Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Becoming a regular

A couple weeks ago I was hit up around 11pm by a profile that showed this black and white statue looking picture, like it was an art photo or something. Hard to see other the outline features, and was artistically something you would hang in your bathroom or something. The profile stats were as follows:

27, 5'10", 185lb, 28w
Athletic , Shaved Head , Shaved Body , Black, 7.5" Cut , Safe Sex Only , HIV Negative

First I thought, its it even possible to have those stats? a 28"w? athletic build? 185lb? come on... Grow up!

He started chatting to me, saying he was at a friends house, and was looking for something quick. Bing, another light comes on... This dudes a player, getting his kicks online. I was a little evasive with my replies, and soon the tables were turned and he was accusing me of being a flake. Some thing in the back of my head said, don't pass this up, even though all signs and flags were screaming, move on, he's a freak, looser and flake. Finally I told him, Fine! I'm gona jump in the shower, here is the address, and time I'll be ready. He replied, that I better not be jerking him.

I showered put on some music, lit a candle for some low level light, and laid on my bed with my ass up. He was a few mins late but not too bad. I heard the door open and him come into the bedroom and take off his cloths. I heard the lube pop open then close and he climbed up on top of me and forced his rock hard cock into me. Damn, this dude must have been worked up to be rock hard and ready in 15 seconds. His cock I could tell had an upward curve to it and he was hitting me pretty deep giving me that uncomfortable good feeling. I reached under and discovered 2 very low hanging average to small balls swinging and slapping up against me in a completely smooth sack. I then reached to the side and grabbed his waist and ass to pull him in deeper. Holy shit. That had to be the smallest waist I've ever felt and a flexing dimpled muscle ass as he thrust in to me. He fucked me for about 15min alternating from laying flat to on all 4s then back again, till finally he started grunting and I felt that burning hot sensation of his cum being injected into me. Funny, I thought, we didn't talk about bareback, or me taking his load, but he thankfully just did it.

He dismounted and stood at the side of the bed, and grabbed the towel to wipe himself off. I turned over and got on my knees in front of him and started to suck his still semi hard cock. He moaned and stood there, letting me enjoy his cock, while I jacked my own. I looked up and I thought I was in heaven. Here I am, on my knees sucking on the cock of a black god. A full 8 pack ripped abs, wide muscular shoulders with bulging biceps that tapered down to a tiny little waist that was so tight you could see a couple of the veins go down twards his groin, and his muscular legs that trunked out to big muscular toned calf's. His whole body was smooth or shaved, from head to toe expect for his eyebrows. I lost it. I quickly stood and fired off my load aiming for his cock but splattering it against his abs instead with a lot of force. This was the first time he has seen me too, and I could tell he was in a bit of awe over the size of my cock, and the force of my load. He toweled himself clean, and dressed, and said thanks and went out of the bedroom and out the door as I was cleaning up myself.

I closed up my apt, and crawled into bed and jacked off 2 more times thinking about how amazingly hot this guy was. Men and women would pay money to see him naked, thousands to have sex with him and probably give anything to have his babes, and here I lay in bed glowing in the fact that I had his seed inside me

The next morning I had a message from him asking for my # because he might be back in town that night, and would text me if he was.

Around 7pm I get a text saying that he is in town, going to the gym, and should be out around 9 and would like to stop by before driving back. I said I'll jump in the shower now and be ready, just text me when he is leaving. 8pm, he texts and says he got done early and asked if I was ready. Hell yeah I am!

He came over again, but this time we were in many positions. Started on all 4's, I had him on his back and squatted over him riding his shaft while tweaking his nipples, to standing bent over. We took a couple breaks cus it was warm. I would nussle his semi hard cock, enjoy his tight muscled smooth body, and even ate his hot little ass out. which is rare for me. Not that I don't mind eating a hot ass, but never get into eating a black dudes ass. They always have hot looking ass's but eating them out.... no thanks. But this stud, oh hell yeah, totally smooth, a perfect little ring, I could have eat'n he's ass out all night. And I think I was one of the few who have cues he really got into me tonging him. He finally fucked his load up into me, and talked about fucking another into me, till he realized we have been rolling around naked for a few hours and he had a long drive yet. Come to find out he is a military boy, stationed about 45min north of me, and comes to this area once a week to be a personal trainer for a friend of his. It is usually Tue nights.

