Monday, December 31, 2007

easy hole

I just finished watching the final regular season football game and instead of going to the gym I got online. Next thing I knew I was pretty much letting anyone who hit me up and wanted to fuck their load into me do so. The following is a run down of how it played out, some with details.

First up was this 32yo stocky blk guy with 7". He lives near me and has been pestering me to use my GH or to fuck me for a while. Today was the day it worked out. I was naked and on all 4's and he came in. He fingered my hole while he tried to get hard. He pushed into me and fucked me briefly, then went back to fingering and jerking. Only 2 mins later he shot his load all down my crack. I was a little pissed off that he didn't cum in me, but at least he scooped it all up and fingered it up into me. He left while I laid back down face first.

Next was a 40yo 5'9" 170lb average build latino. Said he had 8.5uc but his picture of his cock looked like 6.5 but very thick. I said I'd do a quickie for him. While waiting for him I started talking to a 30yo kind of muscular blk EMT guy who wanted to stop by if he was in the area and fuck me quick. I gave him my # to text me if he ended up in my part of town. The latino came in to find me naked and on all 4's. He played with my ass a bit and rubbed my body while grinding his cock against my ass. I reached back with some spit to lube him up and found. Holy shit, it really was 8.5" uc and beer can thick. I looked underneath me to confirm it. This dude was packing a fucking nice cock! I relaxed as best I could and he eased his bare cock up into me. Oh god I was in love, lust and heaven all at once. His uncut shaft glided in and out while I was in pure bliss. He only fucked me for maybe 5 min before pumping his load into me. This was one quickie I wish wasn't! He got dressed and I laid face down. As he was walking out the room he said thanks, I turned and said sure. Oh fuck! latino dude was kinda hot too! He left and I quickly shot him a messaged thanking him and telling him we MUST fuck more. I will be chasing this dude hard core. I need my hole stretched around his meat daily! Hell he might be my new BF! Thats how much I was into him and that fat uc cock.

Just after bear can left, EMT called and was 3 blocks away. I we set it up and I stayed in position. He came in, in his ambulance uniform, pulled his pants down, and quickly pushed his 7" black cock into me. Defiantly didn't feel as good as beer can but not many would after that. He threw a decent fuck though and shortly added his cream to the mix I was collecting. He pulled up his pants and said he couldn't wait to find out if he would be in my area and just came right over hoping to fuck me before he started his shift.

Next was a 49yo decent build guy claiming 7.5. All I saw was his chest but what the hell. Again I was face down with my ass up and door open. He came in but didn't enter my bedroom. I started to think he was robbing me, but then he walked in completely naked. He played with my ass a bit then walked around and fed me his cock. It grew to an average thickness 7" but it had a nice slight downward curve. A personal favorite of mine. He had this weird dried leaves smell to him but it wasn't bad. He went back around to my ass, climbed onto the bed and mounted me. He fucked me that way till he collapsed on top of me when he also released his sperm into me. He thrust a few more times before pulling his deflating bare cock out. I just stayed face down and never saw his face. It took him a bit to get dressed in the other room but then left.

A 30yo jockish dark haired guy hit me up for a quick fuck. After chatting a bit he finally said he would be up for fucking me bare as long as I was clean. I was freshly showered, my hole was white washed clean! I even did a spot check and pushed a finger up into my gooey cum filled ass and found just syrupy clean cum in me. Yup, I'm clean I told him. He came over to me face down also cus he just wanted a quick fuck. He had maybe 6.5 average cock, and threw an ok fuck. I pulled him deep as he came by grabbing onto his meaty ass and holding him in me. Then I let him go like I was done with him and got what I wanted, and laid face down again. He obviously had no idea I already had 3 1/2 loads already and now made it 4 1/2

NEXT! A 40yo chubby blk guy. 5'9" 225lb and said 8.5" Oh what the hell, its been a while since I've had a big guy mount me. Surprisingly he turned out to be a pretty good time! He was chubby, smooth and really did have 8.5" and pretty thick too. He alternated eating my ass out and fucking me till he discovered I was full of cum. Then he went wild eating my ass out digging in deep and lapping up all the fuck that was dripping out of me. He went back to alternating fucking me and eating my ass telling me I had more deep up in me he wanted to get also. Unfortionaly he kept getting close and would hold off so by the time he got most the cum out of my now gapping used hole, he was having a problem getting off. Finally he ended up jacking off and he was about to spray it onto my chest and I told him - fucking put it in me and cum in my ass! don't waist that load!!! He did just as his dark black cock spewed cum, replenishing my hole with fresh seed. He got dressed and said we need to play again, and headed out. He figured out I had cum in me but doubt he knew I had 4 1/2 assorted loads. It was hot thinking my hole was just stretched around 5 bare cocks as his tounge was probing my hole lapping up the cum of guys he didn't even know.

I got back online and this 30yo hit me up, no picture no real stats or anything but he was looking for a quick in and out fuck. He said he was 7.5" 6' 200lb average build. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me bare and cum in me. He replied, yeah, is that a problem? Nope, so I set it up where I would be in position. He came in on time, dropped his jeans and rubbed his cock up and down my crack to get hard. I reached back and found maybe a 6.5" cock. Oh well. He pushed his cock into me, and I noticed I was starting to get a little sore from taking so many cocks. He didn't last long at all and soon I had his fuck up inside me also. He quickly left, and I never did see what he looked like or even if he was anything like his other stats.

I was about to call it quites and go to the gym, but a guy hit me up online. I've seen him at the bookstores. Tall queeny thing, overly plucked eyebrows, 37yo, pretty nelly! However I did recall he had a pretty thick 7.5" cock and he fucked me bare once long long ago in the peeps. I told him I'd set up my GH, suck him hard then back up onto him till he go off. He said sure. He came in, took off his pants and stepped up to the GH. His balls where shaved and his cock quickly grew to its nice thickness. I worked him for a bit longer then usual hoping he would cum quick once he entered my ass. I turned and eased his bare cock into me and he took over thrusting. He was moaning and telling how amazing my ass felt. Short jabs, deep jabs. Then he started pulling out all the way and plunging it up into me. Not a big fan of that, and with a tender hole already it just made cum ooze out of me. I asked him if he was getting close. He said he could be if I wanted. I said yeah, give me your load. A couple mins later he did just that. Though as he was pulling out he short trusted so even more cum dripped out of me. I quickly pulled off in hopes of keeping as much inside me as possible. I was gona turn and suck his cock clean but he already stepped back and was putting his jeans on, then left.

I was done for the night, and planned on going to the gym but next thing ya know, I'm trapped watching the Sound of Music! How gay is that!!! What the hell is wrong with me!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It was a pretty lame Xmas day so I got online. Nothing really happening, and I was horny as hell. Finally a guy hit me up and wanted to fuck me. Wasn't the hottest guy, but his cock looked good. He as 52, 5'8" 160lb pretty hair, athletic, and had a 6.5" uc cock with a big bulbous head. I told him I was only interested in an annon quickie. He said sure, and would be over in 20 min. While waiting to get in position, an old blk fuck bud of mine was hit me up. Its been a long time since we have fucked cus its hard for him to escape from his current BF. Last time I ran into him was at the gym and he was looking hot as hell! Well he said he could come by if I wanted. Sure! I knew it would take him a bit to get here since he lives out there a bit.

So I get in position and the first dude comes in, gets naked and started fingering my hole pretty hard. I don't mind some fingering but my hole is for cock and cum, not fingers! I finally backed off from him a couple times to give him the hint to cut it out and just mount me. He lubed up and pushed pretty hard to get his thick cock head to pop into me. It felt great just wish he was longer so I could feel it plunge into me deeper. He was moaning away till he asked me if I wanted it. I just groaned back yeah, and he pumped his seed up into me. I just laid back down face first, while he dressed, he patted my ass and left. He never saw my face, and I never saw what he really looked like.

I just got back to my computer and checked my messages, and there was one from the blk guy saying he was on his way, that was 30 min ago, so he was due any second and I was supposed to be in position. I just clicked off my monitor and he was at my door. I let him in and we went into the bedroom a got naked. His nice 8.5" blk cock swung back and forth as he got undressed and his nicely sculpted body looked hot! He knelt down and started to suck my cock so I sat on the edge of the bed. Soon he was working his way lower so I lifted my legs and he dove for my hole. He started probing deep as he at my ass, unknowingly eating out the 52yo's fuck from my hole that was injected into me only 10 mins earlier. He stood and spit on to his hard cock and eased his bare meat up into my cum and spit slicked hole. We fucked for a good 20-30 min in multipal positions till I ended up with my legs pinned on his shoulders and we were face to face. Then he told me, here it comes. With that he threw his head back and buried it as deep as he could and let the cum flow from his body directly into mine. I was rock hard by the time he pulled out and he went down on me. He then pushed 2 fingers into me and twirled them around mixing up the sperm, telling me how hot and wet my hole was, and that he could feel his load inside me. I blew a huge load and he tried to catch most of it in his mouth but most went all over his face. We cleaned up and chatted saying its been way to long and we will both make an effort to do it again sooner. I walked him to the door and wished him a merry xmas.

I was still a bit horny but satisfied enough for the moment that I stopped looking for more cock and cum. Some older guy and the hot black guys load was enough to give me a good holiday cheer, and I kept there seed in me the rest of the day

Sunday, December 23, 2007

fooled ya

So I have a generic profile online showing my face n body, along with my slutty profile. This really hot guy won't reply to a single message to my generic profile, but will hit ME up all to my slutty ass shot only profile. I don't quite get it. Well he really wanted to come over and fuck me last night. I wasn't sure since he ignores me when I try to talk to him with my regular profile. Then I thought about it, fuck him, I have needs and wants, if he wants to fuck me and find out its me I don't give a crap. He only had time for a quick fuck so I told him I'll be naked and on all 4's. He said he might want some head also. Fine.

He came over and walked into to me naked ass up, and was whispering damn, nice, hot ass.... He got naked and I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed. He rubbed my ass while I reached under with some spit and stroked his soft cock till it got to its 7.5" sized. With a little poking and prodding I got his bare cock up into me and he started to fuck me. His hands roamed over my body, grabbing my chest, my cock, my arms. He threw an ok fuck, nothing great. I moved forward and he climbed onto the bed behind me and laid on top of me while fucking me. MMM, his lightly hairy chest felt so good on me while he short thrust. I reached back and grabbed his smooth meaty muscular ass and pulled him in deep. Wow, that felt like a nice ass he has! He nuzzled my neck and we locked fingers as his breathing got harder, till he groaned and emptied his balls up into me. He laid on top of me for a bit, I think we both enjoyed that. Finally he pulled back and his cock came out of me. I just laid there face down as he got dressed and quietly left.

