Thursday, April 24, 2008

swing set

I had a dude flake out on me today over lunch so on my way back to work I stopped into my fav bookstore. There were 3 guys wandering around, one of them, mid 40's tall and slender eyed me as I walked in. He kept making eye contact while I checked things out. I went into a booth and left the door ajar and pushed down my pants showing off my ass towards the door. I glanced back and on of the other guys, a scarry looking chubby asian guy was peering through, so I pulled the door shut. I waited a few mins, then let the door crack open a bit again. Next time I glanced back the 40's guy was there looking in and groping himself. I nodded to him and stepped forward. He came in and locked the door and stood behind me, reaching around and felt my chest as he rubbed himself against me. He unbuttoned his dress shirt and showed a lightly hairy thin chest and unbuckled his belt and pushed down his pants. I let me pants fall to my ankles and turned towards him as we both stroked our cocks. He had a decent looking 7" cock, but was was impressive was his balls. They were a bit larger then average but hung down a good 4 -5 inches in a smooth sack that swayed back and forth as he jacked.

He went down on me and sucked me for a bit, then I took my turn. I tugged on his low hanging balls, then cupped them while I sucked his cock. Man they were hot! I stood back up and he cupped my ass. I turned so my ass was facing him letting him know its his for the taking if he wanted. He fingered my hole finding it lightly lubed from the flaked out trick and shortly was poking his cock head in my crack. I bend down a bit and spread my legs. He put a coating of spit on his cock and eased his cock up into me. He fucked me like that for a bit then motioned for me to put my leg up on the bench. So I stepped out of my pants and did so and he entered me again. His cock felt good, but those balls.... that was more of a turn on. Feeling them slap up against my balls and leg. My own cock was hard and close to cumming. He leaned in and said he was close and asked where he should cum. I said, go a head man. Soon he did a low growl and held my hips with his cock lodged all the way up me. He pulled out and I bent to pull up my pants. He was doing the same. His balls tightened up a bit but were still hanging lower then most guys. He stuffed them into his underwear, zipped up and said thanks, and left.

I waited for the time to run out and stepped out with my hard cock stuffed into my pants. I needed to get off after that. There was this late 20's average looking guy there. I figured I'd let him suck me off since I didnt' have much time to see if he wanted to fuck me. I stepped into another booth and found a nice puddle of cum on the bench. I left the door ajar, pushed my pants down and sat down. I scooped up the cum and coated my shaft and jacked off hopping the 20's guy would check in on me. He did. He came right in, closed the door and got on his knees. He started sucking on my cum coated shaft and occationaly went down and licked my balls. He was alright at sucking, and since i was close anyways, I held his head on my cock and shot my load into his mouth with no warning. He worked my shaft a bit then turned and spit my load onto the floor. I just smiled, pulled up my pants and left. What a dumb ass! He unknowingly sucked some strangers load off my cock, but wouldn't swallow my load. Whatever! Oh well, at least I got a load in my ass, and got off.

Monday, April 21, 2008

mixed cream

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from the 28yo mexican who fucked me last week wanting my ass again. So I walked over like last time. He was sitting there drinking margaritas and offered me one. I declined, so we went into his bedroom where he pushed down his track pants and out flopped his semi swollen 8" uncut cock. I finished taking off my cloths and we proceeded to suck each other while we stood next to the bed. While he was sucking me he slid a finger up into my ass so I put a leg up on his bed, and soon 2 fingers were all the way up me. He stood and reached into the night stand and pulled out some lube while I got on all 4's. He got behind me and guided his bare meat up into me. He fucked me like that for a while then pulled out and put more lube on his shaft. After that there was not much friction with his foreskin and the lube, but he did get up into me nice in deep. He laid on top of me while I was on all 4's and wrapped his arms around my chest and hammered into me and bitting my neck. Then grunted as he came in me while still thrusting. He slowly pulled out and laid back on the bed reaching for a towel. I pushed his hand away and went down on his softening cock. I stood with my cock rock hard, and I think he was expecting me to cum also, but I got what I needed and started to dress. He said thanks as I headed out and walked home with his cum in me.

