Wednesday, December 02, 2009

bookstore banging

Its been a couple months since I've been to the bookstores, and decided I wanted some random cum, so I stopped by one of my favs. There was not much going on, some older guy showing a tiny dick in a booth and one other occupied. I hung out a bit and the booth opened from the occupied one and I recognized this latino guy who used to stop by my place on the way to the gym and fuck a quick load into me. He has a bf now so never stops by anymore, but he looked at me, stepped back into the booth with it ajar. Sure, I know he's good for a load. He's a shorter, early 30's, in decent shaped guy, with a 6.5" uc cock. I stepped in to him with is cock already out. I pushed down my jeans and he went right for my ass, cupping it and feeling my lightly lubed hole. He spun me around and I bent over with my legs bent, and he lined up his bare cock and eased it on into me. He was prob worked up from watching porn because he didn't last long, maybe 3 min till he lightly moaned and deposited his seed into me. He popped his cock out of me, buttoned up and gave me a smile and a nod, and stepped out of the booth. Not bad, even though it wasn't a stranger that I was craving, its still better then no cum in me.

It was still just me and the older tiny cocked guy for a while, till a average build and height older blk guy came into the booth area. His hair was grey with a hint of black, pretty nondiscript kind of guy, not hot, not ugly trollish, just and older black guy. I stepped into a booth and left the door cracked a bit and dropped my jeans and showed my ass. A few moments later the door creaked open and he stepped in behind me. The first thing that hit me was he had a weird funk to him. He smelled like stale corn chips. It wasn't his breath, it was just his odor. Not the greatest but considering my general rule regarding blk guys that's the way it is. He pulled out a semi hard cut cock that was about 7.5" and stoked it some while checking me out, then knelt down and sucked my cock for a bit. He was pretty good actually but that's not what I'm here for. I let him enjoy my cock till I got board, and stepped back. He stood, and I debated on going down on him. But he cupped my ass and found my hole slicked up and let out a moan of approval. He turned me around and pressed his still slightly spongy cock against my ass. I bent a bit and it slipped into me. He thrust a way though it cock was not fully hard, but I was still enjoying it. He pulled out and beat his meat some, so while he did that I stepped out of one of the jean legs and propped my let up on the bench and bent over again. He grunted, and moved behind me again. His cock felt harder now and he thrust faster and his body slapped against my ass. I noticed someone was on their hands and knees outside the booth looking up from the foot or so gap watching. I don't care, you can watch if you want, though it might not be what you want to see, some old blk dude barebacking me. He pulled out again and beat his cock some more, then it sounded like he was close, so I let it be known I'll take it, by arching my back and pushing my ass out. He took the hint and just as he was going to cum, he slammed it into me and groaned. Nice, I got what I wanted, some random dude's seed in me. He pulled up his pants and slipped out of the booth while I closed the door behind him and put my jeans back on.

When I stepped out, there was a stocky built latino hanging out in the hall, and that's it. He had a decent looking bulge in his jeans, but also have me a look like I can't believe you let that old guy fuck you. I gave him the look of, whatever, you can fuck me too if u want, I don't care.

There was a short lul in the action till some little queeny asian dude with long hair in a ponytail came in, followed by a decent looking guy in his late 20's. He looked like he used to be in a frat but let himself go a bit but was still cute. I watched as the latino and him took a booth. I went to the booth next to it and looked through the little pin hole, and saw latino bobbing on his cock. Io couldn't see the cock but the latino was easily going all the way down, giving the impression that it wasn't huge. I hung out a bit longer and this asian / latin mix guy came in and hung out also. Ex frat was now out and he seemed to know him and they fist bumped and nodded to each other. That's never a good sign. guys who know each other or hang out and talk in the peeps are guys I always avoid. I stepped into a booth and ex frat moved up to the door to watch with his buddy. Whatever. I dropped by jeans and showed my ass and watched the movie till my time went out. Then just for fun, I thought I'd show him what he really wanted, my big dick. So I stood to the side with my semi hard cock hanging down and fished out another token. He went right for the door as soon as he saw my cock. I'll get off with him, I need to head out anyways.

He pull out his cock and crouched down and started to suck my cock. Pretty lame, just light mouth, no use of his hands on the rest of it, or even enough grip with his mouth. But he seemed content on sucking my semi hard cock even though his technique would never get me fully hard or get me off. He started playing with my chest and seemed to love my pecs. He leaned back and pulled off his shirt. Ex frat could be hot if he took care of himself a bit better. Nice smooth chest with slight pecs, a little spar tire, and a thick 6.5" cut cock with a thin band cock ring with close trimmed bush. I pushed one of the legs off my jeans and again and leaned back with one leg propped up on the side bench so my ass was kind off exposed. He went back to sucking me, and I would jerk occasionally to keep myself hard. Finally I gave up and was just gona jack off. He started to lick my balls while gropping my pecs. I was getting harder. Then he flicked his tongue down a bit lower and I was there. Love it when a dude eats my cum filled used hole. Though he didn't eat me out, just licked it a couple times while working my balls, but that was enough. I let it be knowing I was gona shoot, and the dude backs off and lets my load splat on the floor. Dude, thats just a waist of good cum! Just as I was finishing he grunts and his cock spits out its load into the puddle I made. If was wasn't just finishing cuming I would have caught some and fingered it into my hole! Oh well, maybe some day he will learn, that you should never waist cum like that. I pulled on my jeans and stepped out of the booth leaving him pretty much naked except for his jeans around his ankles, and headed out.