Friday, May 25, 2007

Lucky 7

I had the afternoon off and was in the mood for more after yesterdays fun, so I set up my GH and went looking for cock and cum.

1 A stocky 26yo latino said he had 7" but was more like 5.5uc. I sucked him then backed up to the Hole, he asked if I had a condom, and I said no, so I went back to sucking him. He told me to turn around again, then pushed his small cock into me. Some how it worked. He started to cum and pulled out of me and came on my hole. I fingered as much of his thick cum as I could up into me after he left.

2 The short skinny 29yo from the other day stopped by for a quick fuck. This time I put my ass right up to the hole. He quickly pushed his cock into me and shot his load really quick, then left.

3 A tall 43yo guy hit me up said he used to fuck me a year or 2 ago. I couldn't remember or it could have been an anon blindfold fuck. He agreed to the GH and came over. He had a nice 7.5 that I sucked hard then backed up onto. He fucked me for a while till I heard him grunt and cum inside me. He pulled out and left before I could suck any cum off his cock.

4 A 36yo athletic blond wanted to use my GH. Said he had 8", but when he pushed through it was very small, but... he was a grower. When he finally got hard it was close to 8 and average thickness. I backed up to the hole and he ate my ass out the pushed his cock into me and fucked for a bit. Then pulled out and I could feel him jack off against my ass, but it only lasted about 10 sec before he slammed it up into me again, and came.

5 A regular, 40yo tattoo'd muscle guy with a thick 7.5 came over. He got compleatly naked, leaving my apt door wide open, before he stepped up to the GH. I sucked him hard then slid his cock into me. He fucked me for a few mins before added his load to me also. I turned and was able to suck the cum off his shaft and some off his balls before he pulled back, got dressed and left.

6 An average looking 38yo wanted to stop by on his way home from work saying he had 8". He came in and dropped his dress pants and pushed through his already hard cock. He was kind of stocky with a softer then usual groin area, so he probably was 8" if he lost weight, so it was about 7 at the moment. But it was a nice cock, nice thickness and rock hard. I sucked him briefly then backed onto it. He fucked me for about 10min then shot his load into me. I think it was getting harder for me to flex my hole around his cock at this point cus most guys rarely last that long fucking through my GH.

7 A 22 yo stocky slightly hairy latino kid who fucked me about a month ago wanted to fuck me again like last time. So I got naked on my bed with the door open. He came in, got naked and mounted me and fucked me for almost 20min. Almost all the cum that was in me was fucked out of me by the time he came, it was oozing out and dripping onto the blanket all over the place and he didn't seem to mind. He has a great 8" cock and knows how to work it and get up in me deep. After he came I went down on him as he stood and licked up all the cum off his shaft and balls. This time I got to see him after he done, and after I sucked his cock clean. I think he was totally into me upon see the front of me, and I kind of laughed as he nervously and quickly pulled on a shirt to cover is stocky hairy build with a spare tire. I didn't mind. He has a really cute face, is 22, has a great cock, knows how to fuck with it and likes to fuck me bareback. Thats more then enough for me to have sex with him again.

I pulled my gym stuff together and went to the gym and had a great work out, and I know I totally smelled like sex, cus I reaked of it. Afterwards in the showers, I pushed out whatever cum was in me into my had and used it as lube to jack off to till I shot a massive load, too bad there was no one else around in the showers to watch or have fun with.

