Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yesterday afternoon a fuck bud wanted to use my ass to get off into quick on his way home. He's nothing exciting, a shorter stocky guy, average cock, but figured it would be a good starting load for me. He came in to my usual naked and on all 4's. He stripped, climbed onto the bed, put some spit on his cock and half stood, holding onto my waist and mounted me. He's really not the best fuck, but I keep taking his load cus, well.... its a load, and he always cum's with in 5 mins. This was no exception. Fuck fuck fuck, moan, dismount, pulls shorts on and walks out.

I get online and check for more loads. Nothing. Not a thing happening. It was one of those rare times when no fuck buds where on, and no one was looking to fuck. And here I am, nicely horny with a fresh load of seed inside me, and not another cock to add to it. Finally I find someone, though I'm not into him. He's bugged me a few times about fucking me. He's a stocky looking 42yo red head. Not a fan of red heads, but have done a few. He's very not my type, find nothing appealing about him from his profile, or his pix of his face, or big fat ass. It does state he has 7.5" uc. I'm in the mood for more seed in me and this time I lower the standards and agree, as long as its just a fuck and go type thing.

I head over to his place, and he buzz's me in, and greets me at his door. Oh man, I hope this is quick. I swear to god he could pass as the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson's. Picture him and that was what I was looking at. Short, tight shirt showing belly, and saggy gym shorts. Its been a while since I've done a mercy fuck so in I want. Its one thing to take anon loads at my own place, but traveling out and finding a ugly dude at the door is another. Oh well, too late now. I follow him to his bedroom. Interesting. There are mirrors here and there on all sides of the room. He must like watching himself or wants the room to look bigger! I shuck my cloths sit on the edge of the bed, while he takes off his shirt. Pale white smooth skin, slight man boobs, and a belly ball of a gut. He pushes down his shorts and I get to see what he's working with. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought! He was shaved completely smooth, with a very thick soft uncut cock and big balls that clung close to his body.

I knelt down and started to suck on his ugly dudes fat uncut organ. His meat filled out and a dark purple head came out a bit bigger then his shaft. It grew to a very thick cock. True 7.5, but easily 7" around. It was hard but oddly slightly spongy if lightly grasped but if tightend the grip, I could feel the rigid shaft, and his foreskin pulled back nicely beyond his thick head. I got up and got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and presented him with my ass. He knelt down and started eating me out, his goatee tickling my balls. Ok, so far this isn't too bad. I relaxed and let him lap up some of the cum already, and let him loosen me up good to prep for the girth of his cock. He finally stood and slowly pressed the head against my hole harder and harder till my hole finally opened up and his shaft sank into my body. I did have to gasp a few times but with the slight sponginess and him being uncut, it was better then I thought it would be. Though I did feel like I was being impaled onto a beer can. He moaned when he got balls deep, and said he's been wanting to get inside me for a long time. He started with some slow thrust which felt really good. I lifted my head up and looked straight and saw in the mirror this ugly naked dude who was standing behind me, pale white skin, with this big belly ball resting on my ass, with my hole stretched around his thick bare cock, as it slid back and forth inside me. The things I do for a nice cock and a fresh load of sperm injected into me. It felt great, but visually was a little disturbing. Many times I get off on ugly ass guy barebacking me, but that's at a bookstore or something. This was too real when I could see all the action in the mirrors instead of playing it in my head while facing a wall. I looked back down and just enjoyed the ride.

He pulled his fat meat out of me and went down and ate my ass out some more before moving me forward and got on his knees behind me and forced my hole to stretch around his cock. He started picking up the pace and I looked back at the mirror to see his face all flushed red making a dorky twisted face of pleasure. I flexed my hole a few times and he started to hyperventilate then slammed me hard and let out a deep moan. FUCK, it felt like this dude was taking a piss in my ass. He shuttered a few times, but I still felt his shaft flex a couple more times long after most are done. He rested a moment the pushed my shoulders down so just my ass was up and said, I want to make sure my cum stays inside you. He slowly pulled out as I clamped down till I gasped as his fat cock head popped out of me. A little bit dribbled out but not much. I turned around on the bed as he stood and stepped up to the edge so I could suck on his now pick cock with that dark purple head that was nicely slicked up. He was a little sensitive so I went lightly. I then stood and pulled on my cloths as he pulled up his shorts. I said thanks and walked out and he followed me to the door and watched me walk out.


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Anonymous said...

Dude, that is the hottest thing u've ever posted. Good looking guy like you being such a cumhungry whore that he drags his pussi to some schlub's door, just hoping for a thick cock and a hot load. gettin naked on all fours and pushing back into his fat white belly so your cunt can get more of his loser cock stuffed in it. and then driving your ass home with his fugly dude jizz flooded up inside you. SUCH a fuckin whore!

spunk_mutt said...

Sweet, I love it when a hot guy services
the fugly. Hoping to get tag teamed from
some chubs on Craigslist, wish me luck.

Carwestie said...

Man, this post is so accurately sweet. While reading I was nodding I can relate, I can relate. We all do our thing for the mercy fucks, since hopefully 50 years from now the good karma would return :-)

I have a certain trick for mercy fuglies who have a hot dick like you described. I let my brain go in overdrive and pretend I'm crossing some fictitious border in Russia and my only ticket back to freedom in the West is this "border guard" whom I have agreed to fuck me in exchange for letting me cross the border without proper or expired papers. If the fugly is a bit older, then I substitute border guard with Consul or Ambassador. It works all the time! Nice post dude and well written.

Anonymous said...

I was recently so hungry that I took up a corner in the dark area of our local leather bar and just fed. Most of the men were hot leather guys with engorged cocks that needed attention, but on this night I needed to surrender and just feed. And feed I did!

I sucked 31 cocks between 10pm and 2am. Looking forward to another night like that soon.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Truly enjoyed this post. Those quickie fuck and goes are a staple for us. We love 'em. And for those fuck buds that can't hold out for long or just need to pop-by after work, we cater to those needs.

As for pity fucks, yeah... we've done that 2-3x. Now, we stick to our standards. But look on the good side -- at least you got fucked good.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Missing your hot stories!!!!

bmwracer said...

Been a while since I have been to your blog, so glad I started reading it again!

Anonymous said...

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Chicago Bottom 4 All said...

HILARIOUS! I've so done the same thing, but never blogged it. The funniest part is that Mr. Fugly has mirrors and not posters of action hero's or levi's models! Thanks for the good laugh and congrats on the big load!

doggydog said...

Such a HOT fuck story, bro! Been there, done that, sure. But your description makes it better than some of the fuglies I've mercy fucked. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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