Thursday, June 28, 2007

service man

Again, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 3am. Instead of crawling into bed, I got online. I got a message right way from a guy who used to fuck me a couple yrs ago. It took me a bit to remember him, and it was still a bit fuzzy about what he really looked like. Well guess he just got home from overseas that night, on a one month leave from duty. I didn't want to pry as to what branch he served for though I can guess. He was horny and still awake due to the time change. He asked if I was still at the same address and if he could come over, walk in and fuck me. I told him I need to shower, but ok. He said 30mins then logged off. I hoped he remembered my address! I jumped in the shower. I was just getting out of the shower when my door opened, I said hey, one sec, and finished drying off clicked the light and went and laid on the bed. He came in, got naked and started to feed me his cock. Now I remember! Forcing his cock down making me gage and choke, how could I forget! That nice tone lightly hairy body and that 8" cock. In the dark room I couldn't really see his face but I remember him. He got between my legs and forced his cock into me and jack rabbit fucked me making my bed squeak. He pulled out and grabbed the lube and I took the quick break to reposition myself so the bed wouldn't squeak and wake up my neighbors! He quickly put my legs back up and started fucking fast and hard. He stopped for a bit then had me roll to my side. Sliding his cock back into me he grabbed my shoulder and started to slam into me. Only a few thrust later he said, oh fuck. Then he proceeded to flood me with his cum, as deep as he could. He pulled out after catching his breath then stood to grab the towel. I quickly rolled over and pulled him closer and sucked his cock clean of cum. He dressed and said thanks, and hopes to fuck me more during the next month. Then walked out of my bedroom and out of my apt, only after arriving 10mins earlier. I was his first fuck after coming home to the states about 5 hours ago, and here I sit, 4am, with his cum still inside me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

who came?

I was bored with on line the other night so I cleaned up and went to a bathhouse. It was already 11pm so I figured it might be dead, but wanted something different. I got a locker and walked around, there were not to many there, so I went into one of the open areas and layed with my ass up on one of the cots. 5 mins later I felt someone feeling my ass, then eating it out. I got on all 4's to give whoever it was better access. He then got up behind me and stabbed at my ass. I had to reach back to help guide him into me. It feel like a decent 6.5" uncut cock with ample forskin covering his hard cock head. As he was fucking me we drew a small crowd of 5 or so guys. An older guy with short gray hair fed me a spongy 7.5 cock that had a slight funky oder to it as the guy fucking me dismounted. Someone else quickly replaced him and fucked me with what felt to be a similar sized cock. Whoever that was didn't fuck me for long, and shortly the older guy went behind me and pushed his semi hard spongy cock into me. Older guy fucked me with a steady thrust, and I put my head down to concentrate on getting him hard so he could cum, his cock was too spongy for me to feel much other then I knew he was inside me. He kept thrusting then stopped and held is cock in me, then pulled out. There were still a couple guys around, but no one stepped up next to I laid back down. When I looked back up I was looking at a stocky mid section of a latino maybe, with massive balls and a thick 7" uncut cock. I started sucking him and after a while his big balls seemed to tighten up. He stepped back and walked to the side and I put my ass up for him. He pushed his cock into me and it felt great. I flexed my hole around his meat and felt his big balls press up against my ass. He fucked me for a while then pulled out and presented his rock hard cock to me. I sucked him for a few mins then he wrapped his towel around himself and walked away. I laid for a bit then wandered around.

There really was not to many guys there, and for all I know half of them already fucked me. After having a smoke, I went into a video room and started jerking off. A mid 30's asian guy with a nice body and little ass came in, and a younger tattoo'd latino. The latino was a bttm based on he was showing his ass in his room earlier. Asian moved closer to me, but latino wanted nothing of that and walked right over and went down on me cutting off the asian. I was thinking about maybe fucking the asian, even though latino was hot, his hairy ass did nothing for me. So I spread my legs while sitting on the carpeted step and let latino suck on me for a while. He worked a hand down and started fingering my hole so I inched forward to it was easier for him. Well next thing I knew he hoisted my legs up, and slid his 6.5" cock up into me. A few more guys came in and started watching. Its not often I get fucked in the well lit video area. Asian went down on me while latino fucked me from the lower step. An older creepy guy started forcing his way into the scene and we all seperated. Latino went and sat on a different step, while asian let creepy suck his small cock. I got up and stood in front of latino and let him suck me more while 3 or 4 guys watched. A bearish guy came up behind me and started to finger my ass. Again, latino wanted none of that so he turned me around, stood, bent me over and mounted me right in the middle of the room. Some 40ish guy with crazy curly shoulder length hair with an average totally shaved body sat kind of in front of me were I was holding myself up by a taller bench and started to jack off his 6" cock while watching latino fuck me. Latino fucked me for a while then pulled out and I glanced back as the bearish guy stepped up. His cock felt much better and he knew how to fuck. As soon as he entered me Curly hair started to moan while jacking and was about to cum. Not to have good cum go to wast I quickly moved over a bit and went down on his smooth small cock and swallowed his watery load. Bear guy seemed to like that and thrust harder and lightly slap my ass. He fucked me for a bit longer then pulled out and wrapped his towel around himself and walked away. There were still guys watching, so I stepped up to latino who was sitting again and fed him my hard cock. He was not very good at head, but I was getting close. He then backed off, just as I was getting close. So I grabbed my cock and jerked it and totally sprayed his face, neck and chest with a huge load. He then started to suck my cock but it was too late, I was done. I grabbed my towel and headed to my locker. Got dressed and left, only staying at the bathhouse for less then 2 hours.

