Friday, March 25, 2005

From 9 to 1

I was gona go to the baths, but after chatting to a dude, I agreed to met him at a bookstore. When I got there there was only a stocky, shaved head black guy there. I showed my ass through the booth door, and the black dude came in, we exchanged some head. He was 8" cut but had tons of extra skin. He discovered my hole was lubed and ready so he bent me over and forced his cock into me. I had to back off for a sec and force myself to relax, he was thicker then I thought. He pushed back into me and fucked me till he asked if I wanted his nut. I gave him a yeah, and he pushed his cock into me as far as he could and planted his seed into me. The dude I was supposed to meet came into my booth next, bent me over right away and slide his 6.5 but quite thick cock into me. He kept pulling out cus he was trying to make it last longer, but finally gave in and came in me. It was pretty dead in the place so I was thinking about leaving till this late 20's Asian mix guy came back wearing tight sweatpants. I went into a booth with the door ajar showing my ass again. He came up and watched for a while till he opened my door looking for aproval. I could clearly see his hard cock down his leg, so I stepped forward. He kept my back to him and I felt his cock on my ass. I bent over and he nudged his cock into me. He fucked me till he held me tight as he came in me. After he pulled out I got to see he had a pretty nice 7.5" cock. He asked for my # so I gave it to him cus I can never have enough cum doners. I headed back home and had a couple messages for me. I set up times for 2 buds, a 7.5 cock and the 7"uc asian kid again to used my gloryhole. For the first time I backed up to the hole after sucking the 7.5 dude, and he banged my ass hard and fast till he pulled out and jacked his load into my mouth. The asian kid only lasted about 5 mins till he spurted into my mouth. Mix his me up, a fuck bud, he often fucks me at the bookstore since its close to him and he can't host. I agreed to meet him there. We went right into a booth where we both got compleatly naked. I sucked him hard then using the footstool I got on all 4's. he fucked a load into me then asked me to suck him. I got down and sucked his cock bakc hard then he turned me over and fucked another load into me. Coming out of the booth there was a pretty hot older black guy. He checked me out then went into a booth. I went to his open door and saw him stoking and he motioned me in. He had a good 8.5c" cock that was spongy like it was pumped earlier or something. We exchanged some head, then he put on a leather cock ring and had me bend over. He worked his semi hard spongy thick cock into me and fucked me. I could feel his cock stiffen but it was still spongy. I could feel the heat of his cum inside me when he shot. I hope to see him again

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday nights mix

When I got home from work I had a message from a 23yo kid who fucked me once before. He came over to find me in my usual blidfolded and on all 4's. Hes hung about 6.5" but everytime he shoots inside me I can feel heat of his cum flooding my insides. Its always a hot feeling. There wasn't much online so I went to get a beer and and see if anything was going on in the backroom area. Nothing, so I stopped at the bookstore on my way home. I came out of the booth and there was this early 30's blk guy talking to someone around the corner. I went into another booth and left the door ajar like usual with my pants down ass showing twards the door. The blk guy came in while cupping my ass. After he locked the door he bent me over and ate my ass out till he stood up and pulled out his hard 8.5" uc cock. He bent me over and forced his bare cock up into me. He fucked me till he was starting to cum, and pulled out before I could keep him from doing so, so I turn quickly and swollowed his remaining spurts of cum. After leaving the booth I opened another to find a stocky guy strocking his 7" cock. I stepped in and went down on him. After he asked me if he could cum in my mouth I swollowed his tasty load. I messed around online a bit and was about to call it a night since it was nearing 2am when there was a message in a chat room from a dude who was looking to get off and would be outside stroking near X and Y streets, then logged off. I love outdoor stuff so I quickly grabed my keys and went. I parked and walked around the corner of the steets and saw him sitting on some steps rubbing his crotch. As I neared he pulled his 7.5" cock out of his shorts and showed it off to me. I went up the steps and started sucking him off. He had grey hair, probibly late 40's early 50's stocky and pretty average looking. His cock was pretty thick and tasted great. He kept asking me to come inside but I refused. Finally he got up and steped into the elcove of the door way where is was more sucluded, and stood there jacking his cock, and motioned me up. I did and he went down on me for a bit, then turned me around and ate my ass out for a while. He stood up and jabbed his cock at my ass till he finaly forced it up into me. I got totaly turned on and rock hard, bent over with my pants down as this older guy who was a total stranger was barebacking me outside. I noticed some kid in the park across the street hanging around glancing over every now and then. I lost it and shot my load. The guy pulled out to watch, then forced me to bend over again so he could get off. A couple mins later pumped his load into me and pulled out. I pulled up my pants and left, telling him to have a good night.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A week and today

