Friday, April 01, 2005

Easter basket to Friday

A hot 27yo little smooth latin in town over the holiday hit me up. He came over and showed off hit compleatly smooth and shaved body making his 8"uc cock look huge on his small smooth frame. We messed around on the bed till he fucked a load up into me. We played a bit more, and he ate some of his cum out of me then fed it to me while he kissed me and slid his bare cock into me again. I got too worked up and blew a huge load all over his chest just before he came again. This hot 28yo beefy muscle guy that I've wanted for almost a year hit me up. he came over Tues. We played around, Nice hairy chest and quite thick 7.5 semi uncut cock. He pushed the head into me but pulled out cus he was about to cum. Some how he was on my chest and with a bit of spit, my bare cock slowly went all the way into him. After a min he got off me afraid I might cum, since he prefers safe sex. I finally sucked him off and swollowed his load. I would have loved to have sat on his cock and grabed on to his chest while his fat cock pumped seed into me... but on well. Jack stoped by unanonced. Walked in while I was watching Amazing Race! hello!!! anyways, walked right up to me, and pulled his cock out and fed it to me. in just longer then a comercial break, he fed me his load, and was heading out the door. Had all day off. Sucked an older guy, maybe late 40's? 6" cock and nice load. GHG (gloryhole guy - loves GH per his profile) Hit me up again. I sucked him for a while then backed up onto his 7.5 rock hard cock. He fucked me for a while till he pulled out and motioned to push my cock though. He shot a really thick load all over my cock. I scooped up his load off my cock while he dressed and licked my fingers clean. 38yo skinny neighborhood guy came over. rock hard 6" cock with balls that went up into his abdoman and shot a small but tasty load. my Mix fuck bud came over. Took pix of me sucking his cock and of him fucking me through the glroyhole. He finaly gave in and injected his 3day load into my ass. A dude hit me up saying a kid that is staying with him needs to get sucked off. He told hiim that I was a chick, and I'd give him an anoynomus blow, as long as I told him how it was. I finally agree'd. Was a bit leary, but it turned out. The kid came in, I would guess maybe 22, blond and kinda built. he got compleatly naked and pushed his 7" cock with trimmed balls through the hole. I sucked him till he fed me a supper thick load. he got dressed but I noticed him checking out my shoes (size 12, and not womans) oh well. The dude emailed me saying that the kid just called saying it was great but thinks he boyfriend lives there cus there were mens shoes by the door. What a stupid straight boy.