Thursday, April 23, 2009

bam bam bam

Yesterday I stopped by a bookstore over lunch time on my way to the gym with about an hour to kill. The place was pretty busy. The usual lurking trolls, and an assortment of random guys. A hot blk dude just left a booth with the video still playing so I stepped in. Nice, there on the bench was a fresh puddle of creamy cum. I closed the door, dropped my shorts, scooped up the cum and fingered as much of it as I could into my hole, then coated my own cock with it as I stroked a bit to the porn. I noticed a small pin hole to the adjacent booth and peeped through. Some ugly bearish guy, oh well, now that my ass is lubed.... I stepped out of my shorts, and cracked the door open showing my ass.

30 seconds later a mid 30's average build latino stepped in behind me and closed the door. I glanced back as he fumbled with his jeans and pushed them down showing a short stubby uncut cock, maybe 5.5 - 6". I was pretty disappointed but he went right for my ass. He spit on his hand, coated his cock and started poking at my ass. So I bent over a bit and he somehow got his little bare cock into me. He leaned onto my back grabbing onto my waist and panted in my ear as he shifted his hips. His cock barely inside me and not moving much because it would probably pop out. But his pants got stronger and 2 mins later he let out a whisper groan as he came in me. He quickly zipped up and bolted out the door. I pulled the door closed and got situated a bit, and looked through the pin hole. Still the uglish bear dude.

I popped my door open again and soon noticed a shadow by my door. I glanced back and it was this twink kid I've seen online. Super hot body and nice cock, but his profile had such attitude, like don't message me unless 25 or younger, not into anything goes... blah blah blah. Yet here he is groping himself while looking into my booth. So I moved in a bit, and he stepped in and closed the door. He cupped my ass and told me how hot my ass was. So I bent a bit and let him caress my ass. His hand went for my hole and found it slick and wet and he commented that it seemed like I was ready to get fucked. He pushed down his shorts and out sprang his 7.5" cut cock with supper close trimmed triangle of hair. He slid his cock up and down my cock getting it slick with the other dudes cum, then he used his hand to point it down more so his cock head was at my hole. I relaxed a bit, and pushed back and his helmet head popped into me. I glanced back to make sure he wasn't gona pull out or grab a condom, but he was looking down enjoying the view, and said, oh fuck yeah. He then grabbed my waist and slammed his whole bare cock up into me. It caught me off guard a bit but FUCK did it feel good. He started doing full strokes pulling almost all the way out then back up into me in a nice pace, while telling me how hot my ass felt. My own cock was now hard and dripping some precum as I was bent over enjoying this twink bareback me. He slowly pulled out, and I stood up and turned back. He was flipping the front of his shirt back over his head showing his thing tone faint 6 pack abs. I looked down just as he did and we both saw his cock was a cum coated mess. That latino must have blow one huge load into me. There was cum all over his shaft and dripping at the base. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he just put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. I sucked on his cock licking up all the cum, then stood facing him. Being taller then him, my own hard cock was poking his belly button, and he commented on how big I was. He grabbed it and stroked me a bit and I had a feeling he might want me to fuck him. Which I would have, but then he pulled up my shirt a bit, so I took it off, and was now completely naked. He commented on how hot I was and rubbed my chest a bit then turned me around again and bent me over. He told me to open up so I relaxed my hole and a little cum dribbled out. He exclaimed, oh fuck yeah, and speared his bare cock back up into me. He leaned his bare chest onto my back and rubbed my chest with one hand and held onto my throbbing cock in the other as he thrust away till he said, fuck I'm gona cum. I reached back and grabbed his flexing hips and pulled him as deep as I could, as he trembled a bit and put his forehead on the middle of my back making grunting noises. He came down from his orgasm and slowly pulled out as I clamped my hole around his shaft milking all the seed out of him. He pulled up his shorts and told me to hit him up online sometime, winking at me, obviously he recognized me from online too. He went for the door and I heard banging from the booth next to ours. He stepped out and I reached to pull the door closed since I was still completely naked but it stopped cus someone grabbed it.