Back home I got online and this blk guy who has been messaging me and pretty much begging to breed me hit me up. Something seemed shaddy about him but his cock pix looked good, and he said he had 8.5"c cut. I told him I might have a dude coming over to fuck me but if he didn't mind sloppy seconds he could fuck me after. He said he didn't want a used hole, so I told him the dude might flake on me. He replied he's ready now so keep him posted. I waited 15 mins and chatted with his asian kid who wanted my ass but he was iffy on fucking bare and said he only had 5.5" uc. I hit the blk guy back and said I'm game. After giving him my address I debated on pushing out the mexican seed, but since I thought this blk dude was kinda shady I said fuck it, I'm not gona loose a perfectly good mexican load of cum cus this dude wants and unfucked hole to pump his load into. He'll just have to deal with it if he notices.

So the blk dude shows up and he's kinda ugly looking, but he was blk, and said he had 8.5 and wanted to breed me, so we went into the bedroom. I got naked and he took off all his cloths. He had this cock ring on that showed off his small cock and balls. Oh no, this dude is fake. He of course was all over my cock cus it was 2 to 3 times bigger then his. He did however start playing with my ass, and soon I was on all 4's at the edge of the bed. His cock did get to be about 6" with ok thickness and a nice head on it that felt like a plunger going in and out of me. He was nothing exciting, just an ugly blk dude with an average cock, and I defiantly did not feel bad that he was sliding his bare cock into some mexican cum that was in me. He finally added his load to me and pulled out. I was over him and started to get dressed and he did the same. I closed the door behind him and caulk it up as a mercy fuck.

Back online the asian was hitting me up still but I wasn't feeling it. I was then hit up by this military dude. He had a nice little body, 29uo, muscular, but no idea how hung he was. He wanted to fuck me raw, and I found he lived 5 blocks from me. Oh hell, I might as well, can't be any worse then the blk guy. I was gona walk, but drove cus I was lazy. I showed up at his tiny little apt and found him to be kinda hot. a short little guy. I didn't want to hang out so I started to take my cloths off. He did too, nice chest, decent arms and a broad back, with that military cut short brown hair. His cock, well it was average with a leather snap cock ring on. He was pretty impressed with my cock, cus I saw him gawk. Thankfully he was a total top ass man. He put me right on the edge of his bed, and started to reach for the lube, but I coated his cock with spit and lined it up. He fucked that way for a while till it felt like it cock got a little soft, so I flipped onto my back and he mounted me and started kissing me. He was totally into me, kissing and fucking, feeling all over my body. He pulled out his poppers and had me flip on the edge of the bed again on all 4's. He fucked me for another 10 mins while kissing my back till he spurted his cream into me also. We chatted a bit while I dressed, and I headed out.

I had a message from him the next day that I should spend the night some time cus he was ready to fuck again about an hour later and would love to wake up through out the night and breed me. He is close by, and kinda cute.... Who knows. For now, it looks like a regular load. Maybe later something more, we'll see.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

beercan daddy

A few days ago I was hit up from this guy from out of town who would be visiting for a few days and was interested in my GH. He sent me a pic of his cock which looked nice and meaty. He said he was 56yo, 6'1", 190lb in shape and well hung. Didn't say how big, and never saw his face, but then again he didn't see mine either. Well, we emailed back and forth for a couple days while he was here, and it wasn't working, till lunch time the other day. He wanted to stop by after a business lunch that was near by. I gave in and said ok.

He showed up on time, and proceeded to take off his pants and step up to the GH. Through the hole came a meaty soft cock with average balls, with reddish brown pubic hair. I started to work him over. It took a while before his cock started to respond but then grew nicely. I spent a good 5 mins sucking his meat till it did finally get rock hard. He was quite thick, where just under the cock head his shaft really thickened out I would guess him to be maybe 7.5" long but a good 7" around. My hole was already lightly lubed but I used some spit while sucking him to work a couple fingers into me to stretch myself out. Finally I turned and tried to guide his cock up into me. A couple failed attempts when finally it popped into me. I was soooo not ready for the thickness. I tried to relax, but after a few moments, I eased off. I relaxed more while stroking his cock with more spit then tried again. It was a bit painful at first but soon my hole was stretched around his girthy shaft all the way down to his balls. He took over thrusting and I was in heaven. My cock got rock hard, and was swinging between my legs drooling precum as I bent over backed up to the GH letting him invade my body with his fat bare cock. He was moaning pretty hard, and I was gasping for breath as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. He banged against the GH till he groaned and ground his cock up and down and side to side and his spilled his seed inside me.

