Saturday, March 24, 2007

bad sex good sex

Hooked up with the aggressive 19yo again. What was I thinking. He's kind of cute, but his aggressiveness just works my nerves where its not that much fun. Its not that type of aggressive where you can tell he is totally into me, but its just the way he is sexually. The only good thing is he fucked me again leaving his teenage cum up inside me. It was a quick hook up, in and out in 30 mins.

I got online and a semi frequent bud was on. He has a long term bf, lives a bit out there but the sex we have its some of the best. We chatted briefly and he said he could swing a quickie on his way home from the gym. About an hour later he was at my door, and we quickly went into the bedroom. He's 34 5'10" 180lb muscular blk guy with 8.5"c When we fuck its pretty passionate. We totally get into each other. I didn't tell him that I had a 19yo's load up in me, but when he was eating my ass out, he commented on how good I tasted. We fucked in many positions, from me on my back, doggy style, standing up bent over, to finally on my back again. He was nibbling on my neck with his arms underneath me grasping my shoulders when he finally added his load to me. He stood up and caught his breath, I stood next to him jacking my cock. I got close, thinking he might swallow my load but he just watched so I shot all over is still semi hard cock. Then I sank to my knees to sucked his cock, tasting mine, his and the 19yo's load that was coating his shaft. He cleaned up and said he needed to run. I know we will fuck again, but only when our timing seems to work.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

48 with 10

It was late afternoon and I got online and started talking to a 48yo guy. Not bad looking, bald on top, nice goatee, decent athletic build, quite hairy but not bad looking, and sporting a 10.5" cock. We chatted briefly about hooking up. He was looking for a quickie before his dinner plans, and that was fine with me. He lived just over a mile away, I zipped over and entered his immaculate condo. We went into the bedroom and proceeded to get naked. He had a bit too much hair - a little shoulder and back trim would help a lot, but over all a nice looking guy. I was naked by the time he pulled his underwear off. Out came a nice thick low hanging cock with shaved balls. I quickly went down on him and his cock slowly got hard. He wasn't kidding. a good 10-10.5" and quite thick, though his balls were a bit small in comparison. I stood and he laid a towel down on the bed and I climbed onto it on all 4's and fingered some spit into my hole while he lubed up his cock. I relaxed as best I could and he pushed an few inches into me. I tried, but backed off. Wasn't quite relaxed enough. Another glob of spit and he pushed in slow, but now I was ready and sank all the way back to his balls. His cock was perfect. Not hard as a rock where it hurts stabbing in, but not soft and spongy that you can't feel it either, and just the right about of lube. He fucked me while reaching under and playing with my chest from time to time. Then he grabbed my hips and thrust harder and faster till he buried it all the way in me and pumped his seed deep into me. He slowly pulled out thrusting in a bit while I milked his cock making sure I got ever bit of his load in me. Then I quickly turned and got on my knees and sucked his cock working a drop or 2 of cum out of him. I pulled on my jeans and T and he walked me to the door naked and said we need to do it again. I told him I agree. Hopped in my car and headed home. When I walked in I noticed from start of conversation to returning home took 26mins. Got to love the internet!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Short on top.

A 28yo blk guy hit me up online. All he had was a face pic, but said he loved fucking big white ass. His stats were 5'4" 135lb 28"w smooth with 8". He lived about 25min away, but was willing to travel. I said sure, since I love getting fucked by blk cock and its even hotter when its a little guy. I jumped in the shower and was straightening up when he arived. Even though it was warm out, he had a hooded sweatshirt and jeans on. He had almost a shaved head and a little thin beard. He was very cute, but very shy. I ushered him into my bedroom where I dropped my shorts and he started to get undressed. He had a tone thin build with nice chest. He stood next to me and rubbed my body and chest while in just his jeans. It was kind of funny since he only came up to my nipples. His skin was so smooth touching him, that I got a hard on. He commented on how big my cock was as he reached around cupped my ass cheeks. I got down on my knees and undid his belt and zipper, pulling his jeans and briefs down to his ankles. His cock sprang up fully hard, I would put it at 7 - 7.5" but on his little body it look much bigger. I sucked him for a while till he pulled me up and pushed me back onto my bed. He got down and started to suck me then worked his way down to my ass, lifting my legs up. He seemed to totally get into eating my ass out, occationaly licking my balls and sucking my cock while working a finger into me. He pushed me back farther on the bed and crawled between my legs and lifted them up. With out any comment on condoms or anything he spit on his cock and slowly pushed into me. It was hot having this little guy with a nice cock fuck me. I reached back and grab onto his little waist pulling him deeper into me, then grabbing his little tight ass feeling it flex as he thrust in and out of me. He then had me roll over, laying flat with my legs kind of close together. He crouched over my ass with his feet on either side of my waist, and his hands on my shoulders, he piston fucked me with only his cock, balls and hands touching me. He then said, shit your gona make me cum, then slammed into me as deep as he could and flooded my ass with cum.