I looked up and ugly bear guy was at my door, with his drooling cock sticking out of fly of his pants pushing his way into my booth. It was a pretty nice looking cock, bout 7" cut and kinda thick and dripping precum. He must have been watching though the pin hole. Before I could do anything he was in my booth, undoing the button of his pants and pushing them down. He turned me, pushed my back down and stabbed his cock at my ass till it found my hole and went into me. He was an ugly bear guy, but I'd be lieing if I didn't say having my hole stretched around his thick bare cock didn't feel great. He was very verbal saying, Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah man.... here it comes man, fuck yeah, oh fuck... yeah, take my load man, OHH FUCKKK!!! And just like that it was over. He yanked out of me, slapped his cock against my ass a couple times, stuffed it into his pants, zipped up and walked out of the book letting the door swing all the way open, as a couple guys stood and watched, and probably heard the whole thing. I stepped out into the hall naked and pulled the door closed. Damn, that was crazy! I debating on jacking off quick or finding someone to take my load but decided to hit the gym and see what else I could get into afterwards. I dressed and got a couple glances as I walked out, and I might have even gotten another load from some thin 40ish guy in a baseball hat, but I headed out. 3 anon loads in 30 mins is pretty good, and I'll be on time to meet up with my work out bud.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reader, Seeder, Breeder

I got an email from a reader a while ago, and over the weekend he let me know he was in town and wanted to fuck me. He was late 30's, tall, in shape blk guy with 8.5" cut cock. Ok! Anyone who reads this knows that I do like dark meat. We seemed to miss each other most the weekend till Sunday afternoon. We set it up where I'd be naked and ready on the bed, he'll eat my ass then fuck his load into me saying - you'll love my DNA inside you. He came in and I stayed face down while he got naked. I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he started to eat out my hole. He ate it out for a bit then stood and smacked his cock on my ass. He lined up, then slowly sank is bare black cock into my body. Damn it felt good, and I moaned as it continued deeper into me, till my ass was pressed up against him. He grabbed on to each globe of my ass and said, damn nice ass. I was just settling in and about to enjoy this fuck by some blk guy who obviously knows how much of a cum freak I am, and has an idea of how many bare cocks have cum inside me before him. Out of the blue he said, oh man I'm about to cum. Oh, ok then. I'm totally fine with dudes who cum quick, in fact most often it turns me on, and I take it as a complement that they like my ass. Well next thing I knew he was injecting his seed into me. I never asked but if I had to guess it was a poz load. He pulled out and started to get dressed and I stayed face down with my ass up. Just before he was leaving he leaned in and tongued my just fucked hole a bit, told me I had a hot ass, then headed out.

I got online after he left and the little asian mix dude wanted to know if I can take his 4 day load. I said sure, and 10 min later his smooth little tone body was pressed up against me and his average sized bare cock was inside me. He's known for blowing his load quickly and today was no different. I was cupping his smooth little ass holding him deep inside me when he moaned and flooded my hole with his sperm. He dismounted, quickly got dressed and left as I laid on the bed.

As luck would have it, I got a text from the poz blk kid asking if I wanted his cum. I told him I have fresh seed in me and ready if he his. He replied he will be over in 20 min. Right on time I heard the door open as I was on the bed ass up. Like usual, he got naked in the other room, walked in hard, climbed on top of me and forced black cock into me using just the cum in me as lube. He leaned onto my back and seem to really like my cum filled hole more then usual because he only lasted 5 mins or so before he shared his gift with me injecting it as deep as he could into me. He stayed in me a bit before pulling out, and I kept my ass up. This time he got down and lapped up some of the cum that was dripping out of me before standing at the edge of the bed. I quickly knelt down and sucked his beautiful black shaft that just impregnated me. He was still rock hard and next thing I knew he pulled me up, pushed me back, lifted my legs and entered me again. Guess I'll be getting 2 loads from him! Its not often he fucks me on my back, usually on all 4's. So I got to check him out a bit better. He used to have boy tits, looks like he is filling out better, still that hot very dark skinned smooth body, but loosing the baby fat. He moved me back so he could climb on the bed also, twisted me a bit onto my side and held one leg up as his hard cock made sloppy noises while my thrusting into my cum filled hole. I tweeked his nipples a bit and rubbed his silky smooth skin and encouraged him to breed me. After about 10 mins his head tilted back and he moaned adding yet another charged load into me. He pulled out and stood, so I got down and sucked his deflating cock, slurping up the creamy cum off his cock and balls. I laid back on the bed and he walked out of the room. A few moments later I heard him dress and leave.

