Wednesday, February 28, 2007

3 by 3

Got home from work and had a message from a guy I haven't played with in over a year. He wanted to stop by on his lunch for a quick fuck. I told him I'd be ready by 2 and quickly jumped in the shower. He's nothing overly exciting but something turns me on about him. He is 36 5'9, stocky smooth blk guy with 7.5" He came in, got naked and started fucking me doggy style, then flipped me over with a pillow under my ass and legs on his shoulders. Something about his smooth meaty body on top of me works for me. I played with his smooth chest a bit and he tried to hold off but gave in, pumping his load into me. He apologized for being so quick, and I told him its a turn on that he came so fast.

Got online and a GH fuck bud hit me up right away saying he can be over in 5 mins. So I quickly set up my GH and he showed up. I sucked him hard then backed up onto his thick 7" He bucked up against the GH fast and hard till he added his load to my ass also. He kept his cock in me till he finished throbbing, and I quickly turned and licked all the cum off his shaft before he pulled up his pants and left.

Back online I got hit up by this blk guy. Weird pics that didn't really show him, but nice stats. 32, 5'11" smooth, 180lb and 9"c He was looking to host and gave me his address. It was one of those by the week / month hotel motels. I wasn't quite sure about that, but also turned on by it. I went there and he let me into his room. He looked older, and kinda shady looking. His little room was packed full of crap with an old computer in the corner. He didn't seem to know what to do, and asked if I liked porn. He put in some DVD and some lame gay porn started. I figured I'm here and he wants to fuck me, might as well, so I stood and got naked. He just kinda watched for a bit then started to undress also. He had a thin build but a belly in front and his cock looked pretty small. I hoped he was a grower! He commented on how hot my body and ass was before he went down and started eating my ass out. I flipped over so I was on all 4's and he kept eating out my ass. I got a raging hard on, it was a huge turn on to be in this seedy motel room, with this nasty looking older blk guy eating out my ass. It took him a bit to get hard but finally he got up be hind me and pushed his semi hard cock into me. He fucked me for about 5 mins then pulled out and sat there. He kept saying, oh man oh man. Finally I said, what? He said he was about to cum. So I told him to put it back in me. He did and quickly came as he laid on top of my back. He finally pulled out and got up to get a towel. I finally got to see his cock and I would guess it to be maybe 8" defiantly not 9" I think he knew that too since my cock was bigger then his and he quickly hid it behind a towel. I quickly got dressed and headed out the door as he held the towel in front of him.

When I got into my car I noticed it was 3pm. Not bad, 3 different loads in me in an hour.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Not much time

Sucked off a couple regulars at my GH over the weekend when the timing was right. Didn't have a lot of free time so didn't get fucked till late Sunday evening. Went over to a semi muscular guys place. He was early 40's, shaved head, lightly hairy chest and a nice tattoo across his back. He answered the door naked except for a cock ring. After getting naked and moving the coffee table, he had me on the edge of the couch holding my legs up while he ate my ass out. Then he got on his knees and slid his 7" cock into me. He fucked me till he came with just his cock head in me. He then got down and ate his load back out of me while I jacked off and he swallowed my load just as I was cumming.

Friday, February 23, 2007

3 balls - corner pocket

After hitting the gym, I thought I'd stop out for a beer. There wasn't too many people there, just a few little groups huddled together here and there talking and a 4 some playing pool. I wasn't looking to score, just wanted a beer and chill out. I just started my 2nd beer when this late 20's early 30's guy came up to me and asked for a light. I noticed him early playing pool, and though not supper hot, he had an edge to him that I liked. 5'9" with messy dark blond hair, very thin with a couple tattoo's. He bought me a drink and we chatted for a while. He got ballsy and rubbed by crotch and I got kinda hard. He was a little guy and I wouldn't mind fucking him. After going to the bathroom he had another round at the table for us. Making more small talk but never really talking about each other. Yet another round of drinks, and I told him, any more and its not gona function as I groped my crotch. Finally after yet another round, bar was closing, and he invited me over to his place. I told him I've had too many and the likely hood of me getting hard is getting low, thats what happens when I drink too much.

