Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Free show

Stopped at one of my fav bookstores this afternoon. Place was dead, only one booth was occupied and door locked. I watched a dollars worth then wondered the booths again, this time a single booth near the front was being used with the door ajar. I peeked in and saw a early 40's balding stocky guy watcihng the movie rubbing his bulge. He saw me and proceeded to pull his cock out. I watched for a bit and he unbuttoned his shirt and pushed his kakies down to his knees. The dude was pretty out of shape and not the prettiest, but was stoking a hefty 8.5" uc thick cock. I stepped in and close the door. I played with his cock while he took off his shirt and pulled mine off and played with my chest. My shorts unbuttoned and dropped to the floor so I stepped out of them, and bent over and started sucking his cock. He reached over and started playing with my ass. He turned me around forced his cock up into me. After a bit he pulled out and positioned the footstool against the bench and layed back onto it and had me straddle him, lowering myself onto his cock. I was facing him letting him play with my chest as I rode his cock, then he crouched forward and undid the lock on the door. I was enjoying his fat cock too much to care at that point. The booth door creeked some as it opend by itself about half way. We kept going at it till noticed a shadow and glanced back. The door was wide open now and some latin kid and some nelly queen were stading there watching. The nasty guy I was ontop off noticed it also and seemed to get off on it, like he was hopping for this. He got supper hard and forced down by my shoulders so all of his cock was in me and he shot his load. Nasty guy went limp and layed there catching his breath, as his cock deflated in me. I started to get up a bit and his cock ploped out of me and some of his cum dripped out of me and onto the footstool. I quickly got dressed with my streached out hole still dripping his cum and smiled to the guys who were watching and headed out the door.

9 to 2

Woke up horny with the day off so I showered and cleaned up before even turned on my computer. 8:50am Nat stopped by to use my GH. I sucked his 8" till rock hard then backed up onto it and let him piston fuck his load into me. 9:30 Some 32yo blond wanted to use my GH. I sucked on his 7.5" uc cock that had a slightly funky smell to it. He backed off cus I think he was close, so I turned and put my ass up to the GH. He pushed his cock into me and quickly shot his load into me. 10:15 a 28yo skinny dude with 7" came over, we traded blows through the GH, and he ate my ass out some till he fed me a thin watery load of cum. 11:05 a 42yo dude came over to me on all 4's. He alternated eating my ass and fucking me, then after cumming in me, he ate my ass out some more. Noon a 35 yo athletic mix dude came over to find me on all 4's. He had an average sized cock. He laid on top of me and held me tight as he fucked his cum into me. 1:00 A dude I have not played wiht in a long time hit me up. He came over and I sucked his 7.5" cock with a big mushroom head through the GH, then backed up onto it and he fucked his cum into me. I pulled off and licked clean his cum coated shaft. 1:20 A semi regular with 7" wanted a quickie and came over to me on all 4's. He must have been worked up cus he shot his load mins after entering me. He apologized, and I told him I thought it was fuck'n hot and never to worrie about that with me. 1:45 A tall skinny 28yo that I've been talking to for a while finally had a chance to come over. His 9" fat cock looked grossly out of place on his thin body but very hot. He sucked my cock while I layed on the edge of the bed, then he lifted my legs up and entered me. I was just getting into it when he told me i was gona make him cum too quick, then pushed all the way into me and came. His deflating cock was too sensitive for me to lick up the cum on his shaft. He told me that we will hook up sooner next time. 2:00 Black navy boy was online and I told him about my used hole and he jumped in his car and came over. He ate out my ass for a while then fucked me in a few positions while we took pix of his fat 8" cock coated with cum slid in and out of me. He finally put me on all 4's and fucked me hard and fast and planted his seed into me

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just 3

Early afternoon a 37yo compact muscle dude hit me up with 7.5". He came over to me naked and on all 4's. He obviously loved my ass. He alternated between eating my hole and fucking it with his supper rock hard cock till he came as deep as he could inside me. Been talking to the hottie of all hotties that I've been lusting over for over 2 years. A 24yo muscle dick dancer I see out sometimes and online. Not sure what clicked but next thing you know he was on his way. I think I suprized him by greating him at the door naked, but he walked in and imediatly took off his cloths too and went down on me. I enjoyed giving a show as he sucked me right there infront of the open door. I figured him to be a bttm, but was suprized when he fliped me over in bed and eat out my ass. Then while kissing me he worked his bare 7"uc thick cock into me. He fucked till he was close then pulled out. He did this in a couple positions till he finally couldn't hold back and collapsed on my back while his cock throbbed and spurted his seed into me. We hung out a bit till he had to leave for an apointment. I checked my messages and an older hot blk neighbor was wondering if I had time for a quick load. Soon I was on all 4's at the edge of the bed with his 9" cock sliding in and out of me until he also came, filling my ass with his hot cum.