I didn't have that much time to look for another or to share what I had inside me because I had plans to meet a couple friends for a drink, so I relaxed a bit before hand, then headed out with a sloppy cum filled hole. While out I realized I wasn't sure if the blk kid started meds yet or not, so I shot him a quick text asking. He replied 10 min later.... No but soon, will let u know before I do. I got a slight hard on at the bar, knowing I had highly toxic seed inside me. I ordered another drink wishing I was back at home finding another cock to knowingly or unknowingly slide their bare cock into me, coat their shaft with it and force it deeper into me.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Better then nothing

Early yesterday evening this rock'n built 30 dude from online came over and fucked me senseless for over and hour and a half cumming twice into me. By the time we were done we were both exhausted. He some how staggered out the door and I laid on the bed with the TV on and quickly slipped into an after sex, deep sleep. Only to be fully awake at 2:30am. Crap! I get online and there is nothing but freaks and tweakers. Screw this, I'm horny and want some fun. So I pull on some track pants and an old Tshirt and went to one of the normally busier bookstores.

I must have missed the after bar horny guys cus there was no one there. I went into the theater area and there was just some older guy asleep in the smaller one, so I went to the other. Great. Some late 40's shorter stocky / fat mexican who was just shy of being beyond ugly. Very much the type you would see driving around in a beat up old pickup with lawn equipment in it. I went across the large screen to the dark corner where some guys play. No one there. Damn I wanted to get fucked by some stranger but there is no one here! I sat on the middle step of a small set of stairs going up to some door and hung out. Since no one was around, I took off my track pants, leaned back and jacked off some enjoying being naked in a public area. I had my legs pulled up and was fingering my ass feeling the cum still in me from earlier when around the corner came fat ugly mexican. He totally caught me. He reached under his gut and undid his jeans and pushed them down a bit and started stroking. Well its better then nothing but - Damn he is ugly! and.... I think.. I want to have unprotected sex with him! He lifted up his shirt a bit and reveled a big smooth belly with a scar on it, and I got to see what he was packing. A big wide triangle of hair with a pretty thick stubby looking uncut cock, probably 6" or so.

He moved closer, so I sat up right and leaned in. His crotch was musky and his cock head was all wet with precum as the skin went over his cock head. It was a pretty thick cock. I dove in and started sucking him while he moaned and put his hands on the back on my head. I worked his cock over for about 5 mins before I leaned back and lifted my legs, letting it be known I wanted to get fucked. He bent over and reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom. What the hell would and ugly ass mother fucker be doing with a condom? does he really think he will get lucky by caring it around? I took the condom from him and shook my head no, and set if off to the side. He looked at me blankly like not sure what to do, so I pulled him closer so his cock was close to my ass, and said, Fuck me. He gave me a look as if to ask if I really meant it, so I said it again, fuck me. He leaned in so his gut was on top of my cock and balls, and I felt his cock against my hole. I pushed my hole out a bit, grabbed his waist and pulled him into me. His fat fireplug cock popped into me as I threw my head back and moaned.

I was just getting into in when he started to tremble, so I grabbed onto his waist to keep him from pulling out, and he grunted twice as he injected his ugly mexican seed into me. He must have been worked up since he didn't last longer then 5 mins inside me. He staggered back a bit, then went for my cock. But I was done with him. I got what I wanted, some fresh cum, even though it was from someone I normally would never have sex with but in a way it was hot cus he was so freak'n ugly and nasty. I pulled on my track pants as he was still fumbling with his jeans, and walked out and checked the other theater. Just sleeping old guy still.

I went out of the theaters and checked the peep area. Hummm, looks like a military dude is looking to get off quick! Not a super hot military dude, had the typical haircut, but more average body and slightly geeky. He glanced at me and stepped into a booth leaving the door ajar. I waited a moment then walked over and peered in. He was sitting on the bench with his pants down around his ankles working over an average looking cock. Being the nice guy I am, I figured I'd take care of his needs for him if he wanted. I stepped in and locked the door. He looked at me then the screen and switched the channel, so I got down on my knees. He spred his legs apart more for me and moved his hand. I quickly went down on him easily swallowing his whole 6.5 average cock all the way to his blondish bush. He put his hand on the back of my head letting me know he just wanted to get sucked off, while he continued to flip through the porn stations. He settled on some flick, and relaxed a bit as I continued to slurp on his cock. He started to exhaile sharply and put a bit more pressure on my head, and shot extreamly hard, as blasts rocketed to the back of my mouth. Wow thats a really bitter load, but I swallowed it. Cum is cum, and shouldn't be waisted! I got up and unlocked the door, gave him a nod, and pushed the door closed behind me.

It wasnt even 4am, otherwise I'd hang out and see if any morning comuters needed to get off. So I headed home. Not the best sex, but it fulfilled a need by supplying me with some fresh dose's of cum in me. I channel surfed the TV on my couch and dozed off .