Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gender fucked

I was running an erand in a part of town I'm not normaly in, and came across a bookstore that I havn't been to in a long long time. With some time to kill, I figured I'd stop in. The place was pretty dead. Of the 6 booths 2 were occupied. The 1st one was locked, the 2nd one wasn't. So I peered in. There stood a guy in his late 50's early 60's, decent build, compleatly naked except for a white garder belt and thigh high stockings. It kinda of threw me back, he was compleatly shaved from neck down and had quite the large uncut cock that was sticking straight out as he was tweeking both his nipples. I pushed the door back closed a bit and debated what I wanted to do. My guess is he was a big old bottom that just wanted to suck me off. However my options were limited at the moment, and he did have quite the impressive peice. What the hell. I stepped into the booth. I grabbed his cock and stroked him while he alternated between watching me and the video, and went back to tweeking both his nipples. I got down on and started to suck him off. His cock was close to 9" and quite thick. He was uncut but did not have alot of extra skin, but definatly uncut, and a really nice set of balls. I quickly stood up and took off my jeans and layed them next to his neatly folded cloths on the bench and went back down on him. While bobbing up and down on his cock, I worked up enough spit to lube up my ass and streatch it out some. Finally when I was ready and his cock coated with spit also, I quickly stood up, turned around and guided his cock to my ass. He staggerd back at bit till he was half leaning against the wall for support. That seemed to help, becuase I felt my hole open up and him slowly glide into me. About halfway down, I was tempted to pull off because I was not quite streached enough for the thickness of his cock. I just paused and tryed as hard as I could to relax. His cock started to slide more into me and he seemed to take over and started to buck up against me. Never really having the whole length of his cock in me for long, he was doing short thrusts of only a couple inches. I really wanted to feel the whole thing slide in and out but wasn't complaining. Bent over holding myself up with one arm, I started jerking myself off. His cock felt so good, I knew I wouldn't last long if I kept jerking myself off but couldnt' help it. A few mins later I started to shoot my load all over the floor. Just as the last spurt of my cum left me, his legs started to shake, and he grunted 3 times while continuing his short thrusts. Once he stopped thrusting, I slowly pulled off his cock, even though his leggs were still shaking. I turned and grabbed my jeans and pulled them on. He was still leaning against the wall, eyes closed, still tweeking both his nipples, and his still hard cock, framed by the garder belt, was still sticking straight out, and a thick droplet of cum was stringing from the tip. I was tempted to go down and lick it up, but I know most uncut guys get very sensitive after they cum. So I left him like that, and pushed the door closed behind me and headed out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back

After falling compleatly for a man who stole my heart, only to have it crushed for unknown reasons.... I'm back. Its taken a bit of time for me to get back into the grove, so forgive me.

I stopped at the local bookstore. As soon as I went into a booth, and tall thin asian mix guy stepped up behind me and started playing with my ass. I quickly took off my shorts and using the footstool got on all 4's. He had a nice 7.5" cock that was thicker twards the head then the base so it felt good going in and out. He worked my ass for quite a while till I finally told him it was ok if he came. He banged me hard then pumped his load into me. As he was getting dressed he saw my cock and told me next time maybe I could fuck him. We'll see, he was kinda hot.

A stocky blk guy came in and went into the booth I just left, and left the door ajar. I stood near and waited a bit before opening and seeing him sitting with his average looking cock sticking out of his pants. I stepped in and went down on him. It seemed thats all he wanted and was getting into it. I paused and stook up to drop my shorts after a while. He stood while we both jacked our cocks. His cock was close to 7" and got progressivly thicker twards the base. He cupped my ass and found my hole wet and soon spun me around. I got on all 4's again and he worked his bare cock into me. He was much thicker then I thought and took some quick relaxing, but soon was getting into having him and me. He fucked me for about 5 min till he slammed up into me and came. He quickly pulled up his pants and left, leaving me to put my shorts on while I pulled the door closed behind him.

A young latino with a decent build came in wearing a wife beater. He went into the same booth I was just in. I couldn't tell if the door was unlocked or not. I waited a bit then tried. It was open and he was just standing there. I figured why not, and stepped in. I pulled my cock out and as he watched my cock get hard he pulled his out of his fly. His cock was 6" or so, but amazingly thick. I dropped my shorts and took them off. He commented on how big my cock was but wasn't sure about playing in the bookstore. I told him its pretty safe here, but he said he was military, and asked if I had a place to go. I said I might depends. He then asked what I wanted to do, and I said up to him. He said he wanted to fuck me. That helped make up my mind. I told him I had a roommate but he was at work for the next hour or so. We could go to my place but only if it was to fuck. He agreed, and we met up outside. He followed me on my way home till I made a turn, and he seemed to linger back a bit, and missed the green light. I pulled over and waited but knew he was having second thoughts. He never came around the corner, and after waiting 2 light changes. I just headed home.