He stayed in me while he cough his breath and I slowly slid off of him. He started to pull back but I grabbed his cock and pulled him back and started to suck his cock. His cock was still rock hard and he started groaning again as I somehow was able to take his meat all the way to the balls, bringing me right to the edge of gagging. I worked his shaft for any more cum, and was a bit surprised that he was still rock hard. I'm thinking he took a little blue pill or something! I sucked him for a few more mins, then figured why not! I turned and put it back up into my ass. He took over fucking me again. Damn, daddy could fuck!!! Surprisingly about 3 or 4 mins later he groaned again and did the up and down grinding, signaling he yet again, he was giving me more of his baby batter. I eased off him and went down sucking his cock clean of cum. This time he started to slowly go soft, yet let me enjoy sucking his fat spongy cock. He stepped back, then pulled on his boxers, and got dress, said thanks and left.

I was so worked up I rubbed one out as I played with my stretched out hole feeling that fat cocked daddy cum that was inside me. He emailed me later wanting an encore before he left town. If it works out, either later this afternoon or tomorrow sometime, the out of town anonymous daddy, with the beer can cock with knock me up again.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I was chatting to this little 28yo muscular mexican. He was super shy but hinted he wanted to hook up. His profile said he had 8.5"uc and showed a nice smooth muscular chest. After talking in circles for a while I finally laid it out that I was game if he wanted to fuck me bare and cum in side me. He just replied "ok". So I jumped in the shower after finding he only lived 4 blocks from me. I threw on a tank and some shorts and walked over to his little one bedroom apt.

He greeted me at the door and offered me something to drink. I said no thanks as he got one for himself. He was in great shape, short, muscular, very smooth but his face was a bite weathered and older looking. It was warm in his apt and we moved to his bed where he turned on a fan. I took off my cloths and he followed. He knelt on the bed and started to work on my chest while I jacked my own cock, till he leaned back showing a nice 8" uc cock with the foreskin covering half of a bright read cock head, with big veins running along the shaft. He laid back and we got into 69 as I worked over his hard shaft and he sucked me while fingering my hole. He really got into it and I sensed he was getting kind of close so he got up and put me on all 4's. He pulled out some lubed then gently guided his meat into me. Being that he was uncut and with the lube, there was not much friction at all, but it still felt good cus he would go as deep as he could. We both worked up a little sweat as I flexed my hole around his shaft. He finally groaned and at first I thought he was gona pull out but he kept thrusting as he let his cum flow into me. He pulled out and laid back on the bed. So I went down on him and sucked his cock, licking the cum from under the foreskin.

We took a short break while the fan cooled us. I then went back to sucking his cock and it got hard again. Thinking he might be able to cum again, I climbed on top of him and sat on his bare cock again. He thrust some and played with my hard cock that was against his chest. It felt great, and a couple small spurts of precum splattered onto his smooth chest. He thought I was cumming, but I wasn't. I scooped it up and coated my shaft with it and continued to ride his cock while jacking off. It got too warm and we needed a break so I climbed off him and laid next to him, and we both jacked out hard cocks still. I asked him if he was gona cum again, and he said it would talk forever if he tried. I took that as my hint to head out. I stood and got dressed and he pulled on his shorts. He said thanks, see you online as he closed the door behind me. I walked home kinda sweaty and my crack a little slicked up with lube and his cum.

Once home I laid down in bed and watched some TV and ended up falling asleep for 2 hrs. Shortly after getting up, I was horny and wanted to jack off. So I crouched down to push out some of the mexican seed that was still in me to use to jack off with. What I found was an ungodly about of thick pudding like white cream ooze out of my hole. That was one HUGE load he pumped into me. I coated my own shaft with it and jacked off, while licking my fingers clean and fingering my hole more. I don't know his name or anything about it him, but...Damn! wouldn't mind him pumping more into me. That was a whole lot of cum!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

early bird gets the seed

I woke up earlier then necessary today, even though I had to work early, I woke up horny as hell and snuck away from my snuggle bud who was curled up next to me in bed and got coffee and fired up my computer. I only half way though my reheated cup of coffee when I got a message from this blk guy. His profile showed is crotch with him holding his cock pointed right at the camera so it was hard to tell how big it was, but he stated 10"c" He was 43, 6ft, 190lb and staying at a hotel not overly far away. He was looking for a no nonsense hole to fuck, already lubed, come in to his hotel room get on all 4's and take his cock. I was instantly turned on. I told him I needed to shower quick but could be there in 30 mins. He gave me his room # and I got ready, neither one of us knowing what each other looked like. I lubed up my hole, pulled on some cloths and headed to his hotel.

