Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Emo Me

The other afternoon I had a hook up that fell through at the last min. I was just walking down the block of this dudes place and got a text that his roommate showed up. Oh well, shit happens, not the first or the last time a trick flakes or cancels. With the time change it was still light out and I noticed a city park a block over so headed that way. In the distance I saw a skinny talk dude walking from the other side and cut into the park. Humm, wonder if this is a cruisy park.

It was a small park with some tables and pretty open with brush and woods running along the back side of it. When I got to the park, tall skinny dude was sitting on a table having a smoke. I followed the path along the outer edge along the back. I passed a couple pathways that went into the woods, and figured why not. I glanced one more time at the dude, who was looking at me, and went down one of the paths. There were a couple clearings behind shrubs as I went in deeper, and came up to a small creek with the foundation of what was a old very small building along the path, kind of weird. So I sat on the cinder block foundation and had a smoke and groped myself. Sure enough I heard twigs snapping as the skinny guy came along.

Skinny guy was more skinny twink. Very emo looking, with a ridiculous haircut like a 2 yo just did a butcher job on a dark haired barbie doll, with a pierced lip off to the side. Black skin tight peg leg jeans with a big belt and a zip hoodie WHY? Does he really think that's attractive? He saw me groping myself and kind of did the same. No one was around so I went for it. I stood and pushed down my track pants and started jacking off right there. He came over and watched a bit, then reached out and jerked me some. Soon he was on his knees sucking me. Surprisingly well, as long as I didn't watch. That lip piercing was a turn off. I leaned back onto the blocks and he stood and unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down. Huh, what do ya know, the boy was packing some meat. Skinny is an understatement, but it just made his cock look that much bigger. Good thickness and about 8" on him shaved completely smooth. I would guess he was 20 - 22yo maybe, but being completely hairless I half questioned his age, but that was defiantly a cock of someone old enough. He went right back down to his knees and back to sucking me while he jacked himself. I wanted to suck that hot cock myself but he started lapping at my balls and crack. So I kicked off one leg of my track pants and lifted my legs a bit while leaning back. He worked a finger then 2 up into me while sucking me.

Then he stood with a couple fingers still in my ass and his other hand around his cock that was drooling precum and asked if he could fuck me. I shrugged and said sure. I spit on my hand and lubed my hole up as he did the same to his cock, then while holding the base of his cock he rubbed his leaking cock around my hole. He slowly pushed into me, and I took a quick breath. Ohh, that's a bit thicker then I though. He paused then slowly sank into me. He thrust a few times then pushed my shirt up and grabbed onto my pecs and said, oh man your hot. A couple more thrust as his hands where on my chest he said oh shit I'm gona cum. I replied, yeah man, and reached back to his bony waist to make sure he didn't pull out. He threw his head back and his hips spasmed in quick thrusts and I felt the base of his cock pulse around hole as he fired multiple jets of his seed into me. Damn, that had to be one huge load he just gave me! He quivered a bit as he slowly pulled out of me, and I clamped down milking as much out of him as possible.

He quickly pulled up his jeans and stuffed his cock that had drip of cum hanging on it into his briefs, and asked if he could get a smoke from me. I gave him one and he said thanks, as he buckled his jeans, gave a nod and started back up the trail. I leaned back with and jacked off quickly shooting a load onto my chest, and noticed he stopped up a bit and had watched me. By the time I cleaned up and dressed he was gone.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