I shot him a message saying thanks and felt good, and I'm up for it again if he wanted. 15min later I get a reply. "Fuck that was hot! You have the tightest ass, and the hottest body!!! I can't wait to do it again, I'm horny again just thinking about it" Wonder if he knows its me or not. Since he never saw the front of me, I'm not sure. Nor do I care. He's just hot and I want more of him inside me. He might find out soon enough.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

black then white then black then white...

I took the afternoon off from work in hopes of getting ready for the holidays. It didn't happen, but I did take a few loads of cum in me. I got online when I got home and right away I got a message from a blk guy who fucked me long ago, a year or maybe even 2 ago. Hot 5'7" muscular 32yo smooth blk guy with 9" thick cock. He hit me up and wanted to fuck on his way to work. I don't remember much of our last fuck other then he had a great thick 9" cock, and he fucked me bare. We set up a time where I was to be naked on the bed with my ass up.

He came in and while taking off his cloths stuck his face into my crack and started lapping at my hole. Once naked I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed while he slide his cock up and down my crack as he slowly got hard. I reached under and felt his low hanging smooth sack with nice balls swinging. He got hard, but not fully, and with just some spit he worked his still growing cock up into me. With slow strokes he thrust away till his cock got rock hard. He piston fucked me then slow thrust pulling almost all the way out. I think he liked looking down and seeing his big black cock going in and out of me. I also noticed he seemed to like it best if I loosened up and didn't milk his cock. Cus his cock would get really hard then. He really hammered me pretty hard and after 15 min or so, I had to switch positions. Being he was only 5'7" my legs were spread wide so my ass was low enough at the edge of the bed and I couldn't stay in the position longer. I turned and laid on my back and held my legs up at the edge of the bed. I looked down and his cock was still rock hard but it was all slicked up and creamy white at the base. Made me wonder if he already came or not, it sure as hell looked like it. He plunged back into me really getting in deep banging up against my kidneys, causing some discomfort but I was not gona slow him down. I was in heaven feeling my hole stretched around his big beautifully bare black cock while I tweaked his stubby nipples. Another 10 mins of him banging away and he tilted me up and banged deep. I felt the hot splash s of his cum up inside me and I looked him in the eyes and said, you just came didn't you. He smiled and said yeah. I told him I totally felt it inside me. He kept thrusting even though his cock was semi hard, and finally my legs got tiered and he pulled out. I quickly went down to my knees and put his whole spongy semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked it clean of cum while he moaned softly. I had me stand and he tried to get me off but I told him I prob won't get off even though my cock was hard. We chatted a bit while he got dressed, and talked about doing it again, sooner and not waiting as long. He headed out before I remember to ask him if he came more then once. I'll ask next time I see him online.

I got back online and a guy who used my GH a good 6 month ago wanted to use it again. He was 42, 6'3" 170lb, thin in shape, with a perfect 7.5" cock. I remember last time he was over I came but he didn't while fucking me through the GH, and he fucked me for quite a while too. I told myself I'll get his load this time. I was set and ready and he came in and took off his jeans and stepped up. I worked his soft cock till it stood straight out. Good and slick with spit, I turned and eased it up into me. He took over thrusting. God damn, I was rock hard and could easily shoot again before him, he knows how to fuck!!! My hard cock just bounced back and forth while he used my ass. I even had to pinch off my cock to keep myself from cumming with out touching myself, and this was all with in 5 mins of the fuck. He didn't last a long time like last time, and soon let out a little growl and transfered his sperm into my body also. I dismounted and lightly sucked his cock briefly but he was now sensitive, and pulled back. He dressed and headed out as I got a text message to my phone.

The text was from someone I didn't know. After a bit back and forth, guess his friend told him about my GH and he wanted to try it, and was near by shopping and could be over in 15 mins. I have not idea who it was but if a one of my regulars (the only ones that have my #) thought it was good enough to pass my # on, then I figured thats good enough for me. I was at the GH ready when he came in, but he didn't step up. Then he got down and looked through. Ok, poor GH etiquette!!!! Then he asked me to put my dick through. The guy was starting to piss me off. I put mine though but the guy could not suck at all, and I felt teeth. I backed off after only a min or so, and he flopped his cock though. Huh, ok. A meaty blk cock, fully shaved and looked to be quite muscular based on his mid section. His cock was about 8" and spongy thick. We traded back bj's back and forth and he started drooling precum even though his cock never did get rock hard. And his precum was very very bitter. Finally I turned and pressed my ass against the hole and he fingered it a bit then nudged his bare cock into me. It felt pretty good considering he was not that hard. He thrust a bit till his cock poped out of me. He fingered me a bit more while I could tell he was jacking off, then he pushed his cock head into me and exhaled as he pumped his bitter cum into me. I pulled off and went down on his still spongy thick cock. tasting more of that bitter cum. Too bitter for me, I needed a mint after that! He pulled up his pants and quietly left. Not sure who he was, but had a great cock with a lot of potential, but bad GH etiquette and never got really hard.

I got online again and the 9" military guy hit me up. Ok, I'm game for this thick rock hard cock! He said he was gona wear a metal cock ring this time. Fine with me, I don't care! Ha arrived 20 min later and I saw all of his cloths hit the floor before he stepped up completely naked. I sucked him good and hard, then I think he though I was gona back up onto it but instead I pushed my rock hard cock up next to him. It took him a min, but he realized it and was soon sucking me. I'm pretty sure he was surprised to find that I could hold my own against his piece of meat. I pulled back and his slab poked though again. I worked him over good getting it coated with spit, then turned and impaled myself on his bare cock. I think that metal cock ring made him thicker and harder then normal cus I felt very full, and he was going deep and grinding it up into me feeling his big ball sack rub up against my ass. I never lost my hard on and only a few min into it he told me he was gona cum and I just moaned fuck yeah. He slowed down and rested inside me till I pulled all the way off him. I went down on him and right away I could taste that bitter bitter cum from the black guy. I got worked up and quickly stood and shot my load all over his still hard cock. I was tempted to back up onto it again, but instead, I went down on him, savering my own cum that clung to his thick veiny shaft as he moaned softly. Finally I let him go and he stepped back and put his clothes back on and left.

Since I just came I was gona call it quites and hit the gym. As I was getting my gym bag together I got a text. The trim little 26 yo blk kid with the 9" cock text me saying he could be over in 15 min. Oh what the hell. I told him sure. I met him at the door and we went into my bed room. By the time he was naked he was rock hard. He climbed onto the bed and went between my legs and sucked me some before lifting my legs up, applied some spit to his cock and slowly sank his bare cock up into me. Its been a while since I've had a streak of larger cocks in me in a row, so the cum was pretty far up inside me for him to noticed I already had a few assorted loads up inside me. This kid has such a hot body, not the prettiest face, but tight tone smooth body and that man sized cock on him. Fuck yeah, I was loving it. He obviously did too cus I could tell he was trying to hold back but gave in and just spewed his juice up into me. We were both out of breath after that quick and feverish fuck, but it was defiantly hot. He got up and pulled his cloths on while I still laid there. I followed him to the door and said thanks.

My hole was now throughly used and happily filled with assorted cum. Now I debated on maybe finding more to inject into me, but I had to hit the gym. I'm right on the edge at the moment of reaching 3 goals at the gym, and even more cock and cum in me wasn't gona stop me from hitting them. So off I went, keeping the creamy seed inside me and hit the gym and had an amazing work out. Damn I felt good after all of that.

Monday, December 17, 2007

take out

I was in the mood to travel for sex, but there was not much going on at 11pm. After chatting to a 40yo in shape smooth latino guy with an 8.5"uc cock, it seemed like my best option. His profile said safe sex, but there was no talk about it, so I hoped he would fuck me bare. I drove to his condo building and he answered the door in just a pair of jeans. He ushered me into his bedroom and said we had to be quite since he had guests in the other room. I quickly got naked and he pulled down his jeans. He had a really nice uc cock. More 8" but very nice. The picture I saw showed a nice mushroom head covered in skin but in real life it was more of a spade shaped cock head. But a still nice average thick cock. I went down on him and got him good and hard. He was breathing heavy and seemed to exhale while looking down watching me. That always annoys me when guys breath right into my face, and it didn't help that he had garlic breath. He got me up and sucked me a bit then I got on the edge of his bed with my ass up. He walked over to his dresser to get lube, but also grabbed a condom. Damn, oh well, hope he gets off quick while wearing that damn thing cus I'm not in the mood for waisting my time driving over not to get his load. He just lubed up my ass, put the condom on and mounted me. He threw a decent fuck but I was no longer into it since he had a condom on. He had me flip onto my back with my legs up and entered me that way. Again with the fuck'n exhaling in my face. I was just about over it trying not to look disappointed or tell him to stop breathing on me. Thankfully he started to get close, and said he wanted to cum on my face. If he said my mouth I would have but I though I might still get his load if he came in the condom. I just told him to go ahead and cum as he was fucking me so he did. He pulled out and started to take off the condom. I quickly got down on my knees and pushed his hands away. I pulled the condom off trying to keep as much of the thick creamy seed in it, and held it in my hand, and sucked his cock working out the rest of he cum. He reached for the condom saying he'll take it, and i shook my head no. Finally I stood up and he reached for the condom in my hand, and I said nah, I'll keep it. He just shrugged and put on a robe. I quickly got dressed and he walked me too the door. I figured maybe I'll eat out the cum on the elevator ride back down, but as I rounded the corner, there was the trash drop room. I paused and found the room unlocked. I stepped in to a nice closet sized room, pulled down my jeans and pushed the still warm cum filled condom into my ass and worked all the cum out of it and into my body. I dropped the now empty condom on the floor and walked out and headed home.

