly shaved smooth, his cock was about 9.5" uncut and quite thick with a slight downward curve. His shaft was darker then the rest of his body, and the forskin was thin and covered most of his dark skined cock head. On his little body his cock looked nearly a foot long, and his smooth big balls hung quite low. it was fuck'n hot! I started working his cock over sucking him and he was rock hard. He seemed to like how I worked his forskin and enjoyed the tast of his driping precum. While I was sucking him I poped the lubed and worked a couple fingers into my ass to get ready. I got up on the edge of the bed and he stepped up behind me slapping his meat against my ass. He pushed right up into me all the way to the balls making me quickly catch my breath. He soon found a rythem and was fucking me in full strokes. He kept telling me how hot my hole felt. His balls werwe slapping againt mine for a while till I noticed his balls tighting up like he was getting close. Then he started grunting and swearing and I felt a nice warm sensation deep up inside me as he shot his load up into me. He slowly pulled out and calaped on the bed. I got down between his legs and carfully sucked his cock and licked his balls. Finding he was not supper sensitive like most, I started enjoying his forskin and milking as much cum out fo him as I could. He just grinned and asked me if I like the tast of cum. I told him I love getting fucked by blk gus and swollowing cum. He started getting dressed and noticed my gloryhole wall behind my door. And I told him some guys like annoynomus blowjobs or annoynomus fucking through it. He just laughted. he asked for my # on his way out incase he has some more free time while in town he can hit me up. I gave it to him and he thanked me and left.

Monday, November 21, 2005

more the better

A 25yo guy with no picture wanted to fuck me thought my GH. He came over, and based on what I could tell he had an amazing body. He is cock was only 6.5 or so, but it was good thickness and rock hard. After sucking him some I backed up on to it and he fucked me till he told me he was cumming, and pumped his load into my ass. A semi regular came over to. I sucked him till his 7" was hard, then using the 25yo's cum as lube, I backed onto his cock also and he fucked me till he add'd his cum to me also. A 28yo occational fuck hit me up. Him and a friend were looking for an ass to tag team. He likes me blindfolded and on all 4's. While waiting for them to come over 2 blk guys hit me up looking to tag team also. I set it up for them to come over afterwards. I got in position and the first 2 came in, both were around 7.5 with his friend a bit thicker. They took turns switching off till they both cam in me, then left. still laying on the bed, about 10 mins later the blk guys came in. Wasting no time the older bigger one pushed his 8.5" cock into me and fucked me hard. He was getting close so he pulled out. The skinny younger one mounted me with his 8"uc cock and fucked for a bit but couldn't hold back and came in me. Quickly the other guy mounted me and fucked me deep, shooting his load as far as he could into me. I swong around and sucked his cock clean of cum. and they dressed and left. I got back online ready to log off and head to bed when an older guy with a 9" cock wanted a quick fuck. I got in position with the door open, and he showed up mounted me and fucked his load into me also with in about 15min. I finally locked up and went to bed still full of assorted cum.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

random booth sex

Stopped at my fav bookstore to play. Not much going on when I first go there, an ok looking 35ish latin guy and an late 20's hippy looking dude. I went into a booth and showed my ass. The latin guy stepped in rubbing my ass. He went down and started eating out my ass, so I took off my shorts and got on all 4's on the benches. After eating my hole out he stood up and took off all his cloths. I looked back and he had a decent body with about a 6.5" cock. He wasn't supper hard so it took a bit for him to get his cock into me but soon was fucking me. In broken english he asked if he could open the door. I just shrugged. I heard the door unlock and he started fucking again. He was having a hard time keeping his cock hard, and after a while I got tired of tring to get his load so I started to get up. He tried to keep me down but I was over it. I stood up to pull my shorts on and noticed he had the door completely open. It was kind of a turn on when I found out but he wasn't a good fuck so I left him there still completely naked. I leaned against the wall for a bit and a booth opened up. A pretty hot blk guy walked out and out of the arcade. I stepped into his booth and found a huge puddle of cum. I quickly closed the door and scooped up the cum and fingered some into my ass, and smeared some onto my cock and jacked off a bit with it. I went back to leaning against the wall and a mid 20's out of shape blond guy came in and went into the booth next to me. I wasn't really interested but glanced into his cracked open door. He had a nice thick 7" cock sticking out of his pants. I stepped in and stared sucking him off. I stood up to pull my cock out and he cupped my ass. So I took my shorts off completly and got on all 4's. Within 5 stokes of his cock up inside me I felt him spazem and pump his cum up into me. He kept fucking me for a while and I could tell his cock was going soft. I don't think he wanted me to know that he came. After about 5 mins his cock poped out of me and he zipped up and left not saying anything. I walked out and peeked into a booth to see a short latin/asianish mix kid watching a vid. I peeked in occationaly and he was just watching. Since it was dead in the place I stepped in. We played around and I ended up sitting while he leaned over and sucked my cock. He took off his Tshirt so he was in shorts and a tank, and I was compleatly naked. Finally he started to inch down his shorts to jack himself. I think he was self concious that he was small. He may have been maybe 6" but on his compact body it looked pretty hot. Plus he was pretty thick, uc and had large balls for his body. I fingered his smooth little hole while he bobbed up and down on my cock unknowingly cleaned off the blk guys cum I smeared on my cock earlier. He got close and stood up, and I quickly cupped his big balls and was able to catch some of his cum in my other hand. I watched as I stook up and used his cum as lube and quickly jacked off 4 powerfull ropes of cum that splattered on the wall of the booth. He quickly got himself together and shyly left the booth.