This is the 3d tues in a row now that he has text me to be ready around 9pm. And tonight will be the 3d tues in a row I should to have his seed inside me.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I crashed on the couch early, and woke up wide awake at 3:30. I went online and it was pretty dead so I jumped in the shower and was gona hit the gym early for a change knowing no one would be there... Then maybe I'd find some cock and cum. After my shower I scanned online again and came across a new posting. 36yo 6' 200lb blk guy with 9" looking to get off. I sent him a message with my ass pic saying ready now. He replied with his address saying to just come in. I sent a reply saying leaving now, be there in 15. He wasn't in the best area of town, and after struggling to find a parking spot, I walk into his apt complex and knocked twice then opened the door. In a small but fairly clean studio, was this completely naked blk guy with a smooth average chest, shaved head, and stroking his cock with the lights on, watching some really lame $5 type porn DVD. We didn't say anything, I stood at the door and took off my cloths. I crawled onto the bed and replaced his hands with my mouth. His cock was semi hard, and looked like he was gona be 8.5 - 9" range. He didn't get supper hard even though I tried. He got up behind me while I laid on his bed, and poured some lube down my crack. Then doing a push up over me he let his meat rest on my crack and slid it up and down He did this for a while till he backed up a bit letting his cock head slip down farther in my crack. I lifted my ass a bit and felt his head agaist my hole so I pushed back a bit. He ground his crouch against me and his cock popped into me causing me to gasp. He proceeded to slowly push his whole cock into me then laid on top of me. He started thrusting with his hips harder and harder till the force was making me push into the mattress enough to bounce back up and meet him as he was thrusting back down. This went on for a while till he slowed down then rested on my back. I figured he was taking a little break. But then he pulled his cock out of me and rolled onto his back next to me. I laid there for a bit wondering what was gona happen. I figured I'd go back to sucking him, so I turned to go down on him, and he started to snore. Glancing at his deflating cock there a few drops of cum dripping out of the head. I was temped to suck him, but thought against it. To check, I slid a finger up into my ass. Sure enough I felt his cum squishing around in me. I quietly got dressed and pulled the door behind me, leaving him naked on the bed, the lights on, and the bad porn still playing. NOW I'll head to the gym!

Monday, August 13, 2007

lunch time

Had a late afternoon appointment, so I cleaned up, and ran to the gym, then checked out the lunch hour crowd at my fav bookstore. There were a couple regulars milling around and 1 booth occupied. One of the regulars went into a booth and watched a video while I held the wall up hanging out myself. About 5 mins later a scruffy looking, thin early 30's guy came in with a hat on back wards, a ponytail, and a scruffy beard, black t-shirt and dirty jeans. While looking at the movie selections I caught him glance my way a couple times, so I stepped into the booth I was next to and left the door ajar. I started up the video then dropped my shorts down to my knees and stood off to the side a bit showing off my ass to the door. The door creaked open and scruffy stepped in. He cupped my ass, and I bent forward a bit letting him play with my ass a bit. He paused and undid his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor. Then he sat on the bench. I turned around and found him with his legs spread apart and stroked his cock. He had dark hairy legs, a thick bush and what looked to be a nice happy trail going up his abs. He was hung around 7.5" average thickness had a leather cock ring on, that looked kind tight cus his balls were purplish, and his nice helmet head was pierced with a ring going through his piss slit. I stepped out of my shorts and got down on my knees. One of my knees when right into a puddle of waisted cum. His cock was rock hard, with his veins bulging due to the cock ring. I bobbed up and down on him getting him good and slick, and tonging his piercing. He just leaned back and enjoyed it for a while, and I scooped up some of the cum by my knee and started to jack off with it. He leaned forward after a bit and started to play with my ass, so I gathered some more cum off the floor and fingered it onto my hole, lubing it up for him. He started plunging his finger in and out of me and I moaned softly and arched my back some to let him know I liked it. He then stood up, and lifted me up by the shoulders, then spun me around pushing me down on the back so I was bent over. I heard him spit then I felt the metal of his piercing against my hole. I relaxed my hole and he glided his cock all the way into me in one push. I kept my hole somewhat relaxed since he was pierced, and he thrust into me with full thrusts. After only 5 mins or so, he said here it cums, grabbed my hips and pushed all the way into me. I could feel his cock flex as he shot into me. He slowly pulled out of me, and I turned to see him wipe off a glob of cum that clung to his piercing with his shirt. He pulled up his jeans and buckled up while I was stepping into my shorts. He then gave me a nod, and stepped out of the booth.

