Wednesday, December 23, 2009

out of bed, into the booth

Last night I get home from a holiday party, crawl into bed and watch some TV while poking around online. I get a message from a little fuck bud asking if he can stop by on his way home from work and fuck me around 10:30. He doesn't have the biggest cock but I totally love the way he fucks, a 5 min fuck that usually leaves a pretty big load inside me. I said ok, and jumped in the shower quick so I was ready.

He came over to my usual, naked on my bed with the door ajar. He got naked and climbed on top of me and rubbed by body, then leaned back on his knees, while I moved into all 4's. He slicked up his cock a bit then pushed his bare cock into me and piston ed his cock into me. He paused a couple times cus he was too close, then laid on my back as I held his weight up as he wrapped his arms around my chest, and he whispered oh fuck, then jabbed his cock quickly inside me as he came. I slowly lowered myself till I was laying down and he was resting on top of me. His cock slipped out of me but he rested on me. It felt good having his little 5'6" body laying on top of me for a bit. Then he got up and pulled is cloths back on, and we chatted about stuff, and he headed out.

I crawled back into bed and surfed around a bit while watching TV, and came across some info about a bookstore in the area that now has a GH. Its right on the edge of seedier part of town. I'm already under the covers in bed and its 11pm on a Tue night. Fuck it, I don't have to be into work early. I fling back the covers and next thing I know I'm pulling on some track pants and a zip up hoodie, and heading to the bookstore.

The place is kinda dead when I get there, only one booth is being used, but I find the booth with the GH. I hang out a bit and the one booth opened up and a stocky / muscular bald guy in his late 30's comes out, and goes into the booth with the GH. I wait a few, then step into the other booth, only to find the door doesn't lock, but it does stay closed. I peer through and see him with his jeans down stroking a pretty thick looking 7" cock. I take off my hoodie and step out of my track pants so I'm now naked, and look back to see him watching. So I step up and put my semi hard cock through. He tugs on it a few times then nothing, so I step back as his cock in coming though it right away. Its a great cock, look like he is completely shaved, thick piece just over 7" with big balls. I go down and start working him over. After a while he pulls back so I step back up, and push my now hard cock through, He plays with it some and I thick sucked me a bit then stops. I pull back and bend down and look. He is standing there jerking. Just then my door opens. I'm bent over naked looking through a GH as this thin mid 20's latino is looking at me. Just then the cock comes through the GH again and the latino comes into my booth. I start sucking the cock through the GH and the latino watches, then starts to play with my ass. He unzipped and pulls out a thinnish 6" uc cock and stokes as he watches and plays with my ass. The cock pulls through the GH again, so I turn my attention to the latino, and suck him a bit, but he pulls me off and turns me around. Guess he wants to fuck me! And that's just what he does, pushes me forward and down and with some spit, forces his cock into me. I don't' feel too much of it since its thin and uncut, but clamp down to make sure he enjoys it. From how we were, I'm pretty sure bald guy is watching through the GH. After a few mins latino leans down and asks, can I cum in you? I nod and say ok. (like I was gona say no, or let him pull out!) He huffs and puffs a bit then quites down, and slides out of me. He gives me a smile and a nod as he sakes his cock and stuffs it back into his jeans and leaves.

I look back through the GH but see bald guy is opening his door and leaving. A second later my door opens and he comes in. He moves around me, drops his pants, unbuttons his shirt and sits on the bench with his hard cock pointing up. He has a pretty decent body, smooth nice pecs, with his legs wide and big balls hanging down and thick cock pointing up. I get down and start to worship his cock and balls, he eases me off a couple times letting me know to go slow. I was working him over for 5-10 min when he stopped me and pointed to the GH. Sticking though the GH was a dark 8.5"uc cock. Not sure if it was black or latin. I grasped it and jerked it a few, and bald guy nods at me, so I kneel down in front of the GH and start sucking it as baldie watches and slowly jerks himself. The cock got really hard and seemed like it was gona cum pretty quick, so I slowed down, sicked it up good with spit, then stood up and backed up onto it. Fuck it felt good! I impaled myself all the way down till my ass was pressed against the wall. Baldie was tweaking one of his nipples and jerking as he watched. It took a moment or 2, but the cock started to thrust through the GH and inside of me. My own cock was now rock hard and dripping cum as it bobbed up and down to the thrusts. Baldie seemed to totally get off on watching me let some anon cock bareback me through the GH since his thick cock was now leaking also. I felt the cock inside of me pulse a few times and stop thrusting, and I knew it just came in me. I slowly pulled off, and the dark shaft was streaked with frothy cum. I knelt down and sucked it gently till it pulled back through the hole.