His place was pretty close, and we talked a bit more on his couch. I was getting very tired, and he said I could crash there if I wanted. On the way to the bathroom I made a pit stop at the bathroom and arrived at the bedroom and he was laying on an unmade bed wearing just some tighty whiteys. Since I don't wear underwear and sleep naked, I just took off all my clothes and crawled into bed. He was all over my chest, tried to suck me some but I wasn't getting hard, then off came his briefs. A nice 7" cock. He was back on top of me kissing me and rubbing my chest till he was kneeling between my legs. He pushed my legs back and with some spit, started to nudge his bare cock into me. He was pretty worked up and lasted maybe 5 mins before he collapsed on my chest, panting and catching his breath as his spent cock slid out of me. We both drifted off to sleep. I woke up at 3am and had to piss. After what seemed to be an hour long piss, I crawled back into bed. That woke him up and he went to piss. 10 mins later I was face down and he was piston fucking another load up into me. We both kind of drifted off to sleep with him still on top of me.

I woke up around 6am, my cock was semi hard pressed against him and I had a splitting headache. I got up to piss and when I came back he was awake, seeing my semi hard cock he started going down on me. I got somewhat hard but he finally gave up, pushed my legs up again and eased his cock into me again. He fucked pretty hard and fast, making us both work up a sweat till finally he shot another load into me. I felt like hell and told him I was gona take off. While getting dressed he scribbled his # down and handed it to me, and I headed out the door.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Over lubbed

I replied to a posting from a visitor staying at a hotel looking for some NSA late afternoon fun. He didn't have a pic, but his stats sounded good. 36 6' 170lb 9.5 cock His hotel was near where I had to go so I figured I could park centrally and take care of everything. I arrived on time and he opened the door wearing a white hotel robe. He was alright looking. He was black which I wasn't expecting but was fine with. I would put him in his early 40's, receding hairline and had a Jamaican type accent. We sized each other up and made sure we were both into it. I was game and so was he.

He walked over to the bed and threw his robe onto a side chair. He had a smooth small chest that went down to hips that stuck out wide and a thick uncut meaty cock hanging down by his hairy legs. He was obviously a show'er not a grower. I got naked and knelt in front of him and started to work over his cock. His cock got rock hard sticking straight out, and my fingers where just able to grasp around it. His forskin was very smooth and silky, showing no veins or anything. He got me up on all 4's and started to eat out my ass. I noticed that there were condoms and lube on the night stand, and looking straight ahead, the window was wide open and I was looking at several other buildings that could possibly see right in. He got up and started to nudge his cock into me but then stopped and reached for the night stand. Thankfully he just grabbed the lube. He poured a ton of it on my ass and his cock. Way too much for my liking, but it was too late now. His cock slipped easily into me, and he started fucking away. He reached under me and played with my cock, coating it lube with his hands. I wasn't really liking it. Way too much lube, and lube on my cock gets on my nerves. I started working my ass muscles as best I could to get him off quick. All that lube gave me little sensation. I wanted to get it over with. I hit a flex that seemed to work for him, so I kept at it, and he finally collapsed on top of me filling me with his cum. Normally I don't clean up, cus I like the feeling of a just fucked sloppy hole, but I had too. All that lube was getting sticky. Its too bad, the fuck could have been really good, with that uncut cock gliding in and out of me, but sadly it was lame.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was online late afternoon, just cruising around using my general profile, not looking for sex, when out of the blue I get hit on by this 19yo. By the 2nd message he is asking for my address. By the 4th message trying to get more info from him, he kept hammering for my address. Fuck it. Here it is. Didn't tell him how to find it (cus it can throw you off if I don't give some simple info, but still possible to find me) I wasn't really into it because I was not overly horny and he only had 2 pictures and they were face pix with someone else so I wasn't even sure which one he was in the pictures! His stats were ok. 19, 6'1" 140lb mix 7.5c vers. He said he was on his way but his profile never logged off. I figured he wasn't gona show. 15min later I jumped in the shower because I had to anyways, and just in case he did show up. What do ya know. I just turned off the water and my doorbell rings. Standing at my unlit door was 19yo, and me dripping wet with a towel. I let him in and told him to give me a sec. I finished drying off, glad I did at least shower!

