Wednesday, February 27, 2008

even better 2nds

Some blk guy emailed me inquiring about my GH. Have no idea who he was or how he knew to contact me but said he had 8.5" that needed to be taken care of. I was in the mood for some anon blk meat so we set up a time, and I didn't even ask his stats or request a picture. He was a little late but soon hear him enter and step up to the GH. Sticking through the GH was a soft blk cock that was pretty hairy with larger tight balls. I got down and started to work him over as his cock grew. It had a slight hook to the left, but nice thickness and about 8" cut. He never said if he wanted to fuck or just get sucked off, so after I worked him for a while I spit lubed my ass then turned and guided it up into me as I backed up against the GH. I don't think he realized what was happening at first because his cock didn't thrust at all. He started to pull out and I clamped down on his shaft and I think he looked down and saw my ass against the GH and his cock pulling out of me. He stopped and stared to thrust, and fuck me nicely. It felt pretty good. After a few moments I heard him say he was gona cum and pulled out of me. I quickly told him to put it back in me as I kept my ass up to the GH. He said, u want it? I said, yeah! He replied with alright, and pushed his cock back into me and a few thrust later groaned as he came inside me. I was about to pull off and turn to suck him but he quickly pulled his cock out of me, pulled up his pants and said thanks, and walked out.

A bit later I was messing around online not really looking and the latino kid that I had to pick up at the bus stop text me. He wanted to come over and we set it up where I'd pick him up at the bus stop again. I debated if I should keep the anon blk dudes cum in me or not, of course the debate didn't last long, I kept it in me. 15 min later he text that he was about 5 min away, so I pulled on some jeans and drove over just as he was getting off the bus. He looked the same as last time, but I knew under those baggy cloths he has a HOT body. He was a bit more at ease as we chatted on the way back to my place, and once inside he went right into the bedroom and got naked. He knelt down and sucked me for a while, then I did him, enjoying his dark brown uncut cock. He has a nice about of skin that covers his head with extra to spare even when fully hard. He got me to lay on the bed, as he lifted my legs as he knelt on the floor and at my ass out. I kept my hole pretty tight so he wouldn't know I had cum in me. After eating me out for a good 15 min he moved me forward and got between my legs and eased his bare cock into me and just held it there as he stared to kiss me hard. Here comes the passion! We were all over each other again kissing and clawing, switching positions, him eating my ass occationaly till we were 69'ing and him eating my ass and he said he was gona cum and pushed me down so he could put his cock in me and cum inside me. I rode his cock as he shot, then he pulled me up so I was pretty much sitting on his face as he ate my ass out more then I heard him say... feed me that cum. Fuck yeah! I didn't think he was that piggy but I opened up and let the cum flow from my hole, his and that blk dudes. He at me out like a wild boy while starting to jack off again. He was rock hard again and pushed me down, so I turned and eased his cock into me facing him. His face was streaked with cum and some dribbling down the side of his face. I leaned down and licked it up then kissed him. This drove him mad and he sucked on my tongue as he hammered my ass and came inside me again. We were both drenched in sweat now, and I laid next to him and pulled him close. He snuggled up next to me with his head on my chest and a few mins later he was dozing. It was so cute. I let him sleep on me for 20 min or so till my arm fell asleep.

I woke him a bit as I moved and went down to suck on his soft cock, tonguing the forskin and playing with his balls. He didn't get that hard, just laid there and enjoyed it. After snuggling a bit more, he got up to piss, and stood at the side of the bed so I got up also. I pulled him close and hugged him with his head in my chest. I felt his cock hardening again. Damn this boy loves body contact! He turned me around and bent me over so my face was in the mattress and he mounted me again. I pulled off him and crouched on the bed on all 4's and he went down and at my ass out, fucked me some more, then ate my ass off. Then he stood while jacking off rubbing his cock against my hole till he right on the edge of cumming and slammed it into me giving me yet more of his creamy seed. He laid on top of me for a bit then padded off to the bathroom again to clean up. I sat on the bed and watched from the bedroom. Such a hot muscular little body and that ass was near perfect. Next time I think I'm gona see if I can eat him out and maybe get up inside him also. He came back and we both dressed and chatted. This time I told him I could give him a ride home if he wanted. He was all cute and happy with that.

I drove and we talked more till we got to a corner and he said this is good enough. I could tell he wanted to lean in and give me a kiss, but instead just smile and said talk to ya soon and got out. Even though I was pretty tired and had a good work out. I forced myself to head to the gym anyways after I dropped him off. He is so damn sexy, shy yet passionate and piggish. I wonder what is going through his head sometimes and what he thinks. Hopefully this will become a regular thing ever other week or so, or even more.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

another suprise

My gambling with iffy guys online have been on a roll lately. The other day I only had 2 hours between meetings and just popped online to check my messages and this 26yo 5'9" 145lb guy hit me up. He had this odd picture that didn't really show anything of him, a side angle of his chest with head turned away. eeeh, whatever is what I thought. I told him I didn't have much time so prob not looking at the moment but before I could send... He replied again with his phone # and said he was logging off and if interested in sucking him off to text him. I pretty much wrote him off, but as I surfed around online I got horny and 30mins later I figured why not and text him if he was still looking. He said he wanted someone to suck off his 9" cock. Yeah right, I thought, but whatever, I'm game. I text him my address, and then text again asking when to expect him thinking maybe I'll jump in the shower and be clean just in case he wants to fuck me instead. I was thinking I had 10 min or so but nope, he text back, that he was parking! Shit, the dude was close by!!! 2 min later he was knocking on my door. I opened it in just a pair of jeans and in walked this little guy. I think more later 20's then 26, but more 5'6" and 120lb. Just a skinny little guy, average face, but yet cute in a nondescript way. He started unbuttoning his jeans like he was ready to go, so I moved him into the bedroom.