Once home I went right to bed and slept. In the morning I got up, and was making coffee and had to fart. Not even thinking there might be cum in me, I had a wet cum fart LOL. ooops! I reached back and scooped up a big glob of still creamy white cum. I went to the bathroom and squated over a mirror, and pushed out whatever cum was in me. I was totally shocked. Globs and globs of cum oozed out of me. Nice clean cum and most of it still white and creamy. Way more then one load! I scooped up some and used it to jack off, then I licked the mirror clean. I quickly shot a load. I had no idea I had that much cum in me or who really came in me since no one really gave any clue that they were cumming.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A friend in me

I was planing on just relaxing at home Fri night but fell asleep on the couch for a few hours and woke up around 9. I decided I'd grab a shower and hit the gym, who knows might get lucky there and I could use a work out. The gym was pretty dead, but I got a great work out. On a whim, I decided I'd stop for a quick beer on my way home. The place was pretty busy and I got a few looks considering I was just pumped up from the gym and in a tank. I grabbed a beer and worked my way out to the patio. I ran into a guy I kind of knew. I knew him from friend, who's roommate was dating him. I've talked to him a few times here and there, but thats about it. He's probably 30 or so, with that jockish boy next door look. Well it seems as if he was now single, and looking quite good. He was always cute, with that thin side cute. Now he was buffed up with big ass arms but still had that 29" waist. We chatted, and he confessed he took some steroids, and with in 2 months (since he broke up) he pumped up. And he just recently took a job offer out of state and was moving in 2 weeks. After another round (pretty sure he was getting tipsy) he also confessed he always thought I was hot and wanted to fuck me. I kind of laughed thinking he was joking. Then he said, but he would want to fuck me bareback so it probably would never happen. I took a slug a beer and told him... I could be up for that. He got a wicked grin and said ok, lets go.

I followed him to his tiny apt that was in shambles from packing, and he started undressing right away. I did the same till we were standing there naked, making out and feeling each others body's. He told me he guessed I had a big dick but had no idea. I started to get the feeling I was gona become the top or it was just gona be head. But after he sucked me for a bit he stood and I went down on him. He had one of those cocks that arched upward when hard with a nice head, around 7" and a nice close trim job. After getting his cock good and wet he stood me up and bent me over his table and knelt down and started eating my ass out. He then cleared off some of the table and had me lay back on it. I lifted my legs up and he applied more spit to his cock and nudged his bare cock into me. It was pretty hot to be naked on my back on the table, with the lights on and him hovering over me feeling his big arms as he kissed me and slide his cock in and out of me. I started to lightly tweek his nipples and seemed to do it for him because he started moaning and thrusting harder. Then with one final thrust he pushed as far as he could into me and let his cum spurt into me. He pulled out of me and I told him to hang on, as I was about to shoot also, then aimed for his cock and coated it with my own cum. He started to rub it into his cock and jack but I stopped him and laid back and told him to put it in me. He slid into me watching his own cock, telling me how hot it was feeling my and his cum inside me, and that it looked fuck'n hot. He pistoned me for a while but then said he wouldn't be able to cum again even though he was still hard. He pulled out and I sucked his now sensitive cock clean. He told me where the bathroom was so I could clean up. I just looked at him oddly and asked .. why? do I need to? He laughed and said he though I'd want to get rid of the cum I just took. I told him I was good as I was.

We hung out naked and had another beer and chatted and I told him if he ever had to come back to town he could crash at my place since I have a spare room, no strings. It was getting late and I was parked at a meter that started early. He did ask if I wanted to crash there, but I said I should head out. He hugged me and gave me a kiss, and asked if I was gona keep his cum in me all night. I said, probibly. He said he wished his ex would have, cus he always wants to fuck in the morning and would love to feel his own cum in an ass from the night before. I told him maybe we could hook up again before he moved. He said he hoped so.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

bad mouth

Took the afternoon off from work, and hopped online. Right off I got hit up by my regular who was looking for a quicky in between meetings. He showed up 5 mins later and fed me his 7.5" cock. Once hard I backed up to the hole and he took over banging away at my ass hard, feeling his big balls bounce against me. After a while he grunted and shot hit load up into me. I sucked his cock clean of cum and he took off.

