Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rule # 1

The other day I was getting coffee and outside was this skinny homeless blk guy. He was keeping to himself, mouthing words and moving his hands like he was talking but making no noise, then he put his hand in his pocket and readjusted himself making it very obvious he was packing some serious meat. Well, that did it for me, I was horny as hell for some blk cock, and told myself I'd let any blk man cum in me that wanted too.

On my way home from work I made a quick stop at a bookstore that's not really known for hooking up, small booths, not overly cruisy, but it was in a seedier part of town. I got my tokens and found one large mexican troll cruising, and one booth locked. Pretty lame. I looked over the movie selection and heard the booth open. Out came a chubby mid 40's blk guy, not very pretty, but I thought I'd see if I can follow my rule. I stepped into a booth with the door ajar and dropped my shorts while dropping some tokens. Sure enough, he was peering into my booth. I stepped in a bit to let him enter and he did. He felt up my ass while undoing his pants. I looked back and saw his big gut hanging down and a 7" decent cock sticking straight up with a large tight ball sack. I got down and sucked him a bit as best I could even though his gut kept hitting my forehead, and I reached back to cup his flabby ass as I slicked up his dark shaft. I stood and put one leg up on the chair and offered him my ass. He moved right in and rubbed his cock against my hole as I moaned. With some spit he pushed it into me. Unfortunately it was over before it began. I was just getting into the fact that some fat blk dude was barebacking me when he pulled out. I wasn't sure what was up, so I turned and saw his softening cock. So I asked, did you cum. He smiled and said, oh yeah, couldn't help myself. He pulled up and stepped out of the booth while I bent over and put on my shorts.

When I turned around there was a thin late 20's blk guy in an over sized tshirt and jeans, with corn rolls watching me because my door was still open. He stepped in, and quickly pulled his cock out from his fly of his jeans. Bout 7.5 uncut average thickness. I got down and started to suck him as he put his hands on my head and said, yeah, u like black cock don't ya. I muffled a moan around his cock. After a bit he told me to show him my ass. So I stood and showed it to him. He slid a finger up into my hole and asked if the other guy fucked me. I nodded. He said good, he got it warmed up for me then, as he stepped up and eased his shaft into me. He fucked me with his cock still sticking out of his fly for a while as he piston fucked as I bent over till he tightened his grip on my hips and groaned and said, yeah, take my nut. I flexed my hole and milked his seed out of him till he pulled out. He tucked in and gave me a nod, then left. I pulled on my shorts and checked things out. The place was dead, so I headed home with my ass freshly filled with 2 random black guy's sperm.

I got online. Chatted with a couple regulars and hit up a few blk guys online but nothing was happening. Guess it was one of those nights for no online hookups. So I watched some TV and relaxed a bit. I got back online. I was chatting to the mid 40's tall skinny poz blk guy with a 9" cock who fucks me occasionally. He was saying he would love my ass but he can't. Going into the clinic the next day because he started to "drip" this morning. We chatted more and I started to think. Today's objective. And besides I was due for a visit to the clinic also for a check up, so why not. He wants my ass, and in a weird twisted way, I was turned on by knowingly let a big dicked poz blk guy breed me with a possible STD. He was a little taken back when I told him he could fuck me anyways, but gave in when I told him I was gona head to the clinic also later in the week for a check up.

I headed over to his little apt, and found him standing naked and stoking his cock just inside the door. I got naked quickly and got on all 4's on his bed. He lubed up his cock, and slid up into my still gooey cum filled hole. Fuck it felt good, he was going in nice and deep, and this thin smooth body felt good pressed against me as he bare cock flexed deep inside me. He flipped me over with my legs up at the edge of the bed and stood as he eased into me again. He started thrusting faster and harder till he gritted his teeth and groaned from the burning sensation as his dirty seed gushed out of his cock, and deep up into my body. I grabbed my own rock hard cock and within 3 strokes I pushed him back and shot my load all over his slicked up black shaft then pulled him back into me so he would push some of my own cum into me also. We both hung out naked on the bed chatting a bit, and I really wanted to suck on that big floppy cum slicked cock between his legs but couldn't make myself. For some reason I was ok with him breeding me, but couldn't suck it, that just sounded gross. LOL

I headed home, and cleaned out my ass before climbing into bed. As hot as it was, I just couldn't keep the random blk dudes cum and a hot STD'd poz blk seed in me all night, though I did jack off about it before I crashed. So off to the clinic tomorrow I go. Good times!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Opening night

After I got home from work the other day I jumped in the shower and fired up the computer and went on a hunt for some cock and cum. After chatting to a few guys The 29 yo poz blk guy with some tattoo's and a nice 8.5" piece wanted to use my GH. Sounded good to me so I set up the GH and waited for him to show up. While waiting I was chatting to the 21yo who I've hooked up with a few times over the past, ever since he moved out when he was 18. He's had the hots for me forever but I'm more bttm then what he likes, he's vers. I put him on hold when I heard the door open and got to the GH just in time to find a pair of jeans being pushed down, and some tighty whiteys going down and a soft dark blk cock flop out with low swinging balls.

I started to work over his cock as it came through the GH, and found his crotch a bit musky and sweaty, but in a good way. I cupped his low swinging balls and worked his shaft getting it nice and hard, till it had that slight bend to the side going on. I got him good and wet, then dabbed some spit onto my ass, and stood and backed up onto his cock. His cock forced its way up into me till his balls banged up against me. Fuck yeah, it felt good. I kept my ass pressed against the GH and let him do his thing. The thrust away till I could tell he was tensing up, then he let out a couple grunts as his cock spurted cum up into my body. I slowly pulled off, and went down on him, sucking his shinny blk cock clean of any cum till he stepped back. I got up and went back to my computer while he straighted up and left.

I went back to chatting to the 21yo, and while chatting a 42yo hot muscular poz guy who has fucked me a few times hit me up. He usually fucks me on all 4's but was interested in trying my GH. He had to walk the dogs so couldn't be over for about 45 min. Ok, hit me up when ready and I'll be ready I told him. 21yo didn't realize I had a GH and told me he wanted to try it, but I told him I might have someone over in 45 to fuck me, but if he wants I can take care of him, then he can watch on my side as I service. He jumped at that, and was on his way. He's a skinny 21yo with a few tat's and a very thick 8" cock that points right out. Not hot looking, but not ugly, just a geekyish skinny smooth neg kid who has been fucking me bareback since he was 18 and occasionally snuggling up and sleeping with me. He comes over and his already hard cock pops through the GH. I work him over and can tell I can make him shoot at any second, so I slow it down, let him suck on me some, then for fun, I turned and tried to slide his cock into my ass. Fuck he is thick. Even after I just got fucked by a big blk cock, and had cum in me, I couldn't take it. I had to back off. I sucked him a bit more then tired again. Holy shit! I got him in me and he started to thrust. He didn't know I had a fresh load in me but I could tell cus it got nice and slick, and glided in and out of my stretched out hole easier. I stopped after a bit, cus he said he didn't want to cum till he saw me get fucked. So I turned to suck on his cum slicked shaft and next thing I knew he was firring squirts of cum that hit the back of my throat. Damn, wish it was in my ass! I took down my GH and he came over to my side, and told me that was fucking hot as hell.

We snuggled up on my bed naked and surfed online together pointing out guys we thought were hot or who we had sex with. I got the message that the 42yo was ready and on his way. So we got ready with the GH. He came in and got completely naked and stepped up to the gh. He has a decent 7" cock with a great body. I stared sucking his cock and out of the corner of my eye, I could see 21yo off to the side, naked and stroking as he watch me. After I got him hard I turned and impaled myself onto his bare cock. I smiled at 21yo and as I was getting fucked bareback through the GH. After a bit he pulled his cock out of me then started to eat my ass out. He must have liked it cus he switched off 3 times, alternating fucking me and eating my ass. Guess the poz blk dudes cum was tasty, though I didn't tell him I had a load in me! LOL Finally he thrust away and moaned as he added his cum to me also. I sucked his cock clean and he stepped back to get dressed. I was thinking 21yo would step up and fuck me or I'll suck him off but he had cum all over his hand and up to his bellybutton. So I went down and licked up all the cum, even though it was kind of cold. We chatted a bit, then he headed out even though he wanted to spend the night but had to work in the morning.