I got back online and started talking to this 32yo blk guy. Nice stats but no picture. He was working at a small independent motel / hotel only a few blocks from where I was just at. He wanted me to come over and fuck in the office unit of the motel. Sounded hot to me! He said if I've already been fucked then he's not into it. I lied and told him I haven't. So off I went and found the hotel. It was a nice place, not seedy or anything. As I was pulling in 2 fat ladys with luggage went into the lobby to check in, and I saw a nice looking bald black guy come from back and help them. I figured that was him so I waited in my car. It took them a while but finally they left and I called the number he gave me and went into the side office door. I walked in and it was dark with just a close circuit video monitor on showing different angles of the hotel. He was standing there with just an unbuttoned shirt on. I quickly got naked and got down my knees. He fed me a soft small shaved black cock that had a very tight cock ring on making his smallish balls look even smaller. It took a bit but finally his cock began to grow, and I was happy that it reached 7.5" with a nice smooth bulbous head. I got on all 4's on the small couch and presented him with my ass. He had some lube and coated his shaft and fingered some onto my hole then stepped up behind me. He rubbed up against my hole for a while and I started to think that he might not want to fuck me bare and get a condom also since we didn't discuss it before hand. But he then pushed his cock head into me bare and started to fuck. This guy knew how to fuck and I was rock hard in no time as he used me from behind. He pulled out after about 10 mins of fucking and stepped back. I turned over and lifted my legs up thinking he wanted a different position but he went to the side and fed me his cock some. Then he lubed up and got on his knees and lined up his cock and sank all the way into me. I started to play with his chest finding he had a really nice body. A natural athletic build that was nice and smooth, and reaching with my other hand I grabbed onto his firm smooth ass and pulled him into me deep. He moaned as I tweaked his nipples and he said I was gona make him nut again. I was surprised and asked, you already came? He said yeah, the threw his head back and hammered hard a couple jabs and softly gasped for breath. He quickly pulled out and walked away to grab a towel before I could suck his cock more. I started to stroke my cock and he walked back into the room to find me with my legs up and 2 fingers in my ass feeling his hot fuck he just left inside me and firing my own load all over my chest. He just laughed and said, damn thats hot as fuck. He tossed me a towel and I cleaned up my chest, got dressed. We both said thanks to each other and I headed out. I hope to see him online again, he was hot and fucking in the hotel office right behind the counter was hot!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Late night ABS

I hooked up with S&P guy after work the other day. He emailed me saying he wanted my ass. We set up a time for 5pm and he came over to find me in position on my bed. He crawled up in front of me and fed me his trimmed 7.5" rock hard shaft as he played with my ass, sliding and finger in and out of me. He was really getting into the blowjob I was giving him, so I decided to cut back a bit cus I wanted his load in my ass. He climbed around behind me and his bare cock popped right into me. His cock was really hard giving me that present discomfort feeling. Unfortinatly he was so worked up that only a few mins into it he let loose and shot his load into me. We chatted a bit, he's a really nice guy, and I even debated on asking him for coffee or something. I know he has the hots for me, but I decided I'd wait till after the holidays, nows not the time for any additional things in my life like that. By 5:30 I crashed on the couch while watching the news only to wake up at 3:30am wide awake. With nothing else to do other then sex, I jumped online. scary and scarryier! Just a bunch of tweaked out freaks on at that hour. The thought crossed my mind about going to the bathhouse, but even that could be dead and scary, and not worth the money. The other option was one of the theaters at the adult bookstore. Its a hell of a lot cheaper, though it could still be a bust. I decided I'd go to the good one cus at this hour I doubt I'd run into anyone I might know or see again. With track pants, tshirt, flipflops and an already lubed hole with S&P load still in me, I headed out.

The parking lot didn't look promising. I paid and went into the theater area. In the larger theater was a sleeping old guy, but it was playing a good straight porn. In the smaller theater was a stocky older mexican guy with a hat on with a bushy mustache. Oh well. Mexican saw me and after a bit he got up and went into the dark corner area where guys usually play. Out of curiosity I finally got up and went over there to find him with his pants undone stroking a stubby 6" uncut cock. I got down and was gona start sucking him but he freak'n smelled like he hasn't washed in a few days. I just stroked him some then stood with my pants down around my knees. We both stroked some as he cupped my ass. At first I though he was gona cum, but he slowed back down, then worked a finger towards my hole. There was nothing else going on so I turned and bent over, crouching down so my hole was exposed. He started rubbing his nasty uncut cock up and down my crack, then nudged his cock into me. Maybe only his cock head was in me but 10 seconds later he let out a short gasp and came. I tried to clamp down to keep all the cum in me but since he wasn't in me that far, I felt some of it trickle out and go down my leg. He moved away while pulling up his jeans. He must have left cus I didn't see him after that. I hung out and jacked off to the porn for a good 20 mins.

In came a late 30's big blak guy with a shaved head. Football player type build, with a flannel shirt and sweat pants. I moved into the smaller theater sat in the back row that had some room on the side. I pushed down my pants to my ankles and jacked off. Shortly he came into that theater also. He stood against the wall glancing over towards me occationaly while rubbing his crotch. I stepped out of my pants and kicked them off to the side, then took off my shirt so I was now completely naked. This got his attention and we walked over. He pulled his cock out over the waist band and reached down and stroked my cock. I grabbed his meat and found a pretty girthy 7.5-8" cock with a bit of extra skin that was hard and had a upward curve to it. I bent forward and tried to suck him some while he was bent over stroking me. It was kind of awkward position so I stopped after a bit. He snaked a finger down below my balls so I moved down the seat more to give him access to my cum slicked hole. He plunged a finger into me and whispered oh yeah. He then stood and unbuttoned his shirt as I bent forward and sucked his meaty black cock, pushing his sweats down to his knees. Getting him good and slick I stood next to him and he started to suck my nipples while I rubbed his smooth chest finding both his nipples were pierced. He steared me around and had me get kneel on the seat so my ass was facing him and I was looking at the back wall. He got down and spread my cheeks apart with his big hands and started to lap at my ass. I was afraid my ass might stink like the mexican, but blk guy started to dig deeper with his tounge. I'm sure he was eating out the mexican spunk cus I relaxed my hole and let him get in me as much as he could. He then stood and rubbed his cock against my hole, but then stopped and had me stand with my back to him, and bend over. I think the chair was too low for him to comfortably fuck me. I spread my legs a bit and he lined up his cock and quick jabbed into me. That cough me a bit off guard, but damn did it feel good. He was doing simple thrusts in and out of me, as I flexed around his shaft causing him to moan softly occatinlay. The wet sticky slapping sounds of our body's smacking together got louder as he picked up the pace thrusting his full shaft into me then pulling almost out, and occationaly all the way out only to ram it back into me all the way. He started to tremble a bit and I could tell he was close. He started a series of short grunts as he pumped into me, then a low groan as he shot. I almost laughed cus right at that same time the chick getting fucked on the scream started to scream like she was cumming also. He eased out of me, but quickly shoved 2 fingers up into my hole and twirled them around. Then he pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, making me suck his fingers. Then I turned around and was gona go down on him and suck his cock clean but he was already pulling up his sweats. He was smiling at me as he buttoned up his flannel and walked into the other theater. I sat back down and jacked off, totally naked in the small theater till I blew my load all over the chair in front of me. While getting dressed I saw I left a big crack wet spot on the seat I was sitting on, and smiled to myself. I debated on waiting to see if there would be any early morning guys stopping in, then desided to head out since they would probably be in the peep area, and I didn't bring in any additional money. I glanced into the peep area on my way out and there was one booth in use, and as I got in my car a work truck pulled into the parking lot. But I just got off and would feel silly going back in, so I headed home.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

spotty connections

My internet has been acting up again. All weekend it would be up periodically. It made it hard to hook up. A couple times I'd be talking to someone about giving me their load and my net would go down. It was like I was on dial-up back in the 80's! It was frustrating and pissed me off. But Sunday I had a 3 hour stretch when it was working somewhat and got filled. It started off when the military black stud sent me a text asking if I was available. I told him to give me a 15 min lead and I defiantly will be.

1pm blk military god text me he would be over in 10 min. I was ready and said I would be in position. He came in to me face down on my bed, as he took off all he cloths. He rubbed me cheeks and I got up onto all 4's and he climbed up behind me. Already hard and poked around at my hole till he found the entrance then pushed his bare cock into me. I think I used a bit too much lube cus, it felt good, but not amazing like usual, but his low hanging balls bouncing off mine was still hot as hell. He had a firm grim on my hips and alternated from hard banging to slow and almost pulling out. 10mins into it he started doing short jabs with only his cock head, then rammed as deep as he could with a grunt and let his cum flow into me. He laid on top of me for a bit, then pulled out and collapsed on my bed next to me. I moved over and sucked the creamy white streaks off his deflating black shaft. He started getting sensitive, so I stopped. I would have loved to explore his body more but I could tell he was out of it. He got up and while getting dressed he asked if I had a soda or something, he needed suger. I don't drink soda, but actually had a can in my fridge and gave it to him. We chatted briefly about things, then he headed out. Now I was horny for more, and as luck would have it my internet was working. I shot a couple emails out to some regulars quick in case my net went down again. At least I could check them via my cell phone.

I got online and was hit up by this 38yo athletic shorter guy claiming 8". After chatting briefly he said he thought he visited my GH before. I didn't recall but he knew where I lived so I guess so! He was at a coffee shop near by and asked to stop by. I said give me 10min and I'll be at my GH ready. He came in and dropped his pants showing an average looking cock with a big blond bush. He didn't stick his cock through so I stood and pushed mine through. He sucked me for a bit then reached through and felt my ass as he sucked me. I took the hint and turned around and pressed my ass to the GH. He started eating my ass and fingering me, telling me how great my ass tasted. He didn't know but I'm sure it was the blk dudes cum that tasted so good. I then felt the blunt head of his cock at my hole as he pushed into me. Ok, his cock was prob at least 7" and decently thick it felt like. He fucked for a bit then went down as ate my ass out. Oh fuck yeah! He did this a couple times, and I'm sure some of the blk dudes cum was oozing out of me and slicked on his shaft, as he alternated fucking and eating my hole. Finally while eating my ass again, I heard him grunting like he was close, then fumbled around quickly and started to shoot as he tried to get his cock into me. The first warm splash of cum hit my crack, then he was able to get into me, giving me the remainder of his load. I never did see his hard cock. He quickly pulled out and got dressed, thanked me and left.

The 9" military guy who used my GH late at night a week or so ago hit me up online. We set up a time, but since he wasn't quite ready for now it was about 45min of down time. My net went down again! I got an email to my phone, the straight guy I sucked off last week was asking if my GH was up for business. Bingo! I hit him back, and he said he would be here in 10 mins. He came right in and dropped his shorts and presented me with his fat soft cock and perfect shaved big balls. I worked him over again as he moaned again, then went after his balls which he clearly enjoyed. I started a nice motion, going down on his shaft, and just like last time, with no warning or noise, he thick creamy load oozed out of his cock into my mouth. I swallowed his juice, and worked him a bit more as he just stood there enjoying it with semi hard cock. It wasn't getting hard again but I bet it would have if I kept going, but I had 9" coming soon, so I backed off. He pulled up his shorts and quietly left. (he emailed me later again, thanking me... what a polite hot straight stud!)

