Wednesday, May 28, 2008

9 at 8

The other morning I got up and was having some coffee before heading to work and I get a message from this blk guy who has fucked me and used my GH before. He was looking for a hot mouth or ass to get off into. Its been a while since we played, but I always enjoyed his cock and body. He's in his 40's, 6'4" and 160lb. Tall, thin, smooth with a thick 9" cock that hangs off his skinny body which is hot. I told him I needed to shower yet so would need some time. He gave me his address and code to get into his apt complex and said he was going back to bed, and would be naked in bed and just come in and take care of him. I said ok, and told him I'll try to be there by 8am, and jumped in the shower.

I found his apt and walked up to his door and found the door cracked open a bit. I stepped into a dark but small studio apt and saw a tall thin blk man laying on the bed naked with a semi hard cock laying across his leg. I quickly took off all my cloths and knelt down and started to suck his cock. He had a leather cock ring on and he got hard quickly. I didn't remember him being so thick! I worked him for a while that way even though it was a bit awkward since his was not near the edge of the bed so I was half laying, half kneeling off it. He got up and swung his legs over me and was standing behind me. He grabbed the gun oil lube and lubed my ass and his cock as I was bent over his bed with my back arched holding myself up with my arms.

He pushed his big bare cock up into me and caught me off guard with his size. I relaxed my hole quickly as he sank it all the way. He paused briefly once he was balls deep inside me, then started to thrust. He fucked me for a bit then paused again with his meat all the way into me and laid onto me and reached under to play with my semi hard cock that was swaying between my legs. He got me nice and hard then went back to thrusting in and out of me. He paused one last time and I heard a snap, then his leather cock ring was flung next to my hand. I clamped down on his cock for all I could and he moaned. He fucked me for a few mins while holding onto my hips then let out a low groan and impregnated me with his sperm. After a couple quick jabs as he shot, then then glided his cock the full length in and out of me before spearing me as deep as he could, and cough his breath. He pulled his meat out of me and stood back and I turned. I wanted to go down on him but I was too close. Just seeing that big glistening wet blk cock slowly deflate as it hung off his skinny body did it for me. With one hand I grabbed onto his slicked up cock and with my other I stoked my own cock 3 or 4 times and shot my load onto his cock and leg.

He tossed me a towel as he headed into the bathroom and I wiped up my lube slicked ass, and pulled on my cloths. He came out of the bathroom just as I finished putting on my shoes with his big cock swinging between his legs. Fuck thats a hot sight! We both said thanks and he closed the door behind me. I headed off to work with his seed inside me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

not done

So 10 min after I posted last night about the latino fuck I get a text message from this tall skinny 23yo blk kid with dreads who has fucked me 2 or so other times before, wanting to know if he could come over. I was craving some blk meat so said sure, and he replied be there in 20 mins. I hung out a bit then went to check to see if I was clean or not. I pushed a finger up into me and found my hole was still clean except for the latino's load that was still in me from 10 hours earlier. Nice! I kept it in me and got in position on my bed.

Blk kid didn't come in, he knocked for some reason, so I go up and went to the door naked saying it was open. He looked a little dorky with this funky knit hat on that he stuffed his dread into, with a tshirt, some sweat pants and slippers on. He followed me into the bedroom where I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed. He knelt down and started eating my ass out and probing deep with his tongue. He moaned and at my ass out harder. I'm sure he had to taste the latino's cum in me but I didn't say anything, just let him. He stood and put a little bit of lube on his cock then eased it into me. His cock was pretty slicked up with the lube and the cum but still hot cus he banged hard and fast then would hole my hips making his cock go as deep as he could then start banging again. After a bit I flipped over onto my back and he fucked me with my legs up. I got tired of holding my legs quickly so turned back on to all 4's. The lube wore off a bit and now it was perfect, good friction from his cock. He grabbed onto my ass and fucked hard and fast, as I reached under and played with his balls while his bony hips bounced off my ass. He had me flip over again but this time flipped his shirt up over his head showing his thin toned 4 pk abs and fucking me hard again. I started to tweak his little nipples and he some how picked up pace going from fast to a blur. He finally grunted as his cum spurted into me then collapsed on top of me panting. He slowly pulled out and stood there catching his breath. So I knelt down and went down on his shinny slicked up meat. Wow, I don't know who's cum it was, or a mix of both his and the latino's but damn it tasted good! I let his cock go and quickly stood and fired my own load onto his leg. I tossed him a towel and he wiped it off, pulled his cloths back on, and I walked him to the door.

He said thanks and gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I locked up and crawled into bed. That was unexpected, but hot! I watched a bit of TV then rolled over and fell asleep with the cum still in me, happy and content.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

fast fill

I knew I should not have logged on earlier today. I had a 1:30 appointment, but got online at 12:45, not showered and ready for sex, more just killing some time before I had to leave. What do ya know, but at noon this little hottie hit me up looking to fuck. 23yo 5'9" 140lb 7.5"c smooth little latino. Then come to find out he is 2 blocks from me. Crap! do I or don't I? He was after me and wanted a quickie after i told him I didn't have time. Alright, fine, he asked for my address and told me to jump in the shower. My 1:30 appointment was pretty important, but just to be safe I called and said I was running 15 min late. Surprisingly that was no problem.