I dropped my jeans and stood there naked as he took off his sox, shoes, jeans, then pushed down his boxers. Wow is all I can say. I tried not to look too impressed, he was easily 8"+ with smallish shaved balls, but on his little body it was like a 3'd leg. Best of all it was quite thick and had a downward curve to it. Sweet Jesus! It was like my fantasy cock right there attached to this little body, how hot is that!! He was impressed with my build and my cock but pushed me down to suck him while he stood. Yum Yum Yum! I worked him for a while like that and he pulled back twice to make it last longer. I stood thinking he would want to go down on me, but instead took of his shirt and layed back on the bed and had me get between his legs and service him. He just wanted to get sucked I guess! I was on all 4's working him over getting closer and closer to taking the whole thing, and he started reaching back and rubbing my ass. FUCK! I'm not ready for that! He said man, u have a great ass, I want to fuck you next time for sure! Hell I was tempted to have him fuck me now and to hell with making sure I was clean! He pulled me off to calm down again and cupped my ass more and said, damn thats fine. He pushed me back down on his cock and held my head while I glided a finger down below his balls, and he gave in and said fuck, and some of the tastiest cum flowed from his cock into my mouth. I savored it a bit with his cock still in my mouth, then swallowed. I worked his shaft a bit but he got supper sensitive so I couldn't suck him any longer. We chatted very briefly as I lay next to him, then he bounced up and pulled his cloths on. God Damn he has the cutest little boy body, with a man sized curved cock. I just wanted to fold him up and put him in a drawer and keep him forever! I pulled on my jeans and walked him to the door. Come to find out, he used to live in the area and is just back visiting, and thinking of moving back. If he has time before Monday he said he'll text me again to hook up. After he left I sent him a text saying thanks and hit me up if in need over the weekend. These questionable guys who seem like they are flakes or have red flags pop up over and I've given them a chance have turned out to be quite good lately, haven't had a bad one in quite a while. SCORE!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I received a text from tattoo muscle guy that he wanted to fuck on his lunch. I said sure and will have the GH up at noon. He came in and got completely naked and left my door open encase someone else came (he keeps telling me he wants to tag me through the GH and hopes someone else will show up while he's there) But I didn't have anyone lined up in that short of time. I sucked his thick 7.5" getting it good and hard then backed up onto it. His cock felt better then usual inside me, and he took over thrusting against the GH up into me. I could hear him inhale some poppers I left out for him and a min later his cock was throbbing as it spurt cum into me. I eased off and turned, sucked his softening cock till he pulled back and started to put his cloths on and left.

I got online and was talking to this blk guy I've always had the hots for but its never happened till he hit me up and said he wanted to fuck, and asked if I took it bare. I told him I did, and he hit me with his address and we set up a time. I asked if I needed to bring anything, digital camera, jockstrap... He said camera was cool, just no face. Deal! So this stud of a blk guy is just a step below "GOD" in the body department, but a step above in cock! GOD's body is truly stunning and a master piece, this guys body is just fuck'n hot! Plus, throw on there that he is 42yo and has that 6 pack, chest, and a 9.5" cock with a completely shaved body. Its down right impressive!

I got there and we chatted briefly as we proceeded to get naked in the bedroom. He was very impressed with my chest and my cock. I was drooling as I looked over his body and dangling soft 9.5" cock. We took turns sucking each other on while laying on the bed then he got up behind me and lubed up his cock and my hole. He was not supper hard, but I relaxed a lot and with yet more lube he eased his bare cock into me. He kept putting lube on my ass and his cock, a tops way of saying likes a looser hole to fuck so I stopped clamping down trying to get him rock hard and just let him do his thing. He got harder, but never rock hard. We fucked on all 4's, me on my back, then took a 5-10 break while playing with each other. He brought up the camera. He had one but upon comparing them, mine was far better. So he put me on all 4's and took some pix of his cock going into me, then a short vid of him hammering away. He pulled out and climbed up onto my chest and fed me his cock for a while then turned and went down on me. I played with his heavy meat but soon found he has quite the small muscular ass that was completely shaved too, with the hottest little ring for a hole. He is all top but let me enjoy his perfect little ass and play with his hole while he sucked me. We fucked some more and he got pretty hard and hitting deep but finally gave up and laid next to me panting. He apologized that he prob won't be able to cum, sometimes its like that. It was no problem. I understood. Although I would have loved to have his seed in me, it was still hot and the fuck felt great. We were both coated in lube now and he padded off to shower and asked me to take some pix for him. After snapping a ton of pix for him with my camera. We chatted more about the gym and stuff... Really nice guy. We talked about playing again, and I told him sent him the pix.

Back home straight guy emailed me wanting to use my GH. Its been a couple weeks since he has been over and I said sure. He had to have been worked up cus after I sucked his cock hard it was drooling precum something fierce! I was just about to pull off his cock and suck on his big balls cus I know he loves that when suddenly cum just gushed out of his cock filling my mouth with no warning. I gulped it down and he quietly pulled back, zipped up and left. I had dinner plans so I cleaned up and headed out myself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

use as needed

Being naked an on all 4's and having an amazingly hot, super muscular, ripped, completely shaved, smooth 27yo blk military guy (aka GOD) come in, get naked, use my ass for his pleasure, cum inside me, then get dressed and leave saying thanks its fucking HOT!!!! And thats exactly what happened. I got a text from my military fuck bud that he just got back in town, was leaving the airport and he can stop by on his way home but only for a quickie since had to be up early. I said I'll be ready. He replied again that its just a quickie, and I said, I don't care if its just a 2 min fuck, I'll be ready.