He laid on the bed next to me and we chatted for a while. He started rubbing my body again and slipped a finger in my ass. He smiled and laughed. I asked him, what. He told me he could feel his cum inside me and it was hot. So I asked him if he was gona do it again. He asked if he could and I said sure. I got between his legs and started sucking on his half hard cock till it was rock hard again. This time he had me sit on his cock faceing his feet. I think he got off watching his blk cock go in and out of a white ass. I opened up my ass a bit and let some of his cum ooze over his cock. That seemed to really get him going. I was ridding and he started thrusting harder and harder makeing me loose my balance some, then he started twiching and moaning. Then he said Fuck really load as he shot another load into me. I laid down next to him and carressed his little body. He said that was fuck'n hot and I had an amazing ass. I told him thanks and went down and sucked his cum coated shaft. We hung out longer and chatted, just relaxing being naked in bed. Finally he got up and we made plans for hooking up again in a few days, and maybe going for a beer. I kind of hope so, he was a really cool guy, killer little body and threw a great fuck filling me with 2 loads of cum.

Sun and cum

Went to the beach yesterday with a friend. it was nice and relaxing, not very busy, but a few hotties walking the surf. Since I was with a friend, it made it hard to do anything, but I did make an excuse to run back to the car to get something. There are some trails off to the side of the parking lot that have been known to be cruisy. So I ducked down the trails to check things out. I didn't see anyone, and didn't want to go too deep, so I hung out and had a smoke in a clearing. I just put my smoke out and was about to head back and a 20 something thin latino came down the trail. So I gropped myself in the clearing and he came over. We both pulled out cocks out and jerked them hard. He reached over and stroked me for a bit then went down on me. Not the best head, but he was cute, smooth and was stroking his 6.5uc cock while kneeling in front of me. We heard some noise and he got up and we both flipped our shorts over our cocks. A stocky 30ish latino guy walked by, paused then seeing that we were waiting for him to move on, he left. I was so happy that FINALLY someone realizes that they are interrupting and they are not invited. Alot of guys just don't get that.

We both pulled out cocks out again and I went down on him. His balls were kind of small but he was leaking some pre cum, and it tasted great. After a bit I stood again and we both jacked a bit, then suddenly he started to shake like he was gona cum. So I quickly bent down and caught most of his load in my mouth. We both straightened up and he walked back down the path and I waited a bit. While waiting I glanced to the side and noticed the stocky latino was kind of watching through some shrubs. That was fine with me, he didn't interfere with us, and kept himself hidden. He started walking over and entered the clearing with his cock sticking out of his jeans. He was hung the same but thicker. I quickly went down on him and with in 2 mins he fed me a really thick load, then walked off tucking his cock back into his jeans.

I headed back to lay out, but was horny and really wanting to get fucked, but with my friend there, I didn't want to make to too obvious, so figured it was best if I waited till I got home and could play more freely.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

nice and ugly

Stopped at a bookstore that I don't go to very often. Its very hit or miss - usually miss. There was no one there and only one booth being used, and it was a middle aged guy sitting and jacking an average cock with his door open a crack. I figured might as well get something so I stepped in and got on my knees and started sucking him. I could tell he was already pretty close cus his balls were already drawn up inside his body making it look like he had no balls at all. I bobbed up and down for only a couple of mins and he fed me his slightly bitter load. I quickly got up and walked out the booth closing the door behind me.