knock knock

The other afternoon I got out of work early and hit the gym for a quick work out and was home by 5pm. I got online and surfed around a bit and was soon talking to this hot little 5'6" muscle latino 27yo. He's fucked me a couple times but that was almost 3 yrs ago. We are chatting about this and that, and it soon becomes sexual. Next thing I knew I was jumping in the shower and getting ready. He showed up and was looking good. A little thicker and muscular than last time we hooked up, where he still had that muscle twink thing, now its more muscle manish type. We didn't waist time and went into the bedroom and got naked. After a little jerking and sucking each other, he laid me back on the edge of the bed, got down and lifted my legs up and eat me out. After eating me for a while he stood and started to rub his thickish 7"uc cock against my hole. I got impatient and reached down and guided his bare cock into me. He leaned his head back and just moaned as he sank all the way in. He started to thrust and leaned down and started to kiss and lick my pecs. I moved back farther onto the bed and propped my ass up under a pillow and he climbed on top of me and forced his cock back into me, laying on top of me while nibbling at my neck, while I felt up his meaty smooth muscle body. He started to thrust faster and moaned in my ear, oh fuck - I'm gona knock you up. Then proceeded to pump his seed into me. He laid on top of me till his cock popped out of me and then rolled over next to me, kind of snuggled against me. We both laid there till I sensed he was on the edge of falling asleep, so I moved a bit and that made him realize he had to get going and head to work. He got dress and we chatted a bit, then headed out.

I got back online and had a message from this neg asian mix dude who has fucked me a few times in the past couple weeks. Not overly hung, maybe 6" but has that standard perfect asian smooth twink 22yo body. Hes and ok fuck, but the turn on is his build. A big turn on to get fucked by shorter thin toned guys sometimes, and I bet its quite the site. He came in to me naked and on all 4's, got naked and climbed onto the bed and mounted me. 5 min later with me cupping his small little ass, he was adding his sperm to me also. He pulled out, got dress, and slapped my ass and said thanks as he walked out. I rolled over and opened my laptop and continued surfing.

A bit later this blk kid hit me up. He used my GH a while ago, where I sucked him hard then he fucked me through it. He's a little guy also, 24, small tone smooth build, with 8" poz cock on him. We set it up for the GH scene again since we never have seen each other really. He came over and pushed his semi hard cock through the hole and I went to town sucking on his average thickness 8" cock. I then turned and guided him up into my ass. He fucked for a few min then pulled out and asked his he can fuck me with out the GH. I debated quickly in my head. Oh what the fuck, I told him to hang on and moved my laptop of my bed and laid out a towel. I unlatched the GH pulled it off to the side and quickly went into the bedroom and laid down ass up, never really seeing him. I heard him get completely naked and climbed up and mounted me doggy style. Fuck! This boy new how to throw a fuck! He banged around inside me from fast to slow, deep to just the head, then he climbed up so he was hunched up behind me half standing grabbing onto my shoulders and using me hard. He fucked longer then I thought he would, a good 15 mins, then he let loose buried it as far as he could and injected his dirty seed into me, then laid on my back panting. Jesus Fuck that was good! He slowly got up and stood at the edge of the bed, and I saw him reaching for the towel. I quickly spun around, got down on my knees and sucked on his cum streaked blk shaft that was still semi hard. I finally stood and we got a look at each other. I towered over him, and looked him over. What a hot little body, and cute face! He looked me up and down, and said, damn, your bigger than I thought, and big dick too. We laughed and he said it wasn't what he expect but better. Seems he likes topping bigger muscle guys. Guess it helped that I was still pumped up from the gym! We agreed to do it again soon, and he headed out.

Back online there wasn't much action, so I just hung out and watched TV while online. Then I got hit up by these two guys, boyfriends both around 30 with athletic builds same height and 7"c, one latino and one white and slightly hairy. They both wanted to get sucked off through my GH. I was more in the mood to get fucked but said ok. They would be over in about 30 min. Then a 39yo poz blk dude who has fucked me many times and even tag teamed me a few times but has since moved, was back in town. We started chatting and he found I had cum in me and wanted to eat some out and add his to it. I told him I had to take care of a couple guys at my GH first but after that sure. He said ok.