I stood in front of baldie and jacked my own cock as he jacked his. I couldn't hold back and the first shot roped onto his chest, then I aimed it onto his cock and let the rest coat his shaft and hand as he slowly jacked. He put his head back and tensed up. Sensing he was ready to cum, I brushed his hand aside and wrapped my lips around his shaft just as volleys of his cum spewed out. It tasted great, a mix of my own and his cum. I licked his cock clean, then stood. We both smiled and laughed a bit. He wiped the cum off his chest, and we both dressed. He quietly left the booth, and I waited a bit. I stepped out and it was empty in the arcade area. I headed out myself.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

bookstore banging

Its been a couple months since I've been to the bookstores, and decided I wanted some random cum, so I stopped by one of my favs. There was not much going on, some older guy showing a tiny dick in a booth and one other occupied. I hung out a bit and the booth opened from the occupied one and I recognized this latino guy who used to stop by my place on the way to the gym and fuck a quick load into me. He has a bf now so never stops by anymore, but he looked at me, stepped back into the booth with it ajar. Sure, I know he's good for a load. He's a shorter, early 30's, in decent shaped guy, with a 6.5" uc cock. I stepped in to him with is cock already out. I pushed down my jeans and he went right for my ass, cupping it and feeling my lightly lubed hole. He spun me around and I bent over with my legs bent, and he lined up his bare cock and eased it on into me. He was prob worked up from watching porn because he didn't last long, maybe 3 min till he lightly moaned and deposited his seed into me. He popped his cock out of me, buttoned up and gave me a smile and a nod, and stepped out of the booth. Not bad, even though it wasn't a stranger that I was craving, its still better then no cum in me.

It was still just me and the older tiny cocked guy for a while, till a average build and height older blk guy came into the booth area. His hair was grey with a hint of black, pretty nondiscript kind of guy, not hot, not ugly trollish, just and older black guy. I stepped into a booth and left the door cracked a bit and dropped my jeans and showed my ass. A few moments later the door creaked open and he stepped in behind me. The first thing that hit me was he had a weird funk to him. He smelled like stale corn chips. It wasn't his breath, it was just his odor. Not the greatest but considering my general rule regarding blk guys that's the way it is. He pulled out a semi hard cut cock that was about 7.5" and stoked it some while checking me out, then knelt down and sucked my cock for a bit. He was pretty good actually but that's not what I'm here for. I let him enjoy my cock till I got board, and stepped back. He stood, and I debated on going down on him. But he cupped my ass and found my hole slicked up and let out a moan of approval. He turned me around and pressed his still slightly spongy cock against my ass. I bent a bit and it slipped into me. He thrust a way though it cock was not fully hard, but I was still enjoying it. He pulled out and beat his meat some, so while he did that I stepped out of one of the jean legs and propped my let up on the bench and bent over again. He grunted, and moved behind me again. His cock felt harder now and he thrust faster and his body slapped against my ass. I noticed someone was on their hands and knees outside the booth looking up from the foot or so gap watching. I don't care, you can watch if you want, though it might not be what you want to see, some old blk dude barebacking me. He pulled out again and beat his cock some more, then it sounded like he was close, so I let it be known I'll take it, by arching my back and pushing my ass out. He took the hint and just as he was going to cum, he slammed it into me and groaned. Nice, I got what I wanted, some random dude's seed in me. He pulled up his pants and slipped out of the booth while I closed the door behind him and put my jeans back on.

When I stepped out, there was a stocky built latino hanging out in the hall, and that's it. He had a decent looking bulge in his jeans, but also have me a look like I can't believe you let that old guy fuck you. I gave him the look of, whatever, you can fuck me too if u want, I don't care.