After I got dressed I checked things out a bit. 2 booths were in use now and the same regular was there. A short skinny little thing came cruising into the back and took a booth right next to where I was standing, leaving the door ajar. I watched him put money in, then drop his shorts to the ground then sit on the bench and started to play with his average looking cock. He couldn't have been any older then 20, some type of latin mix, maybe 5'6 and all of 100lbs. I stepped into the booth and dropped my shorts, standing and stroking my cock. He watched a bit, then reached over and tugged on it for a bit, then switched the movie selection and continued jacking off his 6" or so average cock. I reached down and stroked him some and he moved his hands away. So I bent down and started to suck him some. He reached up and grabbed my cock, and just held it it firmly, and a min or so later he tensed up and pumped his load into my mouth. It was a nice thick creamy load, but kind of bitter. He quickly pulled up his shorts and avoided me pretty much, and bolted out the door.

I stepped out of the booth the same time as a tall stocky mid 40's blk guy stepped out of his booth right across from me. I leaned against the wall, and he leaned against his facing me and started stroking the outline of his cock through his black track pants. It looked pretty hefty so I stepped back into my booth leaving the door wide open and dropped my shorts showing him my ass. He quickly stepped into my booth and slid a finger into my ass while pulling the door closed. I stepped out of my shorts as he flipped his cock out over the waistband. He was easily 8" nice thickness and uncut. I pulled the stool over and got on all 4's and spit on my hand and reached back to coat his shaft. He lined up and gently entered me telling me he was hoping to get a piece of ass today. He started thrusting harder and harder. I had to brace myself a bit and his skin was slapping up against my ass pretty noisy. About 5 mins into it he asked if i wanted it. I replied, if u want to give it to me. He said, oh fuck yeah I do. A couple mins later he started to grunt and kept thrusting as he pumped his fuck up into me. He slid his softening cock out of me and I turned and sucked his cock clean of cum as he shivered a bit cus he was sensitive now. I stood and started getting dressed and said thanks. He replied, no thank you! you have a nice ass. I just smiled and said anytime. He patted my ass and tweeked a nipple and said take care, as he left the booth.

I wanted to stay longer, play more and maybe get off myself but I needed to get going. So I headed out.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

1 leads to another

I let some 40 yo blk guy fuck me while blindfolded. I only saw his cock pic, it was 7.5-8, and I was in the mood for an anonymous quickie. He came over, walked into my bed room to find me naked and on all 4's. He ate my ass out a bit then stood and mounted me. It was just an ok fuck. He finally pulled out and jacked until he was close then pushed into me just as he came. I stayed in position until he left then got online.

The trash talking blk kid who fucked me though the GH wanted to hook up agian, but this time on the bed. We set up a time, and he gave me his phone #. I hung out and waited and waited, finally I text'd him and asked him whats up. He replied he got stuck taking care of things but still wants to. Not sure when, I got back online and a 44yo bi married guy showing of a nice body and 8" cock wanted to fuck. He shot me his # and said to call since he would no longer be at a computer. I waited a bit and still no word from the kid, I called the 44yo. He was working near by and said he would be over with in 30 mins, and would call me as he arrived so I could be on all 4's ready. I swear I just hung up the phone and got a text. Blk kid is almost here. I quick shot him a text telling him I thought he wasn't gona show and had a dude on his way. 5 mins later kid called me. I explained the whole thing and suggested he grab some coffee or something and give me 15-20 mins. While on the phone with him, laying naked on the bed, 44yo came in. I told 44yo the situation, and he didn't care. I relayed the info to blk kid, and he didn't care, so it became a 3 way.