9" came in right on time, and pushed through his big cock and monster balls strapped off with a leather cock ring. I worked him good and hard, coating him with spit, then turned and backed up on to it. Once his shaft was completely in me, he took over and thrust into me, vocationally pushing in as deep as he could and resting a bit. He started thrusting faster then asked where I wanted his load. I said where ever you want. He replied, in your hole? I grunted a sure. A few seconds later I felt his shaft flex a bit as he kept thrusting. He kept thrusting but his cock was no longer rock hard. After a few mins of that I pulled off and went down on him and sucked his cock, cleaning off the cum. He also just stood there with his semi hard cock hanging through the GH was I licked and sucked, like he wanted more but wasn't quite ready for round 2. Finally I got tired but enjoying his cock, and pulled back. HE finally pulled his cock back through the GH. put his jeans back on and said thanks, and left.

My internet was still down, so I gave in and went to the gym. It was dead, I was hoping to jack one off in the showers with someone or have someone watch but it was just me in the locker room, so I did it myself and fired my load down the drain while fingering my cum filled hole.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

step right up

I was able to swing it so I had the afternoon off. After debating on what I was in the mood for, I figured some anon load through my GH would fit the bill. I was quickly hit up by my frequent user, saying he might have a bud join him. I didn't even ask who it was, just said ok. I was at my GH ready when they showed up.

He stepped up first and I sucked his cock good and hard then he stepped back and a meaty uncut dark brown cock flopped through. I knew this cock! It was the latino dude who used to fuck me occationaly! Not sure how those two hooked up or met, but at least I knew they both were fine with fucking me bare. The uncut cock got good and hard so I backed up onto it and he started fucking me. Only a few mins later he was grunting and shooting his load into me. I didn't even move my ass, and my bud quickly pushed in his rock hard 7.5 thick cock. His cock felt so much better, but it always does feel good to have my hole stretched around his meat. I think this was the first time he knowingly fucked me with another dudes load in me. He hammered away, all slicked with the latino's load, till he buried it deep into me and added his seed to me also. I slid off and quickly went down on him and sucked his cum slicked shaft like I always do. He pulled back, thanked me, and they both headed out.

The 7" skinny dick from the other day wanted a quick fuck, I said sure. He came over and pushed it through. He just shaved off all his pubic hair, and was all smooth now. I worked his cock hard, then backed up onto it. Still couldn't feel much cus its so skinny but he seems to like my ass cus like last time a couple mins later he was moaning and adding his cream to the mix inside me.

Next was this straight guy wanting a blowjob. He sent me just a cock pick and it looked hot, shaved and thick sticking out of jeans. He said he was a typical stocky straight guy, 6" 215lb and 7". I debated on him, but said sure. He came over and at first I though it was my tattoo muscle regular. His cock was almost identical to his. His big balls were shaved smooth, trimmed patch, and his cock was just as fat as tattoo's. And I would have said 7.5" The thing was near perfect. And I would stay he was stocky at all, from what I could tell of his mid section, he looked pretty damn hot actually. He seemed to love what I was doing to his meat, I sucked his balls some and he was moaning like a bitch in heat. I went back to working his shaft and he unexpectedly lost his load, as it dribbled out of his cock and into my mouth. Damn tasty load too! I want more of that dudes cock and cum, defiantly! (he emailed me later thanking me and said maybe he might try fucking, he's never fucked a guys ass but might want to, loved my GH, and the way I sucked. I will be trying to get him to shoot his load up into me soon, thats for sure!)

Next was a 6'4" guy with 8.5". I was on the phone with this 22yo who was all confused as to where I was so he could use my GH when he came in and flopped his meat through. I told the boy to text me when he got here so I could be ready for him, ended the call and went to work on this new cock. He was tall thats for sure. His cock was at upper end of my GH which is unusual. I sucked him and he had one of those slightly tapered cut cocks that went to a thicker base with average balls. His cock got good and hard but I would put it more at 8 since my cock is bigger. I worked him for a while then put some spit on my hole, and backed up onto it. The guy acted like he won the lottery or something as his bare cock slowly went into my body. Saying, oh fuck, oh god, on man.... He took over and thrust, it felt great in me but he was so worked up that with in a min or two he swore and I felt his cock twitch as he transfered his sperm into me. He rested with his cock in me for a bit then I pulled off and quickly sucked his cock clean, as he said, DAMN, fuck yeah! He pulled up his jeans and headed out. (he also emailed me later and thanked me for the hot mouth and hot ass, I replied and told him any time he needed to use my GH - hit me up)

Ugggh. The boy!
This morrocan type latino boy hit me up to use my GH. I had to call him cus he was at a coffee shop. He sent me a pix. 22 5'6" 140lb, cute, said he as 6.5uc. I called and told him to text me when he got here so I can be ready. Nope. he just comes to my door and knocks. Ok, guess no GH, whats the point now!!! He was cuteish, but had that wild uncut wavy hair. He could be so much cuter if he or some guys didn't think the 70's hair was back in style! We went into my bed room, and I dropped my shorts, He took off his cloths except for his underwear. Then he starts working me over and trying to suck me. Ok he was started to piss me off. I'm naked, he's not, I'm the oral bttm, he's not... yeah my cock is big but still!!! Finally he took off his underwear and out sprang a 6"thinnish uc cock. Ok, fine, I'll suck him off and get him out of here. He laid back and I worked him over, obviously giving him the best head he has ever had cus he was going nuts. Then he asked to fuck me. Sure! With out giving him a chance to do anything I climbed on top of him and sat down on his bare cock. I could tell he was a bit hesitant, but he didn't stop me. He fucked me for a bit that way, then had me get on all 4's and mounted me that way. He was getting close and asked me where he should shoot. I said, go a head man. He stopped and said thats too much, I want to cum on your chest. Fine, I figured get off and get out of here so I can move on to my next load. He straddled my chest and started jacking quickly. I could see his shaft was slicked up from the cum inside me, all frothy and white but he didn't seem to notice it. He shot his load and fed me some of it as it shot. Not a bad load though I would have preferred to swallow all of it. Then he laid down on my bed. We rested very briefly then I got up and got a towel, signaling him to move along. Then he starts giving me the 3d degree about we shouldn't have fucked bareback. I stopped him and said we were both caught up in the moment, don't blame just me! Then he went on asking me when the last time I barebacked. I wanted to laugh at him. What a stupid dumb ass. I said its been a while (30min to an hour is a while isn't it?) I would have love to have seen his face if I told him I had multiple anonymous loads in me right now and his bare cock was being coated with their fuck as he barebacked me also. He finally calmed down a bit but just laid on my bed wanting to chat while I stood there with shorts on. I all but said, its time for you to leave! Finally he started getting dress which took forever also. I walked him to the door and he gave me a peck on the cheek and left. Ugggh, what a lame dumbass fuck, at least he fucked me for a bit bare and I got to tast some of his cum.

I had plans at 8, but last min, a guy in my area wanted a NSA blowjob through my GH. I said sure. He said he 38, 6'3" and 7.5"c. Fine, I wanted one more load. He came over right on time and pushed through his cock. He had a smallish tight ball sack but it was getting cool outside. His cock didn't look like much but sure enough, he was a grower! His cock got much thicker then I though, had a slight twist to it, and a very slight arc downward. It wasn't bend downward like my all time fav cocks, but those are so hard to find. I made up my mind that this cock is going in my ass even though he was looking just for head. I worked him over bringing him to edge a few times till he would back off from the GH to make it last, then finally I slicked him up good and backed up to the hole, and hoped he would mount me. He did. Fuck yeah his meat felt good in my sloppy hole, and he knew he had some bend to his cock and worked it that way grinding a bit having it tap areas most guys don't. The dude knew how to fuck! Like blowing him, he would get worked up then push all the way into me and rest a bit, then start all over. My own cock was beyond rock hard and dripping precum, more so then it has in a long long time. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. My legs were getting tired being in that position, and that cock in me felt so damn good, I gave in and started to stroke. I started moaning and shaking and shot my load. He obviously knew I was cumming as he quickly picked up the pace and pumped me fast and hard then groaned as he pushed as deep as he could and whitewashed my insides. My legs were a bit wobbly after that, since he was at my GH for almost 20min. (he also emailed me and said I have a great ass and wants to fuck me again, I replied most defiantly, thanked him for the load and told him he has an amazing cock)

I had to clean up quick since I was now late, but it was so worth it. 7 loads from 7 strangers that i have no idea who they are, or what they look like (except for the 22yo)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

in the back

It was a cold and rainy evening last night, which seems to make all the guys horny. So after jumping in the shower, I got online. Right off the bat the 29yo with a thinnish 7" cock wanted to use my GH so I said sure. 10 mins later he stepped up to my gh and I sucked him hard then backed up onto his bare cock. He thrust away though I couldn't feel alot of it cus he is a bit thin, it still felt good. A few mins later he moaned softly as he spurted his cum up into me.

Back online I started talking to 2 different guys. The first one was a 38yo shorter semi muscular guy saying he had 7"uc. He lived near buy and was up for a quick fuck. The other guy was a 33yo black guy who was interested in using my ass to get off into. He said he had about 8". I set it up for the short guy to find me naked and on all 4's, and while waiting for him, talked more to the blk guy. The blk guy suggested fucking in the back of his SUV some were. Hell yeah, I was all into that. I gave him my addy, and told him to give me a bit to get ready and I'll message him when I'm ready. I got in position and the short guy came in right on time. He wasn't 7" but was uncut. I would say maybe more 5.5 and had a problem keeping it in me. Finally he just jerked off till close then fucked me quickly and came inside me. It took him FOREVER to get dressed, and he kept looking at me as I stood there telling me how hot I was. Thanks... (hurry up and get out of here I kept thinking!) I closed the door and quickly went back to the computer and told blk guy I was ready. He said he would pull up in 15 min out front in his green SUV. I cruised a bit more online then went down and stood in my garage as it lightly rained and waited.