The week: Jack stopped by again, he always messages me that he dosn't like fucking without a condom but again after I sucked on his big knob, he had me turn around and back up to the gloryhole and he proceeded to fuck his load up into me. The muscle asian dude stopped by again and feed me his 7"uc curved cock with a tangy load. Late night Sat, the 24yo bttm boy hit me up, so I stoped by at 2:30 and fucked a huge load up into him then proceeded to piss what felt like a gallon into him. I layed back on his bed and he snuggled up on my chest, I ended up spending the night, and the boy kept my cum and piss in him till after I left at 8am. Today: I didn't realy start going till late afternoon but I made up for it. Ray came over (8"uc latin stud) again and banged on into my while on my bed. A semi frequent fuck hit me up. 38yo with 8"c came over to me blindfolded and on all 4's. He came really quick inside me. The skinny little dude with the average cock wanted to fuck me again, so I said ok. By then Ray shot me a message and I told him I had another lined up. He wanted to watch so he turned right back and came over. They showed up right around the same time. They both took turns fucking me for a while till I sat on the skinny dude and Ray pushed in from behind me so I was taking both their cocks. Skinny dude shot his load into me, Ray pulled out and jacked till he was close then pushed into me and added another load up into me. I cleaned up and went to dinner with a friend who was in LA for leather weekend and caught up. Came home to a message from punk dude who wanted to get off at my gloryhole and asked if his friend could come too. They showed up on time and took turns letting me suck thier cocks. Punk dudes 7" thinish downward curved cock, and his friend, a latin mix maybe, with 8". I really had to work the 8", but finaly got his load. Punk dude steped up next and I worked him for a couple mins till he shot a Huge load. Must have been a couple days worth cus I had to swollow twice. And I swear that dude has the tastiest cum, I'd drink that every day if I could. I have a couple other offers out there, but I work in the am and need to catch up on my sleep from crashing at bttm boys place.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sunday slut

Started the day by taking sidewalk guy's (Jack) cock through the gloryhole. Sucked him for a while then back up to the GH and he finished off by squirting his load into my ass. A 52yo trim and fit guy hit me up to get sucked off. He came over and fed me his fat 8.5" uc peice. He came pretty quick feeding me his salty load. The 10x6 black dude hit me up, I stopped by his place and knelt between his legs while he sat, and choked down another load from him. A 37yo skinny little guy came over to find me blindfolded, naked and on all 4's. He mounted me with is average sized cock and shot his load into me quickly. A 38yo muscle guy in my neigborhood hit me up to fuck. I was on all 4's again when he came in. He had a thick 7" and got right up in me. I felt him get harder inside me till I felt it pulse 4 times as he pumped his load into me. Chatted breifly with a 32yo guy with and 8" cock. He came over to find me on all 4's also. He fucked me for almost an hour and cuming in me twice. I cleaned up a bit and meet a friend at a bar. While in the bathroom pissing at the troff, some dude felt my ass since my jeans were half open while pissing. He bent me over a bit and slide his cock into me and fucked a quick load into me while maybe 8 guys watched. A bearish guy stepped up right away and pushed his semi hard cock into me, he stayed in me for a bit then felt him flood me with his beer piss. I bent back against the troff and pushed the piss and cum out of me into the troff, a coupld guys laughed, I just smiled and buttoned up, glancing back to the thick globs of cum and clear piss in the troff heading for the drain. Headed home after that, didn't want to stick around to be the talk of the bar with pointing fingers.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

2 cums

My day off was shot by going into work, but I still got some cum. The 10x6" black dude hit me up in need of some head. I headed over to have him open the door with no pants on with his huge cock swinging. He sat down and I worked his meat till he fed me his load. We hung out and chatted a bit, then I headed home. A 7.5" repeat cock wanted to use my gloryhole. He wanted me to cum on his cock and suck it off if I was into it. He came over and I worked his rock hard shaft till I was close and spurted my load onto his cock then went back down, tasting my own cum. He shot a very thick but bland tasting load into my mouth.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In and out

A 42yo blk dude came over to fuck me. Had a nice 8.5" uc cock but couldn't get it hard so he left. Was talking to the bttm boy I knock up every now and then. He wanted me to come over but I told him not till he gets a load in him first this time. He finaly found a dude. I headed over and hung out outside till he text messaged me that he just left. I got the message as I saw a guy leave the apt building. I went into find his used cum dripping hole up on all 4's and ready. I ate his hole out tasting the other dudes cum, then fucked him some then ate his hole out some more. Finally I thrusted up into him really hard and deep, I could tell he was uncomforable and I was hitting a little too deep, but I told him I wanted to plant my seed as far up into him as I could. I walked out still hard and a couple guys on the street noticed my big bulge.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hungover monday