Being that it was still early morning, there was tons of parking near by, and I was soon at his hotel door knocking. He opened it naked, and walked into the dark room with me following. He was in average shape with a big old ass on him. I went up to the bed, and quickly took off my clothes. He turned between the beds and from the glow of the TV I saw his cock. FUCK YEAH. A beauty! Definitely 10" thick hanging down over big shaved balls. He had an average chest with some chest hair with grey sprinkled through it, a shaved head, and a thin goatee with some grey in that also. I was so turned on by him!

I knelt down and started to suck his semi hard cock while he tweaked his own nipples. He got rock hard as his thick cock stood straight out of his body and I coated it with spit as I sucked it. He backed off after a few mins and I took this as my cue to get on all 4's. He felt my ass and found it slick with lube then lined up his bare cock and sank it into me. Gawd damn that felt good! He thrust like that for a bit then leaned over and turned on the bed side light so he can watch my hole be stretched around his huge blk meat. It was pretty obvious that we were both very much into each other and enjoying the fuck. Even though there as a bit more lube then I prefer, since it was such a large and thick cock it felt amazing. I would have liked it to last longer but 5 mins later he in between groans he asked if I wanted is nut. I said, yeah cum inside me man. I then felt his shaft flex a few times as he spurted is seed way up into my body. He kept it in me a bit then slowly pulled out. I got down and started to suck his cock as it softened. It was still large but soft enough for me to get the whole thing in my mouth as my face was pressed up against his crotch and his big balls smashed against my chin, and I cupped his big ass pulling him closer. I then worked as much cum out of him as possible stroking his cock and licking his piss slit. I stood and quietly got dress and asked him how long he was in town. He leaves early tomorrow. I told him I'm around all day / night and will try to be up early if he wants my ass again before he has to be at the airport. He said that would be great, as he walked me to the door still naked.

I was still hard in the elevator ride down, how fuck'n hot was that! I have the seed from some big dicked naked black stranger inside me. I hope to god he breeds me again today or tomorrow morning cus I will be up by 4:30am in hopes of having more of that big black stranger inside me.

Friday, April 04, 2008

4 lunch

I had a meeting the other afternoon so I came home for lunch cus I had 2 hrs before I had to be there. I got online and right away tattoo muscle guy hit me up asking if my GH was up. I told him I needed to shower but can be ready in 15 min. He said perfect and was on his way. I showered quick and checked my messages and my freq GH user left me a message wanting to use my GH. I told him I could but would need 15-20 min. He said ok, and I got ready for tattoo.
Tat guy came in, and like usual, left the door open and proceeded to get naked and step up to the gh. I went to work on his thick cock and played with his big shaved balls till he was rock hard, then turned and eased his bare cock up into me. He fucked for less then 5 mins till he injected his seed into me, as I felt my hole pulse around his spurting cock and him groaning. He pulled out not letting me suck him and got dressed.

I checked my messages and GH bud said his friend wanted to join also like last time. Sure, why not. He said great, be there in 10 mins. I was just about to get ready and the queeny hairdresser hit me up asking if I was taking loads. I said I had a dude due any min, but will hit him up afterwards, and got ready.

GH bud was first there and I was sucking his cock when I heard the door open. Shortly he stepped back and I was presented with his bud's thick uncut dark latino cock. He's fucked me many times and I know he loves a just fucked hole. He stepped back and I slicked up GH buds cock with spit and backed onto it. He banged away against the GH for a few mins then shot his goo into me. I kept my ass up to the GH as he pulled out and latino quickly inserted his bare cock into me. He didn't last long at all as he ground his cock into me and released his sperm, adding it to the mix inside me. I pulled off and sucked his cum coated shaft and tonging his foreskin till he pulled back and they both left.

I wasn't really in the mood for queeny guy, but since I've already taken a few loads, whats another, so I hit him back saying I was ready. He said he would be over in 5 mins. Right on time he stepped up and pushed through his completely shaved 7" soft cock. I sucked him for a while working him up till I knew he was close then turned and impaled myself on his cock. He moaned and groaned as his cock made sloppy wet noises as it thrust into me till he shuttered and pumped his cream into me also. He slowly pulled out and zipped up and left. I debated on finding another, but instead I made some lunch and jacked off to some porn online. I then headed off to my meeting with their seed still inside me. Not too shabby getting 4 different loads in me with in a hours time frame.