After waiting 20 min in my garage I went back up and shot him a message saying maybe we missed each other or something came up. On a whim I ran back down and there was the green SUV. Ok, great, I didn't lock my door, don't have my cell or wallet... oh well, hope he dosn't kill me! I got in his SUV and found he was more like in his late 30's and a bit out of shape. Oh well, this still should be fun. He was new to the area so I quickly came up with a place to park, one of the office buildings near my gym. 5 mins later we pulled into a dark parking lot and got into the back of his SUV. He had the rear set down already and a blanket covering the whole back. I pulled off my track pants and Tshirt and was totally naked while he was still fumbling with his shoes. Finally he got naked. He had very dark smooth skin, a little pudgy with the starting of man boobs, slight gut, and his 8ish was more 7ish. He pulled out some silicone based lube and really slicked up my ass as he fingered me. Though it wasn't necessary since I had 2 loads already in me, but he didn't know that. We didn't even suck on each others cock, he just put my legs up and eased his bare cock into me. I worked my hole around his shaft trying to find out how he liked it. He would take a break finger my hole more and put more lube on his cock. Ok, so he likes a somewhat loose hole. So I relaxed and let him fuck me. All that lube and the cum reduced the friction that I was enjoying and now it didn't feel like much, but it was till a huge turn on to be naked in the back of some black dudes SUV as he barebacks me, and car headlights go by maybe 20 yrds away. He took a break again and fingered my ass more telling me how hot and wet my hole is. I asked him if he was close or not. He said he was. I asked if he was gona cum in me. He asked if thats where I wanted it. I told him yeah. Then he asked again if I wanted him too, like he was surprised. I wanted to tell him, dude... I don't even know your name or who you are, but we are naked in the back of your SUV and you have been fucking me bare for the last 15 20 mins and never brought up a condom at all, of course I want your load in me, and besides, you have been sinking your cock into 2 other dudes loads that I took just before you picked me up, does it really matter at this point? He started fucking me again with my feet up on the car ceiling while I tweaked his man boobs. A few mins later he started grunting and then I feel the searing hot spurts of his load. Damn his cum was hot! I totally felt 3 spurts and the warm sensation as he transfered his seed into my body was intense. I lost it and with only a few jerks I was spraying his dark chest with thick white creamy globs of my cum. We both laid back and rested a bit, then wiped up using a towel he had. We got dressed and got in the front and he drove me back in silence. At my place he said we needed to do that again, and I said sure, that was hot. I got out and he drove away. I had to jump in the shower cus I was all slicked up from the lube he used, otherwise I would have crawled right into bed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Stopped at my fav bookstore yesterday afternoon. Its been a while since I've been there. Not much going on, 2 booth were occupied, a freaky looking fat goth looking guy was leaning against the wall chipping some of the black nail polish off his fingernails and an average doppy looking guy walking around slowly from end to end. I went into a booth to watched a video for a while and found a nice puddle of cum on the bench. So I scooped it up and fingered some of it into my ass, and used the rest to jack off with. I went back and hung out staring at the movie selection wall. A early 20's looking black kid came in. He looked a little funny dressed in retro thug cloths. The silvery blue baggy jeans with matching jean jacket, white shirt and white baseball hat on off to the side. He went into a booth, locked it and started watching a video. I hung out a bit longer and heard him drop more money, figured he was there to take care of himself. I took a booth next to his, left the door ajar and stood and watched another video. I dropped more money also cus it was just at a really good part of a hot guy I wanted to see more off. I heard Thug's door open and he walked by and he glanced in as I stood there. A few moments later he showed up again near my door and gave me a nod. I stepped back a bit to give him room if he wanted to come in. He glanced around then quickly entered my booth. We booth stood there for a bit watching the video and not making any moves, so I started to rub my cock through my jeans. He started to do the same also. I pulled my cock out as he watched, then he fumbled with his belt and worked his jeans down, then lifted his over sized tshirt up as he pushed his boxers down.

He was a really skinny guy underneath those baggy cloths. As he boxers came down he showed a neatly trimmed triangle bush and nice smooth balls, and a semi hard cock that had a definite tapper to it being much thicker at the base. I stroked him as he stroked me. He grew to about 7.5 maybe 8". I could tell he was impressed that I was bigger then him as he kept feeling every part of my cock. I finally went down on him and found it very easy to get almost his whole cock in my mouth due to its shape. I was loving his low hanging smooth balls while i was sucking him, they were near perfect. I stood and pushed my jeans down and he went down on my cock. He couldn't keep me hard cus all he was doing was putting my cock in his mouth with no friction. He finally stood and we went back to jacking each other. He started to let his hands roam, feeling up my chest, down my thighs, and finally to my ass. I arched my back a bit and spread my legs as best I could with my jeans around my ankles. It took him a while of rubbing my ass cheeks till he worked a finger down my crack and found my lightly cum slicked hole. I'm sure he thought it was lube and I was ready to get fucked cus he soon was standing behind me rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I reached back and coated his shaft with some spit and lined it up and slowly back onto it. He just stood there, leaning back agianst the wall, and lightly wispered, oh fuck... oh fuck yeah. Once I had his whole cock up in me, I just worked my hole around his shaft for a bit. Then he started taking short jabs, pushing in and out a couple inches. That only lasted a couple mins till I felt his bony hips bang against my ass and he exhaled sharply. I felt his cock twitch inside me as he shot his load. He then just stood there with his cock still all the way in me, and I quickly jacked off and shot my load all over the floor. I pulled off him and he quickly wiped some of the thick creamy load that clung to his cock head off with his shirt. I would have loved to have sucked that clean, but he started getting dressed. I pulled up my jeans and nodded to him, and stepped out of the booth. He locked the door behind me and dropped more money. I didn't see if there was anyone new here or not. I just headed out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

quick before leaving

Got a message from the S&P dude from a couple days ago asking if I wanted his load. I had about an hour or so of free time before I was gona hit the gym so I said ok. He was hitting the road for the holiday first thing in the morning and wanted to get off since he wouldn't have a chance to till he got back. I jumped in the shower and got in position. He came over got naked and started eating out my ass. After getting my good and wet he got up behind me and reached for the lubed. I quickly spit on my hand, and coated his shaft, and backed up onto it. He has a really nice 7.5 cock with smooth low hangers but its not overly thick, and I wanted to feel it. He started thrusting away and pulling me close so his smooth chest was on my back. Then he pulled back a bit and started slapping my ass. Thankfully he only did it a few times otherwise I was gona slap his balls! I don't mine a little playfulness, but ouch!

10 mins into it, he warned me that he was close. I just moaned and clamped down even harder on his shaft. He pumped his load up into me and collapsed on my back, and slowly pulled out while giving me a bear hug. He stood and got dressed and I got up also. Again he told me how hot I was. Its always nice to hear that. He was heading out of town but can't wait to get back to fuck me again. He headed out, and I got ready to head to the gym with his cum still up inside me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

coffee made me

It was a cool evening and coffee sounded good so like an idiot I made some, only to find myself at 11pm wide awake. With nothing on TV I decided I'll make my own fun, so I jumped in the shower and got ready encase someone was looking for NOW. I got online and soon found myself chatting with a guy who lived out there a bit. He was kinda white trashy 29 5'10" lightly hairy, average build and 8"c. He convinced me to drive out there, mainly cus the scene sounded pretty hot. His bedroom was in the back of the house that had a door to the outside. He was to be naked and jacking in his room in the dark. I found the address and walked around to the back and found the door ajar. I stepped into a very dark room and on the bed was a shadow of naked guy jacking off. I took off all my cloths and climbed onto the bed and stroked his slicked up cock. it was more like 7" but pretty thick. He played with my cock a bit, but I soon found myself on my back with my legs up and him pushing his cock up into me. He became quite verbal saying stuff like how my ass was his, and that he was gona breed me like bitch, and I was gona have his fucking babys. He pulled out and came up and forced his cock into my mouth, telling me to taste my hole on his cock, and that he has a big 5 day load ready for me. He flipped me over so I was on all 4's and he mounted me again. More talk, saying hes gona flood my hole with his jiz, and that he is gona seed me deep. Finally he did cum in me, and just let his cock soften inside me, then pulled out. I quietly got dressed as he laid on the bed, and left the dark room to the brighter outside. On the ride home I had a hard time keeping his cum inside me. He really must have shot a huge load into me.

Once home I pushed a finger in my ass to find indeed it was quite the load that was inside me. I still wanted more so I got online and this 36yo latin guy with 7.5uc wanted a quick fuck cus it was late. I agreed to it and got naked and on all 4's. He showed up and worked his semi hard cock into me and fucked with simple in and out thrust. It was actually a pretty lame fuck, and I doubt it was 7.5" it didn't feel like it, but I didn't care, I just wanted another load in me. He fucked that way for almost 15min. My legs were getting sore from being in the same position, but finally I felt his cock get rock hard and he quietly came in me. I just laid down face first letting him leave on his own. I never did see what he looked like, nor did I care to.

I got back online and this guy I talked to long ago hits me up. I figured he was no longer interested in me since we stopped talking. He wanted to use my GH. It was now close to 3 am. I said sure. He's kind of an average blond headed guy, tall, nothing exciting except he has a 9" cock. He said it would take him 15 mins, and I said I'll be at the GH ready. He came in and stepped up to the GH and pushed down his jeans and his big meat flopped through the GH. I know sizes pretty well, and know my true size, so comparatively speaking he was more 8.5" but I'll give it to him at 9 since he had monster balls that were tight in his sac, and it was all cuffed off by a leather cock ring. I started sucking his cock and it quickly got nice and hard pointing straight out. After going through all my usual moves and finding which ones really worked for him, I worked some spit onto my ass, and slobber him over good and wet. I turned and pointed his cock to my hole, and sank back, stretching my hole around the 3d bare cock of the night. Damn his meat felt great in me. Filling me up nicely. He took over thrusting and maneuvering it so he was as deep as he could in me. My own cock was rock hard and dripping precum. I had to stop stroking my own cus I was close to cumming. He stopped thrusting, so I took over and leaned back and forth impaling myself on this big bare cock that was sticking through my gloryhole. His cock seemed to get a little softer, so I pulled off and went down to suck him some more. His shaft was all slick and slimy with the cum that was in me, and it smelled like fresh sex and fuck. I worked his shaft over like I was starved. He asked me where I wanted his load. I replied where did he want to shoot? He said too late, I'm cumming...... And with that an average sized thick creamy load oozed into my mouth. It tasted amazing. I wanted more of it, and I worked his shaft pulling as much as I could out of him, and tonging his piss hole. He finally pulled back and said that was hot, and he'll be back.