I was naked and on all 4's, he came in and got naked. He pressed his smooth muscular body against mine and slowly worked his hard cock up into me. He thrust very hard and I thought he was gona cum in the first couple mins, but then he slowed down like he wanted to enjoying it. He reached under and played with my semi hard cock for a bit, then back to thrusting hard making my bed squeak. His low hanging smooth ball lightly slapping mine felt HOT! He put his hands on my lower back and held himself up a bit then moaned as he shot his load into me. He continued to thrust but nice and slow pulling almost all the way out, till finally he very very slowly eased his cock out of me. He quickly stood and pulled on his cloths as I stood up. He smiled and said, damn... thanks man, and walk out, leaving me naked standing there with his cum inside me. I love that he knows that all he has to do is text me and if I'm around I will be naked and ready for him to use and take his load.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thug thumped

I was pretty used and tired after my Valentines Day fuck's yet somehow I went online and my frequent GH user wanted to stop by quick. I gave in and set up my GH. I did the usual with him, suck him hard and then backed onto his bare cock and he banged against the GH while I propped my ass up against the GH till he filled my hole with his cum. I didn't get to suck his cock like usually he pulled back and zipped up and left.

I found myself online chatting to this latino looking dude. 26, 5'11" 165lb saying he had 9" but no pic of it. From what I could tell he was cute, thin and smooth. He said he wanted to pound a couple into me. I didn't ask but was hoping he meant bare and he can come more then once. He lived just on the edge of a shady part of town, but easy to get to, and invited me over. I debated on pushing the cum out of me before heading over, but decided I wanted it in me longer and hopped he didn't mind or notice. I pulled up to his single story apt complex that had 4 little kids running up and down the sidewalk between the buildings and went to his door as 2 older ladies sat on their steps talking. I knocked and he opened the door wearing sweat pants, a blk wife beater, some tight skull cap on underneath a baseball hat. He looked pretty thugish and kinda hot. He looked me up and down, so I unzipped my hoodie and took it off so I was only in shorts. He nodded in approval at my chest and started to push down his sweats and I took off my shorts. The heat was on in his apt so it was pretty warm and when he pulled down his boxer briefs his balls slung down really low and a nice looking dark brown cut cock hung over it. We walked over to each other standing between the ratty sectional couch and coffee table and played with each others cocks. I got a good look at him and he was defiantly a mixed breed. Asian-ish eyes, nappy looking hair on his head like blk, but smooth body and normal blk pubic hair like a latino, but very dark cut cock like blk. Very odd! He kept is wife beater on which turned me on, and pushed me down to suck him. I worked his cock over while he put his hands on my shoulders and moaned. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the little rug rats running by the window, screaming, as we stood only 2 feet away from it, with only a semi shear red material covering the window. I don't think they could see in, but due to it being lighter outside we could see out easily. In a public sex type setting I got rock hard while I sucked him. His cock turned out to be near perfect. It was prob just shy of 9", perfect girth, a bit on the thicker side, and a huge piss slit that dripped precum occationaly. After getting him good and slicked up I stood thinking he was gona suck me some, but instead he stepped behind me and pushed me down so I was bent over holding myself up with his ratty couch, and he tried to enter me. I put some spit on my hole and lined it up again and he went right in bare. Damn that piece of meat felt good. He knew how to fuck too! Fast, then slow then fast again, till he couldn't hold back and grunted as he came inside me. He pulled out and sat on the couch with his floppy semi hard cock between his legs. I got down on my knees and started to suck him tasting his and the other dudes cum. He took over and started to stroke while I pulled up his tank and tweaked his dime sized nipples. It seemed like he was getting hard again. Then out of the blue he asked me to fuck him and pulled his legs up. I was only semi hard, but put some spit on his hole and my cock and with my fist made myself hard and worked it into him. He arched his back and put his hand on my chest to slow me down. Well if I'm gona slow down, I'm gona loose what little I had of my hard on! I tried to thrust but my cock was too soft now so I pulled the couple inches I had in him out. I don't think he was planing on getting fucked. It was nothing bad at all, surprisingly, but I did nonchalantly wipe my cock off on his nasty couch. I wasn't gona try to go in there again because it could be worse if I did get my whole cock into him. I apologized for not being hard and lied and told him that I came earlier in the day...

He was rock hard again and got up and leaned me over so my face was in his old worn out couch, and he mounted me half standing crouched behind me. Maybe it was the position or something but I may moan a bit but never loud or anything when I get fucked but, gawd damn he was in me deep and totally in control of my ass, using it very hard! I'm sure the kids and mom's outside the window 2 feet away could hear me grunt and say "oh fuck... oh god" over and over again as their 26yo thug like neighbor hammered my ass bareback. I lost my hard on, and was pretty much a rag doll as my neck flopped up and down as he piston fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I tried my best to flex my hole around his throbbing meat, then found a maneuver that he obviously like around his shaft cus he started moaning when I did that and started saying oh fuck too. In one finally blow he slammed his cock into my kidneys or whatever it was that deep in me and shot another load, then collapsed on top of my back. I was out of breath, panting and sweating, my cock though was pretty soft was drooling cum though I didn't have an orgasm. God Damn. That was crazy intense and amazing. He sat back down and pointed me to the bathroom if I wanted it. I washed my hands and came back and put my cloths on. He hugged me and we talked about doing it again. He stood behind the door still naked as he let me out and I walked to my car, not turning to look at the ladies who were probably staring at me.

Once home I was pretty wore out from the beating the day before and from him, so I relaxed a bit with his cum still in me. 20min or so later I bolted to the bathroom unable to keep it in. Although it was a good clean cum filled fuck, He banged me up so hard inside that I was a wreck inside now and made quite the mess while I sat on the can LOL. I was thankful that didn't happen while he was fucking me! eeeeewww! Its been years since I had an incident like that, but as they say, shit does happen.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy cum-in-me Day!