I checked my messages and some 39yo mixed guy showing a great looking cock wanted to use my GH. He said he had 9.5" but not much else regarding what he looked like or anything else. I said ok, I'll suck him and back up to the GH if he wanted. He said that's exactly what he wanted. So we set it up. He came in a bit late but not too bad, but had bad GH etiquette. He bent down looking through the GH saying Hi. It was semi dark so I couldn't see him and he couldn't see much of me other then I was naked. He stood and got naked and I looked through to see a hot shaved smooth cock and balls, slightly smaller cock head going to a perfect long tube of a cock. I have no idea what race he was, he had lightish tan skin that was smooth. He could have been latin, black, mix, who knows, though I had a feeling he was more in his mid 40's, but could be completely off on that. He pushed his cock through the GH and I sucked him rock hard. He was more 8'5" cut, good girth, and just a hell of a silly smooth shaft. I turned and offered him my ass. He fingered my hole a bit then lined up and pushed it up into me. Mmmmm, that felt nice. Don't know who the hell he was but damn his bare cock felt good in me. He would fuck a bit, pull out, finger me some, then fuck me more. He got into a groove and I clamped down to keep the cum in me till he swore saying ohhh fuck, and let his seed flow into me also. He pulled out of me after catching his breath then leaned down to the hole again and said he wanted to fist me sometime. I stepped off to the side, still not in the mood to see each other. I have yet to be fisted, not saying I wouldn't sometime. I have fisted a few guys, but.... So I told him we'll see, depends on my mood, just cus I wouldn't mind him breeding me again sometime, even though he doesn't understand GH are anon, but that cock was so hot. Wonder if he is poz or not. Oh well, who cares. I closed up and fingered my sloppy hole tasting some of the cum myself while I jacked off. Wiped up my own cum with my fingers, and fingered my hole with it, then crashed out for the night.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In and out of uniform

The other day I get a text from Nextel wondering if I'm around. I said I could be, and he replied he had a buddy from the military base to help him if interested. He never describes or says who they are, but I trust his judgment. So we set it up for me to be blindfolded and on all 4's waiting. They came over at the said time and got naked while I waited naked on the bed. Soon I felt a cock mount me and pound away. Wasn't sure who it was cus the cock felt like Nextel's but when they switched they both had the same size, shape cock. They both took their turns fucking me for about 5 mins each then, as my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed getting fucked by one of them, the other got down and and started sucking my semi hard cock as the other kept fucking me. That brought me pretty close to cumming but before I could the one fucking me moaned and I felt his warm sperm flood into me. The other got up and quickly pushed his cock into my cum slicked hole and hammered away hard and fast for a min or 2 till he also groaned and came inside me also. They quietly got dressed and I heard the door close, then removed the blindfold.

Since I was close and still horny I got online. 10 mins later I was talking to the 9" military guy who fucks me though my GH. He wanted to get off over he lunch and asked his I was available. Hell yeah! He came over to me waiting at the GH. He stepped up and I got down and ready and he pushed his uniform down, and peeled down his tighty whiteys exposing his big floppy cock and trimmed big balls. He pushed it through and I went to down working his shaft over getting it rock hard and slick with spit. I turned and with a dab of spit on my hole I guided his meat up into my still cum filled hole. He moaned and swore, giving approval to how my hole felt around his cock. He started to thrust going all the way into me and his big balls bouncing off my own balls. He ground his cock back and forth and up and down, unknowingly mixing up the other military guys cum inside me. The then piston fucked me till I felt his cock flex deep inside me and he let out a sigh, and added his seed to me also. He kept it inside me as he caught his breath, and I enjoyed the feeling while I jacked off and quickly shot my load, then slowly pulled off, turned and sucked his cock, tasting the cum, and licking up the streaks of cream along his deflating cock. He stepped back a bit and pulled up his uniform and said thanks. He headed out, and since I was now content, I headed off to the gym.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

caught in the net

I love the internet. Its great that with in 10 min of getting online, some random guy I don't know is naked and behind me while on all 4's, with my hole stretched around his bare cock, moaning as he transfers his reproductive body fluid directly into my body.

Last night I got online and right away had a message from the skinny dicked dude wanting to use my GH quick. He was over in 10 min and I sucked his thin shaft hard, then turned and guided it up into my ass. He humped away till he quietly moaned and held still as he came in me. He pulled out, zipped up and left.

I got back online and the poz big blk guy that fucks me occasionally late at night messaged me asking if I was available around 10pm. I said sure, text me to let me know he was on his way, and I might have some cum in me areadly by then. He said thats fine as long as I clean their cum out before he gets there. I said ok cus I was really in the mood for hit thick 9.5" cock. I watched TV with thin dicks cum in me, waiting for the text. 10pm comes and blk dude is at my door. Oh crap no text! I still have cum in me! Too late now. We went into my bedroom and got naked. He is one big smooth blk guy! 6'4" 220lb shaved head, and that meat is amazing! He had me get down and suck him and I did for a while getting him really hard and slicked up. He pulled me up and got me on all 4's at the edge of the bed and tried to push his thick cock into me. I tried to relax but it wasn't working. He was half on top of me now trying to force his meat into me and I relaxed again and pushed out a bit. Well when I did that, gobs of cum oozed out of my hole, down my balls and made a big puddle on the bed. Crap! thin dick shot a MASSIVE load! I reached back and scooped up as much as I could so he wouldn't know I had seed in me. He didn't notice thankfully, but his cock did pop into me making me gasp. I coated my own shaft with thin's cum and jacked off as blk invaded me. God damn he was going deep! It started to be quite uncomfortable but I didn't say a thing. I figured its not his problem his cock is too big and is ripping me up. I am a hole for him to use and get off into, it is my job to let him do as he wished. He pushed me down so I was laying flat and laid on top of me griding his cock even deeper. He piston fucked me then said, damn, your gona make me cum already. I thought he was going to make it last longer but he started faster then groaned as he forced it as far as he could into me. He slowly pulled out and stood, and i went down and sucked his semi hard shaft, getting the last bits of cum of of his dark cock head. He got dress and headed out.

I debated on heading to bed, but logged online quick and right off the bat this 26 yo latin / asian mix hit me up. Hot little naturally thin toned body. He wanted a quick fuck. He said he was only 5.5" and if that was a problem. Since he was honest and had a hot body, I said sure. He lived close and came into my bedroom 10 min later to me naked and on all 4's. He must of been hard and ready cus his cloths came off in 2 seconds and his bare shaft was up inside me instantly. He was prob 5.5" but it felt good. I reached back and cupped his small smooth toned ass and pulled him deep then let him bang away. A few mins later he was gripping my shoulders and panting as he planted his seed inside me. He got dressed as I laid there, said thanks and left. I locked up, climbed into bed, jacked off and fell asleep with their seed in me.

This morning, I'm making coffee and get online. Again, I just sit down with my coffee and I get a message from this 32yo 6'2" athletic dude asking if I take loads. I said I swallow and take them in my ass. He asked when? I said anytime. He said he had 8" and asked me to be naked and ready, and I gave him my address. 15 min later I felt a smooth tone body climb on top of me and rub my chest as he ground his cock against my ass. I reached back and felt a nice cock, prob 7-7.5 with a nice curve to it. After rubbing my body a bit, he leaned back and with some spit pushed his cock into me. This dude knows how to fuck, he mixed in some passion, kissing my back and neck, moaning, and threw a great fuck! His cock felt great inside me. He whispered in my ear, want it? I replied with, fuck yeah. He laid on my back letting me support our weight, and he bit my shoulder as he came in me. FUCK, that was kind of intense! He got up and I quickly swung around and got down and sucked his deflating cock. Yeah, more like 7" but perfectly groomed and very nice. I sucked him for a bit then stood. He saw my cock and said, shit! I checked out his body more. He's a hottie, little happy trail from his navel down, nice smooth chest, tall, tone, and thick semi long and wavy suffer hair type. He pulled on some ripped up jeans and a T, and headed out. Now that was a nice random quickie to get my morning going!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Its true, its dead! My PC hath died a sudden untimely death. This is why there has been lack of postings. I will try to get my "fisher price" style laptop working to post while I save up to join the cult and get a mac. It will be a few weeks before that that will happen though since I am poor. Bare with me! Maybe I sell some of my used jockstraps to make it happen faster....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I get a text from Nextel saying he has a military buddy who wants to help him fuck me. No description or anything about this other guy, and he wants me to be blindfolded so they can just use me. Ok! I'm always up for some anon fucking. We set it up for me to be naked, blindfolded and ready for early evening.

He text me that they will be here in 5min so I get in position and wait. I hear them come in and get naked, then some sucking. Guess they are working each other up while I just lay there with my ass up blindfolded. Finally one of them climbs onto the bed and starts to mount me. It was hard to tell who was who because they were both similarly built and hung. They each took a few mins fucking and then switched. Then while one of them was on top of me fucking me, I could tell he was getting mounted also. This brought him to the edge and soon he popped off in me filling me with a nice sized load. They quickly changed and the other slid up into me and fucked me for a bit, then pulled out and started to finger my sloppy open hole while he jacked off. He must have gotten close because he slammed into me and started fucking hard and fast till he moaned and added his sperm to me also. He dismounted and the other guy got in position. His cock was kind of soft but easily went into me. He fucked faster and faster and I felt his cock get hard as I flexed around his shaft. He pulled out and jacked off till close then slammed it into me as deep as he could and let more of his seed loose inside me. He pulled out and I heard them get dressed, then leave. Over all it wasn't the best fucks but it was anon and man my hole was a cum slicked mess.