He left and I took down the GH and found a small puddle of cum. Guess when I was crouched down sucking his cock my gapping just fucked hole from his cock was dripping cum. So I scooped up as much of it as I could and smeared it onto my cock and used it to jack off my own load, then licked my fingers clean. Closed up and went to bed finally.

Monday, November 19, 2007

if you say so

Fri late afternoon I was hit up by the muscle tattoo GH user. He said it would be hot if I came to his office after hours, get naked and fuck his load into me. It sounded hot, but it was a drive. After talking me into it, I headed up there dealing with Fri rush hour. I found the building, and text him that I was there so he can be ready. The deal was the lights would be off, I was to walk in, strip and get on my knees and wait for him. I found the suite number, and went into the dark office. It was getting dark outside and the blinds were open, and it was dark inside. I stepped up to the reception desk and took off all my cloths and got on my knees. He walked out of an office totally naked also and rock hard. He stepped up in front of me and fed me his cock. I worked him over for a bit then he came around behind me and got me on all 4's. He pushed his fat cock up into me and started fucking me. To my side I saw a couple people walk by the windows. Not sure if they could see in or not but it was still hot to be about 15 ft away from from the window, totaly naked with muscle guy naked behind me thrusting in me. All too soon you groaned and let loose his juice up into me. He stood to catch his breath, so I stood next to him and jerked my cock, and sent my ropes of cum all over his still hard cock. So I knelt down and liked and sucked my own cum off his meat. While getting dressed he told me I now had to get fucked by at least 2 guys tonight with his cum still in me. I told him I'll do my best. I headed out and drove home, which took forever with traffic with his cum safely inside me.

Being Fri night and only 7ish, not much was online bitting to use my hole to get off into, so I posted a pic of my ass saying I needed some cum. It took a bit, but I started to get some responses. First up was this thin, short, athletic guy with S&P hair and a very nice shaved 7.5" cock. He lived near by and said he could be over for a quick pump and dump. I left the door open and laid on my bed naked. He came in got naked and got in front of me and fed me his semi hard cock. I got it good and wet for him. He then got behind me and pushed his bare cock up into me. He threw a pretty damn good fuck, even though it was only about 5 mins. He was getting close to cumming and asked me if I wanted his load. DUH! I leaned back and told him to shoot it up in me. He kept thrusting as he unloaded, and didn't stop till he was done, then slowly pulled his cock out of me. He started getting dress so I got up and stood to pull on some sweats. Its the first time he saw, and told me "fuck! your hot!" I just laughed and said thanks for the fuck, and walked him to the door. He emailed me later asking to fuck me again and I said sure, he had a great little body, nice cock, and loved cumming inside me. Why not!

Next up I started replying to a 32yo average build guy with 6.5" thick uc cock. I told him I just took a load, and he got all worked up telling me that was hot and he loved sloppy seconds. I got another reply from this collage kid looking to fuck on his way to meet friends. So I told sloppy seconds guy I might have another load. He said he would wait cus he wanted to top me off last. So collage kid and I agree on a time. I got in position, and waited, and waited. Damn, must be a no show. I was just back to my computer when he showed up. Very hot, clean cut jockish, smooth, athletic build with dark hair. We went into the bedroom and got naked and he quickly put my legs up and mounted me. Not the best fuck, not much but very fast thrusting with his average 7" cock and smooth balls. He me how hot my ass felt. After about 10 mins of non stop short fast thrusting he said he was close and asked me where he wanted him to cum. I told him he could cum in me if he wanted, knowing full well thats what he would end up doing. He asked, are you sure. I said yeah, u can if you want. A min later he was adding his creamy load to the mix already inside me, totally unaware that his shaft was now coated in fuck from 2 other guys. He pulled out and I quickly went down on him. He never went soft, and I think if I kept at it I would have gotten another load out of him. but I paused and he started to get dressed. He thanked me and told me to have a good night, and headed out.

Finally with 3 loads up inside me, I had the uncut guy come over and top me off. I got in position again and he came over and got naked and rubbed what felt like a meaty thick uncut cock up and down my crack till hard, then slowly worked it up into me. He had a nice thick cock head that felt like a plunger going in and out of me, mixing up the cum that was inside me. He obviously like the feeling of all the cum on his cock cus he only lasted maybe 2 min, and he spewed his load into me also. He pulled out and I quickly went down on him. He had alot of forskin that puckered around hit fat cock head. I licked all up in the skin getting all the cum. He headed out telling me that anytime I needed to be topped off, to hit him up. He loves getting up into a used cum filled hole. He was a little doppy looking with a average to slightly husky build. I might hit him up, his cock felt good, and he likes sinking his cock into other guys cum while in an ass.

I was pretty tired by now, and crawled into bed and watched TV. I fell asleep with it on, and didn't even jack off, and woke up with their assorted cream still inside me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

really conveinient

My first night on a little vaca I surprisingly hook up. The rinky dink Holiday Inn had WiFi and an indoor pool. Though I could not have anyone over since I'm sharing my room, and it was hard for me to take off with out some lame excuse, I could at least surf porn online. After cruising around online in the breakfast room in the late afternoon I came across a post. Another traveler, looking to get off, and.... in the same hotel. What are the odds!!! We start emailing. He had no picture, and was looking to get sucked off. He was 53 5'10" 210lb 7"c. Ok, not the best but, when times are tuff, it will do. We decide to meet in the hot tub and if ok with everything we can go from there. So off I went to the room and pulled on a swimsuit and headed to the pool area.

I get into the balmy pool area and there he is getting into the hot tub. He is heavy set, smooth, blond thinning hair that has some gray along the sides. I drop my towel on a chair, and dip into the hot tub opposite him. There was some woman with a kid splashing in the pool as the kid was screaming with a high pitch. So fucking annoying cus it echo'd and made it even louder. We both relaxed in the hot tub not talking. I had my head back and eyes closed and I felt a foot rub my leg. I just smiled to let him know its all good. The mom and kid were out of the pool now sitting at a table near by. I got out of the tub and dove into the pool to cool off. After a couple laps, I got out and headed to the tub again as mom and kid were getting their stuff to leave. I got into the tub to the side now but not next to him. The door wasn't even close as the mom and kid left, and he leaned back, bringing his big belly out of the water as he pushed his trunks down and this fat cock popped up out of the water sticking straight up briefly before being submerged again. Ok, I'm in. That always turns me on when guys expose them selfs pretty much regardless what they look like. I reached over and wrapped my hand around his fat cock, just barely getting my fingers to touch and stroked him. After a bit he leaned over and said "shall we shower off and head to my room?" Ok. We went into the small bathroom with 1 urinal, 1 stall, and one curtained shower stall. I hung my towel, took off my suit and stepped into the shower and rinsed quick leaving the curtain open. I stepped out and he did the same. His fat cock was sticking straight out surrounded by a huge triangle of blondish red hairy bush, but smooth otherwise. I just finished toweling off, and he stepped out and I got on my knees and started to suck him right there. The man was thick! I so wanted to have him fuck me but I was not prepped so didn't try to offer it up. After a bit he broke off and grabbed his towel and dried off. I pulled on my trunks again. He just wrapped his towel around him, folded his trunks and tucked them into a 2nd towel he had with him. We headed to the elevator, him holding his 2nd towel in front of him and me in my trunks with towel over my shoulder. In the elevator, I stepped up and he opened his towel standing there naked and I went down on him. Too quickly we hit the 3d floor and he wrapped up again quick, and we went to his room. I would have loved to finish him off right there, that would have been hot!

In his dark room he quickly dropped his towel and laid on one of the beds. I got between his legs after dropping my trunks and started to work his fat meat. After brining him to brink once, I straddled his chest to let him feed on my cock for a bit. He was really bad at sucking, a lot of teeth and sounded like a pig at a troff. I started to pull back to go back down on him and he started rubbing his cock against my ass. I started thinking, I might or might not be clean, but what the hell do I care, I'll never see this guy, nor do I care, he's not hot, he's just a cock and cum. I started rubbing my ass against his cock and moaning letting him know i'm game. He had some cheap lube and some condoms on the night stand, so I grabbed it and slicked up his cock and my ass. He started to finger my ass a bit, and I slowly inched back till his cock was against my hole. I really relaxed and pushed my ass out and tried to get his cock into me. His head popped in but I quickly pulled off. Damn, I wasn't ready. I relaxed a bit more and tried again. I got his head into me and waited a bit while I adjusted. He put his hands on my hips and pushed me down, slowly sinking his cock into me. I had to slow him down as I took short breaths, by putting my hands on his big gut, preventing him from going into me too fast. This dudes cock was rock hard and stretching my hole big time. Finally I was ready so I pulled my legs up so I was crouched on top of him and started to ride him with my hands on his smooth meaty pecs with really small nipples. After bouncing on his cock for a bit he put his hand on my chest and said, careful, I'm close. I just kept going, hopping he wouldn't try to pull out to cum. He started to take some deep breaths, then grunted. Thank goodness! I was a bit afraid I'd going through all this works with this doppy older guy with a fat cock and not get his load inside me some how. I slowly eased off him ready to grab a towel quick, but found he was clean. Even better! I grabbed his towel and tossed it to him, and told him I needed to get back. I pulled on my cold wet trunks and grabbed my towel. He walked me to the door with his cock still rock hard. I grabbed at it and laughed. He laughed also, and said, viagra - good stuff. I laughed harder and said who knows, maybe in a couple hours I can sneak out for a quickie in the stair well. He replied that he would be up for that. I told him to check his email later and if it works out....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bonus load

I was just finishing up my last load of laundry to pack when I got a text from the military blk guy. Its been almost 3 weeks since he has stopped by. I figured he might have been deployed or who knows, got a bf. Well he wanted to stop by, and I could use a quickie. I jumped in the shower so I was ready, and he text me about an hour later saying he would be by in 15 min.

I got in position with the door open and he showed up right on time, got completely naked and jabbed his already rock hard cock at my hole till it entered me. He fucked me on all 4's for about 10 mins, throwing another amazing fuck, verbally letting me know that he was loving it as much as I was for a change. His sculpted body against mine occationaly, his low hanging balls slapping against mine, grabbing his tiny dimpled muscle ass pulling him deeper making him moan even more. Then he pumped a huge load up into me, and worked his cock into me as far as he could. Then he started to slow thrust and I felt his hot load shift inside me coating my insides and pushing it deeper into me. Finally after a few mins of that, he slowly eased his semi hard cock out of me, quickly stood and wiped his cock off with the towel. He stood there naked for a second and I checked out his body and putting it into memory so I can jack off later. He pulled on his sweat pants and a tank, and headed twards the door.