There was a short lul in the action till some little queeny asian dude with long hair in a ponytail came in, followed by a decent looking guy in his late 20's. He looked like he used to be in a frat but let himself go a bit but was still cute. I watched as the latino and him took a booth. I went to the booth next to it and looked through the little pin hole, and saw latino bobbing on his cock. Io couldn't see the cock but the latino was easily going all the way down, giving the impression that it wasn't huge. I hung out a bit longer and this asian / latin mix guy came in and hung out also. Ex frat was now out and he seemed to know him and they fist bumped and nodded to each other. That's never a good sign. guys who know each other or hang out and talk in the peeps are guys I always avoid. I stepped into a booth and ex frat moved up to the door to watch with his buddy. Whatever. I dropped by jeans and showed my ass and watched the movie till my time went out. Then just for fun, I thought I'd show him what he really wanted, my big dick. So I stood to the side with my semi hard cock hanging down and fished out another token. He went right for the door as soon as he saw my cock. I'll get off with him, I need to head out anyways.

He pull out his cock and crouched down and started to suck my cock. Pretty lame, just light mouth, no use of his hands on the rest of it, or even enough grip with his mouth. But he seemed content on sucking my semi hard cock even though his technique would never get me fully hard or get me off. He started playing with my chest and seemed to love my pecs. He leaned back and pulled off his shirt. Ex frat could be hot if he took care of himself a bit better. Nice smooth chest with slight pecs, a little spar tire, and a thick 6.5" cut cock with a thin band cock ring with close trimmed bush. I pushed one of the legs off my jeans and again and leaned back with one leg propped up on the side bench so my ass was kind off exposed. He went back to sucking me, and I would jerk occasionally to keep myself hard. Finally I gave up and was just gona jack off. He started to lick my balls while gropping my pecs. I was getting harder. Then he flicked his tongue down a bit lower and I was there. Love it when a dude eats my cum filled used hole. Though he didn't eat me out, just licked it a couple times while working my balls, but that was enough. I let it be knowing I was gona shoot, and the dude backs off and lets my load splat on the floor. Dude, thats just a waist of good cum! Just as I was finishing he grunts and his cock spits out its load into the puddle I made. If was wasn't just finishing cuming I would have caught some and fingered it into my hole! Oh well, maybe some day he will learn, that you should never waist cum like that. I pulled on my jeans and stepped out of the booth leaving him pretty much naked except for his jeans around his ankles, and headed out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yesterday afternoon a fuck bud wanted to use my ass to get off into quick on his way home. He's nothing exciting, a shorter stocky guy, average cock, but figured it would be a good starting load for me. He came in to my usual naked and on all 4's. He stripped, climbed onto the bed, put some spit on his cock and half stood, holding onto my waist and mounted me. He's really not the best fuck, but I keep taking his load cus, well.... its a load, and he always cum's with in 5 mins. This was no exception. Fuck fuck fuck, moan, dismount, pulls shorts on and walks out.

I get online and check for more loads. Nothing. Not a thing happening. It was one of those rare times when no fuck buds where on, and no one was looking to fuck. And here I am, nicely horny with a fresh load of seed inside me, and not another cock to add to it. Finally I find someone, though I'm not into him. He's bugged me a few times about fucking me. He's a stocky looking 42yo red head. Not a fan of red heads, but have done a few. He's very not my type, find nothing appealing about him from his profile, or his pix of his face, or big fat ass. It does state he has 7.5" uc. I'm in the mood for more seed in me and this time I lower the standards and agree, as long as its just a fuck and go type thing.

I head over to his place, and he buzz's me in, and greets me at his door. Oh man, I hope this is quick. I swear to god he could pass as the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson's. Picture him and that was what I was looking at. Short, tight shirt showing belly, and saggy gym shorts. Its been a while since I've done a mercy fuck so in I want. Its one thing to take anon loads at my own place, but traveling out and finding a ugly dude at the door is another. Oh well, too late now. I follow him to his bedroom. Interesting. There are mirrors here and there on all sides of the room. He must like watching himself or wants the room to look bigger! I shuck my cloths sit on the edge of the bed, while he takes off his shirt. Pale white smooth skin, slight man boobs, and a belly ball of a gut. He pushes down his shorts and I get to see what he's working with. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought! He was shaved completely smooth, with a very thick soft uncut cock and big balls that clung close to his body.

