Sunday, February 27, 2005

Top side

Everynow and then I like to top. I'm very very picky when I do. Has to be a small, little smooth ass. I'll restate that it must be a totaly smooth hole and ass. This is key for me, and I have been known to walk out on a hairy hole. A few know this and will make sure its smooth for me when I do top. A hottie 24yo Navy boy that I've fucked a couple times wanted my load. I walked into his place to him naked on the bed. I ate that nice hole tasting a previous fucks cum, then spit on my cock and pushed it into him. I only use spit as lube then I top. He can't take my size too hard or ruff, nor all the way to the balls without going slow. But its so hot to see his smooth little hole streached around my shaft. I fucked him for about 15min then pumped a nice sized load up into him. He asked me to come back later when I got home from work if I wanted. Unfortionatly, I had plans. One of these days I wouldn't mind whoring his ass out.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

late but great

Exchanged 2 brief messages with a 40yo blk guy with a big dick, only saw his dick pic, and he gave me directions to his place. I want to his place - a kinda shaddy rundown big old house downtown where mulipal apts share 2 bahrooms. He came out to get me and led me to his little room. The dude was way fuck'n hotter then I would have dreamed. He may have been 40 but had a body of a 25yo, thin, athletic, smooth, big arms, and in a wife beater (fuck I love dudes in wifebeaters) He pulled down his shorts to reveil a big black semi uncut cock that was closely cropped. I sucked him till he reached his full 10.5" Every now and then he would drip some precum and it tasted great. I layed back on the bed and let him go down on me. He is one of the few (I can count on 1 hand) that have been able to take me all the way down. He ate my ass for a bit then slipped up and nudged his black knob into me. I spit onto my hand to lube him a bit more, he said he had lube, but I told him this was good. I wanted to feel him fuck me. He banged me feeling his big low hanging balls slap my ass. He came deep up inside me. After he pulled out I licked the thin strand of cum that was dripping from his cock. We hung out a bit and made plans to get togather again. Fuck'n hot. When I got home there was a message from this dude who fucked me long ago, needing an ass to fuck. I hit him back and he replyed with is address. I went to his place to find him naked and stroking on the bed. I sucked him a bit till he turned me around and pushed his quite thick 7.5" cock into me. He didn't last long, and I took his load home in me with the black dudes cum still in my ass. Got a message from a 27yo straight guy wanting to use my gloryhole. he came over and fed me his tasty load from his 6.5" cock He told me I was better then pussy. A dude from online wanted my gloryhole right before I was going to bed, so I let him. A late 40's guy with a bushy uncut cock and bull balls swinging came through the gloryhole. I sucked him till his cock easily hit 9" if not bigger. I backed up onto it and eased it into my still cum slicked ass. He fucked for a bit then told me to take down the glory hole so he could fuck me right. He banged me hard while I was on all 4's at the edge of the bed. His fast pumping deep into me hurt but I didn't slow him down or stop him. He injected his load all the way into me, then I sucked the frothy cum that coated his cock after he pulled out of me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I was able to take pictures of all but 1 of todays cocks I took at the gloryhole Here is a time line of who's cum I had. 9:40am 38yo chubby short guy with a beercan thick 6"cut cock, and a great tasting creamy load. 10:30 34yo tall guy with blond pubes with a great 7"c peice, though his cum was very sour. 10:45 a stocky smooth 27y latino with 6"c He kept pulling out after a while and jacking his cock which seemed to make it softer? weird. Tasty load though. 12:40 a 28yo latin military dude fed me his small thin 6" cock. Not sure where his load came from but it was huge, and tasty. 1:30 An occational fuck bud stopped by for a quickie durring lunch. 32yo skinny little blk guy with a great 8" cock. I was tempted to back up onto his cock but just sucked him till he spurted in my mouth. 3:00 30yo blond skinny guy fed me his close cropped 7" cock, leaked tasty precum the whole time till he came. 3:45 26yo bareback top came over. Shaved but kinda thin 7" cock. I sucked him hard then backed up onto it and let him fuck his load into me. 5:00 The dude from the street came in and I sucked him, he had me turn around and he fucked his load into me adding it to the dude before him. 6:15 A regualar fuck bud 28 blk mix guy with a great 7" cock that shoots HUGE loads every time. I sucked him then he pumped his load also into my ass through the glroyhole. I finally jacked off after him.