We went into the bedroom and he proceeded to get naked and I dropped my towel. He was all over me. For 19, he was very very aggressive. Sucked my dick, got up and forced his cock in my mouth, ate my ass... Some how I was on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He asked if I had a condom. I said no, and he said we'll have to make do with out. Still thinking he wanted me to fuck him, he then spit on his cock pushed my legs up and entered me. He took a breath from kissing me to tell me he was close and wanted to know where he wanted him to cum. I told him where ever you want. He replied, in you? If you want. He bit my shoulder and came in me. He quickly got up and started getting dressed, saying he had to head to work and didn't want to be late. I grabbed the towel around me and followed him to the door and closed it behind him. It was kinda hot, but I somehow felt weird. What the fuck just happened... Like I was just violated, and by a 19yo none the less. I went back and looked at his pictures and am still not sure which one is him or even if one of them are him. He was cute enough in person, looked pretty white to me, maybe some latino, and had that thin smooth build of a 19yo that with some exercise he would have it totally going on. Just kinda weird for an online hook up, especially when I wasn't looking.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pierced snuggle

I have a snuggle bud who comes over once or twice a week to sleep with. Its a nice set up, my previous snuggle bud got a boyfriend so I found another, but I don't sleep next to him as well, but it still is nice. I may be a big bttm but when sleeping I'm the alpha male and have to have my arm around someone holding them tight all night. So my current SB is this 24yo 6'1" tall thin / skinny smooth guy who is kinda nelly with 8.5c pierced cock and is a total bttm. But he comes over at bed time, we get naked, watch a little tv, then curl up and sleep. Every once in a while he'll rub my body and play with my cock, but we don't have sex. That is till this morning. I woke up to him curled up to my back with a hard on. Next thing I knew, I'm face down and he is laying on top of me forcing his bare cock into me. 5 mins later he came in me. Then he said to himself as he was getting up, "huh, thats a first" I wasn't sure what that ment. Come to find out that was the first time he has ever topped a guy and actually came. Guess I'll take that as a complement! LOL

Monday, February 12, 2007

How my weekend went

Here is a quick breakdown of my weekend, and who came in me.

Friday, had the day off, crashed on the couch the night before, woke up around 5am
5:30am 30yo Blk dude with tattoo's and 8.5c fucked me through the gh then edge of my bed
7:30am 31yo tall skinny with goatee and 7.5c fucked me on all 4 at the edge of my bed
8:15am 34yo muscular and kinda hairy 8" uc latino fucked me on all 4's on the edge of my bed
went into work from 9 to 11
11:30am 36yo regular with 7"c thick fucked me though the GH
12:30pm 30yo 6'5" average build, bad tattoo's 9"c fucked me on his bed, came twice sucked clean
2:30pm 34yo blk dude with 7.5c fucked me on my bed with my legs on his shoulders
5:15pm 39yo tattoo'd muscular guy with 7.5 thick fucked me on all 4's at the edge of my bed
7pm - 1am Met friends for dinner then out drinking

Saturday, slightly hung over, ran errands, relaxed and slept

Sunday, Worked till 3
3:30 34yo 5'4" latino with 7.5c quick fuck and dump on all 4's
4:15 28yo anonymous latino with 6.5uc blindfold fuck on all 4's
5:30 41yo bodybuilder latino with 7"uc at his place
7:30 27yo hot mexican with 7"uc fucked bare but came in mouth
8:45 25yo 5'7" black thug with 9"c and low hanging nuts wanted safe play but barebacked me

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Then what...

Check back, when I get time I will edit this post and will fill in on what happened with hottie bttm from the bookstore.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Like me

I got to the bookstore and went to the peeps. No one was in any booths and just a chubby but attractive blk guy was standing looking at the video's being shown. He went into a booth and left the door open. I waited a bit then walked by his booth. He had his pants down to his knees and was stroking a nice looking cock. I stepped in and closed the door, and went down on him. He was around 7" and compleatly shaved. I love a shaved black cock, and I bet if he lost weight he would easily have an 8+ cock. I worked his cock as he stood there watching the video till he tenced up and started to shake like santa, and fed me his load.

There was no one else around in the peeps so I paid to go into the theater area. Once my eyes were adjusted to the darkness, I worked my way back to the first theater on the right. It was playing some straight porn and there were 2 guys watching, one of them rubbing his pants the other just watching. The theater on the left was playing gay. I stepped into the room that has 3 rows of seating, and a half wall in the back with a standing room like area. Back there were 4 guys grouped around a guy getting fucked. I worked my way over through the seating area to look over the half wall to see what was going on.