Now I'm horny for more so I get online and look for some more cock to breed me. Not much going on. So I looked up "boy tits" # and shot him a text. 20 min later he replies saying he can come over in 15 min if I want his load. Its been a few weeks since he has knocked me up so I asked if he was on meds yet and FYI'd him that I already had cum in me. He replied no. Nice, I could use a highly toxic load in me to help me fall asleep tonight. I got naked and on the bed and waited for him.

He came in like usual, and got naked in the other room before walking into my bed room, with his cock already hard. I crouched on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he rubbed his cock up and down my cummy crack, then pushed into me with no spit or lube. Wow, talk about a difference in fuck. This was a fuck! His slightly up curved cock felt amazing and it got nice and slick as he alternated between deep and fast and hard. He yanked out in one quick movement and I felt cum trickle down to my balls and he held my ass and watched as my hole puckered in and out. Then he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me over telling me to suck his cock. Mmmm. Nothing hotter then a nice thick black cock streaked with frothy anon cum! I slurped and sucked every drop off his meat and he backed off because I was about to make him cum. He spun me around and I climbed onto the bed again. He hammered up into me breathing heavier and heavier till he laid into me and transferred his toxic seed into me and I just moaned in total bliss. He pulled out and stood back and I spun around and sucked off all the goop that was coating his shaft again. Usually he is good for a second load but after I sucked him clean he pulled out of my mouth and walked out of the room with his still hard cock pointing out and up as I was still on my knees. I heard him pull on his cloths in the other room as I laid on the bed and enjoyed the after glow of having such a "hot" load inside me.

I debated getting online to see if there was someone else, but there were some new TV shows coming on that I wanted to catch so instead I pulled out a dildo and worked it as deep as I could take forcing the cum inside me farther up into me as I jacked off and splattered a messy load onto my legs and chest - the stuff went everywhere! I wiped up the cum, left the dildo in me and watched TV till finally pulling it out of me about an hr later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

latin porn times two

The other night I get a call from a somewhat friend. He's a little 24yo hottie latino kid. 5'6" 115lb smooth, a few tat's, 7"uc. He's had the hots for me for years. We played around long ago and he wanted to date me but he dabbled a bit too much in the PNP for me. (to the point where he would keep loosing his jobs because he would binge) He's been poz for a couple years and is now trying to get his act together and move away from his past, including the 4 or 5 BB porn flix he's done. Unfortunately its easy money for a little hot twink who's vers and has an addiction problem. Well he calls and wants to come over. He's feeling like he might do something he will regret. I don't PNP so I'm safty place I guess. We hang and watch TV till its late, and he asks if he could spend the night snuggling up next to me. I gave in and let him. He zonked out holding me tight with his head on my chest and I channel surfed in bed. I finally turned in, turned him onto his side and spooned next to him and crashed myself.

I wake up at 3am to him getting frisky. He's on top of me grinding on me and rubbing my chest. He rolls me over in my half stooper and starts to eat my ass out. Ok, I'm awake! I get on all 4's and he got up behind me and with just some spit on my ass, he poked his bare cock up into me. It was a little dry and ruff, but he was uncut so once he got all the way into me he glided in and out nicely. It was a simple fuck, basic doggy style 5-10 min fuck till he groaned and I felt his shaft flex inside me as he transferred his seed into me. He got up, pissed in the bathroom then we spooned again and he shyly said thanks, gave me a quick peck then we fell asleep.

Come morning I got up for work and he headed out. I finished what I needed to do at work around 12:30, hit the gym and was walking back to my car when I get a text from another latino little porn guy. He's walking by my place and wondering if I was around. I text back saying I'd be home in about 15 mins. He said text when I got home. This little latino guy is sometimes a dick dancer at one of the clubs, and I picked him up while he was dancing once night about a year ago or so. I'm sure I've written about him and the times we have hooked up. Hot muscular little frame, nice chest hair, killer little ass.... I've come across a couple BB porn movies that I've seen him in since we first started hooking up.

I get home and text him. 5 min later he is at my door. I'm still sweaty from the gym since I didn't shower, sitting at my computer. He comes right in gets between my legs pulls my shorts to the side and gives my cock and balls a tongue bath. We move to the bedroom and get naked, where I eat his little ass out some while he is on all 4's. We took a little break and relaxed a bit while he half laid on my chest rubbing me and we chatted. I started to get hard again and he went down on me. I cut the sucking off short because I was starting to loose it since he wasn't using his hand to help, and flipped him back on all 4's. I ate him out a bit more, then with some spit on my cock I forced it up into him. Visually he has an amazing ass, 2 muscle globes parted to a perfect little ring of a hole. It was HOT to watch my cock go in and out of him. Sadly he was not using any muscle control and working over my shaft. It was almost as bad as his sucking! I started to loose my hard on. He just put his head down with his ass up and my cock in him and enjoyed the feeling of me being inside him as I softened. So I figured, I know what will tighten him up!

I relaxed a bit and concentrated and a min or so later I was flooding his hole with piss. He moaned as he felt me fill him up. I kept my cock in him then started to thrust with my semi soft cock. Yup, that did it. He was clamping down as to keep the piss in him and not get it all over my bed. I got nice and hard, and banged him deeper and deeper, to the point where it was uncomfortable for him. Well he is only 5'6"! It felt great feeling my warm piss slosh around inside him as my cock glided through it and battered his insides forcing it deeper into him. I pulled him to the edge of the bed while on all 4's and stood while I hammered it home till I let my load loose and mix with the piss up inside him. I slowly pulled out as he clamped down till my cock head popped out of him. A little dribble of piss dripped down his ass towards his balls. I went down and licked up the salty piss and cum mix and probed his hole some even thought he didn't let me in much.

He got up and went to the bathroom and it was fun listening to all the piss gush from him into the bowl. He came back to the bedroom and we snuggle up a bit and he started to fall asleep. But stopped himself and said he should get going. He dressed as we chatted more, and I walked him to the door, he gave me a kiss and left. I returned to the bed and took a nap!

Friday, September 12, 2008

X Con'd

Sunday I was up early and decided to run into work for a bit before hitting the gym. I get to work and figured I'd walk over to the 7-11 for some coffee. I had my head phones on with a tank and gym shorts, got some coffee and walked back to work. No one is there on Sundays, so I went to take care of a couple things work wise. A few min later I swore I heard a knock on the door, but wasn't sure since I had my head phones in listening to music. I got up but figured it was just the music. I looked across the street and there was this bald latino / black mix guy walking to a caddy in a parking lot, and took off his shirt in the morning sun. Mmmm, nice view! I grabbed my coffee and popped open the side door to have a smoke and watch people walk by. Well Caddy saw me, put his shirt on, closed his door and walked across the street and came up to me. Nice build, semi muscular, shaved head, goatee, some tats on his arms, probibly in his mid to lat 30's. He came up to me and asked if we are hireing. He went from kind of hot to kind of creepy just like that. I lost interest in him right away. He hung around and tried to make small talk with me but I wasn't in the mood. Then he said, didn't you hear me yelling at you as you left the 7-11? Huh? He said he was trying to get my attention as I walked down the street cus I was hot. I said I had my head phones in and didn't hear a thing. Ok, now I'm back to being interested a bit more. General chat till he asked to give me his phone #. I wasn't about to give out my # but he can give me his if he wanted. We stepped inside and found some paper and pen. He jotted his down. His quetions turned to what I got into. Damn this guy is pretty forward! I told him I'm more bttm. He smiled and one thing led to another and soon we were at the bench in front of the one way glass.

His shirt came off again as he sat and pulled my shorts down. He had a decent body with quite a bit of tattoo's, most of them bad, giving the look like he just got out of prison or something. He was impressed with my cock and started to suck me. Yet another guy who can't suck my cock at all. Just a warm wet mouth, no friction, no hand helping. LAME!!! I was almost over it because he wouldn't let up. Finally he stood and undid his tan pants. Out popped a 7" uc cock from a dence forest of hair. Not too bad. He started to rub my ass as we both stood jacking our cocks till he got behind me. I bent forward and he fingered some spit onto my hole. Now we are talking! He tried to nudge his cock at my hole and I reached back with some spit and coated his shaft and helped him line up. Ahhh, much better! He poked his bare cock up inside me. He fucked me for a bit then pulled out and had me get on all 4's on the bench. He fucked away occationaly grunting and moaning. He then asked if I was close. I wasn't really but could be, so said I can if you want. He fucked me more as I worked my cock good and hard. Not a great fuck but pretty damn hot that some shaddy random ex-con looking dude I met 5 min ago off the street is having unprotected sex with me. He pulled out and turned me around and asked me to cum on his chest. I knoticed a small glob of white goo on his pubes and asked if he came already. He said he didn't, was waiting for me. He knelt down and tugged on my balls as I jacked off. I was disapointed he didn't cum inside me but also had a feeling he did but didn't want to tell me. And that turned me on. He kept jacking his hard cock so I wasn't sure if he did cum or not. So I got to the point were I shot, and splattered all over his chest.

