Wednesday, December 23, 2009

out of bed, into the booth

Last night I get home from a holiday party, crawl into bed and watch some TV while poking around online. I get a message from a little fuck bud asking if he can stop by on his way home from work and fuck me around 10:30. He doesn't have the biggest cock but I totally love the way he fucks, a 5 min fuck that usually leaves a pretty big load inside me. I said ok, and jumped in the shower quick so I was ready.

He came over to my usual, naked on my bed with the door ajar. He got naked and climbed on top of me and rubbed by body, then leaned back on his knees, while I moved into all 4's. He slicked up his cock a bit then pushed his bare cock into me and piston ed his cock into me. He paused a couple times cus he was too close, then laid on my back as I held his weight up as he wrapped his arms around my chest, and he whispered oh fuck, then jabbed his cock quickly inside me as he came. I slowly lowered myself till I was laying down and he was resting on top of me. His cock slipped out of me but he rested on me. It felt good having his little 5'6" body laying on top of me for a bit. Then he got up and pulled is cloths back on, and we chatted about stuff, and he headed out.

I crawled back into bed and surfed around a bit while watching TV, and came across some info about a bookstore in the area that now has a GH. Its right on the edge of seedier part of town. I'm already under the covers in bed and its 11pm on a Tue night. Fuck it, I don't have to be into work early. I fling back the covers and next thing I know I'm pulling on some track pants and a zip up hoodie, and heading to the bookstore.

The place is kinda dead when I get there, only one booth is being used, but I find the booth with the GH. I hang out a bit and the one booth opened up and a stocky / muscular bald guy in his late 30's comes out, and goes into the booth with the GH. I wait a few, then step into the other booth, only to find the door doesn't lock, but it does stay closed. I peer through and see him with his jeans down stroking a pretty thick looking 7" cock. I take off my hoodie and step out of my track pants so I'm now naked, and look back to see him watching. So I step up and put my semi hard cock through. He tugs on it a few times then nothing, so I step back as his cock in coming though it right away. Its a great cock, look like he is completely shaved, thick piece just over 7" with big balls. I go down and start working him over. After a while he pulls back so I step back up, and push my now hard cock through, He plays with it some and I thick sucked me a bit then stops. I pull back and bend down and look. He is standing there jerking. Just then my door opens. I'm bent over naked looking through a GH as this thin mid 20's latino is looking at me. Just then the cock comes through the GH again and the latino comes into my booth. I start sucking the cock through the GH and the latino watches, then starts to play with my ass. He unzipped and pulls out a thinnish 6" uc cock and stokes as he watches and plays with my ass. The cock pulls through the GH again, so I turn my attention to the latino, and suck him a bit, but he pulls me off and turns me around. Guess he wants to fuck me! And that's just what he does, pushes me forward and down and with some spit, forces his cock into me. I don't' feel too much of it since its thin and uncut, but clamp down to make sure he enjoys it. From how we were, I'm pretty sure bald guy is watching through the GH. After a few mins latino leans down and asks, can I cum in you? I nod and say ok. (like I was gona say no, or let him pull out!) He huffs and puffs a bit then quites down, and slides out of me. He gives me a smile and a nod as he sakes his cock and stuffs it back into his jeans and leaves.

I look back through the GH but see bald guy is opening his door and leaving. A second later my door opens and he comes in. He moves around me, drops his pants, unbuttons his shirt and sits on the bench with his hard cock pointing up. He has a pretty decent body, smooth nice pecs, with his legs wide and big balls hanging down and thick cock pointing up. I get down and start to worship his cock and balls, he eases me off a couple times letting me know to go slow. I was working him over for 5-10 min when he stopped me and pointed to the GH. Sticking though the GH was a dark 8.5"uc cock. Not sure if it was black or latin. I grasped it and jerked it a few, and bald guy nods at me, so I kneel down in front of the GH and start sucking it as baldie watches and slowly jerks himself. The cock got really hard and seemed like it was gona cum pretty quick, so I slowed down, sicked it up good with spit, then stood up and backed up onto it. Fuck it felt good! I impaled myself all the way down till my ass was pressed against the wall. Baldie was tweaking one of his nipples and jerking as he watched. It took a moment or 2, but the cock started to thrust through the GH and inside of me. My own cock was now rock hard and dripping cum as it bobbed up and down to the thrusts. Baldie seemed to totally get off on watching me let some anon cock bareback me through the GH since his thick cock was now leaking also. I felt the cock inside of me pulse a few times and stop thrusting, and I knew it just came in me. I slowly pulled off, and the dark shaft was streaked with frothy cum. I knelt down and sucked it gently till it pulled back through the hole.

I stood in front of baldie and jacked my own cock as he jacked his. I couldn't hold back and the first shot roped onto his chest, then I aimed it onto his cock and let the rest coat his shaft and hand as he slowly jacked. He put his head back and tensed up. Sensing he was ready to cum, I brushed his hand aside and wrapped my lips around his shaft just as volleys of his cum spewed out. It tasted great, a mix of my own and his cum. I licked his cock clean, then stood. We both smiled and laughed a bit. He wiped the cum off his chest, and we both dressed. He quietly left the booth, and I waited a bit. I stepped out and it was empty in the arcade area. I headed out myself.


Deleted said...

Nice! Stuck at home with family, this was the perfect thing to JO to! -Dan

The Lion Queen said...

Sounds like you had a good time.

Make sure you look after yourself.

Chris said...

Wow inks, it is hot to hear how you rallied to get railed at the bookstore. Dude, impaling your ass on that big cock while blad guy watched. You are a big slut! That's hot!!!

What city are u in? NYC? Sfo?

sw mizzou 4 u said...

Sounds like what I need! Midwest guy here that loves to milk cocks till they fill me with cum.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Another great tale!

yngrawltncumslut said...

what bookstore was that you went to? im in la socal too downtown ... always luv trying out different GH :)

karion said...


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just what i would do! suck all the cocks in the room then back my ass up on the thickest hugest one! I bet you used your lil asshole to milk that fucker too!

Anonymous said...

still alive?

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