A 26yo 5'8" 135lb smooth blk dude hit me up, he had some things to do but said he could be over in 30 mins. His face pic was far away and showed he had some sort of military uniform, but not sure cus it was a small pic. He never asked for my face pic just my address and phone. He called later and said he was running late. Just over an hour after setting it up he showed up. He pulled down his boxers and out sprang an mostly hard completely shaved 7.5 average thick cock that stuck straight out with smallish but nice shaved balls. I don't think he had a hair on his body but it was hard to tell. I sucked him for a while and he started talking trash, like it was the best blow job ever, and he wished he could see me bobbing up and down on his nigger cock. I then stood and pushed my hard cock though the hole. He said fuck, thats a big cock. He sucked me for a bit but was not the best. I went back to sucking him, then gave him a go at my cock again. He started fingering my ass while sucking him, so after a bit I turned around. He took the bait quickly and was pushing his bare cock up into me, unknowingly using the other dudes cum as lube. He started talking trash again, telling me how hot it was, and if I like his big nigger cock up inside me, and if I wanted his juice. He fucked me for a while alternating from deep dicking me and short jabs. I was bout to take a break from bending over and suck him a bit, but then he said he was about ready to give me his nut. He started slow thrust then grunted as his cock flexed inside me as he shot. I pulled off him and his blk shaft had a nice coating of creamy white cum. I sucked his cock clean as he moaned more. Then he pulled up his boxers and jeans and asked if he could come by tomorrow cus I give the best head and have a great ass. I told him I should be around late afternoon, and he headed out.

I pulled my gym stuff together and went for a work out with their cum still up inside me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

could be dad

In honor of Fathers Day, Sunday night I set up my GH, and had a 57yo come over. He hit me up online, nice stats, tall, thin and a close up picture of a 8"cock. We didn't chat much or trade pix, he just wanted to get off, and I was craving cum. He was over with in 10 min. Dropped his shorts and and pushed his soft cock through. I worked him for a bit and he got quite hard, and seemed like he was ready to shoot very quickly. He pulled back a couple times trying to make it last a bit longer, so I fingered some spit onto my ass and as he pulled back again, I turned and put my ass up to the hole. He poked a couple times then slide his whole cock up into me. He held it in me for a few seconds then only thrust 3 or 4 times and moaned as he spurted up into me. He stayed in me for a bit, then I pulled off and turned, sucking his still pretty hard cock and worked out a few more drops of his watery cum. He pulled out of the GH, pulled on his shorts and left. It was good over all and its been quite a while since I've had cum from someone old enough to be my father.

Friday, June 01, 2007

quick stop

I had some time over lunch today so I ran to the gym and put in a good work out, yet was able to wrap up early since no one was there. On my way to my next appointment, I drove my the bookstore and on a whim I swung into the parking lot. I only had 20min to spare, but who knows... There were 2 guys wandering the booths, neither of them did much for me, so I checked out the movie selection on the wall. From a booth behind me an average looking guy, in his early 30's stepped out. Dark blond hair, decent build, 6ft or so, but just very average looking. He locked eyes with me and stepped into another booth leaving the door ajar. I followed him in. After locking the door he quickly went for my chest, pulling my shirt off and going to work on my nipples while working his hands into my pants and cupping my ass. We quickly got completely naked except for out socks. He had a semi athletic build with light chest hair and a reddish sparse bush around a mean looking uncut cock. He was about 8" with good girth, and a nice set off balls that were lighter pink in a tight full bulge . He went back to working on my chest till he crouched down and turned me around. I bent over some and he started working his tounge in my crack and lapping at my hole while stroking my cock hanging between my legs. Looking between my legs I could see the skin pulled back half way over a bright red cock head that was drooling precum. He stood and rubbed his cock against my ass till it found my hole, then slowly worked his bare cock into me. It fucking felt great! He fucked me for a bit standing then bent me over more and leaned up against my back, reaching around and played with my chest, making short jabs deep inside me. His breathing on my neck and ear got heavier then he moaned quietly and I felt his cock throb as he transfered his cum up into my body. He rested briefly on top of me then pulled his cock out of me. We both got dressed and I exited the booth giving him a quick smile, and headed to my car. I was only 5 mins late but it was worth it hooking up with some guy in a booth, never saying a word to each other, letting him fuck me, and having his cum inside me the rest of the day.