We both caught our breath, he wipped his chest with his tshirt. I didn't bother trying to get him off since he started to stuff his cock into his pants. We straightened up a bit and I walked him to the door. He told me to call him, blah blah blah, then left. Man that was weird! Could have been hotter if he was better at sucking and fucking, but still... Just for fun I slide a finger up into my ass, and I'm pretty damn sure he came in me though not alot, or he was leaking alot of precum. Oh well. Thanks for fucking me bare at least, who ever you are, and no I won't be calling the # you gave me.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

loaded to top

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from chubby blk guy wanting to stop by and give me a load. Got a general time of when he was gona be in my area, then got horny thinking about some good meat up inside me filling me with cum. So I got online. Not much happening, though got hit on by this 47yo 5'5" 130lb guy showing just a blurry small chest pic. His profile said he had 7.5" and was poz. As much as I love getting fucked by short little guys his pic wasn't doing much for me. However he said he was looking to find a nice hole waiting for him to fuck then leave. While debating on it, I got a text from chub that he was 5 min away asking if I was ready. I said sure, then replied to the older guy I was gona jump in the shower and let him know when I was ready, stringing him along in case I was horny for another load after chub.

Chub walk in to me naked and on all 4's like usual. Got naked and proceeded to force his bare cock up into me as I was at the edge of the bed. He fucked me good and hard, occasionally getting in really deep. Not sure how he does it but gets in me deep till it hurts, unfortunately he knows that and keeps doing it and usually wrecks me for the rest of the day. Today however he gave a good pounding just occasionally hitting deep and hard. A few times I thought he was going to cum, especially when he rested his gut on my ass and thumped away, which is his usual sign he is ready to cum. He started to slow down though, and would pull out, the gently glide into me. I think he was watching my hole wrap around his dark shaft, enjoying the view. He then pulled out and pushed me forward, climbed on top of me and pushed me down so only my ass was slightly up. He mounted me and laid on top of me, gripping the edge of the bed next to my head and went as deep as he could full thrusting. He started to breath heavier then grunted and I felt this hot sensation inside me as he spurted his seed into me. God I wish I could always feel it when a dude cums inside me, its such a rush! He slowly fucked working his cum around inside me before pulling out. He got off the bed, got dressed and said thanks and walked out.

I got back online and this HOT HOT HOT stud visiting from Philly hit me up. 28yo 6'3" 190lb muscular, dark hair, perfect hair on his chest, 32" waist. He wanted to get fucked. Oh hell yeah, I'd top him in a heart beat! He was over by my gym, and I was contemplating hitting the gym then stopping by to fuck him.... Then he went into this whole, condoms, safe stuff. I told him no guarantees that I'll stay hard with something other then an ass on my cock. He seemed really into me and wanted me to fuck him. I debated again and bought some time. I told him I was going to hit the gym, and will hit him up when done. He said great, don't shower after my work out. I quickly text "boy tits" hoping he was around to fuck a fully charged load into me. I had plans for it! I was thinking, add his toxic seed to the one already in me, go over to Philly stud, put a condom on, eat his ass out while pushing some charged seed out of my ass, and using it for lube, and play Secret Santa. "boy tits" never got back to me, so I hit up the older guy. We set it up for him to walk in to me ready in 15 mins.

20min later he showed up and came into my bedroom to me naked and on all 4's. He got naked and knelt down and started to lap at my ass. Guess Chub's cum tasted good because he started eating out my hole with more and more earnest. Finally he stood, slicked up his cock with some lube and tried to push into me. He wasn't very hard and I was afraid to loosen up too much because I wanted to keep Chubs load in me. Finally he got it into me. Hard to tell how big he was since he never got fully hard, guess 6.5" maybe. Though he did love my ass, commenting on how hot and tight it was many times. I reached back to grab his ass and pull him deep and found he was just a tiny little guy. He had this small little waist and ass, almost freaky small. He started to roam his hands on my body, and I got the feeling he was older then 47. He had that slight shaky hand thing going on. I think I was getting fucked by a senior citizen or maybe a little old troll! However in a weird way, I was turned on by getting barebacked this tiny little older guy. He started to breath heavy and grunted as he came inside me. He pulled out, wiped himself off with a towel, and got dressed. I laid down face first, keeping this still pretty anon since we have not seen each others face. He patted my ass and left, and I got back online.

Philly didn't reply to my messages, so I figured he found someone else. I pulled my gym cloths together and was just about to head to the gym, and I got a message from him, asking if I was available tomorrow. I told him to hit me up and we'll see what we can do.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poll Poles

The poll is closed, and based on your voting, a majority would like to hear the status of the guys that fuck me. Though some do not. So, for the most part I will disclose if I know, and occasionally I will not to keep everyone happy. I will also add new tags for my posts "+" "-" and "?" so they can be easily filtered. I just put up a new poll.... feel free to vote. And if you want to contact me the best way is using the info on the side on: how to contact me, that way I can reply. Though I do love comments posted on the site! Keep them cumming!


So its early afternoon and I just got home from work. On my way home I get a text from the 23yo "boy tits" blk kid. Just a simple text... "need cum?" I replied and we set it up. Now what I have neglected to be saying in the posts about him, is that he is poz, and has been for about 6 months, and not on meds yet. He likes it that I let him bareback me, and let him cum in me. I like it cus... well, many reasons. He's 23, blk, has a nice cock, and cums in me usually twice, sometimes three times each hook up. Its just a bonus that he transfers more and more toxic seed up into me each time we fuck.

Today I'm naked on the bed and hear him come in. He strips in the other room like usual, and walks into the bedroom. I forgot to lightly lubed my ass, and he tries pushing he dry harder then a rock upcurved shaft into me. I reach back with some spit, coat its head, and it goes into me. Damn there is alot of friction, a little dry but it fuck'n felt amazing. I felt every inch of him push up into me. I think he liked it also becuase after thrusting into me while on all 4's he moaned and filled me up with his charged load. My hole became much more slick after that, and he still thrust some while laying on top of me. He pulled out slowly and played with my ass some as I let some cum dribble out of me. He stood and pulled me over, so I got down and started to suck on his still hard cock. It wasn't rock hard like it was when entering me but pretty damn close.

I sucked him for a while till I stood and he turned and bent me over so my elbows were on the bed, and he pushed his cock back up into me. Mmmm, damn that felt good. He fucked that way for a bit then pushed me onto the bed, and while on all 4's he very lightly licked my hole. He pushed me down so I was almost laying flat, and mounted me again. This time he ground his cock around inside me makeing sure his cum was coating all of my insides, then settled in on short thrust while laying on top of me. A few mins of this and he moaned in my ear as he deposited yet another load of his seed into my body. He worked it around again as his cock softened in me. Then fully pulled out. Got up and went into the other room. I relaxed till I heard the door close, then got back online, hornier and ever.

Still scanning for my next load as I type this with "boy tits" 2 loads still inside me. Have 2 guys interested, but nothing concrete yet.


So The blk dude who uses my GH every now and then wanted to stop by. I freak'n love hit big ugly dark blk cock with huge ball sack, nice 8.5 that tappers to a thicker base. He agreed to me taking some pix this time. He came in and I let him suck me some because that gets him rock hard right away. I pulled out after some lame sucking, and went down on his peice as it stuck through the GH. I cupped his lightly sweaty big ball sack as I worked him over with my mouth and other hand till good and wet and snapped a few pix, then turned and guided it up into my already cum filled hole. Last I knew he was neg, but he's always fucked me bare, and this wouldn't be the first time he fucked me with another dudes cum in me, though not sure hes been in me with such a charged load coating his shaft. He fucked me nice and deep and I was on edge. Something about him almost makes me cum with out touching myself as I have my ass pressed to the GH and him invading me. It got to the point where I was close so I backed off, turned quick and fired my ropey load onto his black cock. Then I turned, pressed my ass back up to the hole, he lined up and sank up into me. Now he was really slick with cum gliding in and out of me like hot butter. I tried my best to clamp down and work him. He thrust away for much longer then usual, till finally I heard him moan and build up. Oh fuck! I could feel the burning hot cum spurt up into me, giving me goose bumps, and I moaned out loud also. Fucks Me!! I pulled off him and was about to take a pic of his cum streaked meat and it hung though the GH, but he pulled through before my camera would focus. Missed it. He pulled up his shorts, and headed out.

I was just taking my GH down when I get a text from Nextel. He was out of town over the weekend and had a 4 day load build up and needed my ass. I was a bit tired after cumming and taking the last load, but... I couldn't pass up a thick massive load from Nextel. Nextel is neg and in the military, prefers to fuck me first or when I don't have loads, but thats just a preferance. Wich is good cus I'm keeping all this fuck inside me! He came in to me naked like usual, lubed up and pushed into me. He didn't need lube at all since my hole was sloppy with cum from just a mere 15 min earlier. He fucked me and total realized I was full of seed. He got close a couple times then pulled out and started to finger my hole, one, two, then three fingers working around in me. I felt cum dripp down my balls, and he scooped it up and fingered it back into me. He mounted me again on all 4's and thrust away faster and faster till he groaned, letting his sperm flow into me. Normaly he lays on top of me for a bit but today he pulled out slowly, got dressed, used the bathroom quick and left as I laid there. My hole was sloppy wet now. I reached back to feel and pulled back to find 3 fingers were coated with frothy white cum. Gawd I love taking loads!