I knelt down and started to suck on his ugly dudes fat uncut organ. His meat filled out and a dark purple head came out a bit bigger then his shaft. It grew to a very thick cock. True 7.5, but easily 7" around. It was hard but oddly slightly spongy if lightly grasped but if tightend the grip, I could feel the rigid shaft, and his foreskin pulled back nicely beyond his thick head. I got up and got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and presented him with my ass. He knelt down and started eating me out, his goatee tickling my balls. Ok, so far this isn't too bad. I relaxed and let him lap up some of the cum already, and let him loosen me up good to prep for the girth of his cock. He finally stood and slowly pressed the head against my hole harder and harder till my hole finally opened up and his shaft sank into my body. I did have to gasp a few times but with the slight sponginess and him being uncut, it was better then I thought it would be. Though I did feel like I was being impaled onto a beer can. He moaned when he got balls deep, and said he's been wanting to get inside me for a long time. He started with some slow thrust which felt really good. I lifted my head up and looked straight and saw in the mirror this ugly naked dude who was standing behind me, pale white skin, with this big belly ball resting on my ass, with my hole stretched around his thick bare cock, as it slid back and forth inside me. The things I do for a nice cock and a fresh load of sperm injected into me. It felt great, but visually was a little disturbing. Many times I get off on ugly ass guy barebacking me, but that's at a bookstore or something. This was too real when I could see all the action in the mirrors instead of playing it in my head while facing a wall. I looked back down and just enjoyed the ride.

He pulled his fat meat out of me and went down and ate my ass out some more before moving me forward and got on his knees behind me and forced my hole to stretch around his cock. He started picking up the pace and I looked back at the mirror to see his face all flushed red making a dorky twisted face of pleasure. I flexed my hole a few times and he started to hyperventilate then slammed me hard and let out a deep moan. FUCK, it felt like this dude was taking a piss in my ass. He shuttered a few times, but I still felt his shaft flex a couple more times long after most are done. He rested a moment the pushed my shoulders down so just my ass was up and said, I want to make sure my cum stays inside you. He slowly pulled out as I clamped down till I gasped as his fat cock head popped out of me. A little bit dribbled out but not much. I turned around on the bed as he stood and stepped up to the edge so I could suck on his now pick cock with that dark purple head that was nicely slicked up. He was a little sensitive so I went lightly. I then stood and pulled on my cloths as he pulled up his shorts. I said thanks and walked out and he followed me to the door and watched me walk out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A new God

Yeah, I've been slacking on posting my sexual adventures I know. If you have your own blog you know it takes up some time / effort to post, and its easy to burn out and need a break from posting. I will do my best to get back into it. But know there will be times when I fade out for a spell. Its just the way it is with me. Sorry. Rest assured I am still very much an active bttm taking random loads and will be posting again.

So for the past week or so I've been chatting to this 22yo online. Have no idea what he looks like other then his cock pic, and stats that are posted in his profile. Says he is 5'10" 140lb, top, thin, smooth, and mix. The pic and stats on his cock match with a thick tube of 9" meat with smooth balls. Finally yesterday afternoon he said he could be over in an hr. I gave him my addy and hoped for the best.

A little over an hr later, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find this kinda cute young looking light skinned blk kid at my door in baggy Tshirt and baggy jeans. Works for me. He followed me in to my bedroom where I dropped my gym shorts and stood naked as he took off his cloths. He had that perfect twink like body, smooth, tone with hints of muscle. He dropped his jeans and dorky looking boxer briefs to a small cut cock with average sized balls that hung really low, and dark hairy legs. He climbed onto my bed on his knees and had me suck him. In no time that small cut cock filled out. He was a total grower, and sure as hell that fucker was a solid 9" of silky smooth dark straight shaft, good girth, with his low hanging sack swinging as I worked him over. It was beautiful on his body!