I inquired about it being so long and he said he has been busy and taking a break from things. I though he was deployed, and he told me not till Feb. It sounded like he will be back into the swing of our once to twice a week fucks again. Thank god! I'm in love with his body, cock and crave his cum inside me. I'm gona inquire about his email address so I can keep in touch with him while he is deployed.


I've been working a ton this past week making sure everything is in order so I can take a little vacation starting tomorrow. Won't be able to post much, nor do I anticipate much sex for the next 5 days. So to make up for it I had a few hours after the gym last night and I decided to go all out. I headed to an adult theater I don't go to because its the most popular, and the 2 times I did, I ran into guys I knew / friend of a friend type. Though its always hot time there, I'd rather not have that exposure of being a trashy bareback bttm whore who lets anyone shoot their load into me.

I went right from the gym in a Tshirt and track pants and arrived around 8pm, and paid for the theater. Right inside the door it splits into 2 rooms, a larger one with a huge screen, and a smaller one with a large screen TV both playing straight porn. I stood at the wall divider looking into the large one while my eyes adjusted and a shorter chubby blk guy walked by and stopped and started to rub my crotch. The pushed them down over my ass and bent over and started sucking my cock right in front of the larger theater. The door opened and we straightened up and went into the smaller theater. I walked to the side of the large screen TV where there is a little corner and the blk guy followed and got on his knees and pulled my pants to my ankles. Some guy came behind me and rubbed his bulge in his jeans against my ass while giving me a bear hug and rubbing my chest. He pulled his cock out and I bent forward a bit to see if he would fuck me but he kept hugging me. The blk guy notices I was bending forward to get fucked and started to finger my lightly lubed hole. I moaned a bit, and blk guy stood up and pulled out his 7.5" cut cock and spun me around. He bent me over low so he could get into me, then pushed his bare cock into me till his soft mid section was up against my ass. The guy who was behind me now was on his knees sucking my cock and a couple other guys were now around us, rubbing my chest and trying to cop a feel. Chubby blk guy leaned into my ear and asked if he could cum in me, and I nodded. A moment later his cock started spazaming inside me filling me with his load. We both dressed and worked our way out of the crowd that gathered. He headed out and I went into the other theater.

After hanging out there a bit, I went back to the other room, and stood by the corner by the TV again. A decent looking guy came in wearing a baseball hat, Tshirt, gym shorts, and sporting a wedding ring, came over and stood off to the side of me. I eased into the dark corner and pushed my pants down to my knees and started to stroke. He ducked into the corner with me and flipped out a thickish 6.5" cock. We took turns blowing each other till he reached under and felt my slicked up hole. He grinned and said oh yeah, nice. He worked it so I was bent over facing the corner, and slowly worked his shaft into me. He only fucked me for a few mins, then abruptly pulled out and pulled his shorts up and walked out. He gave no indication if he came or not, but it still felt good.

I sat in the back row by the isle of the large theater and hung out. A big stocky bearish guy came over and stood against the wall and rubbed his crotch. So I stuck my hand in my pants and started to stroke too. A shorter bearish guy came over and joined us. The taller one pulled his 6" cock out and feed it to me as I sat there, and the shorter one worked my pants down and stroked me. They switched places and the shorter one had a stubby 5" cock that I sucked, as the taller one plunged a fat finger in and out of my ass as it hung over the chair. He then worked up my shirt and I ended up taking if off, and he rubbed my chest, leaving me pretty much naked in the back row stilling while they took turns feeding me their cocks. The shorter one just stepped back from me and suddenly started to cum, so I pulled him back quick and swallowed most of his load. He hiked up his jeans and left leaving me with the big guy. He unbuttoned his shirt showing off a big barrel chest coated in blond hair, and pushed his pants to his knees. He pulled me up and bent me over so I was holding myself up by the 2 end row chairs. His cock easily went into me and he piston fucked me fast. I clamped down trying to keep the cum I already had in me from dripping out. Another guy came up behind him and started to rub his chest and he let out a low grown and came in me. Everyone got dressed again and went different directions. I went out into the store and looked around for a bit.

While I was out there, a twinkish middle eastern looking kid came in with scrawning facial hair. He got a ticket to the theater, so I waited a bit then went back in. I didn't see him so I went to the far back corner of the smaller theater and pushed my pants down and figured I'd just jack off and head out. After about 5 mins the twink showed up. He hung out in front then worked his way back so he was standing to my side. He bent down and stroked me some then got down on his knees in front of me and started to suck me off. I kicked off my pants so I could spread my legs further apart and easy my ass to the edge of the seat. He bobed on my cock then licked my balls, then back again. He went back twards my balls, and I eased my legs up a bit to give him access if he wanted. He flicked his tounge up and down my cum slicked crack, then pushed my legs up to my chest and started eating out my hole. An old guy, maybe 70, came over and tried to get into the action, but after batting his hand away he took the hint and just stood by and jacked his cock. The twink got back onto his knees in front of me and unzipped his cargo shorts, and pulled out a nice 8"uc brown cock. I stroked it a bit finding it looked fat, but was actually one of those cocks that was wide across, but not thick all the way around, more rectangle like. He leaned into me and asked if I had a condom. I shook my head apologetically and said no. He then said, I want to fuck you. He looked into my eyes and I gave him a small nod. He coated his cock head with spit and moved forward a bit and worked his cock against my hole. Then finding the right spot he sunk his meat into me. He thrust into me maybe 10-15 times and then started this odd high pitched humming noise. It was pretty weird! He stopped and leaned in again and said he is close to cumming. I grabbed his arms and started flexing my hole around his shaft while he was still pausing. Suddenly the old guy shot his load onto my chest, which I was fine with, but the twink lost it and his chest started to convulse. I felt his cock twitch in me as he let loose his seed. He then rested his head on my shoulder while he caught his breath, and eased his cock out of me. He then stood up and stuffed his already shriveled cock into his shorts, zipped up and walked off. The old guy was still watching, but then wandered off also while I pulled back on my cloths.

I was done so I headed out with the anoynomus loads of cum still up inside me. At home I got caught up doing somethings and forgot until I was watching TV on the couch and I had that full feeling. Remembering I still had cum in me, I pulled my pants off pushed some of the cum out onto my hand, coated my shaft and jacked off while my other hand fingered my ass, twirling around the creamy goo that was still in me. I shot a huge load that splattered just to the side of my head and down my chest. I just layed there for a while enjoying the feeling of all this cum on me and inside me.

Friday, November 02, 2007

seedy afternoon

I had the afternoon off yesterday so I cleaned up, pulled on a tank and some lightweight shorts and went to an adult theater I rarely go to. Its pretty nasty, the guys are pretty gross, and usually a wast of time and money. I get there and stand in the back of the theater and check things out. There are about 7 or 8 guys there, none overly attractive or in good shape. I check out the side theater which is not really a theater, its this little covered elcove that is kinda of outside, with a small TV playing porn and a few chairs and a tall table, like a little smoking area . There was a late 30's skinny blk guy wearing a white dingy tshirt and red track pants and corn rolls, talking to himself with teeth missing, sitting there smoking from a crack pipe. Great! No wonder no one is out here. I went back in, not in the mood for second hand crack smoke.

There was a silver haired stocky guy with a hat on sitting on one of the end rows with one leg up on the chair in front of him stroking. Another guy was near him watching but never made a move twards him. So I went over and stood next to him and started to stroke him. He had a baby smooth thick 7" shaft and low hanging balls. Soon I was bent over sucking him till he stopped me cus he didn't want to cum. So I stood and pushed my shorts down to my ankles and he played with my cock and fingered my ass a bit, right there were every one could see, on the side in the middle of the theater. He leaned back into his chair and I bent over and started to suck him off again. The guy that was still kind of near, reached over and started to finger my ass. The guy got close again as I tasted his precum and had me back off. I was over playing this game, so I pulled up my shorts and went to the back.

I stood against the half wall and pushed my shorts down to my knees and started jacking off. A stocky short latino came up behind me and started caressing my ass. I reached back and found a tiny stubby thin maybe 3" uc cock fully hard. I tweak him with 2 fingers for a bit then gave up. He started rubbing his small cock up and down my crack, and I crouched down further enjoying the feeling, knowing his cock would never get inside me. Next thing I knew he was huffing and leaning against my back as he shot his load all up and down my crack. He stepped back and from out of no where the older guy I was sucking was behind me and rubbed his cock in my crack also, coating it with the latino's cum. He then lined up and pushed his bare cock up into me causing me to gasp a bit due to the thickness. With nice slow strokes and took his time, just enjoying the fuck, till I heard him moan a bit. I glanced back and the latino was still there but had the older guys shirt up and was sucking and working over his nipples. The older guy started to thrust a bit more irraticly then he kind of trembled a bit and grabbed onto my hips.
I could feel him cum inside me, and it felt like a huge load that just kept coming and coming. He slowly pulled out and latino went down on him. I needed a smoke so I pulled up my shorts and headed to the outside alcove.

The whole time I was inside no one went out there, I think they were all leaving crack head alone out there and wanted nothing to do with him. When I went out there, he was just leaning back with his eyes half closed, with his crack pipe on his lap. I stood just of to the side and front of him and leaned against the table and lit a smoke. When I was almost done with my smoke, I pushed my shorts down to my knees and started to stoke to the porn on the small TV. A few mins later I felt a hand cup my ass. I didn't care, no one was going out there cus they didn't want to be around this nasty ugly crack head, and I just wanted a smoke. I lit another smoke and let him cup and feel my ass while I jacked my cock. Finally he asked me if I take it in the ass. I didn't even turn and said yeah. He kept playing with my ass and then worked a finger into my cum slicked ass. He leaned forward a bit and wiggled his finger around inside me and asked if he could fuck me. I shrugged a sure, and he stood up. I looked over my shoulder and saw him pull up the front of his shirt and put it over his head, showing a very thin chest with a little hair between his pecs. He then pushed down his track pants to his ankles showing some dingy stretched out FTL briefs. He pushed those down to his knees and this narly looking uncut cock hung out of an overgrown bush of black wiry hair. He stoked it a bit getting it semi hard, and it seemed to have a decent curve to the right. It looked to be maybe 8", quite thin, and alot of forskin. He stepped up behind me and trying a few times to work his semi hard cock into me with no luck. He backed off and jerked some more, then pushed my ass down to I was more bent over and using his fist to be hard he worked his cock into me. He grabbed onto my shoulder and worked his cock all the way into me, telling me what a fine white ass I had. Just then the door open and an older asain guy peeked in and I saw him get all bug eyed as he realized what was going on, and he quickly closed the door. The blk guy kept fucking me even though I didn't feel much of it cus his cock was so thin or wasn't quite hard. The door opened again and a scary looking out of shape guy came in, he was balding but had long stringy blond hair on the back of his head. He just took a seat in front and looked at the screen and didn't pay much attention to us. The blk guy started to slap my ass while fucking me and griding his wirey pubs against my ass. A few more thrust and he said "you gona make me nut man" I clamped down as best I could on his thin cock and he started saying "oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah over and over again, at least 15-20 times till he groaned really load and said here it comes. He pulled out of me and collapsed into a chair with his shirt sill up over his head, and track pants down to his ankles and briefs around his knees. His cock was semi hard and all slicked up with streaks of white creamy cum on it. I was temped to go down on him and lick the cum up, but decided against it, when he reached for his crack pipe again. I pulled up my shorts and went back in to the main theater.