Ok, time for dinner, not sure if I'll fuck more tonight. I could use a nap!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

blackjack, 21

Yesterday before work I got a text from Nextel asking for a morning deposit. Might as well, I jumped in the shower and text him I was ready. 5 min later he came in to my bedroom, got naked and worked his semi hard bare cock up into me. He fucked for a bit then laid on top of me while thrusting with just his hips as I supported him on all 4's. He was kissing my shoulders and moaning, and I was enjoying feeling his compact little body pressed against me as he short thrusted. He let out a low moan then slowly pulled out of me and got dressed while I laid there. I heard the door close so I pushed a finger up into my ass. Geeesh, thats one huge load he put into me! I got dressed and headed into work with his seed inside me.

7hrs later, I get home from work and get online. Right away thin dicked dude wanted to use my GH. I quick checked to see how clean I was by sliding a finger up into my hole. Nice and clean except for some slimy clear goo that was remaining from Nextels load this morning. So I said sure. 10min later I was at my GH sucking on his thin cock till hard, then turned and backed up onto it. He fucked away for about 3 min then added his load to Nextel's goo that was still inside me. He zipped up and headed out.

Back online I was getting hit on my this 21yo shorter smooth athletic blk military kid with 7.5" cut. You know the type, one of those blk kids that just naturally has a great little body with a slight 6 pk. He wanted my ass, but wasn't free for another 2 hrs. He seemed really into it and wanting my ass so I gave him my # and told him to text me. Not much was happening online so I took care of some laundry and stuff till I got a text from him asking if we were still on. Not one to pass up some potential 21yo military blk cock, I said yeah. We text back and for with the address and stuff and soon he was on his way. He ended up calling cus he got lost then finally he showed up and called from just outside my door as I was laying on the bed waiting to go answer the door. He called and asked if he could just come in. I laughed cus I could hear him outside the window and through my phone. I said sure and rolled over so my ass was up.

He came in and went bizerk on my ass, thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. He ate it out, though not very well, then climbed up behind me and entered me bare. Nice, just like I was hopeing, no talk of condom or anything. As much as I was turned on that this dude was barebacking me, he threw a pretty lame fuck. Yeah, he was 7.5 average thickness and got in deep a few times, but not very experianced. I don't think he even knew how he liked to fuck, let alone make it feel good for me or him. It was boarderline bad fuck, and afer enduring 15 mins of him fumbling around fucking me he came in me. He stood at the edge of the bed and started to reach for the towel. I pulled his hand away, and got down on my knees and found his trimmed pubic hair compleatly coated with cum, almost like shampoo. I sucked his cock and licked as much cum as I could out of his bush but it was quite a mess. Finally I stood and he saw my cock and I saw his eyes bug out a bit and he grabbed it, and said, oh fuck. He stroked me a bit till I reached for the towel and we both wiped up. As he got dressed he kept saying we need to play again, call me, look for me online.... I walked him do the door and he left. Now I'm debating if I want to see if I can train him like I did with Nextel on how to fuck properly or not. He's cute with a great body.... we'll see.

I watched a little TV then got back online. Soon I was talking to this redhead. Normally not into redheads too much, but he had that thin build kinda cute 30yo next door look. Plus he said he had 8" that was quite thick. He wanted to try my GH, and maybe fuck me, though only played safe. Most the time I move on, but every now and then I say sure. Something told me to give it a try with him. He lived pretty close so we set it up for him to come over. He arived on time and he was kind of a newbie at GH's. I watched him pull down his shorts and underwear showing a slightly over grown firey bush, and a thick semi hard 8" cock with a nice helmet on it. Ok, thats nice! I stood and pushed my semi hard cock through. A few moments later he was stroking me and fondeling my balls. I was hoping he might suck me but he just stroked. I pulled back and looked through to find him rock hard with an open condom in one hand. So I turned and pressed my ass against the hole. His hand roamed my ass but never fingered me then nothing for a bit, then I felt his blunt cock head against my hole. Ooooh, thats a thick one. He popped the head into me breifly and I moaned. He did this a few times then would put more into me then pull out. After doing this for a few mins he put more into me but not his whole cock. He thrust quickly then moaned. He must have been worked up! He turned to the side as I looked through as he pulled the condom off and set it off to the side, zipped up and left. I quickly took down my GH, picked up his cum filled condom and got on my bed with my legs up over my head. I pushed the condom up into my ass holding on to just the tip while inside me, then clamped down and pulled it out as my my hole milked all of the cum out of the condom into me. Perfect. He got what he wanted, and I still got his seed in me!

By now I was getting tired and about to call it a night. I was just about to shut down my computer when this OTHER 21yo military guy hit me up. He was some type of blk / latin mix. Baby fat average build, and said 8"uc. He hit me up a few times, but its never worked out. Well tonight he wanted it bad. Oh hell, why not! 2, 21 yo military boys in one night is unheard of. 20 min later I let him in and we went into the bedroom. His shorts are already tented out, as I push mine down making me naked. He ooh'd and ahh'd over my body as he got naked. Not the greatest body, average build with a big ol ass on him. Though his cock was nice, not 8, more just over 7, but good thickness and plenty of foreskin. His head was compleatly covered even fully hard. He quickly went for my ass turning me around. So I got onto the edge of the bed on all 4's. He started to try and push is bare cock into me. I stopped him, and coated his cock with some spit. There's plenty of cum in me for lube, and he is uncut, but still need a little something to get it going! So in he goes. Bam bam bam. This kid thought he knew how to fuck, but didn't. I pretty much just let him do his thing, occationaly moaning so he thought I was loving it. After about 10 min of boaring fucking, he asked where I wanted him to cum. Oh isn't that nice, and considerate barebacker! I played his game and said I dont' care, where do u want to. He asked, in your ass. I paused a bit, and said, mmmm, I guess if u want, like I wasn't sure but giving in. If he only knew! What a dumb ass. Guess he didn't realize he was sliding his bare cock up into a mix of assorted fuck that other guys before him left inside me. He thrust hard a few times then grunted as he added his to my body. He pulled out a bit winded, and I got down on my knees to find the skin pulled back showing a bright red cock head. I sucked him and savored his excess foreskin, while I jacked my own cock. I stood and was about to shoot but he quickly moved to the side so I wouldn't cum on him. I almost aimed for him just because of that, but instead leaned back a bit so I shot up onto my pecs as he said, oh shit, oh man....

Now I was over him. He got dressed and said he would hit me up again. Not sure if I'd take him on again, but never say never. I locked up and crawled into bed with my cheeks still a bit slicked up and quickly fell asleep.

Monday, August 18, 2008

drop of sunshine

The other day I was online and I came across a guy I used to get fucked by a good 2+ yrs ago. A 6'4" 170lb 32yo tall thin blk guy with 8.5" He moved away and I was surprised to see him online. I sent him a message, and he didn't recognize me but said I was "outrageously hot" I refreshed his memory and he recalled me and wanted to come over and fuck me again, though it would be an hr or so before he could be over. I said no problem, I'll be laying out naked in the side yard, just come over. I showered and laid out in the hot afternoon sun. I remembered right before he moved he got into pumping his cock and balls sometimes, and was wondering if he still did. 45 min later my I could feel the sun starting to burn my ass, and was debating on packing up and going inside, but got a text from him saying he was 5 min away.

I was laying ass up on a sheet in the grass and he came around. He looked the same, though his shorts were a bit dorky, 80's style cargo that are short and only come down to upper thigh. He proceeded to strip down and was soon in a red bike jock strap with a very full bulge. He pulled that down last showing his soft cock and very large low hanging sack. That sack had to be pumped earlier in the day or he has been pumping alot. It was not full and fat, but like 1 big grapefruit hanging down about 8-10" in a smooth sack, almost like like a teardrop. His cock didn't look pumped though. He pulled out an elastic band from a pocket and chiched it around just his balls by the base of his cock. He complemented me on how good I look and that I look much more built. Its been so long I forgot really what all he got into or liked. He got on his knees behind me and pulled me onto all 4's and dove in. It was aparent he was an ass man! He ate me out long and deep, moaning as I pushed out some and digging deeper into me. Finally he moved up, lubed up his cock and slide into me. Oh yeah! Nothing better then being naked outside in the middle of the afternoon with a naked big dicked blk dude's bare cock sliding all the way into me, while the breeze tickles our balls and hearing the neighboorhood sounds and traffic drive by. He started to thrust into me and that giant sack of his would thump up against my own low hanging balls just moments after each thrust with a light smack. He alternated between fucking me and eating my ass out more, and each time aplying more lube. He liked a looser ass so I stayed pretty relaxed for him. I prefer to tighten up some because it feels better for me, but, oh well. We moved to where I was standing, bent over and him kneeling eating out my ass, then standing and fucking me while I held myself up with a chair, to on my back on the ground and him on top of me as his balls dragged across the grass and slapped my ass. Finally after a good 30 min we were drenched in sweat and desided to go in and cool off and finish there.