He pushed me back so I was laying and lifted my legs up and started to eat out my ass. This boy was good! After eating me out some, he slicked up his shaft with some spit and pressed it against my hole. We never talked about it but looks like this boy is gona fuck me bare! I relaxed a bit and he pressed harder then slowly sank into me. Once he was all the way into me, I grabbed onto his small little ass and held him there for a bit totally loving the feeling of this twink kid with a big cock fucking me bare. He leaned in and started to thrust, then bent forward and worked my chest and kissing my neck making my cock hard as a rock. Thrusting a bit longer he then got back up and played with my cock as he watched his own cock glide in and out of me. He looked up and me and smiled then bent forward and started to suck my cock while he was still fucking me with slight hip flexing. This boy was REALLY good! He then laid on top of me as I wrapped my arms around his back and my legs around his waist. He picked up the pace with his thrust, then whispered into my ear, oh fuck I'm gona cum. I replied back, yeah man. With a final thrust all the way into me, he froze and his chest heaved some while he gasped for breath as he transferred his sperm into my body. He rested on top of me for a bit, then rolled off.

We laid next to each other on the bed relaxing, chatting a bit now and then but for the most part just relaxing. His cock shriviled back to its small state. After about 10 min we started talking, he thinks of himself more as latin, but I think he is more blk with latin mixed. I told him I was surprised he fucked me bare, he said he always fucks bare. I glanced at him and asked if he was poz. He shyly said yeah for about 8 months now, is that ok? I laughed and said it doesn't matter know does it!, besides it kind of turns me on when a dude cums inside me. I noticed then that his cock had started and grow and was now semi hard and hanging off the side of his body. I grabbed onto his floppy cock and laughed, what, u want to fuck me again? He gave me a surprised look and asked, can I?

I responded by getting up on all 4's and presenting him with my ass. He got all excited and said, oh fuck yeah, and started to eat my ass. I opened up a bit so he could get his tongue in me and taste his own fuck. He got up behind me and pushed his big tube of flesh back up into my body. He thrust away making his low hanging balls slap against mine making my eyes roll back. Maybe 5 mins later he leaned onto my back and say, dude your so fuck'n hot then started to pant and rammed his cock as deep as he could causing me to gasp. He held it there again as he released more of his seed into me. He slowly pulled out of me, sat back and played with my ass a bit. He started to slide a finger into me, then two. He leaned in and started to lick at my hole, then probe with his tongue deeper. Oh Fuck man, this dude is rocking my ass big time! I opened up and fed him some of his own juice, and he moaned, then out of the blue he paused and pressed his cock against my ass, and I felt a light sprinkle of cum on my lower back. I looked back, and asked, did u just cum again. He was all smiles and said yeah, u have an amazing ass.

Damn, 3 loads, that's impressive! We got up and he got dressed. He asked if he could fuck me again. I give him my # and told him to text me next time he wants fuck. He headed out, and I think I found myself a new god. Not ripped, cut, completely shaved as my previous black military god who has since moved away, but he has it going on with potential to be the next one I'll worship and sacrifice my ass to as he needs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

double shot

The past month or so I've been working a TON. Not complaining the extra $ is nice and the fact that I have a job is always good at the moment. Even with the little free time I have, the past 8 days in a row I've been fucked bareback by 3 different guys a day, though some have hit my ass a couple times with in the 8 days. Most all have been regulars who use my ass to get off into from time to time. One new guy is this 23 yo short, thin, tone, blk kid with an average thickness 8" cut cock. He has fucked me 3 times in the past 8 days now. A few days ago I noticed a profile online that looked like him that stated he was poz. He never stated it nor did I ever ask him before because well, I don't really care, and will let ANY blk dude fuck me bare and cum in me, no questions asked. Well the other morning he hits me up and wants to get off in me again on his way to work, so I asked him saying, at this point it doesn't matter, just curious if your neg, poz, don't know, poz on meds.... ? He replied poz w low load count. Ok... so I asked again. So your not on meds? He replied no, is that a problem. The only problem was you just made my cock rock hard! He then asked, we cool? I said yeah sure, come on over.