Yesterday started off with me jumping online quick before work, knowing I had the afternoon and next day off. I started talking to this 45yo with an 8.5” cock. Short trim build, though no face. Said he wanted to fuck me at a bookstore. We chatted a bit more and agreed at noon, and I headed into work.

I was home by 11:30 and 45yo was online. We confirmed the time and what each other were wearing, and I jumped in the shower then headed to the theater. I walked in and once my eyes adjusted I saw this thin little guy staring at me rubbing his crotch as he leaned against the wall. Wonder if that was him! He moved over to the dark corner and I followed. He pushed my track pants down and hauled out his cock and pushed me down to suck him. Yup, he had one fat spongy 8.5” cock alright, and he had a body of a teenager. That little section by the hips that cut down to his crotch was hot. I worked him for a bit then he had me stand and bent me over and pushed his semi hard cock into my prelubed hole. I was crouched down low since he was only 5’6” or so. He only fucked me for a few moments then whispered in my ear, want my load. I nodded and said yeah. I don’t think his cock got fully hard, but I felt his warm seed gush into me. He pulled out and zipped up and said thanks, and walked away. I hung out a bit but it was actually too busy to hook up, probably because of the lunch crowd. (got a message from him later saying he wants to get in me again)

On my way home I got a text from the little skinny military blk kid. It’s been forever since we hooked up and I thought he was deployed or moved away. He said he was in my area. I said I’ll be home in 10 min. He said cool, see u there. I got home and a few mins later he showed up. We went right into the bedroom and got naked. He was shaved nicely with a smooth cock and balls, and his 7.5 average thickness cock sticking straight out. His balls were supper small and tight today for some reason. We sucked a bit then he got me on all 4’s, licked my ass briefly then pushed his bare cock into me after I coated it with some spit. He didn’t last very long and only after a few mins he was on my back panting as he injected his seed into me. He stayed in me and hard and was thrusting again, his cock easily gliding in and out of me due to the cum in me. He pulled out and put me on my back and eased back into me pounding away. What do ya know he gave me another load! He pulled out and asked to bum a smoke so we each had a smoke while naked in the bedroom. Somehow I was down on my knees and started sucking him and got him into a rhythm where he said if u keep that up I’m gona cum again, and he did shooting a tasty load that I swallowed. He laid on the bed tired but cock still quite hard so I got on top of him and eased his cock into me. He loved that and watching his cock get all frothy and coated with white cum on his blk cock as it went in and out of me. He cock was pretty hard but not rock hard like before but he shuttered and came for the 4th time. Good gawd, I don’t think I could ever do that! Oh to be 25 or 26yo again! I pulled off and he watched as I sucked his very cum coated shaft licking up the puddles that were on his tight ball sack. Finally he got dress and told me he got orders and will be moving middle of next month but he’ll be back before then.

I got back online and this 39yo in shape guy I’ve been talking to hit me up. He has been trying to get a 3 way with me but it’s really had to set up. Finally after I told him I just took a load, he said he wanted to come over. He had a nice cock, and stated 9” but not overly attractive looking face but hard to tell based on the angle of the picture, so I told him I’ll have my GH set up, figuring it was the best way to start out with him. He came over and pushed through a decent looking soft cock though the GH. It took a bit but he finally got hard, I would put him more at 8” with a decent thickness. Defiantly not 9” since I know I was bigger then him. Once I got him good and hard I turned and guided his bare shaft up into me. He must have really liked my cum filled hole cus with in a few mins he was groaning and spewed his seed into me also. He pulled up his jeans and left quickly. (he messaged me later saying that my used hole was too hot and that he loved it)

I took down my GH and went to my computer and had a message from this guy who fucked me a while ago. Nice build but recalled he had maybe a 6”uc cock. Not the best fuck cus he kept pulling out of me, but he did want to fuck me. I said I was able to but only for a quickie. While waiting I get a text from 2 guys. Muscle blk military stud (aka GOD), and the fatty uc 8” latino cock dude who I think I colorblind. God was heading to the airport to catch a flight and wanted to stop for a quick fuck in about an hour. Colorblind wanted to fuck when he got out of work. I said ok to both, then got in position. The dude came in and threw the worst fuck I’ve had in a long time. Yeah he did cum in me but no, I will not hook up with him again. He has no idea how to fuck and kept pulling out and stabbing my ass, missing my hole. It was pathetic. Never again!

I hung out a bit and was chatting to this blk kid who’s profile said he was a vers bttm, but he wanted to fuck, and showed a nice 8” cock. I told him I’d be free a bit later, but was game. God text saying he was 10 mins away so I told him I’d be ready. Damn I love his body, that smooth sexy blk ripped muscles against my body, and his always low hanging shaved balls slapping against me as he thrust is amazing. I swear he grew an inch or 2 cus he was really getting in me deep. I kept my hole cinched on his shaft to keep all the cum in me so he didn’t know I was used, and he blessed me with another hot load from his perfect body.

Shortly there after uc latino said he was home from work and could be over in 10 min. Ok, I’ll be naked and ready. This time he showed up on time, pushed a finger in me, and I’m sure he could feel all the cum inside me but didn’t say anything. Then he pushed his pants down and tried to ram his cock up into me. I backed off a bit and coated it with spit and he tried again. OMG My hole was suddenly stretched around hit beer can cock, and I wasn’t ready for that. But once he got in me it was fine cus his foreskin let him glide in and out of me poking me deep but not abusing my hole any further. It felt fantastic but didn’t last as long as I hoped, 5 mins into it he grabbed onto my shoulders as I was on all 4’s at the edge of the bed and let his cum flow into me. He pulled out slowly and I quickly spun around and went down on him. Savoring the cum that was trapped under his foreskin and tonguing his big piss slit. Damn that’s a chubby cock! He zipped up patted my ass and walked out while I straighten the bed.