Friday, February 18, 2005

End of Afternoon

A 22yo latin marine stopped by on his way home. Hot fucking body, with a compleatly shaved 6" cut cock. I blew him for a while through the glory hole till I backed up onto his cock. The dude was besides himself when he felt his cock go into me. He banged away till he asked if he could cum in me. I told him to do it, and he just replied "fuck'n hot" and a bit later his spazaming cock pumped cum into me. He left I and was in the bathroom pissing when I heard the door open and a cock poked through the hole. I recognized it as the dude from a few days before who was on the sidewalk when I came home. I figured, what the hell, why not. I went down on him, and go him really hard. I then backed up on to him not sure if he was into it. He took over and started thrusting till he grunted and his pace slowed down. I felt his cock soften and he pulled out. He pulled up his jeans and left. A 38yo guy wanted a blow, and had a weeks worth saved up. I had him come over. His cock was maybe 6" if that, but he came in less then 5 mins filling my mouth with a very thick load of tasty cum


Todays catch of the day

old afternoon

Set my alarm this morning so I could suck off a 24yo latin 6" uncut cock. He showed up at 6:45 and lasted maybe 2 mins at my gloryhole before he fed me his load. Had a dude hit me up who couldn't make it last time, and wanted to get off and have me take pix of his cock through the gloryhole since he didn't have any. After a failed attempt, he came over and hoisted his cock through the hole. I would guess he was mid to late 40s short, maybe 5'5" and stocky overweight. But damn if his cock wasn't near perfect. Very thick, close to 8" with big balls, and leaking precum the whole time, till he tensed up and fed me a nice big tasty load. An anonymous dude came over later. Kinda skanky, older wearing polyester pants and a hawaiin shirt. The dude had one fucked up ugly cock, but it was about 8" I sucked it for a while till he had me back up to the hole. For being such an ugly nasty guy, he knew how to fuck. Almost had me cumming wiht out touching myself while I kept my ass pressed against the hole. He had me turn around and suck him till he pumped a very sour tasting load for me to swollow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Whats for dinner

Started off with a repeat feeding at the gloryhole. His 7.5" thick cock got so hard that the curve upward made it awkward to work over. But I got him to shutter and spurt almost all of his cum into my mouth before he pulled out and jacked the rest into my open mouth. Been emailing this 34 yo dude in the neigborhood who wants to do some outdoor sex. We gave it a try tonight at the park a few blocks away. He sat on the park bench and I worked his spongy thick cock till it reached 7" hard. I probibly only had a min or 2 before he was gona feed me but some dude with 2 dogs came through the the dogs wanted to hang out in the area. We desided to try again maybe tomrrow night, before we parted he put his hand down my jeans and fingered my ass and told me he wants to get up my ass sometime too. I got back with some time before my next gloryhole cock showed. I got ready and in position just before he was due, and he showed up and walked right up to the glroyhole and dropped his jeans but left his boxerbreifs on. I stroked him with my hand through the hole till his cock was almost hard then pulled his cock free. He was a 46yo with a respectable 6" cock. I worked him a bit, and it didn't take long before he was huffing and puffing. and his cock started spurting and spurting in my mouth. That was one huge load he fed me. I swollowed and milked him more, enough to taste and swollow again. I backed off and he buttoned up and left.

Cum home

I was pulling into my garage and saw some dude in a white shirt walking along the road half checking me out. I looked and felt like crap since I was just coming home from work, and payed no attention to him. I went into my apt, left the door open to air it out while I took off all my cloths and pulled on some "comfy pants" (not sweats but not pajamas either) I came out of my bedroom and the white shirt dude was at my door. He said hey, as he let himself in. I was confused and had no idea who this dude was. He was probibly mid 30's semi muscular and compact guy at about 5'6" He told me it was cool, we didn't need the hole. And proceeded to pull out an 8" cock with bull shaved nuts. I assume he was here to use my gloryhole. I went down on him. His big nuts were great to hang on to while I worked his shaft. He told me he was cumming and his creamy cum oozed out of his cock and onto my tounge. He zipiped up and told me he'd be back and left. I'm still confused as to who he is.... but oh well.