15 min later I was naked and on all 4's as he came in, got naked and slide his dark meat up into me. He was pretty worked up cus 5 mins after thrusting into me doggystyle he buried it deep, and I felt the base of his cock pulse 1, 2, 3 times as his toxic seed was injected into me. My own cock was rock hard and drooling. He slowly pulled out and stood, so I spun around, knelt down and sucked his deflating cock clean of any left over cum. He quickly got dressed and headed out.

Now I'm horny as hell so I get online. After chatting with a few guys, this latino hit me up. His profile said he was 30, athletic 8"c, top, and had just a close up pic of a decent looking carmel colored cut cock, thats it. He asked if I was interested in getting fucked by him and his buddy. We waisted no time chit chatting. I told him I can be naked an on all 4's with the door open. We set it up, and 30 min later I was in position ready with the blk dudes charged seed in me still when heard the door open. The first cock that mounted me felt like 7.5" cut, with average thickness. Felt good as he fucked me with a nice rhythm. He pulled out and was quickly replaced with a stubby thick cock. Probably 6.5 and felt uncut, but nice girth. I could tell he was a little stockier and shorter then the other guy. He thrust a way then quickly pulled out. Back to the other cock up into me, as uncut dude played with my cock as it hung off the bed while I was on all 4's. They switched off 2 other times before uncut dude was in me and couldn't hold back, pressed down on my ass and grunted. He slowly pulled out and the other dude stepped up. We never talked bareback, but it was obvious that uncut dude just came in me, cus the other dudes cock just slipped right into me. He defiantly liked the feeling of his buddys fresh cum coating his shaft cus he thrust only a few times before he moaned also. I clamped down as he pulled out and laid face down as they got dressed. Felt someone pat my ass, then heard the door close. I rolled over and slid a finger in me. Oh yeah, I had a lot of seed inside me! NICE!

I headed off to the gym with their cum still in me and had a great work out. I got back to my locker and found a text message from Boy Tits, asking if I wanted a load. Hell yeah! 2 highly toxic loads, one from a 23yo blk kid and now one from a 26yo blk kid in one day! DAMN! I told him I was on the way home from the gym still sweaty with cum in me. He said he will be there in 20min, and don't shower. Back to being naked and on all 4's with the door open...

He came in and took his cloths off in the other room like usual, then came in and quickly mounted me. Mmmm, his thickish up curved rock hard cock felt amazing. I clamped down on him hard and worked his shaft over. 10min later he was panting and laying on my back as the last spurt of special sauce was transferred into me. He slowly pulled out and stood. So I knelt down like usual and sucked his still hard slicked up cock. After a bit he pulled me up, pushed my face down into the bed and mounted me standing up. Nice, this must be one of the days I get 2 of his loads! He fucked for a bit, then pulled out. He then did something he has rarely does. He got down and lightly licked my used hole. Not the best ass eater, barely putting his tongue on me it was till hot knowing he was licking up some assorted seed. He stood, lined up and plunged into me again. Usually it takes a bit longer for him to produce his second load, but not this time. Maybe 5 mins later he groaned as he injected more of his toxic seed into me. He pulled out and turned and walked into the other room before I could suck him clean.

I was already jacking off knowing what all was inside me by the time I heard the door close. After I blew my load all over my chest. I cleaned up a bit and ran some errands, keeping the fucked up DNA samples inside me all day, jacked off 2 more times before I crashed for the night letting my body absorb as much as it could from gifts my body received.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

bam bam bam

Yesterday I stopped by a bookstore over lunch time on my way to the gym with about an hour to kill. The place was pretty busy. The usual lurking trolls, and an assortment of random guys. A hot blk dude just left a booth with the video still playing so I stepped in. Nice, there on the bench was a fresh puddle of creamy cum. I closed the door, dropped my shorts, scooped up the cum and fingered as much of it as I could into my hole, then coated my own cock with it as I stroked a bit to the porn. I noticed a small pin hole to the adjacent booth and peeped through. Some ugly bearish guy, oh well, now that my ass is lubed.... I stepped out of my shorts, and cracked the door open showing my ass.