a few hours of fun

I had some time to kill late afternoon so I set up my GH... An anoyn regular stopped by to use my GH. I sucked his 7.5 hard then back up onto it. He fucked me harder and faster then normal till he shot his load deep into me then left. A 29yo skinny short guy wanted to use my GH and after I told him I was just fucked he headed over for sloppy seconds. He showed up bu wouldn't put his cock through the hole, so I finally backed up to the hole. Finally he pushed his cock through and up into me. He didn't last long but his 7" cock was pretty thick and felt great inside me. After he came he pulled out and took off saying "thanks". A 34yo blk guy hit me up wanting to try my GH. He never has experienced one before. After giving him the info he said he would be over, and asked if he needed to bring condoms or anything. I told him he could if he wanted but it wasn't necessary, and left it as that. He came over and stepped up to the GH and dropped his jeans. I could tell he was a bit stocky but had a great cock and set of big low hanging smooth balls. He was a very dark skinned blk guy and cock was just over 8" that slightly tapered to a very thick base, and his big nuts hung really low making it supper hot. After sucking him for a while and getting him good and hard, I turned and guided his cock into me. His cock felt so good in me. He took over and started fucking me. After 5 mins or so he said, shit gona make me cum man. I just kept my ass up to the hole and a min later he shot his load into me. I worked my ass making sure I got all of his load, then turned and sucked the cum off his shaft. He zipped up and left. Later he sent a message to me saying we need to do that again.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I replied to 2 guys looking for a bttm, didn't give much info other then both in their 30's, well hung, and looking to use a bttm. They were at a hotel near by, didn't have a picture, but I sent mine anyways. They invited me over. I quick showered and headed over and was greeted at the door by a very hot guy in a towel. He was a little shorter then me, dark hair, great build with nice hair placed on his chest. Walking in I saw another guy, little on the thin side with lighter hair eating out a hot little ass on the bed. I debated if I wanted to do this. I'm usually not into groups, especially when there is another bttm there. I get a little greedy I guess, and I usually get forced into being a top. But the other bttm was freak'n hot. Early 20's with a natural athletic build and an amazing looking ass. The guy who opened the door dropped his towel showing a nice 7.5, and the guy eating ass was stroking what looked to be about 8.5. I got naked and dark hair guy commented that he loves big dicked bttms. That of course made the other bttm look. Damn he was hot. Ok, maybe I will top. I got down and sucked dark hairs cock for a bit then was told to get up next to hottie bttm. So there I was, on all 4's next to him while each of them eat out our ass's. I kinda smiled at the hottie, and he smiled back turning and checking out my cock. The thin guy was eating my ass out, then stood behind me and handed me some poppers. I declined the offer, and he asked if I was sure. Yeah, I don't use them but they don't bother me if others do. He said ok then, and spit on his hand, rubbed it onto his cock and started to push his bare cock into me. It kind of surprised me since there were condoms on the side table, but I wasn't gona stop him. Hottie bttm took a hit of poppers and I could tell dark haired guy just entered him. They fucked us side by side for a while then commented they should switch. I looked back and sure enough dark haired guy pulled out hotties ass and he didn't have a condom on either. He stepped up beind me and eased his cock into me. He was a bit thicker and had lower hanging balls that slapped against mine which was hot. They fucked us like that for a while then switched again. This time thin guy fucked me hard and fast. Next thing I knew he was moaning and panting as he shot his load into me. As soon as he pulled out of me, dark haired guy pulled out of hottie and mounted me. He thrust for a bit, then went back to hottie and thrust a bit into him then pulled out saying that was hot. It seemed like things where over suddenly. Hottie and I exchanged glances, and shrugged. We started to get dressed while dark hair jumped in the shower. Thin guy flipped on the TV and said thanks for coming over and they might be in town again soon on and would hit us up as he closed the door behind us.

Hottie and I started talking while waiting for the elevator, saying how weird that was on how it just ended. I asked him if dark hair came or not. He though he came in me. We got on the elevator and I said I wasn't sure. I reached over and slid my hand down his jeans and pushed a finger into his ass. His ass was wet but I wasn't sure if there was cum in him or not. He pushed his ass against my hand totally getting off on being fingered. That gave me a raging hard on again. I told him I still needed to get off, he said he did too. The elevator opened and we walked out into the lobby. I noticed a bathroom and nodded to him. He didn't seem to get it until I got to the door and adjusted my cock. I went into the far handicap stall and dropped my jeans. He came shortly after and right into my stall. He went down on me, but I didn't let him for long. I spun him around bent him over and pushed my cock into him. I fucked him for just a couple mins till I was spurting inside him. He turned and was jacking his 6" cock while holding mine in his other hand, then came all over the floor. We straightened up and headed out, not really talking, splitting up and getting into our own cars and left.