I pulled on some gym shorts and he stuffed his cock and danging sack into his jock, picked up his cloths and followed me around the the door. A couple neighbors were out and they might have seen this skinny smooth blk guy in a red jockstrap following me to my door, but we didn't care. It was much cooler inside and we moved into the bedroom. He went back to eating my ass out and fucking me on my back and then on all 4's, with yet more lube. It got a little boaring since I was keeping my hole loose for him and couldn't enjoy it unless he hammered into me deep occationaly. Finally he started to groan while fucking me on all 4's and shot his load into me. We both laid on the bed and relaxed a bit, and he started to play with my ass. Then lefted my legs up and started to eat out my ass. I started to jack off more now and was pretty hard. I pushed him down flat and got up so I was crouching on to his face and let him suck my balls, and tounge my hole. So I opened up and let his cum ooze out of me and he ate it all out and went in deeper for more, while he started to jack off himself. Feeling him eat his own cum out of me and seeing his big cock and ball sack flopping around as he jacked off put me on edge so I leaned forward so he could suck my cock and shot my load down his throat. That worked for him because moments later a small splattering of cum shot onto his abs from his own cock.

We hung out a bit and chatted, he's in town often, like every other week for work lately, and wants to play again, and is thinking about moving back. He finally rinced off in the bathroom and I walked him to the door. Then I laid back in bed and took a nice nap, and woke up to find my ass a bit red and sunburt.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

donkey kongs

So my last post was cut short since my internet went down, and I could not update the post. Opps, guess I should have paid that bill a day or 2 sooner. My bad! Thankfully I could still surf and hook up via my cell phone. Just way to hard to update the post that way. The night ended with just 2 more loads, Tattoo and some uncut latino dude through my GH. God backed out, and the big dicked blk dude in the Hotel was pushed back till the next morning.

The next morning, I get up, shower and get online. I have to work, but have a little leeway with when I need to be in. Hotel blk dude wants me to come over and was wondering if I could get a load in me beforehand. That can be hit or miss at 7:30am. Thankfully, Nextel hit me up asking if he could drop a load off on his way to work. Perfect! I told Hotel I'll text him when I'm leaving, and got in position for Nextel. He came in to me naked and on all 4's, mounted me and used me till he deposited a fresh load of sperm inside me, and 15 min later I was on my way to Hotel.

I text him I was there, and in the elevator I dropped my shorts and put a little dab of lube on my hole, remembering last time u wanted me lubed and ready. I knock on the door and he opens it in just some boxers. I walk in behind him and its bright in the room this time with the drapes open and sun shining in. I stop just beyond the bathroom, to a little corner and start taking off my clothes. I look up, and there is some other blk guy sitting on the couch in the corner. Not sure who the fuck that is, but he was early 40's, pretty muscular, smooth guy, with a shaved head, and very dark complected, just sitting there in some g-string showing a massive bulge. Not sure what this is all about but I'm already naked, and Hotel guy is in the middle of the room, and dropping his boxers. So I go over to him and drop to my knees and start sucking on his big fat 9.5-10" cut blk meat. I suck him for a while, the whole time shaved head, is just watching. I got up and climbed onto the edge of the bed on all 4's and presented him with my ass. He came up behind me and nudged his cock at my hole, then slid all the way into me.

He starts fucking me balls deep, getting so far up into me it was crazy. Now shaved head gets up so he can get a closer look. Guess its a show! He stands next to him and holds my ass spread and watches my hole being stretched around this gigantic bare blk shaft as it thrust the whole length in and out of me. Shaved strips off his g-string and I gasp to myself. Holy fuck! He was shaved smooth and at least 9" uncut, and soft, as is hung over his big ball smooth sack. His foreskin was still covering his head, and it looked like it got thicker as it when to the base. That was one big soft dark black uncut cock! He moved so his cock was at my face as he kept my ass spread and watch me take his friends meat. I sucked on his uncut cock as best I could from the position I was in, it didn't get very hard, grew a bit in length and width though, but still quite spongy. I reached back with a hand and found his ass and hole smooth, and slick, so I slide 2 fingers up into his hole. His hole was very soft and wet even though his ass was pretty muscular. I was getting more turned as this progressed.

Shaved moved over to the edge of the bed and got on all 4's next to me so we were both presenting our ass's to Hotel. Hotel pulled his cock out of me witch was now coated with Nextel's seed and pushed it up into Shaved. Shaved took it, but not well. He started to inch forward cus he couldn't take the whole thing, and Hotel tried to hammer hard and Shaved stopped him with his hand and backed off, unable to take it. So Hotel pulled out of him and immediately rammed it up into me. I just moaned and pushed back, showing that I can take the whole thing, no problem, and I loved it! Hotel sped up his thrusting and soon groaned as he emptied his balls into me. He pulled out and I turned and bent over and sucked his cock.

Shaved got behind me, sat on the floor and started to play with my cock as he ate out my hole, driving his tounge up into my used hole. Shaved stood and pulled me over to the bed and laid me down onto my back. He lifted his legs onto his shoulders and tried to work his spongy semi hard cock into me. He got up inside me and asked me to clamp down on him, so I tightened up as hard as I could. I started to work over his nips and he really got into it thrusting into me. I felt my hole stretch more and more as he became harder, but he didn't seem to hit any deeper then Hotel. With one last tug on his nips and my hole tightly sealed around his shaft he moaned and leaned into me holding himself up with his arms, nearly face to face as he shot his load into me also. It took him a few moments to catch his breath before he got back up and slowly pulled his cock out of me. I held myself up on my elbows and watched. It just kept coming and coming out of me, till finally his head came out, still covered in foreskin and streaked with white cum. Good God, he had to be close to 11", and beer can thick at the base with a slight bend downward. I had no idea I had that much blk cock inside me! Hotel stepped right up, rock hard with a cock ring on now, with his veins bulging along his shaft, and fingered my now gapping hole as some cum dribbled out of me, then he speared me with his cock. Fuck! He was rock hard and was hitting me hard, causing some discomfort this time. He didn't last long, he grabbed my thighs and held them hard as my legs were up on his shoulders and he swore as he deposited his second load of fuck up into me. He pulled out of me and stepped back to the center of the room. I sat up and noticed Shaved was sitting naked on the couch playing with his semi hard blk snake. I got down and started to suck Hotels cum coated shaft, lapping up the globs of white goo that was on his balls and base of his cock. Hotel was still pretty hard, but it seemed to be over now.

I stood and we all took a min to catch our breath. I took this as my que to move on, so I went over to my cloths and started to get dressed. Shaved asked if he could hit me up sometime. I said sure, though I have no idea who he is or where he is from. He said great, its hard to find someone who can take the whole thing. I just laughed and said I aim to please. I let myself out, and in the elevator I felt like I should be wearing a diaper. My hole was so used, and stretched out, it took a lot of concentration and work to keep my ass tightened up so I can keep their seed inside me as I headed to my car. I headed into work, and calculated I was getting knocked up by 2 massive cocked blk guys for 50 mins. No wonder my hole was loose, hell, nows the time for me to try and take my first fist!

Side note... For the past 6 days straight now, Nextel has fucked his load into me at least once every day, a couple times twice, once in the am, and once in the pm. Its like I'm his personal cum dump to use as needed. eeeh, but I let him, never one to pass up a bare cock and some seed inside me, and he's ok with the times that I have other dudes cum already in me. Cus, you know me, that has happened a couple times in the past week. The more he fucks me the better he is getting at it and its handy that he is only 3 blocks away or so.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thurs moon (progression...)

(this is a speical posting, and will be updated as the day progresses... check back!)

Its Thurs, 9am, I have the day off and I already have let 3 different guys bareback me!

I rolled out of bed at 7:30 and jumped in the shower right away so I was good to go. I got online while making some coffee and Nextel hit me up for a quick fuck on his way to work. Ok! 10 min later he walked in on me naked on the bed ready with my ass up. He got naked and pushed his bare cock into me. Another decent fuck from him. Didn't last very long but thats ok, I just wanted his load and he just wanted my ass to get off into. He pumped his seed into me, then laid on my back and I slowly laid down face first on the bed. He just laid on me for a bit while his cock softened inside me. I really enjoyed feeling his compact nice body on top of mine. He finally got up and got dressed while I laid there. He gave a little kiss to my left butt cheek, and walked out.

Back at my computer, my freq GH bud messaged me. I replied back, and 5 min later I was at my GH sucking him good and hard. I then turned and impailed myself onto his bare cock and he thrust against the partition hard and fast for a couple mins till he moaned and shot his seed into me also. I turned and swallowed his spongy semi hard cock sucking it clean of cum. He flipped up his shorts and headed out.

Not even through with my first cup of coffee and the queeny dude who uses my GH sometimes hit me up asking when I was gona start taking loads. I told him I already have. He asked if he could come over in 15. I said sure. 15min later his shaved cock and balls came through the GH and I sucked him till good and hard then again, backed up onto his bare dick. He fucked me for a while, then pulled out and started eating out my cum sloppy hole. The then slammed into me and thrust a few times as he injected his sperm into me also. He pulled out of me, zipped up and left me with a cum sloppy mess of a hole.