I didn’t think the blk vers bttm was still there but he was, and was still interested in coming over. I was getting tired but gave him my address. He was to be over in 15 min and me, naked and ready on the bed. He came in and took off all his cloths and climbed onto the bed also and lay down and told me to suck him. He had 8” alright and beyond hard as a rock, it curved slightly to the side and had an upwards curve half way up the shaft. It was gona feel good fucking me but giving him head was a task while he lay down. I tried as best as I could not to teeth him due to the curves. Soon he got up and put me on all 4’s and pushed his bare cock into me. Lying on top of me he thrust fast and a few mins later he told me he was cumming and shot into me. But he stayed in me, still hard. He started thrusting again and after 5 mins or so, flipped me so I was on my back with a pillow under my ass. I finally got a lock at him. 25, average build with a smooth body. Maybe he lost weight recently or still had some baby fat but he didn’t have man boobs... he had girl tits, like pre adolescent training bra tits. It was kinda funny watching them jiggle, but at the same time when I played with them they were kinda hot. He liked me tweaking his nipples and soon came yet again. Something is up lately with multi-cummers. I’ve never had so many lately! He stayed in me for a while then pulled out and laid down. His blk cock was streaked with creamy white goo. So I went down on him and sucked his cock. He didn’t get really hard again. I moved up and fed him my semi hard cock and he started to jerk his cock. I wasn’t even fully hard yet and he pulled back and said he was gona cum again. I moved my ass over his shaft and felt it cum on my hole as I pushed it into me. I sank all the way down on to it and started to jerk my own cock, and quickly fired my load all over his tits. I leaned down and licked some up, eased off his cock and sucked it clean of cum. I was exhausted and he was too. I lay on the bed as he dressed, and then walked him to the door.

So much for going to the gym! I left my door unlocked and text my snuggle bud to come over to sleep and crawled into bed to watched TV, then curled up next to him after he arrived and slept like a baby.

Monday, February 11, 2008

flustration and satifaction

All afternoon I spent loading, reloading, fixing, and attempting to modify my cell phone back to the way I like it after I updated it. What a total pain in the ass that many of my settings and stuff were lost, oh well what can ya do. Finally around 4pm I needed a break so I got online.

Right off the bat the 7" skinny dicked dude wanted to use my GH and could be over in 5 min. I said sure, and quickly set it up. He came in and I sucked his thin dick hard till he backed off a bit cus I think he was close, so I turned and backed my ass up to the GH and he entered me. He trust a few times then I could hear him inhale some poppers and a few thrust more he moaned and came in me. He pulled out got dressed and left after being at my GH for only 3 min.

I got back online and this 38yo muscle guy that I've sucked off a few times hit me up wondering if my GH was going. This time he said he wanted to suck me also and fuck me. Thats a first! He never wanted to fuck me before even though I've offered. He was on his way, and 10 mins later he stepped up to the GH, I think he took off all his cloths too, thats always hot. I sucked him hard then he pulled back and I put mine through. He was not the most skilled using just his mouth and cupping my balls. He stood and pushed his rock hard cock through again and I started sucking, till he said I want to fuck you. He pulled back as I put my ass up to the GH, he lined up his cock and sank it into me. At first I wasn't sure if he was gona fuck me bare or even cum in me. He was pretty worked up because after only 5 mins of thrusting he started to tremble and moan then shot his load into me. I pulled off, turned and sucked the remaining drops of cum that dripped from his cock. He stepped back and put his cloths on and quietly left.

Back online I started talking to this 27yo muscle looking lainto with only a chest picture. I chatted with him about a week ago while he was surfing at a coffee shot, and wasn't sure if he was interested because he didn't give off any clues. But after some small talk, he asked if he could come over and gave me his phone # to call him. Normally I hate calling when its just a hook up, but something told me to do it. I called, and he had a sexy ass voice, he had to take the bus to get to me and would take 45min since he had to transfer. We agreed he was gona call when he was close. 2 mins later he called and asked instead of transferring he could catch a bus that would drop him off only 5 blocks from me and if I could meet him. Against my better judgment I said I would, considering I didn't even know what his face looked like. Chubby blk guy hit me up and I told him I have another load cuming but after him he can add his, he said ok! 10mins later latino called and said he was there. Damn!!! that was fast! I hopped in my car and cruised over to find him standing in the parking lot. He was short, with almost shaved dark hair with a goatee, he didn't look muscular at all with the close he was wearing, actually looked chunky. Well I was there and it was too late now. He got in my car and we drove to my place talking a little. He was a extreamly masculine little latino, looking almost thug like, and that kinda turned me on. Inside my place he stood there not sure what to do so I motioned him to my bedroom and started taking my cloths off. I was naked since I only had jeans and a T on, he was just taking off his shoes and sox. I stood and watched him take off his hoodie sweatshirt, then T. Oh mother of gawd! This smooth little latino was just on the boarder of being ripped! Fine tone muscles flexed as he took off his shorts showing a tent in his boxers, then he pushed those down. I won the lottery!!! Out popped a 8"uc dark brown cock that curved slightly with a big tight ball sack. We sucked each other and he really seemed into my chest and nipples, then as I sat on the edge of the bed he sucked me more then lifted my legs and ate my ass out. I didn't open my hole up too much because I didn't want him to know I had 2 loads in me. He spent a good 10 mins on my hole, balls and cock. I flipped onto all 4's, tired of holding my legs up and he kept eating. Finally he stood and slapped his cock on my spit slicked crack. I was waiting for him to ask for a condom and or lube but neither he after coating his cock with his own spit from my crack he pushed his bare cock into me. My eyes rolled back in my head in sheer bliss.