I watched a video for a bit, then when walking out of my booth I almost ran into a guy walking by. He was early 30's, latino-ish with his hair pulled back into a small ponytail, average build with a slight barrel chest and was wearing some type of button up work shirt and gray work pants. He went into the end booth put some money and and flipped through the video selections, standing there with his door still open. I hung out and waited. He never looked my way, and kept flipping the stations. Finally he found one he liked and watched, adjusted himself once and kept watching. So I walked over and reached into his booth and groped him. He didn't stop me or even look at me. His bulge felt like he was packing decent, so I stepped in and closed the door. I unzipped my jeans and let them slide down a bit a jerked my cock. thinking he would do the same. He glanced down but then back to the video. I pushed my jeans down and crouched down in front of him and unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down. He still didn't stop me. He had on some blue striped boxers, and I reached up under his shirt to grab the waist band to pull them down. I helped me out by lifting his shirt a bit showing a slightly hairy stomach. I tugged the boxers down and discovered a definite line where he shaved completely smooth. I got his pants and boxers to his knees and saw his smooth cock and balls. This guy had one ugly fuck'n cock. His shaved cock and balls was slightly darker then the rest of him, he was uncut, and had a huge bulging vain that ran down the top half way then arched to the side where it knotted making it look like he had a big lump on the side of his cock. His cock head looked like a plumb sticking out of the forskin. I started sucking him and he quickly filled out to close to 8.5" with nice thickness. It was still a fucking ugly cock, but nice at the same time. After a bit I stood up jacking his dick some, he glanced at me then the video again. I asked him if he would fuck me, but I go no response just a glance. I went back down on him, but worked some spit onto my hole also. Then the video stopped and he started to move, so I quickly stood, reached in my pocket and fed it some money. He stood there again watching while I jacked his cock. So I turned around and presented him with my ass. I took his cock and guided it towards my hole, and worked his head into me. Guess that was all that was needed cus he pushed my back down so I was more bent over and grabbed onto my waist and pushed his whole cock into me. I winced a bit in pain and had to take a quick breath. He began fucking me in nice thrusting movements. His uncut cock felt great as it glided in and out and his knotted vain felt amazing. I was in total bliss, with my eyes rolled back hoping this fuck would never end, but sadly it did. He grunted and said something in spanish, then I felt his cock spazam 4 or 5 times as he pumped his cum into me. He slowly pulled out of me, and I pulled up my jeans. I nodded to him as I headed out, closing the door behind me, leaving him still standing there watching the video with his pants at his knees. I hung out a bit, but decided to leave instead of getting more change for the videos.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Park N Ride

It was a super nice day yesterday, sunny and warm. I decided to get out of my apt and enjoy the day. After stopping for coffee and I drove to one of the parks. I havn't cruised parks in a long long time. There were a few cars parked, a couple of them occupied, and a couple guys laying in the sun. I pulled into a parking spot and hung out and had a smoke. A couple spots over was a silver pick up with a guy wearing a baseball hat who kept looking over. I didn't see anyone coming or going from the trails, it was just kinda quite with not much going on. The guy in the truck got out and headed towards the picnic bench that was in front of my car just up a small hill. When I saw him I almost busted out laughing. Tall, pretty thin, guess early 40's, baseball hat, mustash, sleeveless button down shirt that was open half way showing a hairy chest, and supper short daisy duke shorts and construction boots. He looked like 80's porn the way he was dressed. He sat down, repositioned himself then opened his legs. And there his cock flopped out his short on the left side. He had to be 8" soft because I could clearly see it from where I was, as it hung past the bench. I immediately got horny and gropped myself in the car. He got up and started walking between our cars twards the paths behind the parking lot. His cock was still showing a few inches down the leg of his shorts as he walked by. I waited a few mins, then locked up my car and headed down the path he went.

He was standing in the first clearing, with his shirt unbuttoned now. Once he saw me he kept going down the path, glancing back a couple times. I slowly followed till he ducked into some shrubs. When I reached the spot, he was in a small dirt clearing surrounded by thick shrubs with his cock hanging out of his fly. I ducked into the shrubs and pushed my gym shorts down and we both started to jack off. He bent over and sucked my cock some, then I did the same to his. His cock still wasn't hard though. He went back to sucking me cupping my ass some so I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them. He started working over my low hanging balls and running a hand up and down my crack. I widened my stance to give him better access and he took the bate. He turned me around so my hands where on my knees bent over as he knelt behind me eating out my ass. I looked between my legs and saw he was hard stroking himself. It looked like he only grew and inch or so with average thickness and a slightly smaller tapered head. He stood and rubbed his cock up and down my crack jabbing his cock at my hole every now and then, till he spit on his cock and tried to push it into me. It wasn't happening, needed more lube, so I worked up some spit and coated my hole and he tried again. His cock head entered me, and he did short thrust, after a bit pushing more into me, then thrust again till I felt his hairy bush up against my ass. He only fucked me 3 or 4 mins then said in a low quiet voice, "here it comes". Then grunted and came inside me. He pulled up his cut offs and patted my ass and said thanks and left, leaving me to pull on my gym shorts.

Stepping out of the shrubs there was this supper cute latino, early 20's, standing in the trail. I'm pretty sure he watched us fuck. He didn't hide his hard on tenting his shorts. So I stepped up to him and gropped him. I quickly knelt and pulled his shorts to his knees and started to suck on his 6" uncut cock. It was leaking precum and tasted great. I pulled my cock out and started jerking, and shortly he fed me his thick creamy load. I stood and he watched as I quickly pumped out my load, shooting it a good 2 or 3 feet. He smiled and told me I have a big dick, flipped up his shorts and walked up the path. When I got to my car, the truck was gone but there were a couple other cars now parked, cruising. If I didn't just cum, I probably would have hung out and cruised also. Oh well.... next time.