I got ready for the GH guys, and they showed up. They had nearly identical cocks except one was darker then the other, and that darker one (latino) needed to groom cus his bush was all over the place! I took turns sucking each of them 3 or 4 times each as they rotated back and forth till latino came, then the other shot quickly after feeding me 2 average sized loads. They zipped up and left. I quickly got online and told my bud I was ready. He said he would be over in 15. I took down my GH and waited for him with my ass up on the bed while surfing a bit more. I started talking to a 27yo tall thin latino showing a 8"uc cock pic who wanted to eat my ass till I begged him to fuck me. Even though his profile said Safe Only more then once, I agreed to going to his place but told him I need to shower first, and he said yeah, make sure your good and clean, cus I want to eat your ass. I told him no prob, and I'd message him when I was ready to leave. What he didn't know is that I had no intention of showering or cleaning out the assorted seed that was inside me.

He came in and got naked and I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he ate my ass out. I opened up and felt a glob of cum ooze out and he quickly lapped it up and tongued me deeper. He quickly stood, and speared his 8.5" cock up into me and thrust away. After a bit he pulled out and moved me forward and climbed on behind me and went at it for about 5 min hitting deep enough to hurt a bit then grabbed onto my waist and transferred his charged load into my body also. He pulled out and stood up, and I went down on him sucking his blk shaft clean of the creamy white cum. He pulled on his sweat pants and shirt, and headed out.

I messaged the latino that I was ready. He gave me his address and asked that I wear a jockstrap. I put one on, under my track pants and headed over. He opened the door and I was happy I kept the cum in me. I highly doubt he was 27, more mid to later 30's, was wearing a knit hat, a oversize football jacket, and sweats, trying to look gangsta. He might be thin, but wearing that, he looked more stocky. Whatever, I got naked except for my jock and on his couch facing the wall with my ass out for him. He got down and started to eat my ass. He would take short breaks telling me how hot my ass was and how good I tasted. I just smiled to myself. Its not all me your tasting, your getting some latin, asian, and 2 poz blk dudes seed as a bonus! He stood and I heard a package opening, and was a bit disappointed that he was putting a condom on. Oh well, hope his cock is as big as he said! He lined his cock up against my hole and pushed on in. MMM felt like it, it was nice and thick and glided in and out of me through his forskin. He slowed down and wanted me to jack off and cum at the same time. So I jacked my dick, though was no were near cumming yet, but he was cus he kept pausing. Finally I said I was and spasmed my hole around his cock like I was, and he thrust quickly and asked where I wanted his load. I said, shoot it in me, hoping the condom broke or something. He came and I faked mine. He quickly pulled out and handed me a papertowle to clean up still crouched on the couch. I told him I think I caught most of it and pretended to clean my hands only. I finally stood and turned around and he was siting in a chair covering his cock with a towel. I really wanted to see his cock but he kept it covered. I started to get dress and while bent over I noticed a torn over blister pack of lube but no sign of a condom. Hummm, was it the lube I heard? Did he bareback me and cum in me? Signs are pointing to yes! He turned and pulled up his sweats so I couldn't see his cock still. Oh well, it felt good even though he wasn't really who he said and I couldn't confirm the cock pic as his. I got to the door and he was behind me and said we need to do that again, and maybe next time I can suck his cock, I turned to him and said sure. Then he pulled his sweats down a bit and showed his cock. Well fuck me! that was his cock pic! One thick nice uncut cock was hanging there. And odds are he barebacked me and I have his cum in me also!

I got home and was now pretty tired. I checked my messages quick and was about to log off and head to bed when I got hit up by this 43yo poz muslced guy with a hairy chest. He's fucked me a few times too. He wanted my ass, and I told him I just got fucked but if he wanted some sloppy seconds, I'd be up for a quickie. He said he didn't care, he just wanted to get off. So... 10 min later I'm naked on my bed and he comes in, gets naked, climbs on top of me and mounts me with his slightly downward curved 7" cock. Ooo, my hole is getting tired, but I clamped down and milked him and he thrust away till he was laying on top of me griding his shaft around inside me and released his enhanced seed into my body also. He got up and dressed as I laid there till I heard the door close. I got up, locked the door, crawled into bed and quickly jacked off, shooting a load onto my chest, wiped it off, clicked the light and fell asleep quickly with my hole still full of assorted sperm.