For 45 mins we fucked in every position known, while eagerly kissing each other, biting neck, licking here and there, feeling each others body and moaning like bitches in heat - extream passion. We were both drenched in sweat. The last position was me riding him with him grabbing my pecs, kissing more, and holding my cock and balls up letting him watch his cock go in and out of me. I stood and turned to 69 and he started eating my ass out yet again for the 6th or 7th time, and I sucked his cum slicked cock. Then I crouched over his face and sat on it with my balls on his chin and he dug deep into me. I opened up and figured I might as well at this point. I would think he had to have known my hole was used cus I felt cum drip out of me as he moaned like a wild man and ate my hole deeper while he jacked his cock. He started to shake and cum rocketed out of his cock, I quickly dove down and swallowed the rest of his load, then spun around with cum still leaking from his cock, I sat on it, feeling it flex inside me. I quickly shot my own load onto his chest, face and open mouth. I pulled off his cock and stuffed his mouth with my semi hard cock as he moaned. We rested a bit till he asked to use the bathroom to wipe off. I laid on the bed exhausted and turned the fan on. He came back all shy, and ask should I go? I said if u want no rush. He stood there looking at me so I said come here. He got onto the bed and we snuggle up close and just laid there.

We started talking and he admitted he was actually 24 but said he was 27 cus he likes older guys. He started to open up after I started talking very openly about stuff it made him more comfortable and willing to say stuff too. Finally he said I wasn't what he expected at first, but turned out to be way better once we got naked and he loves my ass and could eat it for hours. We laid there for a bit, then he said, I swear I didn't take anything... pointing to his still hard cock. I asked if he was still horny. He said, yeah, u make me horny but your probably too tired. Oh no, if u want to fuck more.... Next think u know my legs were on his shoulders and we were at it again. 30 mins later I had to ask him if he was gona cum again or not. He said yeah but I'm waiting for you. No no no, don't wait for me cus I always cum with in a min after you get off, don't worry about that. Sure enough, he gave in from trying to hold off and shot his load into me while we kissed, and I arched my back up with his cock still in me and shot my own load all over my chest and he went down and licked it up then kissed me. He padded off to the bathroom again as I watched his hot little V shaped body and perfect smooth globes of an ass flex and bounce as he walked. Shit I was horny again just from seeing that! He came back and said he should probably go since he had to study. I offered to take him back to the bus stop but was unable to take him all the way home. But next time if we play I can pick him up and take him home. He light up all happy that I wanted to play again. What a hottie!

I dropped him back at the corner and drove home. Then I got a text "I wish I was inside you again right now" I replied "if you didn't have to study you would be... soon though" Then his reply "deal!" I didn't even get back online or was in the mood for cubby blk dudes load. I was tired, content and happy after that amazing fuck.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


The other day I had a couple hours to kill early afternoon so I found myself online at home. The muscle latino from last week hit me up and wanted to fuck again. It was only a couple messages, want to fuck, remember my address, see you in 10 mins. It was warm so I pulled on some white gym shorts that showed my cock flopping around and a tank and headed over. I was getting out of my car and heard a some one say hey. He was walking down the sidewalk half a block away, with a button down shirt un-tucked and partially undone and jeans, looking really hot. I waited for him in front of his apt complex, then followed him in. We went into his apt and it was pretty empty and he said he was moving, but only 2 blocks away. He pulled a twin mattress that was leaning against the wall and laid it down in the middle of the floor and we got naked. He had me go down on him and suck his 8" thinish uc cock for a while, then he knelt and sucked me. Pulling a blister pack of lube out of his jeans coated his shaft while I put some spit on my hole and got on all 4's. He mounted me and fucked me like that for a bit then had me lay on my side and scissor fucked me while nibbling on my neck and roaming his hands up and down my chest. He twisted around so my legs were on his shoulders while my hands now roamed his muscular back and arms. He said he was close and wanted me to cum too, but I was no where near ready so I just said go a head man. He did then laid on top of me with his cock still in me catching his breath. We laid like that for quite a while while I rubbed his back and grabbed his ass trying to work his softening cock farther into me occationaly. I could tell we both enjoyed the body contact as we nibbled at each others neck. He finally started to get up and pulled out of me. He stepped over me heading towards the bathroom and I grabbed his leg to stop him. I pulled him back on top of me into a near 69, and I sucked his now soft cock, tonguing his forskin. He laughed and said he had to get back to work. We both got dressed and were both ready to walk out and he pointed at my shorts, geesus your cock is huge and showing. I smiled and said yeah, I thought u might like that. He gave me a huge and we both headed out.

Back home chubby blk guy hit me up, I told him I just got a load and he quickly replied he would be over in 10 mins. I got naked and on all 4's and he came in like usual, dropped his jeans and mounted me while I was at the edge of the bed. He started rubbing my chest this time while fucking me, till he short jabbed me with his gut resting on my ass again and added his load. He pulled out and fingered my ass a bit. I figured he was done, but nope. He had me move forward and worked his semi hard cock back into me. Here we go for round two I thought, I wasn't sure if I could go for 3 again! After pounding me pretty deep on all 4s, he pushed me down so he was on top of me, locked our legs around each other and humped me that way till he groaned in my ear and gave me his 2nd load. He pulled out and slapped my ass and said he was done. I was a bit relieved, he got dressed and I laid face down till he grabbed my leg and said thanks and walked out. I still haven't seen what he looks like

A bit later chubby blk guy shot me a message saying thanks. I replied sure, anytime, you must really like my ass. He replied that I'm just what he needs, a no nonsenses masculine bottom with a nice ass that he can use to cum in, and is available when he is in need. Seems like it works well for both of us.