Now there was a really really, and I mean really scary cross dressing freak with this stringy bad wig on, in the back of the theater trying to get fucked. That did it for me. I headed out. Once home something about having some nasty cum inside me got me worked up so I pulled out a dildo and sat on it, ramming it as far as I could in me, and jerked off. Then I pulled the dildo out and licked the cum off it. Now I was hungry so I started to make dinner with their seed now way up inside me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A good assortment

I hit the gym yesterday and as I was changing a older stocky blk guy came in with no gym bag, and started to used the sink to brush his teeth. I figured he was using the gym to clean up for work or something. After my work out, I went to hit the showers and saw the blk guys cloths all folded up on a shelf by the showers. I went into the sauna and there he sat completely naked probably using the sauna to dry off since he had no towel. He was on the chubby side with man boobs and a big smooth gut and between his legs was a hairy crotch with very large tight ball sack and a supper thick soft cock resting on them. His cock didn't look huge but damn it was thick. I started to get horny thinking about servicing this big old blk guy and getting his load in me. Unfortionatly walked out after a bit, got dressed and left. But now I was all in the mood for some anonymous cock and cum.

I headed home and set up my gloryhole. I had a few visitors, nothing overly exciting, the most note worthy was a 19yo skinny twink asain kid with a 7" uc cock with a thin shaft but fat mean dark purple head. I was surprised when he had me turn around and fingered my ass, then proceeded to bareback me and cum in me. The other that was decent was a 29yo guy who looked like he was well built with a trimmed chest and crotch and 6.5"c He would get hard then soft, and hard again. Finally I let him suck me some while he jacked off, then he told me to turn around quick, and he plunged his cock into me and said "take my load bitch!"

Got a message from a 30 blk guy who is in my neighborhood and have been playing message tag with for a couple weeks. Shorter, nice build, and very muscular arms. He wanted to fuck, and told me not to shower. He likes a clean ass, but the smell of a sweaty ass. I offered to run to the gym and work up a sweat then head right over sill in my gym cloths. That turned him on even more. So I ran to the gym and did some cardio for 30 min or so and got nice and sweaty, and headed right to his place.

He was pretty hot, and took me right away to his bedroom that had a large wall of mirrored closets. He pulled my cloths off, and said, "oh fuck yeah" and then he dropped his jeans and showed a nice trimmed 7.5" cock that was curved slightly upward, and good thickness. He laid me down on the bed and sucked my cock then worked down so my legs were in the air as he ate out my sweaty ass. He spent a good 10 mins eating it out. I didn't tell him I had a couple loads in me, and he didn't seem to mind. I flipped over onto all 4's and he kept eating my ass, then stood and pushed his bare cock into me. The guy knew how to fuck, and just used my ass for his pleasure. He shot his load up into me about 5 mins later. He pulled out and I laid on my back, and he laid down in almost 69, and started to suck my cock and finger my ass. His cock never went soft. A couple mins later my legs were pined my my ears and he was mounting me again. This time only after 2 or 3 mins he bit into my shoulder and shot a 2nd load into me. We both laid down on the bed and just relaxed a bit. My phone went off, and I got up to see who it was. It was another trick texting me. I didn't reply and just put my phone back into my pocket. While bent over he started to rub my ass telling me how hot my booty was. So I stayed bent over while he started to jack off. I swear only a min later he shot for the 3d time, a small but thick creamy load that just oozed over his hand and cock. I turned and sucked some off his cock. I nudged him over so he was in the middle of the bed. I then climbed on top of him and eased his still pretty hard cock into me. I rubbed his muscular pecs and just sat on his bare cock, while I jerked off. Shortly there after I sprayed his chest and face with a huge load. I got up off him and licked up some of my cum off his chest, then we laid there for a bit. He got up cus I guess I shot more then I though onto his face and he went to clean up. He came back and curled up next to me and rubbed my chest as we chatted about this and that. If I wasn't so hungry I might have suggested spending the night. But finally we got up and he walked me to the door completely naked and gave me a kiss as I headed out. Once home I made some food, crawled into bed, and jacked off again while fingering my cum filled hole. Then turned off the light and fell asleep happy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

hot top hot bttm

The supper hot blk muscle military guy messaged me yesterday and wanted to stop by around 5. I told him to hit me back when he knew what time for sure, but I should be around. During the day I came across a post from a 28yo jock who says he's a geek and a bttm, looking for in shape muscular fit guys to hang out with, sex whatever. It was a pretty generic post but something hit me about it so I shot him a pic and a little note. Around 4pm he hit me back with a couple more pix, and we started an email conversation. He finally asked what I'm up to, and that he's horny. I lied and said I was at work till 6, but might be up for getting together. He said he usually gets calls from friends around then to hang out but was willing to push them off if I was serious. I said sure, and I'd email him when I got home from work around 6:30. At 6, I got a text from blk muscle stud saying he can be over in 10min and asked if I was ready. Of course I was!

I was naked on the bed like usual when he came in. Took off all his cloths and climbed on top of me rock hard and ready. I swear he must walk in with a raging hard on, cus its always hard and ready. He got me on all 4's and pushed his bare cock up into me. Gawd if felt good. Then he started thrusting and started hitting deep. Oh fuck! I was still tender deep inside me from the hard core banging by the big blk guy a couple nights ago. Oh well, I figured I'd just deal with the pain and let him have his way. I swear sex with this stud just gets better and better. He so knows how to fuck. I love it that he does things that feel good for him, and doesn't think about me, cus in turn it feels freaking amazing for me. It was one of his shorter fucks this time, in about 10 mins of alternating depth and speed, and trying to make it last longer, he shot his load unexpectedly while pausing cus he was too close. Thankfully he started thrusting again for another few mins working his cum up into me and pressing his smooth ripped muscle body against me. Damn that was a good fuck! He pulled out and I sucked his cock a bit before he went into the bathroom to wash up. I walked him to the door while talking briefly, and I got the feeling he was starting to get into me a bit more then just a willing hole for him to used as needed. Who knows!

So I emailed the jock geek, and told him my addy. He said he would be over in 20-30mins. And just for fun I told him to show up wearing as little as possible, saying its always a turn on when a guy shows up showing off his body and maybe having his cock flopping around. Right on time there was a knock on my door. I was just in some loose shorts, with a cock ring on since I was gona top. I get to the door and through the screen, I see this 5'9" hot jock stud wearing black shorts, holding a wife beater in his hand, showing off his thin, but toned and semi muscular smooth chest. Oh hell yeah! He came in and I could tell was a bit uncomfortable and not sure what to do. I came up next to him and started feeling his body, and he took over pressing himself up against me hard, and started kissing me with a lot of passion. Normally I'm not into kissing, especially with a trick, but this boy and I kissed well together, and I had no problem with it. Finally we broke and I lead him to the bedroom where I dropped my shorts. We never discussed cock size in the emails and I saw him stare like he won the jackpot. His shorts came down and I think I stared like I won the jack pot! Nice smooth body with a perfect trim job, and a cock that was probably 9", on the thin side, with very tight smooth small balls, and the best thing of all, it curved downward in a hot arch. FUCK ME!!!! Nothing turns me on more then a downward curved cock. However I was the top so I didn't give it much attention. After more kissing, and him working over my chest, he went down on my while I stood there. After getting me full hard, he stood and we kissed more and I felt his ass. It was a bit softer then I would have thought, I guess I pictured it firm and muscular, but it was small and smooth just the way I like them.

I got him on all 4's at the edge of the bed and went to down on his ass. He has a perfect little ring that opened up nicely so I could get a lot of tounge up into him. I spent a good 10 mins on that ass before I finally stood and with just some spit on my cock, I eased my bare cock up into him. After fucking him like that for a while, he flipped over with his legs on my shoulders and I went back into him. I think he wanted that position so he could feel my chest and to kiss me. That was fine with me, though I do like doggy better. Finally I got close and asked him where he wanted my load. He smiled and said normally I like a guy to cum in my mouth, but I want you in me. OK then! I pumped my load up into him as deep as I could. I pulled out a bit tiered and said I might be up for another round if he wanted, I just needed a break. He just smiled and said ok. I layed on the bed and he snuggle up next to me and laid his head on my chest. Soon he worked his way down and started sucking my cock and balls, getting me pretty hard again, but not rock hard. He stopped and I asked him whats up. He shyly said, is it ok if I take a break and just lay next to you again, I like touching you. What a little cuttie! he snuggle up next to me and we started talking and found quite a few interests. Yeah, he is a geek, has a lot of geek type interests. The whole time rubbing my chest like a puppy who just found his new master. One thing led to another and I started kissing him while stroking his hot curved cock. Only after maybe a min, he stopped me and said I'm gona cum. I said from just kissing me and me lightly stoking your cock. He smiled and said, with you.... yeah. So I kissed him one more time and sure enough he started to cum, so I quickly got down and after missing the first spurt I got the rest in my mouth. I swallowed his tasty load. I went up and kissed him and said can you taste your cum? He said no, so I kissed him a again with my tounge deep in his mouth. This time he laughed and said yeah.

We hung out naked and chatted more on the bed till he realized it was almost 10pm and he had to go. He was supposed to be playing video games with friends. But I could tell he was very reluctant to go. Finally we stopped and got dressed. I walked him to the door saying we need to do it again. He said he was hopping I would say that. We kissed and out the door he went.