On my second cup of coffee now, lets see if I can get any more loads in me....


Ok its almost 1pm now. The thick blk dude who fucks me occationaly hit me up. He doesn't have the biggest cock, but his thick beefy smooth body drives me crazy. He said he can sneek out of work if I wanted a fuck. I said I'll be naked in ready. He came in and got naked, walked around the bed and fed me his cock. I sucked him for a bit while laying on my stomach then he walked back around and climbed onto the bed behind me. His blk cock poped into me and he fucked for a while that way before he pulled out and had me on my back with a pillow under my ass. I knew he wouldn't last long since this is his fav position to fuck me in. He thrust into me and I started to lightly tweek his nipples and that seemed to put him on edge because he tried to slow down twice to make it last, but gave in and quick hammered me as I gave a couple tuggs to his nipples and he moaned and swore as he came. He pulled out and I quickly turned and went down on him, licking up a perly drop of cum from his cock head. He scampered into the bathroom quick, then returned, pulled on his cloths and left me laying on the bed nicely used.

Was a bit slow, late morning but have a few things lined up... GOD text me saying he gets out of work at 5, wondering if I was availble. I said I will be, text me when you leave. Then out of the blue, I get a message online from the Big Blk cock that fucked me in a hotel early one morning a few months ago. He is back in town, at a different hotel, but wanted my ass tonight around 10. I said I definatlly will try and gave him my # so he could text me. This time durring our messages he was more graphic, telling me how much he wants to bust his nut up in me again, and asked if I could get fucked before hand cus he loves a cum filled used hole. Well alright!!! I told him I should be able to fill that order for him. Man I can't wait for that big peice to be lodge all the way up in me as it pumps out cum.

Right now I'm just waiting for the chubbish blk dude who used to fuck me often (the one that likes to rest his gut on my ass while he fucks). I just found out he moved out of the area a bit and isn't online much. He said he will be in my area this afternoon and will text me. He's usually good for 2 sometimes 3 loads every visit, though he tends to be very ruff and beats the crap out of my insides in the process. As long as I'm in good shape for GOD and hotel Big Blk cock, those are the 2 that matter to me at the moment. Oh and Nextel messaged me asking if he can stop on his way home. That military boy must really like my ass!

Alright, back to more cock and cum collecting...


3:30 now. Took a bit of coordinating, but Nextel was getting out of work, and asked if he could watch me get fucked. Around that same time chub blk dude was in my area. So by delaying chub 10 min to alow Nextel to be on his way it was on. Chub came in first to me naked ass up. He got naked, and pushed his bare cock up into me while I was crouched at the edge of the bed. He was pretty ruff and buried it deep, but not as bad as some times. Bout 5 mins into the fuck, Nextel came in. I heard his cloths come off and some lube being used, figured he was naked and jacking off whatching me take a big blk raw cock. I thought Chub might pull out and let Nextel take a spin, but nope, Chub wasn't giving up my ass till he popped. I clamped down hard on him and he sped up till finally he groaned and pumped his seed as deep as he could into me. He worked his hard shaft around inside me mixing it up before he pulled out of me. Nextel pushed me forward and climbed onto the bed behind me, and mounted me. In the background I heard Chub taking a piss in the bathroom. Nextel lasted all of one min before he collapsed on my back panting as his spent cock sliped out of me, leaving a dribble of cum that ran down my balls. Chub stepped up again and had me lie flat with my legs kind of close together and pushed his meet back into me push-up style over me. I really clamped down on him, as he rammed really deep. I was starting to get sore from his assult, but I think all the friction from my hole and my cheeks worked for him because only a few mins of bouncing off the bed to meet his thrusts, and laid it into me and gave me another load. By the time he got off me, I heard the door as Nextel headed out. Chub pulled on his cloths and headed out while I laid face down.

I just heard from the Tattoo'ed muscle guy who fucks me through my GH. He's trying to get out of work early to breed me before GOD, cus I told him I have a fuck around 5.

NEXT! .....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

evening knocks

Yesterday after work I hit the gym, and was home by 5. I got online and started talking to the military guy who has fucked me a few times, the one who's Nextel phone kept beeping one time. Anyways, he wanted to fuck me when get got out of work at 5:30. I said sure, I was really in the mood for some cock and cum in me. He doesn't have the biggest dick, but has a hot little body that feels so good up against me. I jumped in the shower so I was clean and ready, then got back on my computer. Nextel was home and said he could be over in 10 min, I said I'll be naked and ready. The thin dicked GH user hit me up asking if I was availble. I told him I had someone on his way, but will message him when he leaves.

Nextel came over to me naked an on all 4's on the bed like usual. He stripped naked and played with my ass while he worked himself hard. He moved me forward so he could climb up behind me and mounted me. He fucked really good this time, exept for he short jabbed me pulling his cock out and putting the head in a bit, wich I don't mind execpt it pushes some air into me and can become uncomfortable. He got into a groove while laying on my back as I was on all 4's, kissing my shoulders and thrusting into me. His pace picked up till he moaned in my ear as he released his sperm into me. He pulled out and played with my hole a bit as I felt some cum leak out. Then he got dressed and left as I laid face down like usuall.

I got back online and told Thin I was ready. He said he was on his way, so I put up my GH and waited. While waiting I get a text from GOD asking if I was free at 7. That was about an hour away, so sure! Thin came in and I sucked him good and hard till he said, give me your ass. I turned around and guided his bare cock up into me. He thrust away for about 5 mins till he added his seed to me also.

After he left I checked my messaged and a 50yo with a 9"uc cock wanted to get sucked off through my GH. Have no idea what he looked like, but his cock looked great! He said he could be over in 15 min. I said ok, but have to be a quickie, since it would be cutting it close to when GOD would text me. He came in right on time and through the GH came a 5' soft uncut cock that was shaved nice and smooth. There was a lot of foreskin! I started nibbleing and working over his shaft. It slowly grew and got thicker. Once rock hard it had a slight downward arch with a smooth cock head with a big piss slit. I so wanted that cock in my ass, but he was just looking to get sucked off. He moaned most the time I sucked him till I aplied pressure with my thumb and ran it down underneath his shaft as I sucked him and worked him with my hand at the sametime. Then he said, oh yeah, thats it, your gona make me cum. My phone alerted me to a new text message and I figured it was GOD so I kept at it, and a min later, he announced, here it comes. A thick tasty load filled my mouth. I swollowed it and worked him a bit more as he started to go soft. He pulled back and said thanks. He pulled up his shorts and left. Don't know who he was, but that was one nice reproductive organ he had between his legs!

GOD's text saying he is on his way, be there in 10. I replied quick with ok, I'll be ready. I took down my GH and just laid down on my bed when I heard my door open. He came in and got naked, I heard him put some lube on his cock, though he didn't know it wasn't nessisary since I had cum in me already. He climbed up behind me and pushed his rock hard cock into me and moaned. He was in rare form fucking hard, pulling out, fingering my gapping hole, slamming into me... He HAD to know I had cum in me because I could feel it dripp down my balls. I think this was the first time it was obvious I had some in me for him, and he seemed to love it, though didn't say any thing. He kept slowing down to make it last longer, but would get caught up in it quickly, forcing himself as deep as he could into me, then making him self stop. Finally he gave in and piston fucked me super hard and fast, then rammed it as deep as he could causing me to catch my breath, and he unloaded into me. Holy fuck that felt amazing. I reached back to his tiny muscled ass and held him in me and we both moaned and stayed that way a bit. He thrust softly into me a couple times then pulled out very slowly. He quickly stood and grabbed the towel before I could swing around and suck his cock clean. He got one swipe of the towel before I pushed his had aside, got on my knees and licked up the remaining creamy white globs of cum that streaked the base of his smooth blk shaft and the few drips that were on his smooth balls. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched his magnificent body flex and his half hard cock bounce as he pulled on his cloths. I don't think I'll ever get over such an amazingly hot stud with the best body ever, barebacks me and injects his DNA into my body.

I hung out and watched TV and enjoyed the feeling of the cum inside me. Around 9 a semi new snuggle bud text me asking if he could sleep over. He's just an adorable little latino. 5'2" 110lb, smooth, and has the body and looks of 12yo even though he is really 26... great to snuggle up next to in bed. I said sure, and he said he would be over around 10. A friend of mine who lives 2 blocks away called and asked if he could borrow something. We never have had sex really though he knows about my GH and my action, we have seen each other naked and having sex with others before when we went to bathhouses or Palm Springs together. He is 28, kind average looking and has a thick 7.5" cock. He is over and we are chatting, and conversation moves to sex, and I tell him about my night, and he gets kind of turned on. Well one thing led to another and he asked me to suck him off. What the hell, why not.