Monday, February 04, 2008

One... twothreefour

I normally take the day after super bowl off, but the best I could do this year is just work the afternoon. I really wasn't looking for cock but when I went online to check my messages an old fuck bud hit me up. The stocky blk smooth guy who used to fuck me frequently in the afternoons while on lunch break from his work. We chatted... long time, blah blah blah, then he asked if I wanted to get fucked. Honestly I wasn't in the mood but gave in. He only has maybe 7" and throws and ok fuck, but something about his big stocky smooth body turns me on. We set up a time and I got ready. While waiting chubby blk guy hit me up asking if I had any loads yet, I told him I had one on the way. He said let me know when he leaves and I'll give you another. Oh what the hell, ok.

I was naked and on all 4's when stocky blk guy came in. He got naked and fingered my ass a bit then mounted me as I crouched at the edge of the bed. After a bit he inched me forward so he was behind me on the bed fucking me. Then he pulled out and had me flip to his favorite position, pillow under my ass and legs up. He eased his bare cock into me again and leaned into me while I tweaked his big firm nipples and rubbed his stocky smooth chest. It was an ok fuck, but just rubbing his big smooth body was hot. He started getting close and I lightly pinched his nipples and he moaned as he came in me. He dismounted and started to get dressed as I laid there and chatted about the game, then he headed out back to work.

I got online and told chubby I have fresh cum in me and ready for him to add his. He replied he will be over in 10 min. He came in and just pushed his jeans down and bare cock into me using my cum slicked hole as lube. He stood at the edge of the bed and hammered me getting in deep for about 5 mins till he fired his seed into me. He slowly pulled out and I stayed in position with my ass up feeling cum drip from my hole. He fingered around my hole and wispered, fuck look at that cum. Next thing I knew he was on the bed behind me forcing his cock up into my cum sloppy hole again. I didn't think he would cum again, but just wanted to fuck my used hole a bit, but he got rock hard again and a few mins later he pulled me back as hard as he could using my shoulders and groaned as he gave me yet another load. He rested in me for a bit then pulled out and slapped his meat against my wet hole as I stayed on all 4's. He started to mount me again and slowly pull his cock all the way out of me, then plunging it back in, why making comments like , fuck yeah, that cum is hot.... I'm sure he was watching his blk shaft slide in and out of me getting all coated with frothy white cum cus I could feel it drip down onto my balls. He pushed me forward so I was laying flat with his cock still inside me he started to thrust again. By now I was getting tired and very doubtful he would cum again, thats rare. But by clinching my cheeks around his slicked up shaft as he laid on top of me, he was hard and hitting deep again working a lot of cum very far up into me. I was about to call it quites when he said, shit our gona make me cum again. A min later he was collapsed on top of me panting and sweating after giving me 3 loads. I was defiantly impressed, especially since his jeans were still around his ankles! He pulled out and had me show him my used cum dripping ass again, then got dressed, slapped my cheeks and said thanks and left. Its been a long time since I took a beating like that for over 45 mins, and even longer since I had a dude cum 3 times in me.

I straightened up and did some things while my hole recovered, and then headed to work, used and full of seed.

up and down

While watching the superbowl, I received a text from this 22yo skinny short blk kid who fucked me quite a while ago. He lives way up north, and last time he stopped by and fucked me when he was down to pick someone up from the airport. Since then was run across each other online and say hi. He said he would be in town that evening again and wanted to stop and fuck again. He gave me a ruff idea when he would be here and I said I'd be ready. He text me again telling me he was about 30 mins away so I made sure I was clean and ready. While waiting I got online and was chatting to this other blk guy that I used to suck off all the time when he first moved here. He has one of those big thick muscular builds with some tribal tattoos, is into some leather, and has a good 10" thick cock. I used to suck him off 2x a week before he moved to a different apt still in town but he moved on to other things and its been a few years since I've sucked him off. He hinted at wanting to get sucked off again, but before I could nail it down I had to step away from the computer because the blk kid was here.

I let him in and we went right into my bedroom and took off our cloths. Like most 22yo his cock was nearly rock hard by the time he pulled off his boxers. Closely trimmed 7.5" average thickness cock and balls with a slightly bigger cock head. I went down on him and worked him over and noticed he had that slight funky smell that some blk guys do, but I'm ok with that. I stood and he went down on me for a bit. We both stood stroking and he cupped my ass signaling me that he was ready to fuck. Luckily I lightly lubed up after I showered cus I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he tried to push his bare cock up into me with no spit or lube. I reached back with some spit and coated is shaft and my hole, and he lined up again and entered me. He fucked me that way for about 5 mins but I started to get tired being crouched down so low since he is short. So I moved up onto the bed and he got behind me and tried to push into me again. I re-coated him with spit and pushed into me. The spit didn't last long and there was a lot of friction, but I think we both liked it that way. Another 5 mins of this and he groaned and coated my insides with his cum. I pulled him on top of me so he was laying on my back while I was on all 4's as he slowly thrust in and out, his cock gliding in and out of me now much easier as his shaft became slick with cum. He stopped thrusting and rested on me, so I laid down flat and we both relaxed as his slowly deflating cock was still inside me. After a bit he pulled out and rubbed his cock on my ass as he laid on me, then got up. I got up also and wend down on him sucking his semi hard cock. There was hardly any cum on it, it was defiantly a dry fuck. He went into the bathroom and wash up, we both got dressed and he said he will be back down the end of next month again. I closed the door behind him and headed towards my computer. (he text me later saying "that was awesome" which I thought was cute)