Monday, February 14, 2005

One for the road

I had to work in about an hour and was just out of the shower when an email came through from a 20yo college dude. He was at one of the near by schools in need of a release before his class. We agreed it had to be quick. He came in and stepped right up to the gloryhole and pushed his jeans and tighty whiteys down. He must have been a short little guy cus he had to lift up a bit to get his balls through the hole. I worked his semi soft cock sucking it to his blond bush. Once he was fully hard, I was quite impressed with his 8" cock with a perfect downward arch to it. My personal favorite, and so hard to find. I threw him a few tricks with my tounge and a hard blast of cum hit me in the tonsiles. I switched the suction on and milked every drop and collected it in my mouth and on my tounge. He pulled out and turned twards the door giving me a glimps of his tiny little ass just before the jeans were pulled back up. He said he'd catch me next time and was out the door. I savored his sweet creamy cum, and swollowed it, not waisting a drop.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

hole and hole

A 42yo latin guy in the neighborhood came over and fed is fat 6" uncut cock to me through my glory hole till I swollowed his thick creamy cum. Some anonymous guy came over after him and had me back up to the glory hole and he fucked his load into me with his 7" cock. A 32 yo guy hit me up with no picture. He came over and fucked me on all 4's with his shaved 7.5" He couldn't stay hard but I'm pretty sure he came in me real quick, just wanted to cum twice and couldn't. A fuck bud hit me up for a quickie. He came in to my usual, naked, blindfolded and on all 4's. Slide his 8.5" cock into me and released his seed inside me. A guy, not sure of age or what he looked like, came over and fed his extreamy thick and rock hard 8" to me. Very thick and tasty cum too.

Room service

Got a message from a 22yo tall skinny kid staying at a hotel in town wanting a quick blow job. Went to his room, and sucked his 6.5" cock, then he ate my ass out for a while. He slide his cock into me a couple times and asked if I had a condom. He slid into me again and fucked a bit then said he was close, and stared to pull out. I pulled him back in. He told me he was gona cum and yanked out of me. So I quickly went down on him and swollowed his boy cum.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


After getting everything at Lowes only to discover thier large saw was broken, I picked up the wood and had it cut to size at Homo Depot. A little cutting, sanding and eye hooks, and its ready to be put to use. I'll try and get some anonymous cum tonight.

Dark rainy night

I surfed around online after coming home from the bookstore. A tall thin 35yo blk guy with a 9.5" wanted to eat the loads out of my used ass, then plant his in me. He came over to find me in my usual position (naked and on all 4's) After eating out my ass for about 30 mins, he slide his cock into me and fucked till he injected his seed deep into me, and I shot my load onto his chest. I got back online and came across and old bud. A 42yo blk guy with 10" cock. He dosn't play that often anymore since he has a bf. He wanted to fuck me, but asked for my address and directions which I though was odd. 10 mins later some early 30's athletic and smooth very dark skinned blk guy came in and started feeding me his shaved cock that grew to about 9" and quite thick. I could feel his scars from being peirced and his piss hole was very large. He mounted me doggystyle and fucked for quite a while till his cock spazamed and he transfered his seed into me also. I'm still not sure who he is, I assume it was my bud's bf. I was online for a bit and a kid who fucked me once before hit me up for another anonymous quickie. I don't know much about him since I've never seen him, but he is a blk kid in his early 20's, smooth with a very athletic build, small waist and about an 8" uncut cock. He arived ontime to me naked, blindfolded and on all 4's with the door ajar. He came in, mounted me, added his cum to what was already in me, then left with in 15 mins. I locked up went to bed and fingered my ass and tasted some of the cum that was in me while I jacked off. Rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Rainy Night

After stopping out for a beer, I walked down to the bookstore a block away. Some late 20's chunky guy came in and pushed is 7" cock into me and fucked till he squirted in me. An early 20's kid went into a booth and I followed. We sucked for a bit then ended up with his 6" cock inside me while I was bent over. He told me was was gona cum and started to pull out. I reached back and kept him in me till he added his cum to what was already in me. I was about to leave when an older inshape blk man came in. I went into his booth and sucked his 8" uncut meat till it spurted and I swollowed his load.