30 seconds later a mid 30's average build latino stepped in behind me and closed the door. I glanced back as he fumbled with his jeans and pushed them down showing a short stubby uncut cock, maybe 5.5 - 6". I was pretty disappointed but he went right for my ass. He spit on his hand, coated his cock and started poking at my ass. So I bent over a bit and he somehow got his little bare cock into me. He leaned onto my back grabbing onto my waist and panted in my ear as he shifted his hips. His cock barely inside me and not moving much because it would probably pop out. But his pants got stronger and 2 mins later he let out a whisper groan as he came in me. He quickly zipped up and bolted out the door. I pulled the door closed and got situated a bit, and looked through the pin hole. Still the uglish bear dude.

I popped my door open again and soon noticed a shadow by my door. I glanced back and it was this twink kid I've seen online. Super hot body and nice cock, but his profile had such attitude, like don't message me unless 25 or younger, not into anything goes... blah blah blah. Yet here he is groping himself while looking into my booth. So I moved in a bit, and he stepped in and closed the door. He cupped my ass and told me how hot my ass was. So I bent a bit and let him caress my ass. His hand went for my hole and found it slick and wet and he commented that it seemed like I was ready to get fucked. He pushed down his shorts and out sprang his 7.5" cut cock with supper close trimmed triangle of hair. He slid his cock up and down my cock getting it slick with the other dudes cum, then he used his hand to point it down more so his cock head was at my hole. I relaxed a bit, and pushed back and his helmet head popped into me. I glanced back to make sure he wasn't gona pull out or grab a condom, but he was looking down enjoying the view, and said, oh fuck yeah. He then grabbed my waist and slammed his whole bare cock up into me. It caught me off guard a bit but FUCK did it feel good. He started doing full strokes pulling almost all the way out then back up into me in a nice pace, while telling me how hot my ass felt. My own cock was now hard and dripping some precum as I was bent over enjoying this twink bareback me. He slowly pulled out, and I stood up and turned back. He was flipping the front of his shirt back over his head showing his thing tone faint 6 pack abs. I looked down just as he did and we both saw his cock was a cum coated mess. That latino must have blow one huge load into me. There was cum all over his shaft and dripping at the base. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he just put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. I sucked on his cock licking up all the cum, then stood facing him. Being taller then him, my own hard cock was poking his belly button, and he commented on how big I was. He grabbed it and stroked me a bit and I had a feeling he might want me to fuck him. Which I would have, but then he pulled up my shirt a bit, so I took it off, and was now completely naked. He commented on how hot I was and rubbed my chest a bit then turned me around again and bent me over. He told me to open up so I relaxed my hole and a little cum dribbled out. He exclaimed, oh fuck yeah, and speared his bare cock back up into me. He leaned his bare chest onto my back and rubbed my chest with one hand and held onto my throbbing cock in the other as he thrust away till he said, fuck I'm gona cum. I reached back and grabbed his flexing hips and pulled him as deep as I could, as he trembled a bit and put his forehead on the middle of my back making grunting noises. He came down from his orgasm and slowly pulled out as I clamped my hole around his shaft milking all the seed out of him. He pulled up his shorts and told me to hit him up online sometime, winking at me, obviously he recognized me from online too. He went for the door and I heard banging from the booth next to ours. He stepped out and I reached to pull the door closed since I was still completely naked but it stopped cus someone grabbed it.

I looked up and ugly bear guy was at my door, with his drooling cock sticking out of fly of his pants pushing his way into my booth. It was a pretty nice looking cock, bout 7" cut and kinda thick and dripping precum. He must have been watching though the pin hole. Before I could do anything he was in my booth, undoing the button of his pants and pushing them down. He turned me, pushed my back down and stabbed his cock at my ass till it found my hole and went into me. He was an ugly bear guy, but I'd be lieing if I didn't say having my hole stretched around his thick bare cock didn't feel great. He was very verbal saying, Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah man.... here it comes man, fuck yeah, oh fuck... yeah, take my load man, OHH FUCKKK!!! And just like that it was over. He yanked out of me, slapped his cock against my ass a couple times, stuffed it into his pants, zipped up and walked out of the book letting the door swing all the way open, as a couple guys stood and watched, and probably heard the whole thing. I stepped out into the hall naked and pulled the door closed. Damn, that was crazy! I debating on jacking off quick or finding someone to take my load but decided to hit the gym and see what else I could get into afterwards. I dressed and got a couple glances as I walked out, and I might have even gotten another load from some thin 40ish guy in a baseball hat, but I headed out. 3 anon loads in 30 mins is pretty good, and I'll be on time to meet up with my work out bud.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reader, Seeder, Breeder

