Thursday, September 27, 2007

repeat visitor

Got a message from a blk guy who fucked me last week at the bathhouse (yeah I forgot to post that story, I'll try and post it) We exchanged email after the fuck when he told me he comes into town about once a month, and would love to fuck me again. He's early 30's, nice build, not ripped but not out of shape at all, with kind of a queeny look to him with short but straightened hair, and overly plucked eyebrows. Nice smooth body, shaved cock and balls, and a thick 9.5" cut thick cock that had a slight curve downwards. One of my personal favs!.

I got the message around 8 at night, asking if I wanted his load again. I wasn't quite feeling it at the time, so told him I might be free after 9:30 to give me time. He replied thats fine. The more I thought about it, I wouldn't mind having his big blk cock inside me again. I hit him back around 10 telling him I needed to shower yet but I was game. He said cool, just make it quick since he had a 5:30am flight. After cleaning up I hit him back and he gave me his room number at his downtown hotel. By the time I got there is was 11. I went up to his room and he opened it completely naked with his big fat cock, semi hard swinging between his legs. Its so fucking hot when guys do that. I stepped in and quickly took off my cloths and he cupped my ass and slide a finger in me finding me lightly lubed and ready. He walked me over to the bed with his finger still up in me and had me get on all 4's. He climbed up behind me and started pushing his bare semi hard cock into me with no spit or lube, and it some how went in. He started with some slow thrusts while reaching under and rubbing my chest. I felt my hole start to stretch as his cock got hard.

He pushed my shoulders down so my ass was up and he started drilling causing some discomfort as his curved cock banged deep into me for a while. He then laid on top of me grinding his cock into me and asked me if I wanted a fucking or if I wanted his load. I wanted both! but I told him, you have to be up early, give me your load. He thrust into me hard for a min, then pushed his meat into me supper deep and released his cum into me, grinding a bit and working his cock even deeper into me making sure it would be in me for a while.

He slowly pulled out of me and I flipped him over so he was sitting at the edge of the bed. I went down on my knees and went down on his semi hard fat cock. He wasn't smooth like the bathhouse, but nice and short hair, and this was the first time I sucked his cock. His cock was perfectly bloated where I could take him to his balls, and I discovered he had a really large piss slit. I stroked his shaft working out any left over cum while my tounge was up in his big piss slit, while I jacked off. I quickly stood and fired off a couple ropes onto his chest as he watched and said, fuck yeah.

He went to the bathroom and used a towel to wipe off while I got dressed and watched his big cock flop around. It started to get me all horny again, but it was late. He walked me to the door still naked and said he will be back in town soon, and gave me a peck on the lips while I tugged on his cock. I headed home, and crawled into bed. I jacked off again of the vision of him in the bathroom with his fat cock swinging and me having his seed planted deep deep inside me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just a short one

I hit the gym kinda late, when I got home I was tired but was craving some cum in me. I got online and told myself I'll take the first load that is offered then head to bed. 5 mins after skimming online a 37yo 5'6" stocky latino asked if I was looking for now. I replied I needed some cum in my ass. He said he could do that. So I got directions to his place that was pretty near by, and zipped over there. I walked up to his apt and through the screen door I could see a side angle of a stocky / slightly chubby smooth latino sitting at a computer jerking off. I tapped on the door and he turned and said come in. I went over to him and got on my knees and started sucking his 6" uc cock. It was a bit on the thicker side, and nice and hard. He had me get up and bent me over the side of couch while tugging my shorts down. He grabbed the lube and put some on my ass, then started prodding my ass with his cock. I had to bend forward a bit more to get the right angle, till his cock went into me. His smooth gut smacked against my ass as he short jabbed me for only a couple mins, then he grunted and held his cock in me as deep as he could and released his juice into me. He pulled out and headed off to the bathroom to get me a towel. I just dressed and was ready to walk out when he came back in. I told him thanks, but I'm good, and headed out. I got what I needed, another mans creamy load of cum inside me, and I was ready for bed. I'll probably won't fuck with him again, but ya never know. He may have been dorky, ugly and out of shape, but he has cum, and a cock to transfer it into me by.

Friday, September 14, 2007

almost 2 holes in 1

I was having my morning coffee when my regular GH user hit me up. I told him I could suck him now, since I'm not showered, or he could wait. He said he had time and could wait, and that it would be hot if there was another guy that would be interested in take turns on my ass. I said who knows, but I'll keep my eye out.

Well 20 mins later the muscle tattoo'd guy hit me up saying he had lunch at 11am and would love to pump a load into me. I asked him he if would be interested in taking turns with another guy. He said sure, he didn't care, he just wanted to get off in me. So I told my regular that around 11:15 there would be anther guy here to fuck me and he's welcome to join. Then I jumped in the shower and got ready. My regular is almost alway right on time since he lives near by, but today he was late!!! Tattoo guy was fist to show, he proceeded to get totally naked, leaving the door open for my regular. He stepped up and fed me in already hardening fat 7.5c cock with his big balls nicely shaved. I sucked him for a while then backed up onto his shaft and let him fuck me for a bit. Still no regular! So I pulled off and went back down on him more, and I could sense his balls tightening like he was close. So I slowed down a bit but it didn't help, so I stood and backed up onto his cock again. He fucked me only for a couple mins till he told me he was gona shoot, then pumped his cum up into me. I slid off him and went down working any remaining cum out of his shaft. He pulled back and got dressed. He walked out and still no regular. How odd!