44yo, had a decent body, the pix were a year or two old when he was working out, and has since stopped. He had this flock of gray / white hair in the front that looked silly, and his cock wasn't 8". More like 7" but he was there, naked and wanted to fuck me. All that talk of him fucking me with his big cock came to a quick hault when he saw my cock. He went down and started eating out my ass, unaware that there was some random blk dudes cum in me. He climbed up and slide his bare cock into me. I kinda though he might put a condom on since he was married, but I didn't have any laying out and he didn't ask. He was thrusting away when blk kid walked in. This was the first time we each actually saw each other's face. The kid defiantly looked like a kid. 20-22, though I think he stated once he was 26. His thin little body was completely shaved like before. He walked over to the other side of the bed with his semi hard 8" cock flopping back and forth. He fed me his cock and quickly got hard, and started taking trash. Yeah fuck that ass... Thats such a hot ass.... yeah, dick him good man... They switched places and blk kid glided his cock up into me from behind. Saying stuff like.... Yeah you like that big nigger cock in you don't ya... They switched again, and blk kid came around and fed me his cock, letting me taste the cum that on his shaft.

Next time they switched, the 44yo got underneath me, sucking my cock some, then my balls then farther back licking the blk kids shaft and my ass as it went in and out of me. 44yo must have gotten close doing that cus he quickly got out and moved the blk kid out of me and mounted me. Blk kid stood on the bed and fed him his cock and 44yo muffled a groan as he came in me. That put the blk kid over the edge and he fed his load to the 44yo who swallowed it.
They both started cleaning up, and the 44yo said he has never done that before but it was hot. The blk kid kinda lingered and asked for a smoke. I was still naked but the blk kid was dressed and the 44yo headed out. The blk kid told me he has been reassigned but will still be in the area for at least another year. He's currently living on one of the military bases in the area. I told the blk kid I wish he would have came in me instead of feeding it to the other guy. In between puffs he said, I can do that, I can go again. He proceeded to unbutton his jeans and pull out his smooth blk shaft. We went back into the bedroom and on got on the edge of the bed and he slid his now hard cock up into me. More trash talk... Yeah, u want my load up in ya don't ya.... I'm gona breed ya bitch... Surprisingly he didn't last long like most guys do after cumming once. He reached around and started jacking my cock and I shot my load all over the bed, then he shortly after shot his load into me. I felt his burning hot cum spurt into me, and it made me want to shoot again. He pulled out and I quickly went down on him cleaning off the cum from his smooth cock and balls. We chatted a bit more, and he had another smoke then headed out.

I had a message waiting for me when I got back to my computer. The stocky latino kid wanted my ass again. I was tired, already came, but what the hell. I told him I just got fucked but if he didn't mind sloppy seconds... He said he would be there in 10. I was laying on the bed and he came in and started fingering my hole while he got undressed. Then he fed me his rock hard cock for a bit before putting me on all 4's and mounted me deep. Less then 10mins later he was adding his seed to the mix already inside me. He laid on top of me till his cock slipped out. He got up on his knees behind me, and I grabbed his hand, and rolled out 2 of his fingers then guided them into my ass. I then pulled his hand to my mouth and sucked and licked the globs of white creamy goo that coated his fingers, as he said... oh fuck thats hot. I laid there while he got dressed then he kissed both my ass cheeks and headed out.

I went and laid on the couch and flipped on the TV. Feeling tired I figured a little nap wouldn't hurt before going to the gym. 6 hours later! I wake up on the couch with a sticky crack that smelled like old sex.