We go into the bedroom, get naked, he is laying down and I suck him. Next think I knew he is reaching around and playing with my ass, sliding a finger into me. He asked how many loads, and I said 3. After a bit more sucking, he stands up and pushing me onto all 4's on the bed and startes to poke his cock at my hole, then glides up into me. In a weird way it was kind of hot. Here I am, naked, getting fucked bareback by a good friend of mine! Just then my door bell rings. Shit, its my snuggle bud! He asked if someone was at my door. I said don't worry about it, since I'm not one to stop a good fuck. I'm sure my snuggle bud could hear us too since the windows where open. My friend picked up the pace then moaned as he pumped his load into me. He pulled out and stood, and my door bell went off again. I got on my knees quick and said, I need to check the door, then sucked the assorted cum his cock quick. I pulled on my shorts and went to the door. It was my snuggle bud. I let him in and said sorry, a friend stopped by. It was a little ackward while we sat on the couch as my friend got dressed in the bed room and came out. He headed out and I closed up the door and lead my snuggle bud into the bed room.

We got naked and snuggled up a bit and watched some TV and I explaned what happen to him truethfully. He kind of figured something was up, but was cool. He started playin with my cock and fingering my ass! I asked him when the last time he got fucked and he said 2 days ago, I said 10 min ago for me! and we both laughed. That seemed to calm things down a bit for him. After a bit of TV, I clicked off the light and we spooned. I started to get horny since I have not cum yet, so I started to play with his tiny little 27" waisted ass. Fuck it, I threw the covers back, dragged him to the edge of the bed on all 4's, knelt down on the floor a started to eat his ass out. I pushed some of the assorted cum out of my ass on to my hand and coated my shaft with it. I stood and slowly eased into him. He was a little uncomfortable so I pulled out and ate his ass out more to loosen him up. Another glob of mixed cum from my ass onto my dick for lube and I ramed it into him. By now I was so worked up that 10 thrusts later I emptied my balls into him. I'm very impressed he could take my whole cock into that little body! I moved him back over, and spooned up next to him and we both fell asleep.

This morning I woke up and left him in bed sleeping. It felt like I had gas but knew there was alot of cum in me also, so for fun, I grabbed an old worn jockstrap, crouched in the kitchen with the pouch up to my ass, and pushed out a ton of slimmy creamy man seed from my hole. It was fucking hot! I flicked up the remaining dribbled around my ass with my fingers and tasted it. Damn that was tasty, and the smell of sex was intoxicating, getting me all horny again. I poped the jockstrap into a zip lock bag, and got online to look for more cum.

Monday, August 04, 2008

yawn and streach

Sunday morning I rolled over in bed, with a big old hard on, horny and in the mood. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 6am. Crap! I should sleep another hour or so, but instead I got up. I made some coffee and got online. At this hour on a weekend its usually just tweaked up freaks, all talk and no action if that. I was surprised when 15 min later I was talking to a 22yo blk military dude who wanted to fuck me hard. He seemed a bit shady, and was asking for my address and zip so he could put it in his GPS and head over by the 3d message. I gave in after thinking about it, figuruing I wouldn't find anything at this hour anyways, and its better to give it a shot then just waist my time messing around online. An average build 5'11" 22yo blk kid saying he had 7.5"uc was worth jumping in the shower for at this hour. I jumped in the shower and was just coming out of the bathroom after putting a little dab of lube on my hole, to check any other messages when he walked up to my screen door.

I clicked of my monitor and said hey, its open, and turned and went into the bed room where I imeadiatly got on all 4's at the edge of the bed. I heard him get naked, then felt a finger on my hole finding me ready. We didn't talk about condoms or anyting prior so I was happy when I felt his bare cock nudding my hole. I relaxed a bit and he eased it on up into me. Damn, flet like this dude had a nice cock on him! Nice and thick too, I almost had to stop him so I could relax a bit more due to the girth but once he was fully in, my eyes were rolling back in my head. He wasn't the best fuck, just basic thrusting in and out, but he got up into me deep. He fucked me for about 15 mins as I tried to figure out how he liked it. I alternated from clamping down, to looser, to pulsing on his cock, and it seemed he liked it just slightly tight but not firm on his cock. When I worked his meat that way he seemed to fucked the hardest and fastest. He reached under and played with my cock and balls a few times till finally he grabbed hold of my hips really firmly and thrust really hard. His breathing changed, but no other indication if he was cumming or not, other then he slowed down and just held his cock deep into me. I reached back and pulled on his ass to make sure he was as deep as he could, then he did a couple slow glides into me before slowly pulling out.

I needed to see this dick, so I turned and got on my knees. Nice meat!!! Closer to 8" but didn't think it was uncut. There was some extra skin, but didn't see how it would cover the head, unless maybe when compleatly soft. However he was still hard, and it was pretty thick with a few nice veines. He could have used a trim job, and his balls were a little smallish but I'm not complaining at this point. I sucked him for quite a while and he stayed hard. Finally I stood and he saw my cock and quickly grabbed it and stroked it, a bit mesmorized by it. I thought he might suck it but instead just stroked it some then just stood there. Since he was still hard, I asked him if he came and he said he did. Ok, well maybe he wanted to get off again... it was hard to read him. He just stood there unsure of what to do, so I laid back on the bed thinking he might lift my legs and fuck me again, or pull his cloths on. Nope, he sits on the bed next to me and just looks at me. Alright... I started thinking, your a nice enough looking guy, with a great peice, but its time to move on. We both got what we wanted. I stood and started to reach for my shorts. Finally he took the clues and started to pull his cloths on too. I told him to hit me up if he wanted to fuck again, as I walked him to the door.

I was a happy it turned out as good as it did for being so early on a Sun morning. Not much was going on online, so I pulled my gym cloths together and headed to the gym, figureing I'd get some more cum in me later in the morning, no need waisting it online doing nothing right now. I ended up getting 2 others loads in me by noon through my GH from regulars.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

seed not seen

The other morning I went into work early to take care of some things because I was unable to finish the day before. While working I hopped online and checked things out occasionally while I did. I was the only one there for another 2 hours at least and I figured I might be able to run out for a load or catch one that was near by. About 20 min later I got a message from this blk guy who fucked me a long time ago. He was in town again. He wanted to fuck me again and the only option was at my work. Its been quite a while but I remember him being 6’5” 230lb smooth and really nice 9” thick downward curved cock that hurt so good fucking me. So we set it up that he would text me when he was close and I’d step out and meet him outside. I changed into my gym cloths that I had with me so I could easily strip down or get dressed quickly if need be. About 15 min later I got a text that he was a few min away, so I stepped out the side door to have a smoke while I waited and watched people walk buy.

He walked around the corner and I recognized him right away, but I forgot how ugly he was. It didn’t help that he was dressed really frumpy either. Thank god he has a nice cock. He followed me in and next to the door is a row of mirrored windows that are about waist high to block the sun, and in turn making it very hard to see in, but could see out clear as day. Right away he starts rubbing my ass and pulls the back of my shorts down fingering my lightly lubed hole. I arched back and let him. I heard his zipper and soon felt his cock slapping against my cheeks as he tried to push it up into me. I reached back with some spit and he pushed it up into me as I faced the windows and the people walking by. Well that didn’t last long because I was no ready for the thickness of his cock, though he kept trying and pushing it into me and me backing off a few moments later. I finally relaxed enough for him to thrust into me while bent at the windows and him behind me. After a few min he said he needed more lube, which was on the counter on the other side of the door which is a non mirrored glass door. He pulled out of me, and I was going to pull up my short and get it but he started walking over to get it. His shirt was flipped up over his head, and his pants were down to his knees that he held up as he walked over – hard cock out and showing.

Ok, yeah, now I remember, he has one ugly face but a HOT body! Nice semi muscular smooth chest, trim waist, a bit ole smooth bubble butt, and a shaved 9” cock that was hard and curved down. He walked right in front of the door as people were walking by, grabbed the lube then walked back like that. He lubed up and on got on all 4’s on a 5ft long bench seat, crouched behind me and mounted me. I was in bliss as I looked at the wall below the windows, and he fucked me and watched people walked by. We switched positions where I was with my back to the wall sitting with my legs up and him kneeling on the floor, and I tweaked his nipples as he fucked me some more. Then finally we moved to were I was laying flat on the bench and he was laying on top of me slamming his meat deep up into me. I remembered that that was his favorite position, and a few mins later he let out a groan and busted is load up into me. Somehow I was back on all 4’s and he was sliding a couple fingers into my cum filled ass, and then he started eating out my ass, lapping up the cum while I jacked my own cock. I was close so I flipped onto my back and he started to suck me while still fingering my ass, and I shot my load which he swallowed it all. We both stood and got dressed since by now we were both totally naked. I let him out the door and he said he could stop by tomorrow if he had a chance before he headed home and do it again. I told him, sure just text me. I straightened up so everything was back to normal, then went into the bathroom to clean up and pee. I come walking out of the bathroom to get back to work and was suddenly jolted by a coworker. Scared the crap out of me! I was not expecting anyone else to be there that early, but it was obvious they came in while I was in the bathroom. DAMN! That was close! (he wasn’t available today to do it again before he left even thought I did go into work early just incase LOL)