The dude getting fucked was hot as hell. I would guess military, dark hair, mid 20's, with his shirt pulled up over his head, and his jeans pulled off on one leg. The guy fucking him was mid 40's, with an average build and what looked to be a nice thick cock. Of the 3 other guys, 2 of them were jerking off. A tall thin 30's black guy with a baseball hat on backwards and track pants push down under his balls jerking a nice 8" cock. The other guy a late 30's asian mix guy, shorter and thick build, with his jeans down to his knees stroking an average uncut cock and was caressing hottie's back and trying to get at his cock, but hottie had his hand there to block him. The last guy was an older white guy, balding on top with a gray goatee, stocky build and average hight wearing a Hawaiian shirt, with his hands in his jeans rubbing his cock. The bttm boy looked up at me and smiled. I winked and nodded my approval. I watched till the guy fucking him started grunting and came in him. He pulled out and pulled his jeans up and walked out and the asian guy quickly took his place cutting off the blk guy. The bttm boy looked at me and rolled his eyes. I almost busted out laughing cus I knew exactly what he was thinking, going from that thick cock to the asians. I walked out and over to the straight theater.

The one guy was still sitting there watching, the other guy who was rubbing was now standing in the back area with his cock out. He started to cover till he saw it was me, then kept stroking. He was in his mid 30's with a beer gut, blond hair that was a basic bowl cut, wearing a polo shirt and sweat pants. He was stroking a decent 7" cock with big hairy balls. I stepped up to him and started to stroke it for him as he just stood there. I pushed my track pants down to my ankles and crouched down and started to suck him. His beer gut and shirt kept getting in the way so I had to turn my head to the side to suck him better and he finally held his shirt up for me. I worked some spit onto my ass while sucking him, then stood up and presented my ass to him. He cupped my ass then slid a finger into me. He kept finger fucking me while jacking himself off. Asian guy stepped in quick then left, making the dude pause quick but then resume. I was about to give up and finish sucking him off when he stepped up and pushed his cock into me. He slid all the way into me till his beer gut was resting on my ass. He just held it there while he was panting, then exhaled deeply and came. He didn't even fuck me, just put his dick in me and came.

I went into the gay theater and the older guy was still watching, as the tall thin black guy was fucking him and another blk guy was standing right next to him. The new blk guy was much shorter, maybe 5'9" at the most, with a 2 sizes too big, button up basket ball v neck shirt that was completely unbuttoned showing a semi hairy chest with nice abs, and jeans pushed past his knees. He was stroking a nice 9" uncut cock with small balls that seemed to get lost in his hairy bush. I walked up to them and hottie bttm boy was smiling at me. I pulled out my cock and let him suck me. The black guys switched places, and the bttm boy got down lower so he could get in. The other blk dude just stood there with his slicked up cock sticking out. I got down and started to suck him, tasting the mix of cum that was in hotties ass. They switched again, and I got to suck on the littler guys cock, enjoying his foreskin. The tall blk guy started banging hard and blew his load into hottie. Just as they were switching places again, a chubby little latino guy with a red baseball hat came in, and walked up to watch. I leaned down to hottie and told him "let me know when your was done cus your coming home with me" He replied with a big old smile and said "fuck yeah, ok"

I went back to the straight theater, but just that one guy was in there still watching. I decided to check out the peeps again. Not a sole was there, so I dropped some of my tokens to get rid of them and hung out with my door open. When my tokens ran out I wandered though looking at dildo's and stuff when hottie came walking out of the theater. He smiled when he saw me and I asked him if he was ready. He nodded and we walked out the door...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Repeat meat

It was early evening and I got a messages from the 22yo big dicked blk kid. He was hoping for a quickie at my GH if I was available. He had a 4 day load built up and needed to get off. I told him give me 20 mins and I'll be at the GH ready. Right on time he came in and flopped his ungodly large but still soft cock through the hole. He got hard pretty quick and worked him over using my hands and mouth fully coating his shaft with spit. His balls started to tighten up like he might cum soon, and he pulled back and told me to "give me some of that ass" I was ready for it just in case, and quickly turned and backed up to the hole. He slowly pushed his cock into me, going deeper and deeper. I had to pull forward a bit, I was ready for him, but not to go that deep that quick. I worked it a bit and slowly had my ass up to the GH and him completely in me. He fucked me in nice slow smooth stokes, it felt fucking amazing. He told me he wasn't gona last long, and I told him that was cool. A few more stokes and he short jabbed me deep. I feel his hot load pumping deep into me. He slowly pulled out. By the time I turned to maybe suck his cock he was pulling his pants up and heading for the door and said thanks.

It was still pretty early (8pm) and I wasn't in the mood for online, so I desided to go to a bookstore I haven't been in a while. Its a bit out of the way, very very seedy, and tends to have pretty nasty and ugly guys there, but has a peep areas and theater area. So I pulled on some track pants and a shirt I wouldn't mind if it got dirty and headed out.