Friday, August 03, 2007

big front, little back

Stopped into a bookstore I don't really like, its very brightly lite, small booths, and I never see anyone there. But... I was leaving an appointment and it was there. Figured I might suck off a cock before heading home and calling it a day. I got my tokens and checked it out. I stood there alone checking out the movie selections while 2 of the booths were occupied. One of the booths opened and a mid 40's red headed stocky guy came out wearing a Hawaiian shirt and tan pants. He wasn't overly attractive, for one I'm not a fan of red heads, and he had a pretty good sized gut on him. He had really outdated glasses and a slightly unkept beard that had a lot of gray in it. He went to another booth and went in, but I never heard the lock click, though the door looked closed. I waited a bit, then checked the first booth that was occupied. It was locked, then went to his door. Out of more curiosity then actually interested in him, I tried the door. I cracked it open to find him looking right at me, standing with his pants down to his knees jerking on an ungodly thick cock. I stepped in and closed the door, and quickly went down on him. It was maybe 6.5 but I could not put my fingers around it, and he had a really nice full smooth cock head. He proceeded to unbutton his shirt revealing a very hairy gut. He pulled his shirt off to the sides giving me better access to his cock, and he started to pull his nipples. I took a break to stand quick so I could kick off my shoes and take off my pants. He played with my cock a bit, then I went back down on him. I worked up some spit and started to work some fingers into my ass and stretch it out, hoping I might get to feel this thick meat inside me.

Finally I stood and asked him right out if he would fuck me. He shrugged as if ok. I quickly turned, spread my legs and arched my back in the small booth. He took a couple bad stabs at my ass, until I reached back and guided it to my hole. I relaxed and pushed out as best I could and he popped into me. Holy crap that cock was thick. I tried to get used to it but had to pull off from the pain of being stretched so much so quick. I took a couple deep breaths, and waited a couple moments until my legs stopped trembling, then guided it back into me again. It was better but it still hurt. Since he was not that long, his gut prevented him from getting that far into me so I bent underneath the monitor using my hands behind my head gripping it to hold me up. It was uncomfortable but he was able to get all the way in me, resting his gut on my ass. He took short jabs in me, and only after a couple mins he pulled out and said he was gona cum, and started jerking off. I barked back to him, what are you doing, don't pull out, put it back in me. He clumsily got behind me again and pushed into me. 4 thrusts later he stated making these loud grunts and moans as he shot his cum into me. I clamped down as hard as I could and slid off his fat cock, knowing my hole was pretty stretched out and I didn't want his cum to fall out of me. He stood there with his pants down and shirt open, panting trying to catch his breath. This guy was defiantly out of shape, I was afraid he might have a hear attack or something. I quickly got dressed and stepped out of the booth and he pulled it closed and locked it.

There were 2 other booths occupied now, and one of them opened and out came this preppy early 20's asian mix kid. Hot little body! He looked me up and down then went to an end booth and left the door open. I walked down and looked in. He nodded to me to come in, and fed money to the video. I stepped in and he started pulling my pants down, and went right for my cock. He was one of the few who knew how to work me. Normally most guys cant give me head the way I like it. I got very hard quickly and I wasn't gona last long, so I stopped him and had him stand and drop his pants. He had an average to smallish uncut cock, but was perfectly trimmed. But I wasn't interested, I immediately cupped his tiny little ass. I spun him around and crouched down and started eating out that ass. It was amazing. Totally smooth like he was just waxed or something. He was obviously enjoying it too. I put my hand under my ass and pushed out some cum, then coated my shaft with it, making it nice and slick. Then pushed out a bit more then stood and smeared it onto his tiny little ring of a hole. I lined up my cock and gently eased into him. This boy was all bottom and knew how to work it. He started flexing and doing things similar to what I do. I was surprised he was able to take my whole cock. The few little guys I have fucked stop me at a point or back off. Looking down at his tiny little ass stretched around my cum coated bare cock, and the feeling of him flexing, sent me over the edge quickly. I moaned and released my seed into him. He looked back a bit worried like he shouldn't be doing this but didn't stop me. I pulled out of him and he turned around. His cock was rock hard and dripping cum like he just shot all over the floor. He pulled out a tissue and wiped his ass telling me I was really hot and he would love to see me again. I started getting dressed and he scribbled out his # and email address, and I told him mine. He split the paper and gave me the half with his info. I left him in the booth to straighten up and headed out. I think I might be up for another round with that ass.