I quickly cleaned up and was just coming out of my bedroom after quickly making my bed to find him at my door. My, little hottie he was! We went right into the bedroom and I pushed down my shorts and he commented on my cock. He kicked off his shoes and took off his cloths then peeled down his underwear and out sprang a 7" average thickness cock that was nice and hard. He went down on me while I stood there for a bit then pushed me back onto the bed and lifted my legs. Thankfully I put a little dab of lube on my hole because he just lined up his bare cock and pushed it into me with no spit or anything. He thrust for a bit then leaned down and nibbled on my nipples, then banged me hard and fast. It felt great, just the right amount of friction. He then leaned down and was able to suck my cock while fucking me. Then he pulled out and with his cock in his hand, asked me if he wanted him to cum. I was just about to say, are u close? but he pushed his cock back into me quick and said, sorry I think I just did. He pulled out and apologized for cumming so quick. I told him not to worry at all. We both pulled on our cloths and he said, you got my email, thats the best way to reach me, and your only 2 blocks away....

He headed out and I quickly got ready to head out myself. An hour later I was back home and laid on my bed and fingered my hole feeling his cum still inside me and sprayed my chest with my own cum. What a little hottie. Hope next time we fuck longer, but will take another quickie.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

seen me did me

A few days ago I ran into GOD at the gym. Totally surprised me because I knew he didn't work out at the same gym I did. We just nodded to each other and went about our work out. Last night I get a text from him wondering if I was around. I told him I'd need 15 to jump in the shower, he replied he'll hit the gym first then then text when leaving. I told him no need to shower on my account. He text me about an hour later asking if I was ready, I told him I was.

10 mins later I was naked on the bed with the door open. He came in, got undressed and laid his smooth muscular body on top of me and while rubbing his cock against my ass as he got hard. He then pulled me up onto all 4's and guided his bare blk cock up into me. He sank it all the way into me till his low hanging smooth balls were resting up against mine. He grabbed my hips and started pounding really hard and fast, a bit unusual for him. Not that I'm complaining at all, it felt amazing! After a bit he pulled me up and put his arms around my chest so I was more kneeling with him pressed up against me. His breathing in my ear was very hard, and he gave a couple quick jabs in me then groaned lowly. I felt his shaft flex a couple times inside me as it spurted his hot seed into me. He rested his forehead on my shoulder for a moment while he caught his breath, then slowly pulled out of me. It was one of his shorter fucks, but damn it was hot, cus it had a bit of passion in it. He stood and I quickly got up and knelt and engulfed his deflating shaft and he moaned while I worked it some. I then stood and he looked down and shook his head and laughed, as he said, Damn u got a big dick. He pulled on his cloths as I watched his ripped up body flex and bulge, and his little ass dimple while pulling up his sweats.

I walked him to the door naked and went back and laid on the bed and jacked off, shooting the first 2 spurts onto my own face. I swear I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have the seed from such a hot muscled, totally smooth 27yo black military stud inside me. It's a wet dream come true, and I have his DNA inside me as proof. Looking forward to his next text.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

something fun

The past few weeks I've layed off going to the gym to give my body a break, and just this week I've been back into it hitting it pretty hard and seeing quick and impressive improvements, especially in my arms and chest. So this morning I ran into work for a couple hours to finish things up. I pulled on some light thin shorts and and tank and after parking my car, I walked to the 7-11 a block from work to get some coffee. Walking in, this early 20's latino / mexican thin little guy looked me up and down hard core. I got my coffee and noticed he was out pumping gas, still staring at me. He was just a little thing, with slightly greasy hair, a tattered dirty white t-shirt, and jeans. Cute little thing, give him a shower and he would be HOT. I walked over towards work and he drove down the street in his truck and stopped at the corner during a green light causing traffic to honk. He turned and parked on the side of the street. I got to my building and decided to have a smoke before going in. He got out and ran to the bank then got in his truck then got back out and had a smoke while staring more at me. I glanced at him from time to time, till he started to walk towards me. As he walked by me I nodded and said hey. He walked half a block then turned and started to come back. I was at the corner and he stood and waited for the light to change and glanced back a few times. I rubbed my crotch a bit then walked to the door and pulled my keys out to open the door. I stepped and and looked back and he was looking so I nodded to him to come, so he walked over.

The door closed behind us and I rubbed my crotch some more as he looked around finding all the lights off and only us there. I pulled my shorts down letting my cock flop out as he gawked and unzipped his jeans nervously. Out sprang a rock hard 7" uc cock, and he reached for my semi hard cock and jerked it. I stepped out of my shorts and took off my tank and he was all over my chest sucking on my nipples and cupping my ass pulling himself close. He then looked up at me and said, I want you to fuck me, do u have a condom. Yeah right, like I would have a condom! I told him sorry no. He backed his tiny little ass against my cock and rubbed up and down as he jacked off for a bit then turned and we both jerked off. I lifted his shirt and found a near perfect torso. Thin, slightly ripped, with a happy trail that went up to his slightly defined pecs that had trimmed hair on the upper chest. God damn boy had a little body on him! I tweeked his nipples a bit then cupped his little ass and let my hand go twards his crack. He had a hot little ass on him, the only problem was his crack had a forest of hair in it. I'm not a fan of hairy ass holes, however it was baby soft and kind of hot cupping his smooth cheek and felling that soft hair.

He jacked harder and pushed back against my hand. I knelt down thinking maybe I'll suck on his hot cock and swallow his load at least but as I tried to move into his cock and pulled back, and said, only if u have a condom. Ugggh, on of those! how sad! I stood and we both went back to jacking, me totally naked and him with his jeans pushed down and shirt up around his chest. He started to grunt and creamy white cum oozed out of his cock and splattered onto the floor. I stepped up my jacking and about a min later I fired my load a good 2 or 3 feet shooting twice the amount of cum he did. We both smiled at each other and looked at the load we left on the floor. He pulled up his pants and said, your so hot!, thanks! I pulled on my shorts and he looked back making sure I was dressed and cracked open the door and slid around it so no one would see me if they were walking by. I debated on scooping up his cum, but the entry way was pretty gross from people coming and going and opted against it. I got dressed and cleaned up the cum, then did the work I came in to do.