The other blk guy was still online, we chatted and I said I could head over and be there in 10 after he told me where he lived. He said ok. I remember he always meets me at the door either naked with his big cock swinging, so I just pulled on some sweat pants and a flannel shirt and left it completely unbuttoned and drove over. He greeted me at the door with a sweatshirt on and no pants. His big cock hanging between his legs with a leather cock ring on. We went into his bedroom and he sat at his computer chair and spread his legs. Its been a few years and he put on some weight - quite a bit of it, maybe he wasn't hitting the gym anymore. Regardless his cock was still huge as ever. He must get a special cock ring cus he has a very thick cock, where I can't put my hand around it, and has quite the big ugly ball sack. I started sucking him trying to remember how he liked it. He cock would get rock hard to slightly softer as I ran through most of my techniques on him, all the while having my mouth stretched around this really dark black thick cock that was 2 fists long with a couple nice bulging veins running down it. I got a good groove going that he seemed to like though I was only able to take maybe half of it due to the length and girth. My back was starting to hurt being hunched over like that but thankfully he held my head and tried to push it all the way down and said hear it cums. I coughed a bit as his load filled my mouth but was able to keep my lips around his shaft and not loose any cum. I quickly swallowed and backed off a bit as more cum filled my mouth. This time I got to savor the creaminess of it though it had a slight bitterness to it. I milked his shaft working all the cum out of him then swallowed the second mouthful. He became very sensitive even though I wanted to suck and play with his now spongy fat cock, and enjoy the massive weight of his huge organ and lime sized balls. But he made it clear he was too sensitive and backed away. I got up and pulled on my sweats and shirt, and he walked me to the door with his 10" cock dangling between his legs. He stood and started to chat with me as I stood out side and him in the door way. Almost as if to show off to the other people in his apt complex that he his hung like a fuck'n horse and this white boy just took care of him. It turned me on so much that he did that, that when I got home I jacked off thinking about it.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I was online checking messages as I was getting ready to head to the gym and this kid hits me up. No picture and little info, other then he was visiting from out of town. His stats said 24, 6'3" 175. He claimed to have 10.5" He wanted to fuck NOW but the catch was he couldn't host and would need a ride. I was a bit leary of it and asked for a pic. All he sent me was a cock shot that looked quite large and black but it also could have been anyone's close up of a cock. He told me where he was and it was pretty close by so I was thinking I might do this. Then he asked if I could drop him off at his sisters place after we fuck instead of taking him back. I'm not a taxi service, but I found I'd be dropping him off kind of on the way to the gym so I debated it. Even though it wasn't discussed, the likely hood would be that he would fuck me bare since he was blk. My theory is 99.99% of blk guys fuck bare, like it is their right to cum inside you. The other plus was that he claimed to have 10.5". Even though I've found that Blk guys are not necessarily monster hung in general, but since he claimed such a large size I'm sure he was packing something big even if not 10.5. Hell I'm bigger then most who state they are bigger then me, and then are put in their place when they see mine.

With nothing but a little time to loose I figured why not. I drove over and as I pulled up he stepped out and came down to my car and got in. We made very difficult small talk as we drove back to my place about bars and stuff but he didn't have much to comment and made me wonder his age, in the dark it was hard to tell. We came in and we headed right to my bed room where he started to take off his cloths. I shucked mine also, and was naked before he was. I got to look at him better. I would guess he was 21 maybe if that. 6'3" and more like 200lb with a little spare tire on him but not bad - like baby fat, and a decent looking 6" soft cock hanging on sparcly hairy low hanging balls. He sat back on my bed kind of awkwardly like he was not sure what to do. So I went down and started to suck his cock. It slowly ballooned out to a really nice thick girth, then started to grow in length. He got rock hard and he was bigger then me. I would put him at the 9.5" area of quite thick dark black meat that was standing up straight. I stood and asked him what he wanted to do. He said do you want to sit on it first. Maybe he was thinking I would need to take it slow and at my own speed at first. But since he said that I lubed up his cock lightly then climbed on top of him. Using his shoulders for balance, I crouched over him and lined up his cock against my hole. Then slowly slid all the way down taking his bare cock into me all the way to the balls, not even flinching. Maybe he's only fucked guys who can't quite take his cock, but I set my mind to showing him I can take him and on top of that get him off better then he has ever had. I bounced up and down on his cock grinding it into me deep, and lifted up my cock and balls so he could watch it slide in and out of me, which I could tell turned him on. I got tired of being on top, even though its my fav position for me to get off on. I stood up as his cock plopped out of me, and I got on all 4's. He came up behind me and speared his cock right up into me. He fucked briefly that way then laid on top of me with his head nesseled in my neck as both his hands played with my cock and balls, letting me support his weight. He thrust into me that way and it felt pretty hot having him pressed against me, all the way in me and his balls lightly slapping against mine. He said into my ear, were do you want me to nut? I said where ever you want, fulling knowing it would be inside me. Sure enough he started to kiss my neck then groan as I felt the first shot of his cum spew into me. He kept thrusting and his cock stayed pretty hard in me, then slowly pulled out. He sat on the bed and I turned and went to suck his cock. He laid back and moaned till I got tired and he stood. Seeing him stand there with his semi hard cock made me want more so I moved froward laying on my stomach and pulled him close till I swallowed his semi hard cock all the way, and lightly tugged on his hanging sack. After a bit he pulled back then started to get dressed. I got up and pulled my cloths on also. We didn't say much as we went my car. I drove him pretty much in quiet as he told me to turn this way then that. I dropped him off and said thanks, and all he said was your welcome and got out.

I headed to the gym from there and had a great work out. Afterwards I sat in the sauna hoping for some more cock, but no one came in. So I fingered my ass feeling his cum still in me and started to jerk off. I was getting close but this very very large fat latino came in with a book and parked himself. He wasn't doing it for me so I showered and headed home and jacked off in bed watching TV, not in the mood to get online.