less then 5 mins later, regular showed up. Made me wonder if they saw each other in passing. He stepped up and pulled down his shorts pushing though his soft cock with hair that was a bit over gown. He asked if he missed him, and I said yes, and went back to work on him. His cock was having troubles getting hard and I tried a few tricks, till finally it was standing out hard. I spit on my hand and worked some onto my ass, then stood and backed up onto his cock. His cock popped right into me, but for some reason it kind of hurt. His cock was rock hard, jabbing inside me. I felt some cum ooze out of me and drip down onto my balls, and I tightened my hole around his meat as best I could. He started banging against the GH really hard had then fired his juice up into me also. I let his cock throb inside me for a bit before turning and swallowing his frothy cum coated shaft. I licked up every bit of his shaft getting all the cum I could

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

young blk meat

I wasn't really looking for sex, I just got online to kill some time before a late afternoon appointment. Next thing I know I'm talking to this kid from way up north. He was a 22yo, 5'9", 130lb skinny little smooth blk kid and said he had 8" cut cock. He was getting ready to head down here to pick up his brother from the airport, but was wondering if I'd be up for getting fucked. By the time he would get here, would only leave about 300 mins before he had to be at the airport, and it would be cutting it close to the time I had to head out also. Oh what the hell. I gave him my address and told him to text me when he was close.

He text me that he was close, and I replied I'll be on the bed ready. 10mins later another text asking what I'm near. I replied with some markers as to where I am. 10mins later another text saying he is here. I was naked on the bed with my ass up when he came in. After he got undressed, he got up behind me as I got on all 4's. He rubbed his crouch against my ass, and I reached back with some spit to lube up his cock. It felt like it was close to 8" alright! His average sized balls hung low in a sack that felt like it had stubble. After a couple failed attempts at entering me, I applied some spit to my ass, and lined it up for him. I was waiting for him to ask if I had a condom, but he never did. He just eased his whole bare cock up into me. The whole fuck lasted maybe 10mins, and I wasn't sure if he came or not, even though it felt really good. He didn't make much noise, just heavy breathing and some low moans. I figured he did cus his thrust really slowed down and it seemed like his cock was not as hard. He pulled out then got off the bed. I quickly turned and finally saw him. If it wasn't for a little hair between his pecs, a very close trimmed bush, and his man sized cock, I would have put him closer to the 16 age range! I was a little freaked out, but the way he held himself and acted, he was 22, just had a body of a teenager. I told him to hang on as he reached for the towel, and got down and started to suck his cock while I jacked off. His crotch had that musky smell that blk guys often have. His cock was only semi hard, but it only took me a min before I stood and sprayed my load all over his abs. After he came back from the bathroom, He got dressed and said we need to do that again, it was super hot. He told me he would keep in touch and wants to play again next time he is down this way. I told him u have my email and #, just let me know.

He headed out, and I quickly got dressed and headed out to my appointment, thinking that turned out better then I thought, Some skinny little blk kid with a big dick just knocked me up. Works for me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bed time snack

I meet up with some friends and ended up being out a bit late. Not really buzz'ed but knew enough I shouldn't drive from the beer and how tired I was, I went online briefly. Even though it was 2am, my stocky latino GH visitor hit me up right away. So I quickly set up my GH. He walked in and flicked off my light switch making it pitch black in my apt. At first I wasn't sure what was up, then I felt through the GH, and found his uncut cock hanging there. His 7.5" cock got harder then usual as I worked his shaft over. After only 5 mins or so he groaned and fed me a smallish but tasty load of cum. He pulled away, and shortly the light clicked on and he was out the door.

By the time I got back to my computer a 32yo blk guy was wondering if he could use my GH. He was 6ft, 185lb, no other stats. I didn't even ask. I could use some blk cock, so I said sure. He walked in 15min later and proceeded to get naked, then pushed through a semi hard cock. I quickly went down on it while cupping his low hanging balls. His cock was baby smooth, but also had a slight coco butter taste to it like he was jacking off with cream earlier. He cock got super hard with a slight curve upwards reaching close to 8" with perfect thickness. He pulled back and asked if I wanted to fuck. Unfortionatly I was not prepared to back up to the GH, so I told him it was prob not best this time, but next time I can. So I went back to work on this strangers black cock. I was totally getting into it when he started saying... yeah, suck my cock.... suck my cock... suck my cock... progressively louder and louder, till he was almost yelling it. Then his cock pumped out a really thick creamy load into my mouth. His cum tasted fucking amazing. After swallowing his juice, I went back for more. He let me enjoy it some, working out all the cum but he started getting sensitive and pulled back. He stepped back and got dressed and left. I have no idea who that blk guy is, but damn he produces some great cum. I want and need more of it inside my body!

I closed up and went to bed where I jacked off, then crashed.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hang on

Not sure if its my wifi, router, cables, modem, internet connection, internet provider.... but one or a couple of them are fucking up. And not in a good way. It seems to work when its in the mood but never right when I want it or need it! I have some new things to post, and will with in the next few days once my internet is not so spotty, or down for hours at a time. The fall back dial up is soo painfully slow, that I'd rather not even be online. The few unsecured wifi's that I can tap into are only available at weird times, or the signal is too weak to hold onto long enough to do anything. Ugggh!!!!