I got an email from a reader a while ago, and over the weekend he let me know he was in town and wanted to fuck me. He was late 30's, tall, in shape blk guy with 8.5" cut cock. Ok! Anyone who reads this knows that I do like dark meat. We seemed to miss each other most the weekend till Sunday afternoon. We set it up where I'd be naked and ready on the bed, he'll eat my ass then fuck his load into me saying - you'll love my DNA inside you. He came in and I stayed face down while he got naked. I got on all 4's at the edge of the bed and he started to eat out my hole. He ate it out for a bit then stood and smacked his cock on my ass. He lined up, then slowly sank is bare black cock into my body. Damn it felt good, and I moaned as it continued deeper into me, till my ass was pressed up against him. He grabbed on to each globe of my ass and said, damn nice ass. I was just settling in and about to enjoy this fuck by some blk guy who obviously knows how much of a cum freak I am, and has an idea of how many bare cocks have cum inside me before him. Out of the blue he said, oh man I'm about to cum. Oh, ok then. I'm totally fine with dudes who cum quick, in fact most often it turns me on, and I take it as a complement that they like my ass. Well next thing I knew he was injecting his seed into me. I never asked but if I had to guess it was a poz load. He pulled out and started to get dressed and I stayed face down with my ass up. Just before he was leaving he leaned in and tongued my just fucked hole a bit, told me I had a hot ass, then headed out.

I got online after he left and the little asian mix dude wanted to know if I can take his 4 day load. I said sure, and 10 min later his smooth little tone body was pressed up against me and his average sized bare cock was inside me. He's known for blowing his load quickly and today was no different. I was cupping his smooth little ass holding him deep inside me when he moaned and flooded my hole with his sperm. He dismounted, quickly got dressed and left as I laid on the bed.

As luck would have it, I got a text from the poz blk kid asking if I wanted his cum. I told him I have fresh seed in me and ready if he his. He replied he will be over in 20 min. Right on time I heard the door open as I was on the bed ass up. Like usual, he got naked in the other room, walked in hard, climbed on top of me and forced black cock into me using just the cum in me as lube. He leaned onto my back and seem to really like my cum filled hole more then usual because he only lasted 5 mins or so before he shared his gift with me injecting it as deep as he could into me. He stayed in me a bit before pulling out, and I kept my ass up. This time he got down and lapped up some of the cum that was dripping out of me before standing at the edge of the bed. I quickly knelt down and sucked his beautiful black shaft that just impregnated me. He was still rock hard and next thing I knew he pulled me up, pushed me back, lifted my legs and entered me again. Guess I'll be getting 2 loads from him! Its not often he fucks me on my back, usually on all 4's. So I got to check him out a bit better. He used to have boy tits, looks like he is filling out better, still that hot very dark skinned smooth body, but loosing the baby fat. He moved me back so he could climb on the bed also, twisted me a bit onto my side and held one leg up as his hard cock made sloppy noises while my thrusting into my cum filled hole. I tweeked his nipples a bit and rubbed his silky smooth skin and encouraged him to breed me. After about 10 mins his head tilted back and he moaned adding yet another charged load into me. He pulled out and stood, so I got down and sucked his deflating cock, slurping up the creamy cum off his cock and balls. I laid back on the bed and he walked out of the room. A few moments later I heard him dress and leave.

I didn't have that much time to look for another or to share what I had inside me because I had plans to meet a couple friends for a drink, so I relaxed a bit before hand, then headed out with a sloppy cum filled hole. While out I realized I wasn't sure if the blk kid started meds yet or not, so I shot him a quick text asking. He replied 10 min later.... No but soon, will let u know before I do. I got a slight hard on at the bar, knowing I had highly toxic seed inside me. I ordered another drink wishing I was back at home finding another cock to knowingly or unknowingly slide their bare cock into me, coat their shaft with it and force it deeper into me.