Kind hung over but horny as usual. A 42yo thin guy hit me up to use my gloryhole. He fed me a near perfect 8" uncut cock with tons of forskin. He shot his load right down my throat so I didn't get to tast it really. A blk dude hit me up, wanted me to come suck him off while sitting back on his couch. I showed up and he let me in with his sweat pants down and aready stroking. He was right, he cock was 10x6 and huge balls straped off by a cock ring. I took special care not to scrap my teeth. He just sat back and let me work his big black cock till he came, filling my mouth with a large but pretty tastless load. He asked if I bottomed also, and that we should take pix next time. A blk fuck bud hit me up for a lunch time peice of ass. He was on his way when another latin fuck bud hit me up. He wanted my used hole after the blk guy. Blk guy didn't have much time so he fuck 7.5" cock into me till he came up in me and took off, and latin guy showed up about 5mins later and just slide his 7"uc cock right into me. He came really quick, but kept going till he fired another load into me. I got a message from this 23yo blk kid who has been pestering me to get up in my ass. I finally gave in and drove out to his place. His 8" cock didn't get really hard until it was in me. He fucked me for about 5min before he squirted his seed into me. The 26yo BB top wanted to stop by on his way home from work and fuck me through the GH again. I sucked his thinish 7" cock till hard then back up onto it. He only lasted a couple mins before he added his cream to the mix that was already in me. I finally jacked off so I could get some things done at the end of my 3day weekend.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bathhouse banging

Due to the weather, I desided to stay in town for my 3 day weekend, and hit the tubs. Fri night I checked in around 8:30 and put on the waiting list for a room. Of the 18 who fucked me, 5 used a condom and 2 did not cum, and I sucked off 3. Quite a few uneventful fucks, I'll just highlight some good ones. While waiting for my room, I was in the bunk room letting #3 fuck me, and an older latin guy dropped his towel and fed me his cock. I could have sworn it was pumped becasue it was extreamly fat and spongy, but the more I sucked it, it got rock hard and truly beer can thick. Some of the sweetest tasting precum too. He got shy after we started to draw a crowd and I lost him the rest of the night. Got my room around 11, and my first fuck in my room was by #8. A nice 8" latin cock started fucking me doggystyle and he cracked open my door. He made no notion but I totaly felt him cum inside me with the warm sensation deep up inside me. He kept fucking me though so I was not sure, until I felt it again about 5mins later. When he pulled out I noticed there were 2 other guys in my room waiting. Imidiatly a thin little guy mounted me till he came, then some guy with tattoo's stepped up and fucked me. 2 more guys were already in my room waiting their turn too. An older grey haired guy came really quick, then a bearish guy stepped up and shut the door. He fucked for a while before he tensed up and came in me also. His cock was all white and frothy, coated with whipped cum. #15 was white guy with this mexican dude. The mex seemed like he was there to watch and play with us while #15 fucked me. Kinda odd, but ok. A bit later #15 gave me his phone and email info asking if I wanted to do it again. #16 was a guy who just came into my room! I had my door closed and was just resting for a bit, and this dude just came into my room, lifted my legs and fucked me. He told me after he came in me that he was saving his load for me all night, and wanted to give it to me before he left. #18 was with the mexican dude again. I think the mex was out finding guys to fuck me so he could watch. I was laying showing my ass with the door open when they came in so I didn't really see #18. I was up on all 4's and #18 started to jack my cock while he fucked me. I shot my load, and shortly after #18 came up in me. The mex dude left and #18 sat back to cath his breath. I turned over to check him out. He was a tall smooth skinny kid with blond shaggy hair - very surfer like all of 21yo if that. His eyes got all wide when he saw me, and I tried to talk to him but he was like a deer in headlights. My first guess was that he was thinking, oh gawd, I just fucked that?!?! Like he stooped so low. But then he meekishly asked me if that was ok for me, and if was alright. Then I relized that he was suddely intimiated by discovering that he fucked god or something. Before he left he told me I was really hot, and again asked if he was ok. LOL He was too funny. It was 3:30am and my hole was starting to get sore so I headed home. I have the whole weekend yet!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Liquid lunch

Thick creamy load from a married mans cock

2 tonight

I wasn't really looking for cum, but a return cock needed my gloryhole. I sucked his 7.5 thick cock till he would pull out every now and then to keep from cuming. Finally he squirted a couple shots into my mouth before pulling out and spurting the rest on my face. I was about to head to bed when I got a message from a 26yo asian who needed to get off quick before going to bed himself. He never tried a gloryhole, but was intreaged. He stopped over and pushed his 7" uncut cock through. Being asian, he was kinda short, so I think he had to be on his tip toes to do it. His totaly shaved cock had a wicked curve to the right. His blasts hit me in tonsiles, and fed me a tasty load of cum

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here and There

Been working crapy hours so havn't had much cum at the gloryhole. Yesterday I had a repete feed me his load from his 6.5" cock. Some dude with a big beer gut came over. I don't know why but that it kinda turned me on. His cock was about 7" and he couldn't keep it hard. His whole crotch smelled like buttered popcorn. kinda grossed me out. I finally gave up and told him some other time. This morning I had a different repete, the one with the small little ass. He fed me his 7" shaved cock with another really tasty load. I watched him leave again with that hot ass of his, and noticed from behind he was a pretty fuck'n hot punker kid with a blond mokawk. Might have to see what else I get do with him. Have a 3 day weekend off, might go to Palm Springs for some resort sex.